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Manaaan on the Galaxy Map

Star Map: Manaan[edit]

As you land on Manaan, you have another vision of a Star Map as you sleep in your bunk. If Bastila is with you and this isn't the last planet you visit, she speaks to you about it:

KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The Force has given us a… a vision. Like the one we shared on Dantooine. Did you see it? Of course… you must have. The Force is strong with us both. KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: Another vision. The Force is guiding us, helping us retrace the steps of Malak and his old Master. Leading us ever closer to the Star Forge. KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: You felt it, yes? Another vision? The Force continues to work through us; showing us the Star Maps unearthed by Revan and Malak.
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: It is strange that anyone would have built a Star Map here; the entire surface of Manaan is covered by nothing but vast oceans.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 1. It looked like the Star Map was underwater. KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Maybe the land was once above the surface. KotOR Icon Dialog.png 3. I don't have time for your visions, Bastila!
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: It is possible. The melting of polar caps or a cataclysmic earthquake could have buried the land beneath the waves eons ago. Records from that time are incomplete. KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The visions are as much yours as mine - and they are the key to finding the Star Forge and stopping Malak!
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The ocean floor is vast and much of it is uncharted, even by the native Selkath. But how could Revan and Malak have found their way down? No doubt things will become more clear once we discover the Star Map's location.
Journal Entry Added Star Map: Manaan
Manaan is an ocean world covered completely by water. The only surface settlement on the planet is the constructed Ahto City. Any ancient relics or ruins would probably be below the surface.

You can ask your party if they know anything about Manaan:

KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about this place?
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: Manaan is a water world inhabited by an aquatic race known as the Selkath. Their only surface city and spaceport is called Ahto. It is unique in that the Selkath are firm in their neutrality. They are neither part of the Republic nor controlled by the Sith, and they wish to keep it that way.
KotOR Icon Carth.png Carth: Manaan's a neutral world. They're the only source of kolto... the healing fluid... and they use that to remain free from both the Republic and the Sith. That's all I can think of, at any rate.
KotOR Icon Jolee.png Jolee: Manaan's an unusual place. Not for its water, mind you... it's the kolto. Healing juice. Only place where it occurs in the galaxy. And that's about all I got to say about that. Now let's get going.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about this world?
KotOR Icon Canderous.png Canderous: Water worlds never had much of an appeal for us to conquer. They may put up a good fight in their own environment - no match for us, of course - but they don't really have anything of value either. The thing this world is good for is a substance known as Kolto. Kolto is the single best healing substance in the galaxy. But the Mandalore are not as weak and fragile as your Republic and Sith warriors. When we enter battle, we carry weapons powerful enough to pulverize cities. Both in our wars, and in our own personal combats, there are no survivors. So Kolto does not hold the appeal it does for your peoples. You have anything else you want to ask?
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about the planet we're on?
KotOR Icon Mission.png Mission: Manaan's the source for all the kolto in the galaxy; that's why those fish-faced Selkath can stay neutral in this whole Sith-Republic war. But I don't know much else about this place. Sorry I can't be more help, you know? Is there anything else I can do for you?
KotOR Icon Zaalbar.png Zaalbar: I know that it isn't my homeworld. That is all I care about. There is nothing here to interest me. KotOR Icon Zaalbar.png Zaalbar: I don't know much about the planets we visit, but… I suppose I should learn. When you ask someone else, I will listen as well.