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West Central map

Docking Bay[edit]

You enter at the north end of West Central, with the door to the docking bays behind you. The exit to Ahto City East Central, the location of the Republic Embassy, may be revealed on the map to the south and east. However, it's worth going to Ahto West first to activate some quests which can be completed as you continue the quest for the Star Forge.

The corridor to the south ends in a door to the visitor's area, which contains the first of many rectangular water pools seen throughout the city. Cleaning and security droids patrol.

Beep beep beep-oop!

The Pazaak player Jolan Aphett stands to the left of the pool by the east wall. You can wager with him or play a practice game, or buy a deck from him if you don't already have one.

Jolan Aphett: Yeah? What do you want?
3. Nothing for now.
Jolan Aphett: Er... OK.


1. Who are you? 2. What are you doing here?
Jolan Aphett: My name is Jolan. Just a travelling Pazaak player with no special story to tell. Jolan Aphett: I travel the galaxy looking for Pazaak players to challenge myself. I'm trying to build a deck good enough for the championships.
Jolan Aphett: Are you interested in a game?
1. Sure, I'll play. 1. I don't have a deck.
2. Can we play a practice game?
Jolan Aphett: I suppose we could play a match just to help you get a feel for the game.
1. [Play Pazaak Tutorial]
3. Not right now.
Jolan Aphett: Well, if you feel like it, that's what I'm here for.

There's a door exiting the visitor's area in the south wall, beyond which is the port official.

Pazaak Rules[edit]

Although you can buy a Pazaak deck from Jolan Aphett if you don't already have one, it isn't recommended as you can pay much less elsewhere (or even get one free if you're persuasive enough).

Jolan Aphett: Well, I just happen to have a spare on me. One of my old decks actually. You can have it if you want for, say, 200 credits?
1. I don't have that much.
Jolan Aphett: Well, if you get enough, come back and maybe we can have a game.
1. Sure, here you go.
Jolan Aphett: Good. Here it is. I'll give you a copy of the rules as well to even the field a bit.
Credits Lost: 200 Item(s) Received Jolan Aphett
  • Pazaak Deck

This is a standard Pazaak deck, complete with side deck cards.

Port Official[edit]

Beyond the door exiting the visitor's area to the south is another to the port official. A much larger, armed security droid stands in the southwest corner, to the right of the gate to Ahto city in the south wall, opposite the entrance behind the central pillar.

Obey the laws here on Manaan, human.

The door is locked, so you need to speak to the port official in the kiosk on the east side.

Selkath Port Official: Welcome to Manaan. While you are here, I trust you will follow all the rules governing the activities of off-worlders.

You can tell him you'll follow the rules, or learn more about them now or after paying the docking fee.

3. Pathetic laws of pathetic fish don't concern me.
Selkath Port Official: Your dislike of us only seems matched by our dislike of you. Personal feelings do not factor into our legal system however. And ALL must obey our laws.
2. What are the rules, exactly? 3. Pathetic laws of pathetic fish don't concern me. 1. Can you tell me the laws of Manaan?
Selkath Port Official: The single most important law on Manaan is very simple. kolto smuggling is punishable by death. If you're carrying any unprocessed kolto, you better have a permit.
Selkath Port Official: The other rule is also very simple - keep the peace. Here on Manaan we maintain a careful neutrality, and we react very harshly to people who jeopardize our neutral status. Any confrontations between the Sith and Republic are dealt with swiftly and decisively. Is this understood?
2. That's it? Only two laws?
Selkath Port Official: Don't be foolish, human! Of course we have laws against murder, theft and other crimes. But these laws are hardly different than those of any other planet. Manaan's neutrality is closely linked to our kolto production - that is why I made special mention of the laws regarding smuggling and keeping the peace.
3. How can you be neutral when the Sith are trying to conquer everything?
Selkath Port Official: The Sith respect the independence of Manaan as much as the Republic does. As long as we continue to control the production of a resource as valuable as kolto, we have no need to fear any conquering fleet. Should Manaan ever come under attack, we would destroy the supply of kolto and vanish beneath the oceans of our world. Even the Sith are not willing to risk the loss of a commodity as valuable as kolto.
2. That seems awfully short sighted…
Selkath Port Official: Your opinion is biased by your own alliances, human. Only we Selkath can best protect the interests of Manaan and Ahto city.
1. Don't worry, I'll follow the rules. 1. I understand. 1. You seem to have it all worked out. 2. That seems awfully short sighted…
Selkath Port Official: There is a docking fee of 100 credits. You will have to pay this fee each time you dock on Manaan, or you will not be permitted into Ahto city.

After paying the docking fee:

2. I will be going now. 1. I understand. 1. You seem to have it all worked out. 2. That seems awfully short sighted…
Selkath Port Official: Good. Now you can stop bothering me. I have work to do. Selkath Port Official: Yes, we do. Now kindly leave before I have you removed. I have work to attend to. Selkath Port Official: Now leave me be before I have you removed. I have work to attend to.
4. I won't be paying the fee right now.
Selkath Port Official: Then you won't be passing the gates into Ahto city. Feel free to leave Manaan whenever you wish. Should you decide to pay the fee, speak to me again and I will give you access to Ahto City.

You can simply pay the docking fee, and receive the Manaan vistor's guide:

1. Very well. Here is the docking fee.
Selkath Port Official: The Manaan board of trade and tourism thanks you, off-worlder. Here is a visitor guide and map to the city. Refer to it should you have any questions.
Credits Lost: 100
Item(s) Received Selkath Port Official
  • Manaan Visitor's Guide
Manaan Visitor's Guide
Welcome traveler, to exciting and adventurous Manaan!
Manaan, the only source of the healing kolto in the entire galaxy, is a wonderful and refreshing place to visit or do business. The Manaan Port Authority welcomes beings of all species and affiliations to trade peacefully within the confines of Ahto City.
All visitors will rest easy knowing that the Selkath Security Forces are always alert and watchful, even while you sleep. Our constant vigilance keeps the peace on the streets of Ahto City and prevents the needless interruption of commerce by violence.
Enjoy a fun and prosperous stay on Manaan and, please, tell your friends about Manaan!

However, while he can never be persuaded to reduce the fee, it's easy to persuade him you don't need to pay it at all using the Force:

Never 2. [Persuade] Make it 50 credits and you got a deal.
Selkath Port Official: [Failure] The amount of the fee is legislated by the Manaan board of trade and tourism. I am not at liberty to haggle on this matter.
link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 3. [Force Persuade] I don't need to pay the docking fee.
Selkath Port Official: [Success] Ah. I see. Yes, you do not need to pay.
Mission: *whisper* I can be pretty convincing when I have to be, but that mind trick is something else! Jolee: *whisper* The Jedi Council wouldn't approve, but they always were a little stodgy about using the Force on people. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Juhani: *whisper* You should treat your power with respect, not use the Force on a whim like it is some toy! Bastila: *whisper* The Force is not a thing to be trifled with. Continue to use it frivolously and you may find yourself straying down the dark path.
Selkath Port Official: The gates of Ahto city are now open to you. You may come and go as you please, so long as you do not leave the planet. If you do, you will have to pay the docking fee once more.

Upon speaking to him again, he can tell you the laws of Manaan but is no further help.

Selkath Port Official: I do not have time to talk to you, human. I have business to attend to.

The gate to Ahto city is now unlocked, and beyond is another rectangular pool in a large open courtyard bordered by the ocean to the south.

First sight of open water after disembarking on Manaan.

Wandering Selkath cannot be engaged in dialog, but can comment.

Interrupting another who is not interested in conversation is considered rude on this planet, off-worlder!
The case of Sunry from the Republic is a perfect example of why off-worlders should be expelled from Manaan!
The Sith have been cruelly sabotaged... We will track down the culprits who have disobeyed our laws and punish them severely!
The government may not be willing to say anything, but we citizens in the water know what you've done! You would best leave Manaan while you can!
Greetings, off-worlder. While I do not have time to converse with you, I hope you find what you are looking for here on Manaan.
The Sith have tried to manipulate our courts time and again, seeking power for themselves. I hope our government decides to do more against this.
I find it shocking that a hero of the Republic - Sunry - could do such a thing. Perhaps I have been wrong in my judgment of the Republic.
The Sith Embassy was invaded I hear... I wonder who could be capable of doing that...
Many say that the Republic has had something to do with the economic restriction our people have placed on all trade. I hope it is not true.

Ahto City East Central[edit]

To the southeast of the north entrance to the courtyard are another friendly Selkath and a traveler, who can comment on significant events resulting from your quest for the Star Forge.

I don't know how much longer I can stay on this world... The Selkath don't make it easy for us off-worlders.
Manaan may not seem very hospitable, but a surprising amount of trade runs through it because of the kolto trade.
I heard the Sith are trying to work on a synthetic version of kolto. I wouldn't be surprised if the Republic was, too.
The fighting between the Republic and the Sith is spreading farther. I wonder how long before Manaan becomes a battleground...
There's a lot of credits to be made in the Republic in times like these. If we survive of course...
I hear there's going to be a heavy meteor shower in the Coruscant system this year. Last time this sort of thing happened, they lost one of the orbital stations.
A friend of mine recently got into Pazaak - you know, the card game. Now he can't stop! It's so addictive!
The whole swoop racing circuit for this sector has been falling apart since the Sith bombed Taris.

A walkway exits east from the courtyard in its southeast corner, leading to a door to the East Central courtyard. A Sith soldier patrols between this door and that to the West Courtyard.

Sith Soldier
These Selkath don't know what they're going to miss. When the Sith Empire finally crushes the Republic, then we'll see how long their vaunted neutrality lasts.
We got revenge for Elassa in the trial! Finally we get some justice from those fish-headed freaks!
That slime Sunry got free after killing one of us! If I ever meet his Arbiter in the street...
The Selkath have slapped heavy export restrictions on kolto for everyone. Someone must have done something to piss them off. Damn Republic, I bet...

Ahto West[edit]

A corridor exits the courtyard to the west, turning northwest to the door to the West Courtyard. There's no need to speak to anyone encountered along the way.

Around the corner to the southwest of the north entrance to the courtyard are two Selkath.

Selkath: Why are you disturbing me? Can you not see I am overseeing the packaging of this kolto?
3. I think I'll be going now.
Selkath: Good! Your intrusion has already wrought havoc upon my hectic schedule.


1. I just want to ask some questions. 2. I'd like to buy some of your kolto.
Selkath: I have far more pressing matters than any questions you might have, off-worlder. This kolto is the backbone of Manaan's economy. Selkath: The kolto is not mine - I am merely coordinator of this shipment. And you cannot simply 'buy' unrefined kolto! Such negotiations are worked out between intergalactic governments and the Ahto City Export Authority. We transact deals in the billions of credits.
Selkath: You obviously are in the wrong place, off-worlder.
Selkath: I suggest you visit the courthouse west of here - there you may be of some use to the Selkath instead of a hindrance. Selkath: I suggest you leave.

They become even less communicative after certain developments:

Selkath: You kind is too disruptive and agressive to speak to, human. We have heard of the incident at the Sith Embassy and wish no further disruptions here.
Selkath: You are not welcome here, human. You have disrupted our production severely and I have no wish to speak to you. Selkath: You are not welcome here, human. You have threatened our world with your actions and I have no wish to speak to you.

They stand to the right of the door to the Kolto Distribution Center in the north wall. Two Selkath stand to the left just inside.

This is a private conversation, off-worlder.
The Sith have been the target of some sort of attack recently... If the Republic was behind this, they will face stiff penalties.
You are either brave or foolish, off-worlder, to walk our streets so boldly. Your kind are not popular on Manaan right now.

A Selkath coordinator stands in the northeast corner.

Selkath Coordinator: I cannot sell you kolto unless you show me your purchase permit.
1. I just want some information.
Selkath Coordinator: I am not here to answer your questions, off-worlder. I am a distributor of kolto - the lifeblood of the Manaan economy. Either show me your purchase permit, or leave me in peace.
1. I don't have a permit.
Selkath Coordinator: Then why are you here, human? Are you seeking employment? We do not hire your kind here. Do you even have an off-worlder work permit? I thought not.

If Jolee in your party, he suggests you visit the courthouse:

Selkath Coordinator: There is nothing for you here. Selkath Coordinator: I suggest you visit the courthouse in the district to the west, off-worlder.
2. Where can I get a purchase permit?
Selkath Coordinator: One does not simply 'get' a purchase permit! Such permits are brokered between intergalactic governments and the Ahto City Export Authority. We do not sell unrefined kolto by the handful - we sell it by the ton! Go to a store if you wish to purchase kolto for personal use.
3. I'll be going now.
Selkath Coordinator: Good - I am far too busy to converse with the likes of you.

He becomes even less communicative after certain developments:

Selkath Coordinator: You have endangered the Sith Embassy, and I shall not let you endanger our shipping as well! Leave here now, or I will be forced to call Security.
Selkath Coordinator: We are not shipping kolto right now, human, and especially not to you! You will leave here now, or I will be forced to call Security. Selkath Coordinator: Your actions have threatened our world and our way of life. You are not welcome in this place, human, no matter what you have arranged with our leaders.

Another Selkath like those outside the door stands to the west. Two Republic soldiers move back and forth between here and the plasteel cylinders to the right of the door to Ahto City East Central.

Republic Soldier
I can't stop to talk to tourists - I'm on kolto packing duty.
Hey - I'm working here! Go talk to the diplomatic rep if you got something to say.
The Selkath have scaled back all kolto harvesting - but nobody is saying why. Good thing we've been stockpiling this stuff for the past year.

Two Sith soldiers move back and forth between here and the plasteel cylinders in the southwest corner of the visitor's area to the north.

Sith Soldier
We've got all the proper kolto trading permits, so back off.
I don't have time to listen to your stories - I've got a full shipment of kolto to load before my shift is over.
Kolto's real scarce all of a sudden. From what I hear, the Republic is to blame.
Sith Soldier
Stay out of my way. I'm on legitimate Sith business.
Everyone knows the Republic crippled the kolto production. Why don't the Selkath ban them from the planet?

Two Selkath like those just inside the door of the Kolto Distribution Center stand in the southwest corner of the courtyard with another traveler.