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Map of the village of Rwookrrorro

Chieftain in Need[edit]

You're taken to Chuundar in the chieftain's hall, to the southeast of the gates from the Great Walkway:

Chuundar: Step forward and address mighty and wise Chuundar, outsider. I don't often allow visitors of your kind.

If Zaalbar wasn't in your party before you were brought to the village:

Mission: Big Z! What are you doing here? What's going on?
Chuundar: As you can see, Name, I have brought Zaalbar from your ship. Don't worry, Janos was very helpful. There was no damage done... yet.
1. What are you talking about? How do you know me? 2. I thought Zaalbar's presence might cause problems. 3. I demand an explanation! You don't want me to get angry!
Chuundar: Did you think you could walk the upper boughs of Kashyyyk and not be observed? I've had climbers watching you, and your ship. Chuundar: It has, but you couldn't hide him. Your ship carries his scent, his hair. My climbers found him quickly. Others have been watching you. Chuundar: You need to realize your situation. I've had climbers watching you since you landed. Taking Zaalbar was easy.
1. Janos allowed it? You must work closely with him. 2. You had no right to enter my ship! 3. Why did you think you had to do this behind my back?
Zaalbar: You work alongside the slavers. You are no better than they are! Zaalbar: You have learned from the slavers. Learned to take what you want. Zaalbar: He has become like the slavers. He takes without care.


Zaalbar: You are flanked by Czerka slavers! Are they not outsiders? Or have you sold all of Kashyyyk to them!
Chuundar: Ah, brother Zaalbar. You've been exiled a long time. You shouldn't speak in that tone. Things are different now. You are a mad-claw without honor. You have no voice among your own people. I, on the other hand, am Chieftain.
1. If you've made deals with slavers, the truth will get out eventually. 2. A nice nest of lies you have constructed. 3. Ignore him, Chuundar. You are dealing with me now.
Chuundar: You may talk, but no one will believe you. I've had a long time to guide what my people think. Chuundar: You are mistaken about your worth. You have no leverage here. I have made certain that my people only listen to me.
Chuundar: They trust me, the mighty Chuundar. Even with my brother insane and father enslaved, I rose to protect my people despite it all.
Zaalbar: Father was enslaved? "Mighty Chuundar?" What are you talking about? You were the runt!
Chuundar: I am no runt! *ahem* Like I said, Zaalbar, a lot has changed in your years away. We will discuss this soon enough.
2. Is there a point to this? If this will only lead to a fight, I'd like to get to it.
Chuundar: There will be no fight. You wouldn't survive. The village believes in me. They would rise to kill you. I also have the protection of Czerka Corporation guards as well. No, you have no chance while I am unopposed.
1. What do you want? Why drag us here? 2. Is there a point to this? If this will only lead to a fight, I'd like to get to it.
Chuundar: I haven't killed Zaalbar because he is my brother and I hoped he and I could come to an agreement. You are irrelevant. I may be able to put you to use on a menial task. Zaalbar will have to stay here, of course.
2. I would not abandon Zaalbar to you.
Chuundar: It isn't your choice, Name. I already have him. I have a personal matter to discuss with him. You have other duties.
1. What is this task? 2. I would not abandon Zaalbar to you.
Chuundar: A simple thing. Another Wookiee has suffered the same fate as Zaalbar, gone mad and been exiled. He now lurks the Shadowlands. More importantly, he's pestering my Czerka allies during their Shadowland expeditions. It is not good for business.
1. He's standing against you. The first of many, perhaps? 1. This mad-claw stands against you. More will come.
Chuundar: No one will follow a mad-claw. He is merely a nuisance. Besides, he cowers in the Shadowlands. My people know nothing of him.
2. I want to ask about the Shadowlands.
Chuundar: We only enter the Shadowlands for ritual hunting. I'd leave the troublemaker down there but he has proven too good at surviving. He has managed to linger a number of years, cowering in his madness and shame. You are expendable. You will remove him.
3. I'm only interested in what I'm looking for. A Star Map.
Chuundar: I don't know anything about something like that, and I don't care. Your concerns are nothing to me.
4. What happened with you and Zaalbar? Give me your version.
Chuundar: Zaalbar didn't tell you? He took offense to my trading a few of our people for favors and weapons. I didn't understand his objection. Imagine the destruction if Czerka Corporation had come in with blasters firing. I saved many lives. Of course, I also gained weapons, and arranged for certain rivals to be taken. I protected my allies, and my power grew.
1. Which explains why the Wookiees in this room haven't killed you. 2. You've a complete lack of remorse for your actions. Like a big hairy Hutt.
Chuundar: Each has come to understand the benefit of working with the enemy. Unlike your exiled companion. Chuundar: I've heard of these Hutt creatures. They sound like smart traders. They would understand what your exiled companion could not.
Chuundar: Young Zaalbar had no foresight. He couldn't control his outrage. He attacked me with his claws and damned himself doing it. A few careful stories and everyone called him mad-claw. Even father Freyyr. I easily had him exiled.
3. Let's go back to my other questions.
Chuundar: You test my patience. Do my task or flee to your ship. I don't care which.
1. I won't do this. Do your own dirty work. 2. I'll consider what you've said. I'll go now.
Chuundar: You don't have much choice. You can flee the planet if you want, but I am keeping Zaalbar here with me. He'll stay until the mad-claw is dead. Chuundar: I'll allow you access to the Shadowlands. You will track and kill this insane Wookiee, and maybe then you will earn my favor. Zaalbar stays here to ensure your loyalty.
Chuundar: The Czerka would never let me hold you, but they don't care what I do with fellow Wookiees.
Mission: You can't do that! He can't do that, can he? He can't hold Zaalbar prisoner just because he's Chieftain, can he?
1. Keeping Zaalbar makes this proposition even worse. 1. You're a fool. You're making the job harder. 2. I need Zaalbar with me as a guide.
Chuundar: What made you think I wanted this to be easy for you? Besides, you won't need him. My people are trained to understand you. Chuundar: No, you won't need him to find your way. Over the years I have had my people trained to understand galactic Basic.
Chuundar: I tell them it's to better understand the enemy. They think it will make the Czerka easier to fight. Actually it makes them easier to obey. Remember, you can't beat me here. No one would dare oppose me to join an outsider or an exile.
Zaalbar: You are wrong, brother. Someone would.
1. Who are you talking about, Zaalbar? 2. Yeah Zaalbar, you and me! 3. You see, Chuundar, there *is* someone. Uh... make it good, Zaalbar.
Chuundar: Do you speak of Freyyr, our father? Why? He was the one that ordered you exiled when you attacked me. Chuundar: No outsider, Zaalbar is referring to Freyyr, our father. Why, Zaalbar? He ordered you exiled when you attacked me. Chuundar: You are too quick to celebrate. Zaalbar talks of Freyyr, our father. Why, Zaalbar? He ordered you exiled when you attacked me.
Chuundar: He went as mad as you when he finally discovered the slavers. He dared challenge them alone and has not been seen since. That was years ago. Let him go, Zaalbar. I rule now. I'll take the Wookiees forward, but there are prices to pay.
1. He makes sense, Zaalbar. Perhaps you should listen to him. 2. Don't listen, Zaalbar. It's not worth it. 3. Play along, Zaalbar. I will see what I can do.
Chuundar: No more words, outsider. I've given my orders. I can't hold you here, but Zaalbar will stay until you kill the mad-claw in the Shadowlands.
Mission: Don't worry, buddy, we'll get you out of here. You can count on us! Bastila: Then I suppose we have little choice. We should proceed with caution, however. Carth: I don't like leaving someone behind, but I guess we don't have a choice.


Juhani: It is wrong to leave him imprisoned here. We should seek some way to free him when we have the chance. HK-47: Query: Shall I begin blasting, master? We could have your hirsute companion free in no time. Canderous: Let's go kill something and get the Wookiee out.
1. Not yet, HK.
Chuundar: The guards will let you pass now. Leave the village through the northwest and follow the platform to the south and then east. You'll eventually see where Gorwooken waits for you. He'll lower you to the forest floor. Go.
Journal Entry Added Chieftain in Need
The Wookiee chieftain Chuundar has taken his brother Zaalbar from you and demands that you kill a mad Wookiee in the Shadowlands. Gorwooken waits for you further down the Great Walkway, and will show you how to descend into the lower forest.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 225 Addressed Chuundar

Star Map: Kashyyyk[edit]

Journal Entry Added Star Map: Kashyyyk
Wookiee chieftain Chuundar has asked that you descend into the Shadowlands and perform a task for him. This will allow you to also search for the Star Map.

Chieftain's Hall[edit]

After exiting the chieftain's hall, a Wookiee guard to the left of the door bars entry. He can be asked for directions, should they be needed:

Wookiee Guard: You have been given a task, outsider. Be thankful for your time on our world and so as you have been bid.
1. I want to speak with Chuundar again.
Wookiee Guard: You be allowed audience when you return after completing his task. Only then will you have reason.
2. I will need directions.
Wookiee Guard: The village exit is northwest of here. Once outside, follow the platform to the east until you get to where Gorwooken is waiting. He will lower you to the Shadowlands, though I would prefer that you were simply dropped. You'll die down there anyway.
1. What can I expect to find in the Shadowlands?
Wookiee Guard: If the forest holds any justice you will die down there, as would all outsiders.
2. I want directions for what's in the village.
Wookiee Guard: Others may speak to you, Name, but I won't. I don't want you here. The sooner you are gone, the better.
3. I'll be going then.
Wookiee Guard: Return when Chuundar's task is complete. That is what the Chieftain wants.

Male and female Wookiees throughout the village can comment, but cannot be engaged in dialog:

I won't speak with you, outsider. Chuundar allows too many of you here.
Chuundar may tolerate you, but do not expect the same from all of us.
You will never take me as a slave, outsider. By Bacca's Blade, you will not!
It was not long ago that Kashyyyk had no outsider taint.
Rorworr has not returned to the village in days. If slavers took him, they had a fight on their hands.
Many are talking of Rorworr's disappearance. It is hardest on the young.
We lose more of our most promising warriors every day.
Bacca's Blade keep Rorworr safe and Bacca's wisdom guide him home to us.
I am not accustomed to speaking with you outsiders. Some have gotten too comfortable with it, I think.
I will not speak to you, outsider. You are not worthy.
Chuundar has grown comfortable dealing with you outsiders. I have not.
Chuundar allows you to be here, outsider. You would be dead if he didn't.
First there was one outsider, then many, and now you walk our village! It's too much!
Rorworr is the latest of us to go missing. I hope your outsider slavers lost many men trying to cage him.
Rorworr was mentor to some of our most promising children. We need his spirit in these dark times.
Rorworr has not returned to the village. If you took him, outsider, you will pay dearly.
Do you miss your kin when they are taken from you, outsider? I doubt you feel the same as we do.
I long for the Kashyyyk of old. We had no need of footpaths for outsiders like you.

From the door of the chieftain's hall on the central platform of the village, the gates to the Great Walkway are to the northwest. A Wookiee female wandering between the hall and the gates on the walkways below them can be engaged in dialog, although this isn't necessary:

Wookiee: Leave me, human outsider. I do not wish to speak with you.
1. I want to ask you some questions.
Wookiee: Why? So you can better exploit us? Why should I speak with you?

You can be confrontational:

1. Because I demand it! Do not anger me! 2. I go where I wish. Will you stop me?
Bastila: Surely that is no way to gain co-operation from the Wookiees. Some subtlety is not out if the question, is it? Juhani: Threatening her may not get you the results you want.
Wookiee: We are threatened every day. You are just another body in the army we face from all sides, at all times.
Wookiee: No, I will not fear you. Ask what you will, but save your threats. I am numb to them. Zaalbar: You see the dignity of my people? We will overcome.
Wookiee: Don't speak for me, mad-claw. You left in shame. Time has not changed that.
4. Chuundar wants me to find an insane Wookiee in the Shadowlands.
Wookiee: I am ashamed that he would ask outsiders to track such a creature. Why couldn't our own hunters remove his dishonor? If you must be the one, then so be it. Be merciful and quick. A Wookiee without the honor of self-control is a mere animal. And when you are through, do the same to your slave Zaalbar. His taint is a curse upon us too. Bah, I will speak no more of him.

The previous statement can only be made when you first speak to her. Alternatively, you can be conciliatory:

1. I am not your enemy. I serve the greater good. 2. I travel with a Wookiee. I am a friend.
Wookiee: I shall believe that when I see it. I will speak with you, but do not mistake that for trust. Wookiee: You have a Wookiee marked by exile as a slave. If he is your property, he is no Wookiee. Not until he kills you.
Wookiee: I will speak with you a moment, but do not pretend to be a friend. I trust only the word of Chuundar. Zaalbar: I am not a slave. I have made a life debt.
Wookiee: To an outsider? You truly are a mad-claw. Don't taint my ears with your ravings. I'll speak to your owner, not you.

The following will end the dialog:

3. I will leave you. Goodbye. 4. Goodbye.
Wookiee: Please, do not bother me again.

Otherwise, or upon returning, you can ask her about her leaders and the slavers, and easily persuade her using the Force to tell you her doubts about Chuundar:

Wookiee: Why do you bother me, human? I don't wish to speak with you.
1. Why do your leaders allow slavers to take your people?
Wookiee: What right do you have to question Chuundar? What could you possibly know about us?
1. Tell me so I might understand. 2. I don't give you much thought. You are primitives.
Wookiee: Your interest is surprising. I had not thought an outsider would care. Still, I shouldn't talk of our troubles. Wookiee: Primitive? Our traditions are ancient! There is great order and honor in how we live! Even with our... troubles.
Wookiee: Chuundar is our leader, and deserving of respect. Even with our doubts.
3. What if I told you Chuundar is in league with the slavers?
Wookiee: I would not believe you. You are an outsider. You lie. You cheat. You enslave us. There is nothing you could say to make me believe.
1. Who would you rather have as leader?
Wookiee: There is no one left that is willing to stand up to the slavers. We wait for the coming of Bacca's heir. Wookiee: There is no one. Chuundar is unquestioned. You have seen to that, have you not? Speak no more of it.
1. What do you mean by that? Explain.
Wookiee: The ancient Bacca was our greatest leader. At his death, he swore that his spirit would live in our true chieftains. His sword would be the sign, and legends say we have always prospered under those that held it. No longer. No one has seen the blade for years. It is a foolish hope. We now follow Chuundar. He is sane and honorable.
link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] You want to tell me your doubts about Chuundar.
Wookiee: [Success] I should tell someone... we whisper it anyway. Everyone wonders about it. Chuundar has done much. He keeps the slavers from the village, and rules fairly. He keeps order, and keeps us strong. But... his father was better. Freyyr the Chieftain would not have allowed the slaver docking platforms to be built. That's why he was killed.
1. When did Freyyr die?
Wookiee: Soon after the mad son Zaalbar was sent away. Freyyr seemed to succumb to the same kind of insanity. It is thought that he died fighting slavers. I like to think so. Chuundar has bravely risen to lead us, despite his troubles. Wookiee: I don't want to think about this. You test my patience, outsider.
Journal Entry Added Chieftain in Need
Chuundar is not so beloved as he would have you believe. People doubt him, but there is no one to take his place. Chuundar still holds Zaalbar, however, and waits for you to do as you were told and kill the deranged Wookiee in the Shadowlands.

Ask about other recent troubles, and she'll tell of a lost Wookiee. You can also ask about a Star Map, learning about an outsider living in the Shadowlands in the process:

3. Then I will ask other things. 4. I want to go back to my previous questions.
Wookiee: Be brief. I tire of this.
2. Any recent trouble other than the slavers?
3. I seek something called a Star Map.
Wookiee: I don't know about anything like that, but I don't understand you body-bald fools. You are all slavers or crazy.
1. Why do you say we're crazy?
Wookiee: Our hunters say one of you has been living in the Shadowlands, and that is crazy! I don't know how he survives. It's probably just hunter-tales, though. No one could live in the Shadowlands for the years he has. No one.
Jolee: Well, a gifted few, perhaps.
Wookiee: Maybe insanity makes you taste bad. I don't know. You tell me.
1. If the Shadowlands are so dangerous, why go?
Wookiee: We go for ritual, to prove ourselves. Some exiles are forced to live there. What other choice do they have? Slavery?
1. What exiles live there now?
Wookiee: I know of none. I do not enter the Shadowlands. I only hear stories. Nobody really believes them.

Great Walkway[edit]

To the northeast of this wandering Wookiee female is a wicker bin to the left of the ramp up to the gates to the Great Walkway:

Item(s) Received Wicker Bin

The gates to the Great Walkway are at the top of the ramp, to the north. Once you pass through them, you won't be able to return to Ebon Hawk or change party selection unless you return here or to the Czerka Dock to the south.

Wookiee Lost[edit]

If you've yet to find the lost Wookiee, the wandering Wookiee female will tell you about him:

Wookiee: Another of our people is missing. If the slavers were responsible, more would have disappeared. This was just one Wookiee. It may be that he died in the Shadowlands. If he did, there is honor in that, and he will be mourned.
1. Who would know more?
Wookiee: What makes it your business? Bah, I have nothing to say. Speak with his friends, if you must. Woorwill and Jaarak maintain a vigil in Woorwill's home on the central platform on the village.
Journal Entry Added A Wookiee Lost
The Wookiees are worried about a member of their tribe that has recently gone missing.

Otherwise, she's a little more forthcoming:

Wookiee: Rorworr is missing. He's one of our most promising warriors. I still hope he will be found alive, but no one knows where he is.
Journal Entry Added A Wookiee Lost
The Wookiees are worried about a popular member of their tribe that has recently gone missing. Rorworr cannot be found. His friends Jaarak and Woorwill await him at Woorwill's home.
1. Who could I talk to about that?
Wookiee: Woorwill and Jaarak are his friends. You could speak with them. They are in Jaarak's home on the central village tree platform.
2. Who do I talk to if I know about this?
Wookiee: His friends Woorwill and Jaarak would like to hear any news. They are in Jaarak's home on the central village tree platform. If there was a crime, tell Worrroznor, Holder of the Laws. His home is east of the central village tree.

You can return to the chieftain's hall on the central platform and travel east to speak to Woorwill and Jaraak in the former's home, and continue northeast to speak to the Holder of the Laws, Worrrznor, in his home, but this isn't necessary until you've found Rorworr in the Shadowlands. After finding him:

2. Who should I talk to if I have information about his disappearance?
Wookiee: His friends Woorwill and Jaarak will want to know. If it was not natural, Worrroznor must be told. He is the Holder of the Laws. Woorwill's home is on the central tree of the village. Worrroznor maintains court on the platform just to the east of there.

Home of Woorwill[edit]

The walkway to the northeast of the Chieftain's Hall leads round a corner. There's a wicker bin by the guard rail on the left:

Item(s) Received Wicker Bin

The walkway continues curving to the east, where the door to Woorwill's Home is in the south wall.

Holder of the Laws[edit]

Beyond Woorwill's home on the central platform, a walkway extends northeast to another platform. Beyond a door in the northeast wall is the Holder of the Laws, Worroznor.