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File:KotOR Screenshot Ebon Hawk gunner station.jpg
Ebon Hawk gunner station

While traveling in the Ebon Hawk, you'll need to get to its gun turrets to take out Sith fighters on at least three occasions:

  • Escaping Taris from the Hangar of Davik's estate
  • Escaping from the hangar of the Leviathan once taken aboard after leaving the world on which you discovered a fourth Star Map
  • Traveling to and arriving in the Star Forge System after discovering the last of the Star Maps

You may also be called upon to do so at random whenever you travel between worlds. If you don't take out all the Sith fighters, Carth's voice is the last you'll hear:

We're hit! Damage is critical! The Hawk won't hold!
Your entire party has been killed. Return to main menu.

You should save game before entering the Ebon Hawk, or using its Galaxy Map. However, much like Deadeye Duncan in the duel ring on Taris, the Sith fighters should be easily taken out unless you do nothing. Start shooting immediately: you're in no immediate danger, but the six Sith fighters start attacking from behind and the turret is pointing directly at them, so you can take out at least two or three (if not more) before they scatter (each takes at least two shots to kill).

Once they've scattered, you can keep track of remaining Sith fighters using the scanner to the bottom left: their positions are indicated by red dots, always relative to the direction the turret is pointing at the 12 o'clock position (so to shoot at a Sith fighter, you need to rotate the turret until it's displayed around that 12 o'clock position).

Once a Sith fighter is in sight, you can use the target reticle in the middle of the screen to line up your shots. However, since it takes time for these shots to travel to their target, you shouldn't aim at the fighter itself but where you think it will be. Obviously, the closer the fighter is to the Ebon Hawk, the easier it is to anticipate this, so the best time to shoot at a fighter is during and immediately after it makes an attacking run (although since you have infinite shots, you may want to challenge yourself to see from how far away you can hit and kill one).

The ship damage indicator is to the bottom right, depleting as Sith fighters hit you in turn: if it depletes out of the blue and into the red, an alarm starts sounding and lights blink red. However, you should be able to take out all six Sith fighters long before this occurs.

If you feel the need to practice anyway, once you've bought HK-47 from Yuka Laka's droid shop in Anchorhead on Tatooine then you can do so by seeking him out in the Swoop Hangar of the Ebon Hawk and asking him to begin a fighter simulation:

HK-47: Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, master.
3. I want to begin a fighter simulation.
HK-47: Statement: Certainly, master. Allow me to input the proper sequences into the ship computer. I caution you that the simulation will appear quite real. Are you ready to begin the training sequence, master?
1. Go ahead. 2. No, forget it.
HK-47: Statement: Simulation initiating. HK-47: As you desire, master. Signing off.