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Kashyyyk on the Galaxy Map

As you land on Kashyyyk, you have another vision of a Star Map as you sleep in your bunk. If Bastila is with you and this isn't the last planet you visit, she speaks to you about it:

KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The Force has given us a... a vision. Like the one we shared on Dantooine. Did you see it? Of course... you must have. The Force is strong with us both. KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: Another vision. The Force is guiding us, helping us retrace the steps of Malak and his old Master. Leading us ever closer to the Star Forge. KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: You felt it, yes? Another vision? The Force continues to work through us; showing us the Star Maps unearthed by Revan and Malak.
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: Kashyyyk is a lush but simple and undeveloped world. I would not have expected to find the alien technology of a Star Map here.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 1. It looked like the Star Map was on the forest floor. KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you think the Wookiees are involved? KotOR Icon Dialog.png 3. I don't have time for your visions, Bastila!
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The visions are as much yours as mine – and they are the key to finding the Star Forge and stopping Malak!
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The Wookiees of Kashyyyk make their home high among the wroshyr branches; only their bravest warriors dare to descend into the forbidding depths of the forest. If the Star Map is located far beneath us on the planet's surface, as our vision seems to suggest, it is unlikely the Wookiees even know of its existence. No doubt things will become more clear once we discover the Star Map's location.

You can ask some other party members if they know anything about Kashyyyk:

KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about this world?
KotOR Icon Canderous.png Canderous: Well... It has big trees – in case your eyes don't work anymore. But I do know that there is one exceptional race on this world: the Wookiees. The Wookiees, although primitive compared to us, are surprisingly capable warriors. They're pretty strong and pick up combat techniques pretty quick. I think they're more than a match for the average Republic or Sith trooper. When we were looking for targets, we considered this world carefully. We were wondering if we'd have to use larger weapons than our war droids if we wanted to clear the damn forests so we could fight in the open. Too many trees means they can go into hiding too easy. And what's a continent or two turned to glass if we get the whole world after.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about this place?
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: Kashyyyk is a planet where most of what you see is actually foliage that has grown to enormous heights. No one has ever been to the true surface of the planet below. Beyond that, there is little else I can tell you.
KotOR Icon Carth.png Carth: Kashyyyk is covered by a giant forest, I hear. Trees kilometers high. The Wookiees live on the higher branches, I think. That's all I can think of, at any rate.
KotOR Icon Jolee.png Jolee: Oh, I know plenty about Kashyyyk. You think someone doesn't live here for twenty years and pick up a thing or two? Chances are that by the time I finished telling you about it all, you would have found out for yourself. So there's no reason for me to start blathering on. It should be enough for me to tell you that there's kilometre after kilometre of trees on this planet. The deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets. If you're smart, you stay on top with the Wookiees. Go deep, however, and you may find some things you weren't expecting. And that's about all I got to say about that. Now let's get going.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about the planet we're on?
KotOR Icon Mission.png Mission: Well, I know Zaalbar's from Kashyyyk, but he never liked to talk about it. He wouldn't even tell me why he left. I don't think the Wookiees like outsiders much. Sorry I can't be more help, you know? Is there anything else I can do for you?
KotOR Icon Zaalbar.png Zaalbar: I have been away from Kashyyyk a long time, but things look the same as I left them. Slavers still hold my people prisoner. I'm not sure what I could tell you. Or even what I would want to. You are an outsider here too. It angers me.