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Zaalbar joins your party when you and Mission rescue him from the Gamorrean compound in the lower sewers on Taris.

You can't really unlock further dialog by speaking to him, but when you travel to the Wookiee home world Kashyyyk his backstory is revealed, and you can meet his brother Chuundar and father Freyyr.

However, after first entering Rwookrrorro village he's removed from your party until you complete the Chieftain in Need quest, which isn't necessary to get the Star Map on Kashyyyk: this means it's possible for Zaalbar to remain on Kashyyyk for the rest of the game, either by accident or design.


Mission may speak to Zaalbar when both are in your party:

Mission: Hey, Big Z, we've got to do something about your breath. I didn't want to say anything, but it's bad. Worse than usual, which is hard to believe. In fact, now that I think about it, your breath has been pretty rancid ever since we rescued you from those Gamorrean slavers. What did they feed you, buddy?
Zaalbar: They didn't. I wasn't their guest, Mission. I was a prisoner. I don't think they cared much what happened to me.
Mission: Oh, Zaalbar, that's terrible! I know how grouchy you get if you don't get your eight square meals a day. I'm amazed you didn't pass out from hunger.
Zaalbar: I did manage to take a chunk out of the arm of a guard that wandered too close to my cage. But it tasted awful, so I spit it out.
Mission: Ewww! No wonder your breath is so bad, Big Z. Gamorreans smell like bantha poo-doo! We'll have to pick you up a toothbrush to clean that stench out of your choppers.
Zaalbar: Wookiees do not brush their teeth, Mission! It… it just isn't done! What humiliation will you use on me next? A comb?
Mission: Okay, relax. No toothbrush. Sheesh. Just try to eat something else to cover up that smell, okay? Stay away from anything that's smart enough to lock you in a cage this time.
Zaalbar: *Sigh* I'll take care of it as soon as I can, Mission. For now, let's stay focused on the task at hand.

Afterward, she may speak to him again:

Mission: Hey, Big Z. Don't take this the wrong way, but lately I've noticed you're starting to look a little bit scruffy.
Zaalbar: Scruffy? What are you talking about? I hope you aren't suggesting I take a bath!
Mission: No, I'm not suggesting a bath. I know how well that went over last time. But your hair's getting all tangled. And if you look close, you can see a few gray strands starting to poke through.
Zaalbar: You're making this up! I groom every day! My hair is not tangled, and it's not going gray!
1. She's got a point, Zaalbar. You could use a good makeover. 2. Zaalbar looks fine to me.
Mission: Don't worry, Big Z. It's nothing I can't fix. A little trim, a splash of coloring and you'll be as good as new. Best-looking Wookiee on the planet. Maybe a nice suit…
Zaalbar: You don't trim a Wookiee! You don't color a Wookiee! And you certainly don't dress a Wookiee!
Mission: I know Wookiees aren't into the whole clothing thing, but you could start a whole new trend! You'd be on the cutting edge.
Zaalbar: Rargh! Leave me alone!
Mission: Okay, okay. Sheesh. Try to offer some constructive criticism and this is the thanks I get? Let's move on. You can just stay naked and scruffy for all I care.


Even if you don't speak to Zaalbar directly he may comment during dialog when in your party, although unlocking this may also be conditional on others being added or removed, among other things:

Location Dialog Add Remove
Javyar's Cantina Zaalbar
Upper City North Ithorian Mission
Gorton Colu
Location Dialog Add Remove
Courtyard Elise Dark Side Points Gained
Jedi Enclave Juhani
Crattis Yurkal Carth
Location Dialog Add Remove
Anchorhead Sharina Fizark Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained Juhani, Bastila, Jolee, Carth, Mission
Sandcrawler Mechanic Dark Side Points Gained
Iziz Bastila
Hunting Lodge Tanis Venn (female) Jolee, Carth
Swoop Registration Motta the Hutt Dark Side Points Gained
Nico Senvi Dominate Mind Dark Side Points Gained Bastila, Jolee
Cantina Czerka officer
Jawa Servers
Eastern Dune Sea Komad Fortuna Dark Side Points Gained Mission, Juhani
Star Map HK-47
Location Dialog Add Remove
Czerka Landing Port Komad
Czerka Scientist
Janos Wertka
Czerka Guard Captain
Great Walkway Zaalbar
Captain Dehno Light Side Points Gained Persuade [Success] or Affect Mind Dark Side Points Gained
Wookiee Guard
Wookiee Guard
Hall of the Chieftain Chuundar Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained Mission
Freyyr Light Side Points Gained
Great Walkway Rwookrrorro Guard Dark Side Points Gained
Village of Rwookrrorro Wookiee
Woorwill's Home Jaarak
Worrroznor's Home Worrroznor Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained
Czerka Landing Port Janos Wertka Dark Side Points Gained
Eli Gand Dark Side Points Gained
Lower Shadowlands Grrrawahrr Dark Side Points Gained
Ritual Speaker
Mandalorian Commander
Location Dialog Add Remove
Ahto West Shaelas Dark Side Points Gained Light Side Points Gained
Location Dialog Add Remove
Dreshdae Port Authority Mission
Lashowe Persuade [Success]
Czerka Representative
Sith Academy Entrance Mekel
Prospective Sith Dark Side Points Gained Persuade [Success] Light Side Points Gained Carth, Juhani, HK-47
Sith Academy Guard Carth
Sith Academy Uthar Wynn
Kel Algwinn
Lashowe Jolee
Ebon Hawk
Location Dialog Add Remove
Main Hold Strange Stowaway Mission
Location Dialog Add Remove
Ebon Hawk Captured by the Leviathan
Ebon Hawk Escaped the Leviathan
Star Forge System
Location Dialog Add Remove
Ebon Hawk Mission
Trouble With Gizka
North Beach Rakatan Elite Warrior All but T3-M4
Central Beach Carth Light Side Points Gained (romanced) Affect Mind Dark Side Points Gained
Star Forge
Location Dialog Add Remove
Deck 1 Zaalbar Affect Mind Dark Side Points Gained
Location Dialog Add Remove
Any but Ebon Hawk Mission Mission