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Journal Entry Added The Ebon Hawk
You have now gained possession of the Ebon Hawk, your own space vessel. With it, you can travel throughout the galaxy to any world you choose. Unfortunately, your choices are fairly limited right now, because the Jedi Council will not let you leave Dantooine.

Most of your party will remain aboard the Ebon Hawk while you explore Dantooine. Should you need them, they will await you there.

In one of the holds, there is a workshop of tools you could use to upgrade existing weapons and armor if you buy enhancements for them.

Additionally, it would seem that Davik had stored a swoop bike aboard the Ebon Hawk before you stole it. If you found a track somewhere, you might be able to make some good money with it.
Map of the Ebon Hawk

Once you've located your party members on the Ebon Hawk you can speak to them as you would upon disembarking after adding to them to your party, although most can perform other functions while aboard:

Party Location Function
Carth Cockpit
Bastila Recall Star Map visions
Zaalbar Main Hold Make Adhesive, Concussion and Ion Grenades
T3-M4 Construct Computer Spikes
Juhani Storage compartment
Mission Starboard Crew Quarters Practice playing Pazaak and make Security Spike Tunnelers
Canderous Swoop Hangar Give Adrenal stimulants
HK-47 Fighter simulation
Jolee Medical Make Advanced Medpacs then Life Support Packs

Jolee makes LSPs rather than AMs once you're character level > 10, otherwise item selection seems evenly weighted.

The first time you ask for an item you'll always receive one. However, you'll only receive further items if you have less than 11 of the following in Inventory:

Party Items in Inventory
Canderous Adrenal stimulants and Battle Stimulants
Jolee (Advanced) Medpacs and Life Support Packs
Mission Security Spike (Tunneler)s
T3-M4 Computer Spikes
Zaalbar Adhesive, Concussion and Ion Grenades

For example, if there are five Battle Stimulants in inventory then Canderous can only give six Adrenal stimulants. To receive up to 11 items at a time from each, these inventory items need to be sold to merchants (preferably Suvam Tan on Yavin Station) or moved to containers like the five in the Cargo Hold (since getting items from containers moves all items to inventory, it's best to use separate containers for items you wish to sell and those you'll actually use).

Although you can only receive 11 items at a time from each, the total number you can receive increases as you acquire Star Maps on your quest for the Star Forge:

Star Maps 0 1 2 3 4 5
Total items 11 30 50 70 90 110

For example, you can receive 11 items before acquiring any Star Maps, then 19 (11+8) more after acquiring your first and 20 (11+9) more for each Star Map thereafter. It's normally best to get these items as they become available (with the exception of Jolee before you're character level > 10), but not necessary (you'll still receive 110 items in total from each if you don't acquire them before the fifth and final Star Map, but you'll need to empty your inventory up to ten times at once to do so).


The cockpit is in the bow of the Ebon Hawk, to the north of its central main hold, which is to the west of the Exit Ramp where you enter and exit the ship. Carth stands to the left, Bastila to the right: you can speak to Carth and Bastila until you unlock dialog about Finding Dustil and Bastila's Mother respectively, but there's no need to do so here rather than when they're in your party elsewhere.

Carth: Yes? What's on your mind? Bastila: How can I help?
5. Never mind.
Carth: You got it. Bastila: Then I suggest we move on.

You can ask Bastila to show you one of the Star Map visions again, which you have when you first arrive on each of the four remaining Star Map worlds (although she can only show you those for the first three worlds visited, not the last):

2. Can you show me one of the visions again?
Bastila: I can try. What would you like me to recall?
1. The vision we had on Korriban. 2. The vision we had on Manaan. 3. The vision we had on Kashyyyk. 4. The vision we had on Tatooine.
Bastila: I shall do my best. Calm your mind and remember...

Galaxy Map[edit]

The Galaxy Map is a screen on the left side of the cockpit:

Galaxy Map: [This is the Galaxy Map, the Ebon Hawk's on-board navigational computer.]
Galaxy Map: [When you are ready to leave Dantooine, you can use the Galaxy Map to travel to other planets around the galaxy.]

If you have access to Yavin Station:

Galaxy Map: [A destination is still stored in the Ebon Hawk's computer from the last trip Davik made with it.]
Select a planet on the Galaxy Map to enlarge it and display a summary and snapshot below, then Travel or Cancel.

Exit Ramp[edit]

The exit ramp is to the east of the Ebon Hawk's central main hold, in the north wall between it and the starboard Crew Quarters. Zaalbar is on the northeast side of the main hold itself: there's no need to speak to him here unless you want him to make you a grenade.

Zaalbar: Is there something you want?
7. Nothing. Never mind. Zaalbar: Very well.


2. I wonder if you could help me with a problem.
Zaalbar: Unless you want someone threatened or a door bashed in, you should ask someone else.
4. I want to know a little more about you, Zaalbar. 4. Have anything more to say about yourself, Zaalbar?
Zaalbar: I will honor my life debt, but I don't feel we share more than that. Mission may say more, but I will not.
1. You don't trust me? 2. I saved you. I deserve respect.
Zaalbar: It is nothing personal, but I just don't feel you could understand anything about me. Zaalbar: A life debt is the greatest respect. I just don't think you could understand anything about me.
Zaalbar: The ways of my people are not for outsiders to know. You'll have to be content with that.
3. Then I will leave you be. 1. You'll have to tell me more eventually.
Zaalbar: Thank you. Zaalbar: That may be, but not today.
4. Maybe we'll talk later.
Zaalbar: Very well.
3. I want you to make me a grenade.
Zaalbar: All right, let's see what I can do. I think I have enough parts for something. Just a moment. There you are. One grenade. Careful with it. Zaalbar: You've got a bunch already. You really don't want these things banging around together. Use some up first.
Item(s) Received Zaalbar Item(s) Received Zaalbar Item(s) Received Zaalbar

T3-M4 is on the southwest side of the main hold itself: there's no need to speak to him here unless you want a programming spike constructed for you.

T3-M4: Beep-beep beep woop!
3. I want to ask you some questions. T3-M4: Beep-woop-woo.
2. You don't talk much, do you? 1. You don't even know what I was going to ask!
T3-M4: Weep-boop-beep-beep!
4. Never mind. 1. Just chime in if you ever have any advice.
T3-M4: Beep-beep beep. T3-M4: Beep-boop.
1. Can you construct a programming spike for me, T3?
T3-M4: Beep frotz. (Negatory) T3-M4: Beep-beep beeple beep-beep! Woop!
1. You can't make another one just yet? Got it. Item(s) Received T3-M4

Juhani is in the storage compartment in the main hold's northeast wall if she wasn't slain during your third Jedi trial: you can speak to Juhani until you unlock dialog about the Threat from Xor (just as you can when she's in your party elsewhere).

Juhani: How may I be of assistance to you, Padawan?
4. Nothing for now. Perhaps later.
Juhani: Of course. If there is anything else, I am here to help.

Crew Quarters[edit]

There are crew quarters on the port and starboard sides of the Ebon Hawk, to the north at each end of a passage bisecting the ship horizontally. The port dormitory is empty, but Mission is in the starboard dormitory: you can speak to Mission until you unlock dialog about Mission's Brother (just as you can when she's in your party elsewhere).

Mission: Hey, there. What can I do for you?
7. Nothing. Never mind.
Mission: Okay... have it your way.

Once you've acquired a Pazaak deck:

3. Do you feel like playing some Pazaak?
Mission: Want to practice your skills, eh? Sure - I'll play you a few hands. Just for practice, though. I don't want to bet with you.

You can also ask her to make you a security spike:

4. I need you to make me a security spike.
Mission: No problem. Just so happens I've got one here I've been working on. Here you go... I'll just add it to our inventory. Anything else you need? Mission: Sorry, I don't have one handy right now. Besides, we've got plenty of security spikes already. Not much point in overloading on them, is there?
Item(s) Received Mission

Swoop Hangar[edit]

The swoop hangar is in the southeast quarter of the Ebon Hawk, to the south of the Exit Ramp, with another exit in the southwest wall. There's a Workbench by the north wall in its northwest corner. Canderous stands in its midst: you can speak to Canderous until you unlock dialog about Jagi's Challenge (just as you can when he's in your party elsewhere).

Canderous: Yeah? What do you want?
6. Nothing more for now.
Canderous: Your choice. I'm here if you want something done right.

Otherwise, you can ask him to give you some adrenal stimulants:

5. Can you give me some adrenal stimulants?
Canderous: Ha! Stimulants make a warrior out of even the weakest human!
Canderous: Here's a speed boosting stimulant to help you get quicker. Canderous: Here's a strength boosting stimulant to help you get stronger. Canderous: Here's a stamina boosting stimulant to help you get tougher.
Canderous: There anything else you need?
Item(s) Received Canderous Item(s) Received Canderous Item(s) Received Canderous


Canderous: Heh, don't worry I think you've got enough there as it is. You don't want to go overloading yourself on stims, otherwise you might destroy your adrenal system. A real warrior knows his own limits and doesn't overestimate himself. There anything else you need?

HK-47 stands by the southwest wall once you've purchased him from Yuka Laka's droid shop in Anchorhead on Tatooine: you can speak to HK-47 and ask if there's any way to repair him (just as you can when he's in your party elsewhere).

HK-47: Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, master.
6. That will be all, HK-47.
HK-47: As you desire, master. Signing off.

Otherwise, you can ask him to begin a fighter simulation, allowing you to practice using the Ebon Hawk gunner station:

3. I want to begin a fighter simulation.
HK-47: Statement: Certainly, master. Allow me to input the proper sequences into the ship computer. I caution you that the simulation will appear quite real. Are you ready to begin the training sequence, master?
1. Go ahead. 2. No, forget it.
HK-47: Statement: Simulation initiating. HK-47: As you desire, master. Signing off.

Engine Room[edit]

The engine room containing the hyperdrive is in the stern of the Ebon Hawk, at the south end of the passage bisecting the ship vertically. In the west wall of this passage, between the central main hold and the west passage to the Cargo Hold, is the entrance to the medical room where Jolee Bindo can be found once he's joined your party in the Upper Shadowlands of Kashyyyk: you can speak to Jolee Bindo to unlock further dialog (just as you can when he's in your party elsewhere).

Jolee: Got something on your mind, do you?
6. Never mind.
Jolee: Oh, I get it. Let's play with the old man's head, is it? He's half-senile, he'll forget I said anything! Wait uh, what was this about, anyway?

Normally, if you ask your party if they know anything about this place while still aboard the Ebon Hawk, they respond as they do upon disembarking. Anywhere other than Kashyyyk, Jolee is a pedant:

2. Do you know anything about this place?
Jolee: It's a ship. To be more specific, it's *your* ship. You tell me. And that's all I got to say about that. Now let's get going.


3. Can you make a healing kit for me?
Jolee: Hmph. I suppose I could whip up something, uh... you know... few herbs and such. You do know that the best alternative is not to get hurt, right? Not to say that you go leaping into the path of blaster fire or anything, but I know how you young people get. Here, take it. Jolee: How many could you possibly need? And besides, I don't have enough supplies on me to put some more together. Ask me later when you're actually in need and I'm less tired. I'm not a kit factory, you know.
Item(s) Received Jolee Item(s) Received Jolee

He makes LSPs rather than AMs once you're character level > 10.

Cargo Hold[edit]

The cargo hold is in the southwest quarter of the Ebon Hawk. There are supplies by its southeast wall:

[This is a store of emergency food and supplies.]

At its northern end are two metal boxes and three plasteel cylinders you can use to store items (switch to give item to remove items from your inventory, and hold down  SHIFT  while doing so to give all selected items of the same type), and there's a compartment in the north wall that cannot be opened through conventional means:

[This appears to be some type of hidden smuggling compartment. Without proper codes you will not be able to open it.]

Dwindling Supplies[edit]

After using the Galaxy Map for the first time, Zaalbar speaks to you:

Zaalbar: I was checking our supplies in the cargo hold. Something's not right.
1. Not right? What do you mean? 2. I don't have time to worry about this now!
Zaalbar: Someone's been into the emergency stash of food. Mission and I asked everyone, but nobody knows anything about it. You might want to check out the food stores the next time you're in the cargo hold.

If you check out the supplies by the southeast wall of the cargo hold:

Supplies: [Strangely, the food storage seems to have been disturbed recently. No one in the party would have done this, so there must be some other explanation.]
2. [Leave the supplies alone.]
Supplies: [You shrug off the missing supplies as unimportant for now and move on.]


1. [Examine the supplies more closely.]
Supplies: [There are no half-eaten or torn packages to indicate the theft was from pests or vermin. It looks more like some unknown person has been conducting clandestine raids on your stores.]
Supplies: [Whoever the thief is, they have managed to avoid detection by you or your companions so far. Maybe a thorough search of the ship will reveal the stowaway.]
Journal Entry Added Dwindling Supplies
Something, or possibly someone, has been into the food supplies. You might want to conduct a search of the ship to try to find the culprit.

As you search the ship, you must hear footsteps three times before returning to the cargo hold:

Footsteps1: [You think you hear the soft patter of footsteps behind you, but when you stop to listen they disappear.]

Once you've done so, as you approach the cargo hold you hear them again:

[You hear the echo of footsteps coming from the direction of the cargo hold.]
[You hear footsteps. They sound like they're coming from the cargo hold!]

You now find a girl named Sasha in cargo hold. After you speak to her:

Journal Entry Added Dwindling Supplies
The mystery of the missing supplies is solved: a girl has been hiding on the ship and stealing food. Of course, now you have to figure out what to do with this stowaway...

Strange Stowaway[edit]

If you don't conduct a search of the ship to try to find the culprit for the Dwindling Supplies and subsequently complete this quest before acquiring a fourth Star Map, then upon entering the Ebon Hawk afterwards, Zaalbar speaks to you again:

Zaalbar: It seems our little stowaway is gone.
1. What are you talking about? 2. Gone?
Zaalbar: I saw her sneaking off the ship. I called out to her, but she ran off. I guess she figured it was time to leave.
1. She's probably better off on her own. 2. We have to go after her! 3. Good riddance.
Zaalbar: You're probably right. She's a survivor, after all. Zaalbar: It was hard enough discovering her on this little ship. We'll never find her if we have to search an entire planet. But I wouldn't worry about her. She's a survivor, she'll be okay. Zaalbar: That seems kind of harsh, but I guess she'll be okay on her own. She's a survivor, after all.
Zaalbar: That might be why she left. Maybe her instincts warned her we were headed for trouble... trouble she wanted no part of.
1. That's a cheery thought. 2. She's probably right. 3. I think you're reading too much into this.
Zaalbar: I guess there's nothing more we can do but continue our search for the Star Maps. I hope things work out - for her and for us.
Journal Entry Added Strange Stowaway
Your little stowaway is gone. For reasons you can only guess at, she decided to take her chances alone rather than remain with the crew of the Ebon Hawk. You doubt your paths will ever cross again.

Otherwise, when your little stowaway is found:

Sasha: Ahhh! Na abds! Na abds!!
1. Hey! What are you doing here?! 2. A little girl? Where did you come from? 3. Get out of here, whoever you are! Right now!
Sasha: Na abds! Me hoot bad liaz!! Awnts!!
3. I want you out of here! Off my ship!!
Sasha: Ahh!! Me na awnts palkie bristag!! Bad liaz!!
1. I don't care. Off you go. Now!!
Sasha: *sniff* Me awnts na palkie. Me bad liaz.
1. Suck it up, sister. Find someone who cares. 2. I don't understand and I don't care. Get off my ship.
Sasha: *sniff* Me... me palkie. Is na gon-disen.
Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Journal Entry Added Strange Stowaway
Problem solved, the easy way: the odd stowaway has been ordered off your ship. It isn't really your problem, after all, is it?

However, it's better to wait before ordering her off, as you can move even closer to the dark side of the Force and receive experience if you do so after identifying her (60 XP) and returning to Dantooine to speak to Lur Arka Sulas, a green Twi'lek male standing to the northwest of the Ebon Hawk, who asks you about a kidnapped girl named Sasha. If you speak to him after ordering her off:

1. There used to be a young human girl stowaway on my ship, but I didn't get her name. 1. There was a stowaway on my ship named Sasha, but I drove her off.
Lur Arka Sulas: And I take it she is no longer on board your ship, sentient? This is too bad, but at least it is hopeful news. If the young human is actually the one I seek, I shall endeavor to locate her. Thank you for your information. Lur Arka Sulas: You are certain that her name was Sasha? This is good news. The girl could be anywhere now, but I shall endeavor to track her down. Thank you for your information, sentient. I am most gratified.

You receive even more experience if you don't order her off, and hand her over to Lur Arka (310 XP) after learning her strange language, moving closer to the light side of the Force (although you'll also move closer to the dark side if you insist on a reward, receiving 100 credits):

1. I don't understand what you're saying. 2. Calm down, little girl. I won't hurt you. 2. Alright, alright, calm down. What's the problem? 3. Oh no, not the tears! *sigh* Alright, what's the problem?
Sasha: You... yooba me na abds?
1. I still don't understand you. 2. Err... sure, whatever you say.
Sasha: [She frowns and looks at you helplessly.] Sasha: [She smiles.] Yooba gon-disen!
Journal Entry Added Strange Stowaway
You have encountered a young girl on board the Ebon Hawk... obviously a stowaway. The language she speaks, while sounding like Mandalorian, translates into pure gibberish. She may know the language, but she certainly doesn't know how to use it. And yet it seems to be the only language she knows. It might be possible to try talking to her... but dumping her on the planet is also a possibility.

Your party are no help whatsoever:

3. Can you help me with my little stowaway problem? 3. Can you help me with our little stowaway problem?
Bastila: I am confident that you can deal with that on your own. Canderous: What? You think I don't have something better to do?
2. Do you have any advice on our little stowaway? 5. We have a little stowaway problem. Can you help?
Carth: Sorry. I can't be of much help with that. HK-47: Statement: I cannot be of assistance on that, master.
3. We have a stowaway on the ship. Do you have any advice for me? 2. I was wondering if you could help me with our stowaway problem.
Jolee: Stop bothering me with your questions! I can barely hear myself think. Juhani: I do not know how to help you with that, I am sorry.
5. You got any advice on our little stowaway? 5. I have a little stowaway problem, actually.
Mission: Oh, heck, I don't know. Zaalbar: I cannot help you with that.

If you speak to Lur Arka Sulas before identifying her:

1. I have a young human girl stowing away on my ship, but I don't know her name.
Lur Arka Sulas: Is this so? It is not uncommon for young humans with minds on travel and adventure to stow away aboard vessels. Could this be Sasha?
3. I don't know and I don't care. 4. How much would you pay to find that out?
Lur Arka Sulas: The human I work for has no resources to offer you a reward, sentient. Neither do I, though I would gladly do so if I could.

Otherwise, or upon returning:

1. I don't know. Her language is odd. 2. Why don't you come and see her for yourself? Lur Arka Sulas: Greetings once again, sentient. Have you any news of the human girl aboard your vessel?
Lur Arka Sulas: Sasha was kidnapped at a young age. It is possible that her education has been deficient... if this is indeed she.
Lur Arka Sulas: I do not make it a habit to board the vessels of strange sentients. It is no slight against you... I find it difficult to judge the behavior of humans. 2. No, I haven't had much chance to talk to her.
Lur Arka Sulas: Should you find some evidence that this human girl is indeed Sasha, I would beg that you come to me with it. I can ask nothing more.

Return to the cargo hold of the Ebon Hawk to identify her:

Sasha: Yooba me kapsie?
1. Can you tell me your name?
Sasha: [The girl looks at you oddly, puzzled.]
1. [Point to yourself.] My name is Name. You are...?
Sasha: [The girl points to herself.] Waaba soosa Sasha!
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 60 Identified Sasha
1. Do you know a Twi'lek by the name of Lur Arka Sulas?
Sasha: [The girl obviously doesn't understand you.]
2. Sasha... your name is Sasha, right?
Sasha: [she nods] Waba soosa Sasha.
2. Does the name Lur Arka ring a bell? What about Rundil ot Sulem? 3. You're a stowaway, aren't you? How long have you been here? 4. Where are you from? Can you tell me that? 3. How did you get on the ship, Sasha? 4. Where are you from, Sasha? Taris?
Sasha: [The girl looks at you quizzically, not understanding.]
5. Sorry, but you have to leave my ship. 6. I've got to go.
Sasha: Yooba palkie? Bye-bye.

If you return to Lur Arka Sulas before you can communicate in her language:

1. There is a stowaway on my ship by the name of Sasha. 2. Her name is Sasha, I know that much.
Lur Arka Sulas: This is most exciting news, sentient. Are you certain of this?
1. You can come on board and see her, if you like.
Lur Arka Sulas: I do not make it a habit to board the vessels of strange humans, but... but I might make an exception this once. Are you certain the human is Sasha?
3. I am if the reward is sufficient.
Lur Arka Sulas: Alas, I have nothing in the way of a reward to offer you, sentient. Sasha's human father has fallen on difficult times since her kidnapping. I would give you credits of my own, but I also have nothing. I cannot stop you from holding the human girl... I can only plead with you to release her. Are you certain that this human girl is Sasha, sentient? Please do tell me.
2. I think so. Her language is very odd... I can't figure it out. 2. I think so. She speaks a strange version of Mandalorian... I can't figure it out.
Lur Arka Sulas: You say her language is odd? It... it is possible that Sasha was not taught proper language in the years of her captivity. Still, you leave me in a difficult position, human. I find it difficult to ascertain the motive of humans... you could be deceitful and I would not know it. I do not wish to compromise my safety, or offend you, but I do wish to be certain of your stowaway's identity before I risk visiting your vessel. Please... can you not make an effort to be more certain that this is the Sasha that I seek? I beg you to make the attempt.
2. If you don't care to try, why should I?
Lur Arka Sulas: I have been trying to locate the human girl for several years now, sentient. This is a dangerous region of space, however, so I must be cautious. It would sadden me to discover that my caution had allowed Sasha to escape my discovery... but too often have sentients attempted to mislead me for nefarious purposes. I mean no offense. I simply am unable to judge human motivations. I hope you can forgive me and do as I request.
3. I'll drive her off the ship later. Maybe you can find her then and see for yourself. 4. Sorry. No reward, no deal.
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Lur Arka Sulas: You are very cruel, human. I shall have to watch your vessel and hopefully see if the human girl leaves. If you hurt her, human... if you hurt her, I hope you suffer for it. Lur Arka Sulas: Then... there is nothing I can do. Should you alter your decision, sentient, I would beg you to return to me.

If you tell him you'll drive her off the ship later, he leaves: if you're more interested in turning to the dark side than receiving experience or credits, then you should return to the Ebon Hawk and drive her off now (you'll have plenty of later opportunities, but she can no longer be handed over to receive credits and experience).

Sasha: Na! Me hoot bad liaz! Awnts!! Sasha: Me hoot bad liaz! Awnts!!
2. *sigh* Alright, you can stay. For now.
Sasha: Me... me na palkie? Gon-disen!


1. Look... I can't understand you. You have to go. 1. I don't care if you're scared. Go!
Sasha: Me na awnts palkie!! Na abds!!
1. I don't have time for this. Out!!
Sasha: *sniff* Me... me palkie. Is na gon-disen. Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Journal Entry Added Strange Stowaway
Problem solved, the easy way: the odd stowaway has been ordered off your ship. It isn't really your problem, after all, is it?


1. I'll try my best. 1. If I have the time, I'll see what I can do.
Lur Arka Sulas: Thank you, sentient. I shall pray for your swift success.
Journal Entry Added Strange Stowaway
A Twi'lek who claims to be working for a Dantooine citizen is looking for a young human girl named Sasha... who is likely the same stowaway as the one aboard the Ebon Hawk. He won't come aboard to verify that fact, however. If you are going to coax her off the ship in order to turn her over to the Twi'lek, you're going to have to find some way to communicate with her. It's either that or order her off and wish him well.

Return to the Ebon Hawk and speak to Sasha to try to learn her strange language. You need to decipher five phrases consisting of eight words in turn before you can communicate with her. Success is dependent on your Intelligence: while you can decipher everything even with 8 Intelligence simply by trying again (and again), you fail more often and thus it takes longer (so using a Force Valor power, and a Memory Package if possible, to increase Intelligence is recommended, but not necessary unless you're impatient).

5. [Try to learn Sasha's strange language.] 5. Say something else, Sasha.
Sasha: Sasha na esowon in bristag. Bristag me laesfa.
6. I give up.
Sasha: [The girl stares at you with wide eyes.] Is na gon-disen?
1. Right. You can stay here, for now. 2. Sorry, but you have to leave my ship.
Sasha: Yooba palkie? Bye-bye.


1. Many of the words you're speaking are Mandalorian...
Sasha: Manlorey! Manlorey is na gon-disen! Manlorey abds!
1. Manlorey... that's your word for Mandalorian? So you do know of them. 2. Okay. Mandalorians bad. I get it. 2. You don't like the Mandalorians. I understand. 3. The Mandalorians hurt you? Is that what you're saying?
Sasha: Me na esowon Manlorey! Manlorey abds!
1. But are you a Mandalorian child, then?
Sasha: Me? Sasha na Manlorey!!
2. I can understand Mandalorian, but your words are all mixed up. 3. So you... hid from the Mandalorians? Or are hiding? 1. So you're human. You learned the words from somewhere, though. 2. Sasha isn't Mandalorian. Got it. But why don't you speak Basic, then?
Sasha: [The girl obviously doesn't understand.]

"Esowon" is "see" but "na esowon" is "hide":

2. Esowon? Na esowon?
Sasha: [She points to herself.] Me esowon!
1. I see you? Or you see me? 2. I need to hear more.
Sasha: [The girl hides her face behind her hands for a moment.] Me na esowon!
1. You... don't see? No, that's not it, is it? 1. You... you're hiding! "Na esowon" is "hide"! 2. I understand. "Esowon" is "see" but "na esowon" is "hide".
Sasha: [The girl appears, unsure.] Yooba esowon nuh ghis?
1. I didn't get all of that, but sure.

"Bristag" means "starship":

3. Bristag? What is that?
Sasha: [The girl points at things around her.] Bristag! Bristag me laesfa!
1. It's a thing? Something around here? 2. It's your home? Is that it?
Sasha: [The girl waves a hand about, making a "swooshing" sound.] Bristag!
1. No, I don't understand what you're getting at. 1. "Bristag"... it means "starship", doesn't it?
Sasha: Bristag! Sasha na esowon in bristag. Bristag me laesfa.

"Laesfa" means "home":

4. Laesfa... everything is safe? Is that it?
Sasha: [She points towards one of the Ebon Hawk's service panels.] Me laesfa. Me stin-quiw in laesfa.
1. That panel? That's what "laesfa" means? 2. You... sleep there? "Laesfa" means "sleep"?
Sasha: [The girl looks puzzled. She gestures around her.] Bristag me laesfa!
1. It's... no, I don't understand. 1. The panel... all of this... it's your home. "Laesfa" means "home". 2. The starship... you mean home. The ship is your home.
Sasha: [The girl smiles.] Sasha na esowon in bristag. Bristag me laesfa!
1. You're hiding in the starship. It's your home. I understand. 2. Say something else, Sasha.
Sasha: Yooba gon-disen!
1. You've said that before. What is "gon-disen"?
Sasha: [The girl laughs and points at you.] Yooba gon-disen!
1. Something about me, yes, but what? 2. You already said that! What about it?
Sasha: [The girl smiles and pats her chest.] Gon-disen! Me!
1. You're gon-disen? No, that's not it. 2. It's... something you like. Yes, "gon-disen" means you like it!
1. You like me. I understand. 2. Say something else, Sasha.
Sasha: Yooba na abds?
1. "Na abds"... you said that when I first found you.
Sasha: [The girl slaps her leg.] Abds! Me abds!
1. "Abds" means "hit"? Is that it? 2. Yes, very bad. Stop that!
Sasha: [She frowns and slaps her leg again.] Abds! Is na gon-disen!
1. No, I don't understand what you're getting at. 1. So... "abds" is "to hurt"? "Na abds" means "not hurt"? Is that it?
Sasha: Yooba na abds!
1. I understand. No, I won't hurt you. 3. Say something else, Sasha.
Sasha: Me awnts kesta-won yum nuh ghis.
1. Yum? What kind of word is that?
Sasha: [The girl seems puzzled. She points towards elsewhere on the ship.] Yum. Me awnts kesta-won yum.
1. It's... a part of the ship? A room? 2. You want something from elsewhere?
Sasha: [She mimics an act which looks like she's chewing something.] Yum. Me yum gon-disen!
1. To... to chew? To bite? No, I don't get it. 1. Yum... you mean food, don't you? "Yum" is "food".
Sasha: [She smiles.] Me awnts kesta-won yum nuh ghis!
2. Nuh ghis? Is that all one phrase?
Sasha: [The girl thinks for a moment and then stabs downwards several times with her finger.] Me kapsie nuh ghis!
1. The floor? "Nuh ghis" means floor? 2. You're talking... down? I don't understand.
Sasha: [She covers her mouth with her hand.] Me na kapsie nuh ghis!
1. That could be anything. I don't get it. 1. You're not speaking... now? "Nuh ghis" means "now"! "Na nuh ghis" is not now... or "before"?
Sasha: Nuh ghis! Me awnts kesta-won yum nuh ghis!
1. You... want some food now. You're hungry. 2. Say something else, Sasha.
Sasha: Tabed me yooba!
1. Tabed you? What do you mean?
Sasha: [The girl points at her mouth.] Yooba kapsie... tabed me yooba.
1. You... want me to tell you a story? About what? 2. I'm... supposed to talk? To speak? What about?
Sasha: [She points at you.] Yooba! Tabed me yooba!
1. I... don't understand. I'll have to think about it. 1. So... 'tabed' means 'tell me about'. I get it.
1. You want to know about me, do you?
Sasha: [She claps her hands excitedly.] Tabed me yooba, awnts!

Now you can finally communicate with Sasha in her language:

2. [Communicate with Sasha in her language.]
Sasha: Yooba me kapsie nuh ghis?
3. No, we'll have to talk later. 4. I'm tired of this game. I want you off my ship.
Sasha: Yooba palkie? Bye-bye.


2. Why are you hiding on my ship? Sasha na esowon in bristag?
Sasha: Me palkie bristag na nuh ghis! Me hoot abd liaz!
1. You came to the ship before. You were very scared. Why?
Sasha: Me palkie Manlorey! Me na esowon!
1. You left the Mandalorians? And hid here on the ship.
Sasha: Me na palkie awnts! Bristag me laesfa!
1. You don't want to leave. The Ebon Hawk is your home.
Sasha: [She nods.] Bristag me laesfa.
2. Why are you scared of the Mandalorians? Hoot bad liaz Manlorey?
Sasha: Manlorey kesta-won Sasha na nuh ghis! Manlorey abds!
1. They took you before? And hurt you?
Sasha: Manlorey bristag na laesfa. Manlorey bristag is na gon-disen!
1. The Mandalorian ship wasn't home. You didn't like it.
Sasha: Me palkie Manlorey bristag. Me na esowon in bristag laesfa.
3. You sleep here on the ship? Yooba stin-quiw in bristag?
Sasha: [She points at a nearby service panel. You understand that she must have been sleeping in the ship's repair ducts.] Sasha stin-quiw there. It gon-disen.
5. That's enough talk for now.
Sasha: Me no palkie?
4. You have to go now, Sasha. Yooba palkie nuh ghis, Sasha. 1. No, you don't have to go. For now. 2. I haven't decided yet.
Sasha: Yooba gon-disen! Bristag me laesfa! Sasha: Me no palkie awnts! Bristag me laesfa!

However, you only need to do so if you haven't spoken to Lur Arka Sulas on Dantooine:

1. The Ebon Hawk is not your home, Sasha. Not your first home, anyway. Bristag na Sasha laesfa.
Sasha: Bristag me laesfa!!
1. Tell me about your home before. Tabed me Sasha laesfa na nuh ghis.
Sasha: [The girl thinks for a long moment.] Dantooine. Dantooine me laesfa na nuh ghis.
1. There is someone there who will take you home. Lur Arka kesta-won you laesfa.
Sasha: [She seems uncertain.] Me palkie laesfa? Me palkie Dantooine?
1. Yes, you can go home. 2. If Lur Arka is still there. We'll see. 3. If I have time.
Sasha: [The girl seems to think about this, but says nothing.]


2. Dantooine? Maybe someone on Dantooine remembers you? 2. Dantooine? Maybe someone here remembers you?
Sasha: [The girl obviously doesn't understand.]


3. I don't have time to go to Dantooine! 3. I don't have time to look around for someone who knows you.
Sasha: [The girl looks hopeful.] Me na palkie laesfa?
1. You don't have to go, Sasha. You can stay... for now. 2. I don't care what you do. Stay on the ship... just don't be any trouble. 3. Forget it! I'm not looking out for you... off my ship. Now!
Sasha: Bristag me laesfa! Yooba gon-disen!!
Journal Entry Added Strange Stowaway
After considerable effort, you have managed to communicate with the young stowaway... whose name appears to be Sasha... and learned what she was doing aboard the ship. Apparently she was once held by the Mandalorians, long enough to learn their speech but nothing else, and she escaped from them long enough to stow away on the Ebon Hawk and hide. Her original home seems to be Dantooine. Perhaps someone there could help her?

Return to speak to Lur Arka Sulas (although a light side character who wants to complete the Genoharadan quests should wait until after completing them):

1. There is a stowaway on my ship by the name of Sasha. 2. Her name is Sasha, I know that much.
Lur Arka Sulas: This is most exciting news, sentient. Are you certain of this?
1. Yes, I am. She only speaks a smattering of Mandalorian, but I was able to figure it out.
Lur Arka Sulas: You have convinced me, sentient, that your stowaway is indeed the one I seek. Would you allow me to see her?
2. Only if I get something in return for my trouble.
Lur Arka Sulas: But I have nothing to offer you, sentient. Might you not reconsider?
1. Certainly. I'll bring you to my ship. 2. Alright, fine. Just get her off my ship. 1. Either cough up a reward or forget it.
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Credits Received: 100
Lur Arka Sulas: Let us go there now. I am most anxious to see her. Lur Arka Sulas: Then... take what I have, though it leaves me with nothing. I will be satisfied if I am able to reunite Sasha with her family.
Lur Arka Sulas: Though you have aged, young sentient, I do believe you are indeed the one I seek. I am here to return you to your father.
Sasha: Yooba na abds?
Lur Arka Sulas: I see that Name was correct about your linguistic difficulties. I am positive that your parents can assist you with that.
Sasha: Me abd liaz! Me na awnts palkie!
Lur Arka Sulas: Calm yourself, child. I will take you home.
Sasha: Sasha na esowon in bristag. Bristag me laesfa.
1. Lur Arka na bads. Nuh-gisen laesfa, Sasha. 2. Just go. I've had enough of this.
Sasha: Laesfa? Me palkie laesfa?
Sasha: Yb, bristag. Yb-abu, Name!
Lur Arka Sulas: Thank you for your assistance, sentient. I am sure the girl's parents will be most appreciative of your efforts.
Light Side Points Gained: +4
Journal Entry Added Strange Stowaway
Sasha has been handed over to the Lur Arka, and hopefully is now on her way back to her family. Problem solved. With luck, this will mean less messes in the food stores unless Zaalbar has another one of his late-night cravings.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 310 Sasha handed over to Lur Arka

Unfinished Business[edit]

If you speak to the Rodian Lurze Kesh outside the cantina in Dreshdae on Korriban and agree to return to him with the spice smuggled by Davik Kang, then he provides you with the security code for the compartment in the north wall of the cargo hold:

Compartment: [This secret compartment is still locked.]
1. [Enter access code: Red-47.]
Compartment: [The hidden compartment is now unlocked.]
Journal Entry Added Unfinished Business
You have discovered a stash of spice inside the secret compartment on the Ebon Hawk. You will have to deliver it to Lurze on Korriban if you want to get paid for it.
Item(s) Received Compartment
  • Spice
The term "spice" has come to describe a wide variety of stimulants mined on a number of worlds, but the highly coveted glitterstim found on Kessel is by far the most precious.

Once you've returned the spice, if you agree to further employment then you'll find a mysterious box in your cargo hold upon your return. Lurze warned you not to open the box... though he wasn't clear on why or what might be inside:

Mysterious Box: [Do you wish to open the box?]
1. [Yes, open the box.] 2. [No, do not open the box.]

Nothing is gained from opening the box, but if you must satisfy your curiosity then save game beforehand. A blue beam shoots from it and you're transported to a prison where everything is whited out except for strange obelisks to the north, where the alien Rakatan awaits and speaks to you as you approach:

Rakatan: What what what? Something else come into my prison? Already? So very long a time and nothing. Then in a span of mere months three in a row! What sheer luck! Well let's have a look at you. Hmm. Biped. More or less symmetrical. Far less hair than the last one. Opposable digits. Mostly water, hey? I suppose you'll have to do.
1. I'll have to do for what? 2. Mind telling me who and what you are? 3. Back off, creature! I don't care to be inspected!
Rakatan: Eh? For a body, of course. I don't want to remain in this prison forever, no no no. Rakatan: Oh? Your race is a violent one, then? I see, I see. My own race is not so different. Are you familiar with us? The others weren't.
Rakatan: I'm a prisoner here. As are you, yes indeed... though I suspect by accident rather than by sentence, yes? I was put here on purpose. My own people put our criminals in little cages like this. Well... our minds, anyway. For really terrible criminals like me our mind gets locked away forever. How long have I been here now? Hmmm... one... four... no, no, longer than that. I've never been very good with numbers.
1. This is a prison?
Rakatan: Can you think of a better prison than one without walls? What does your species use? Cages, I suppose.
2. What did you do to get imprisoned here?
Rakatan: I led a war. Well, a rebellion really, though the details would hardly interest you. Many of my kind died, and I'm responsible... or so they said.
3. You said "three in a row" earlier. Have there been others besides me?
Rakatan: Oh yes yes indeed. Two others of entirely different species visited me before you. I couldn't speak with them like I can with you, however. They eventually grew angry and ran off into the whiteness. If you go far enough out, you may find them... though I wouldn't recommend it. They're likely quite mad. All this whiteness can do that to you, you know. It'll drive you mad mad mad. If you let it.
4. Just keep your distance, I'm warning you.
Rakatan: And what would you do? Harm me? You think you're wearing those clothes, here, and carrying those weapons? Interesting, really. No no no... there's not a thing we can do to each other. So you needn't worry, I can't harm you. Isn't that reassuring?

You can ask several questions, but the following is most pertinent:

1. Is there no way out of here?
Rakatan: Well, now *that* is a most interesting question. Yes yes yes indeed. I've been here long enough to ponder that. How many years, now? A thousand? Ten thousand? Bah... I could never remember the numbers, even when I kept track. The point is that I know a way out of this clever little prison. Interesting, that, wouldn't you say?
1. Out? Out to where? If you get out of here, your body's probably dead. 2. I don't suppose you'll tell me, will you? 3. Let me guess: there's a catch.
Rakatan: How clever of you to realize that? Indeed you are correct. Your body, however, is not. Rakatan: Why would I not tell you? My escape requires your involvement... and your body, I might add. Rakatan: Isn't there always? There's only one place that one of us can escape to... and that's your body. Mine, I'm sure, is not available.
Rakatan: Now before you go off getting all excited and defensive, let me tell you that I can't go jumping into your body without your willing agreement. Conversely, you can't go jumping back into your body without my knowledge. This leaves us at something of an impasse, wouldn't you agree?
1. So what do you suggest? 2. Look... you are *not* getting my body. 3. How do I know you aren't lying to me?
Rakatan: What I suggest is for us to settle this now, like civilized beings. Rakatan: Did I not already say that I could only take your body if you were willing? Yes yes I believe I did. We are still communicating, correct?
Rakatan: It is like this, dear sentient... if you like, we could spend the next thousand years debating. You want out, I want out, it could go on and on. Unless your species is remarkably long-lived, I doubt your body has a thousand years. And, frankly, I doubt either of us is going to convince the other of anything, yes? So why waste the time? A simple competition between the two of us and we settle the matter. You win, you go free. I win, I go free. Yes?
4. Forget it! Tell me how to get out! NOW!!
Rakatan: Why would I do that? And however would you coerce me to do so? No no no... we play or you stay. Simple as that.
3. This sounds deceptively simple.
Rakatan: Does it? In truth, I've had a long time to think it over. You can take your time thinking about it, yourself, but why?
1. How do I know I could trust you?
Rakatan: You have no reason not to trust me, now. If I were to betray you, then you would never trust me again... and we would be stuck here arguing forever.
1. It only takes once.
Rakatan: I suppose that's true. But if you won and I did not release you, there would never be another chance for me to escape anyway, would there? You would never agree to it.
1. You have a point.
Rakatan: Hence I may as well let you go, if you win. It is my one and only opportunity for freedom.

It's about to become clear that this is inspired by Riddles in the Dark, the fifth chapter of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit:

2. What kind of competition do you mean?
Rakatan: I have little clue as to which activities you are superior at. You are at the same disadvantage with me, I suspect. So the best game is one of the mind. An exchange of riddles, perhaps. The first of us to fail at an answer loses. What do you think?
2. I'd rather a more physical challenge.
Rakatan: Mmmm no doubt. You may have missed my earlier statement, so let me remind you that your physical body is not really here. Your muscles do not exert anything and you can apply no force here. Hence a "physical" challenge is somewhat impossible, no? So let's restrict ourselves to the mental challenges, my dear sentient.
3. And what's to stop you from cheating?
Rakatan: For that matter, what's to stop *you* from cheating? The only thing I can think of is that it's quite hard to cheat at riddles. Fair is fair.
4. What are the rules?
Rakatan: Hmm. Perhaps we should restrict ourselves from riddles specific to our culture or race. A kiratta-sarn, while wonderful to look at, would be meaningless to you, I'm sure. Beyond that, I shouldn't think there be any rules necessary. A riddle is a riddle. So are we agreed?
1. I don't seem to have much of a choice.
Rakatan: Now now no need to be fussy. If I seem to be moving fast it's simply because I've had an overabundance of time to consider this scenario. That being the case, and seeing as this is technically my home, I'll go first. Now... let's see...

You'll need to answer a minimum of three riddles correctly, and a maximum of four, before you can return to your body:

Rakatan: "Until I am measured, I am not known,
yet how you miss me when I have flown."
1. Light. 2. Time. 3. Hope. 4. Energy.
Rakatan: Yes yes yes... I suppose that was an easy one. Perhaps I should have used all this time to think of harder riddles, hey? Rakatan: Mmm? Are you quite serious with that answer? And here I thought I was only warming up. The answer is time!

Answer incorrectly at any time, and the consequences are dire:

Rakatan: My, my, my... the contest is over already! Fair is fair, sentient... I go free. With luck you will someday find a body of your own, yes? So don't despair... but do hold still.
Your entire party has been
Return to main menu.

Otherwise, it's about to be made very clear that this is inspired by The Hobbit (although it's Gollum's riddle, not Bilbo's):

Rakatan: Fair is fair, sentient. Your turn.
1. "If you break me, I do not stop working.
If you touch me, I may be snared.
If you lose me, nothing will matter."
2. "What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than the trees,
up up it goes and yet it never grows."
Rakatan: Oh my... there are not many things that keep working once they're broken. Hmmm... oh! Oh, yes. Your heart! Heart is the answer! Rakatan: What manner of plant could that be? But it does not grow... so is it no plant at all? It... it is a mountain! Yes, that is it!
Rakatan: Very clever, sentient... but it is my turn once again!

When it's your turn you can choose from two riddles, but the first two times he always answers correctly:

Rakatan: "I never was, yet always will be. I am never seen, yet always come.
I can carry nothing, yet hold much for some."
1. Tomorrow. 2. Gravity. 3. Rain. 4. Vacuum.
Rakatan: Yes yes yes, you have the right of it. Tomorrow it is. Rakatan: Aha! Caught you, I have! Tomorrow is the answer! Tomorrow!
Rakatan: Fair is fair, sentient. Your turn.
2. "You heard me before, yet you hear me again,
Then I die, until you call me again."
Rakatan: Hmmm... what an odd riddle. Yes yes yes, let me see. Hear again, and then call again... an echo? It is an echo! Ha ha! Very clever, sentient... but it is my turn once again!
Rakatan: "Who makes it has no need of it.
Who buys it has no use for it.
Who uses it has no knowledge of it."
1. Air. 2. Energy. 3. Time. 4. A grave.
Rakatan: Yes, that's it. A grave it is, though I'll likely never see one. Rakatan: No no no, you are wrong! A grave is the answer! To bury the dead!

This is the first riddle he cannot answer:

Rakatan: Fair is fair, sentient. Your turn.
2. "Flying to Dantooine I meet five ships.
Each ship has five crewmen, each crewman five pets.
How many in all are flying to Dantooine?"
Rakatan: No no! Not numbers! Never have I been good with numbers! Hmmm... think think think! Five times five... add the one... no no no... Err... carry the two... ninety-four? No, ninety-six! Is it ninety-six?
1. It's one. I'm the only one flying to Dantooine.
Rakatan: Ahh! Fooled, I have been! Fooled myself! Very very clever of you! You have won!

Otherwise, one more riddle needs to be answered before he cannot answer either of yours:

Rakatan: "I am always hungry, I must always be fed.
The finger I lick will soon turn red."
1. A gizka. 2. A flame. 3. A starship engine. 4. A mouth.
Rakatan: Yes, it's true. I wasn't sure if you blistered as we did... but it appears you do. So be it. Rakatan: No no no! You are wrong! A flame is the answer, to blister you red!
Rakatan: Fair is fair, sentient. Your turn.
2. "You can see nothing else when you look in my face,
I will look you in the eye and I will never lie."
Rakatan: Never lie, hey? Hmmm. There is something familiar here... I cannot place my finger upon it. Look you in the eye... look you in the eye... I... I concede. I do not know the answer to your riddle. You are victorious.
1. The answer is your reflection.

Either way, once you've won you can return to your body when you're ready:

Rakatan: *sigh* It appears my destiny is to be imprisoned even longer. Are you ready to return to your body, sentient?
1. Before I go, what's your name?
Rakatan: Eh? My name? It's... it's... well how do you like that? I've completely forgotten. I think I knew it a thousand years ago. I guess I've been here so long I've forgotten. My, that is depressing.
2. I could try to find some other way to get you out of here.
Rakatan: I doubt you could help. My people made quite certain that escaping these prisons was a difficult prospect, you know. It took me as long as I've been here to figure out the only exit... and even then, I'm sure it's only happened because my prison is no longer secure. Hmmm. I do have to wonder how that happened. Are my people still about? If they were, I can't see that they'd let my prison loose so easily. But even if they are gone, I doubt you'd be able to find any way to release me. No, I suppose I shall just have to wait for someone who is not as proficient at riddles as you are to come along.
3. I could destroy your prison once I'm out... if you wish.
Rakatan: Oh, I certainly doubt that. No offense, but your species hardly strikes me as that advanced. Besides... I'm not ready to explode into bitty atoms just yet.
4. Don't worry. I'm sure someone else will be along before you know it.
Rakatan: You know... you're right. And maybe they won't be as intelligent as you, either. That makes me feel much better, thank you.
5. Right. Get me out of here, and don't do anything funny. 6. I'm ready to go.
Rakatan: There's nothing complicated to it. It's better for me to just show you than teach you. Just close your eyes a moment, sentient...
Journal Entry Added Unfinished Business
You managed to escape from the prison world inside the box, but it was a narrow thing. Apparently Lurze was correct that opening the box was a bad thing. If you still intend to deliver it to Motta the Hutt, he can be found in the swoop track on Tatooine.
Mystery Box: [The box doesn't seem to be active any more. Perhaps it can only be used once by each owner.]

Travel to Tatooine to deliver it to Motta the Hutt in Anchorhead's swoop registration.

Trouble With Gizka[edit]

After disembarking on Tatooine and approaching the Exit to its docking bay, the Aqualish dockworker Jor Ul Kurax speaks to you, informing you that a shipment of gizka has been delivered to your ship, and some might have gotten loose!

Sure enough, when you return to the Ebon Hawk you'll find it overrun with gizka, small, bipedal amphibians with an overly high reproductive rate. However, they're harmless and cause no actual trouble. You can interact with them:

Gizka: [The gizka looks at you curiously, cooing.]
1. [Pick it up.] 3. [Pet it.]
Gizka: [You try to pick up the gizka, but it wriggles from your grasp and plops back down to the floor.] Gizka: [You scratch the little critter behind its nubs that pass for ears and it coos enthusiastically in response.]
1. [Play a game with the gizka.]
Gizka: [You play a game of peek-a-boo with the little creature, hiding your face behind your hands and startling it each time you "appear". What fun.]
2. [Kill it.] 4. [Leave it alone.]
Gizka: [The fragile creature's neck is easily wrung. Strangely enough, another gizka shows itself a moment later, crawling out from between two panels.] Gizka: [The gizka looks disappointed at the lack of attention and hops away.]

If you want them gone, your party are no help whatsoever:

4. Do you know if anything can be done about all these gizka on board? 4. Have you seen all these gizka on the ship?
Bastila: I wish I could help you with that. Canderous: So deal with it. Why are you asking me about it?
3. Do you know if anything can be done about all these gizka? 4. Do you know anything about these gizka, HK?
Carth: I'm not really sure. You can figure it out on your own, can't you? HK-47: Statement: I have little knowledge of that to impart, master.
3. Do you know if anything can be done about all these gizka? 3. Have you seen all these gizka we have on board?
Juhani: I do not know how to help you with that, I am sorry. Jolee: *Sigh* I have no idea what you're talking about. Rabble rabble... what are you saying.
6. Do you know anything about these gizka creatures? 6. Do you know anything about dealing with gizka?
Mission: Umm... are you sure you want to ask me about that? Zaalbar: I know nothing of what you speak.

There are two ways to deal with them for which you receive experience. The most immediate action is to buy gizka poison from one of the following merchants:

World Area Source Cost Amount
Tatooine Docking Bay Mic'Tunan'Jus Orgu 350 Infinite
Cantina Junix Nard 350 Infinite
Kashyyyk Czerka Landing Port Eli Gand / Matton Dasol 350 Infinite
Credits Lost: 350
Item(s) Received Merchant
  • Gizka Poison
Any gizka ingesting one of these toxic pellets will die within a few seconds. It will also cause the creature to attack all other gizka in the area, infecting them as well.

Return to the Ebon Hawk and find a gizka:

1. [Feed it the gizka poison.]
Gizka: [The gizka devours the poison in a single, greedy gulp. It will probably take a few seconds for the poison to have an effect.]
Journal Entry Added The Trouble With Gizka
The infected gizka should soon rid the Ebon Hawk of its unwanted visitors, though you might want to keep a few doses of poison handy to deal with any pesky survivors.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 560 Fed gizka poison
[This gizka looks rather sickly. It must have been infected with the gizka poison. You probably should keep your distance.]

If you can be persuasive using skill or the Force then you can travel to Manaan and its docking bay to convince the Selkath Nubassa to take the gizka off your hands. Although you receive slightly less experience (500 vs 560), not only can he take them off your hands for far less credits (100 vs 350), he can be persuaded to do so for free, or even give you 100 credits for them (but you must be highly persuasive to achieve this without lying to him and moving closer to the dark side of the Force).

Otherwise, gizka remain on the Ebon Hawk until you crash land in the Star Forge System, once you've discovered the last of the Star Maps and have the hyperspace coordinates that lead you there:

Zaalbar: Maybe if we're lucky the crash will take care of our gizka problem. The rough landing might convince them to abandon the ship.

It does, and they do.