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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Box artwork for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
Distributor(s)Steam, Direct2Drive, GOG
Latest version1.03
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Role-playing game
System(s)Xbox, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android
Mode(s)Single player
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
Followed byStar Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
SeriesStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
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This is the first game in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series. For other games in the series see the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic category.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) is a 2003 role-playing game developed by BioWare.

Four thousand years before
the rise of the Galactic
Empire, the Republic verges
on collapse. DARTH MALAK,
last surviving apprentice of
the Dark Lord Revan, has
unleashed an invincible
Sith armada upon an
unsuspecting galaxy.

Crushing all resistance,
Malak's war of conquest
has left the Jedi Order
scattered and vulnerable
as countless Knights fall in
battle, and many more
swear allegiance to the new
Sith Master.

In the skies above the Outer
Rim world of Taris, a Jedi
battle fleet engages the
forces of Darth Malak in a
desperate effort to halt the
Sith's galactic domination....

Gain followers from the planets you visit, from a Twi'lek teenager to a trigger-happy droid to an elderly but irreverent Jedi. The choices you make influence the lives of those around you, and when faced with the ultimate decision, will you bring hope to the Jedi and the Republic or will you condemn the galaxy to centuries of rule under the Sith?

Players take the role of a custom character whose choices not only affect their own destiny, but that of the galaxy as well. KotOR utilizes the d20 system like that used in Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing games. Combat occurs in rounds, with the player using an attack or power, followed by enemy turns. Also, two NPC party members can join you in battle throughout the game, and their skills (or lack thereof) can greatly impact the way the game is played.

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