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The elevator from the South Apartments takes you to the northwest of Upper City South. If this is your first time and you questioned the janitor then you may follow his directions and go south to the Upper City Cantina, perhaps visiting Kebla Yurt's Equipment Emporium on the way there or back. However, you can delay visiting the cantina and emporium until the search for Bastila is complete and you're seeking Canderous in one of the cantinas to see about escaping Taris.

Otherwise, you must head east and then north for the entrance to Upper City North, where hugging the left side of the entrance avoids being drawn into an altercation between a bullied merchant and two bounty hunters on the other side. You can also visit the Clinic to the southeast, where Zelka Forn can heal you, and you can buy some medical items, implants and stimulants. Speaking to Zelka can also activate an optional quest to acquire Rakghoul Serum.

Map of the south Upper City


Upon entering from the South Apartments, when you turn to your right you notice a crashed Republic escape pod (presumably yours) being scanned and scavenged by two salvage droids. A protocol droid stands in the foreground.

The men and women on the streets of the Upper City may comment on Taris, but they cannot be engaged in dialog. Unsurprisingly, patrolling Sith troopers are even less helpful.

I've got a ton of things to do today. I can't talk to you.
I heard the gangs have overrun the Lower City. Why don't the Sith go down there and restore order?
I heard the Sith are sending salvage teams down into the Undercity to recover those Republic escape pods.
Please, don't take me in for questioning... I don't know anything! I swear!
People complain about the Sith, but this quarantine is good for all the businesses on Taris. Look at Javyar's cantina. That place has never been busier!
If the Sith wanted to get on everyone's good side, they'd go clean up the swoop gangs in the Lower City.
What's this, another off-worlder? I didn't realize how many of you there were on Taris until this Sith quarantine.
I heard a bunch of wreckage from the battle overhead crashed into the Undercity. Think of the damage it could have caused if it had landed here!
I'm not looking for any trouble with you Sith. Please, just leave me alone.
Taris used to be a nice place, before the Sith showed up and started bossing us around!
Stay out of the Lower City. That place is overrun with gangs!
I wonder if any of those Republic space pods survived crash landing in the Undercity?
I'm... I'm sorry. I don't want to get in the way of official Sith business.
I can't believe the Sith put a quarantine on the planet! It's bad enough we can't leave, but all you off-worlders are stuck here, too!
I heard there's a swoop gang war in the Lower City! They say you can get shot just walking in the streets down there!
Ever since the Sith quarantine Javyar's cantina is packed with off-worlders! It never used to be that busy.
I heard the Sith are sending salvage teams into the Undercity. I heard they're looking for Republic survivors to take prisoner.
I'm not doing anything wrong! I'm just standing here... you Sith can't arrest me for that!
Sith Trooper
Out of our way, citizen - we're on official Sith business! Just stand aside if you know what's good for you!
Sith Armor
Is there anything more boring than being out on patrol? Ah, I guess I shouldn't complain.
Some of the troops got stuck patrolling the Undercity sewers. That's one assignment I wouldn't want!

The salvage droids by the crashed Republic escape pod share no insight into it:

[The salvage droids are busy scanning and scavenging the remains of this Republic escape pod.]

Protocol Droids can be more talkative and informative, although you don't need to speak to one.

Protocol Droid: Greetings and good day. I hope your patrolling goes well today. All hail the Sith.


Protocol Droid: Greetings and good day. On behalf of the new Sith rulers I am programmed to encourage you to enjoy your stay on Taris. I am a protocol droid programmed to provide information to everyone on Taris – citizens and visitors alike. Is there something I can do to serve you?
1. What can you tell me about the Sith?
Protocol Droid: The Sith are the new authority here on Taris. They seek to preserve the customs of our world, or so I am told. More than this I cannot say.
2. Is there some way I can get a shuttle off this planet?
Protocol Droid: I am afraid that is impossible. Taris is currently under a planet-wide quarantine. The Sith are allowing no one to arrive or leave, except on official Sith business.
3. Do you know anything about the gangs in the Lower City?
Protocol Droid: The Taris Tourism Board has issued a strong warning to all visitors to avoid the Lower City. It is a violent and dangerous place you would do well to avoid.
4. How come there are hardly any aliens around?
Protocol Droid: Alien species have restricted access to the Upper City. This is one of the most ancient traditions of Taris, and the Sith have promised to preserve such traditions. Of course, I have yet to see them arrest a single alien for travelling the Upper City without a permit.
5. Who do you work for?
Protocol Droid: I am an employee of the Taris government, programmed to provide information and guidance to any who require it.
Protocol Droid: May I be of any further service to you?
6. I don't need anything right now.
Protocol Droid: Then if you will excuse me, I must continue my appointed rounds.

Rapid Transit System[edit]

You're notified of this 'quest' immediately upon arriving in the Upper City:

Journal Entry Added Rapid Transit System
STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic has a rapid transit system to allow you to move quickly through the game. You can access the rapid transit system through your MAP screen.

On the map screen you will see a button that says 'Return to Hideout'. In non-action areas you can use this button to instantly transport you back to the apartment complex where your base is located. In some action areas this button will be disabled.

While in the apartment complex the button on the Map screen will read 'Transit Back'. When pressed you will be transported back to the location where you last used the Return to Hideout function.

Remember: If you leave the area around your hideout, the 'Transit Back' button will switch back to 'Return to Hideout' and you will have to manually walk back to your previous location.

You should try using the Return to Hideout and Transit Back buttons now, just to see how they work.

Returning to the entrance to your hideout in the south apartments at any time warps you (and any party) back there, fully healed, and completes this quest. You receive no experience for this, but it's instructive if this is your first time.

Equipment Emporium[edit]

Travel south towards the Upper City Cantina and you'll pass the Equipment Emporium on your right. Open the door in the west wall to reveal Kebla Yurt standing behind a desk in the middle of the Emporium, and the shop droid:

[This droid is too busy performing its assigned duties to speak with you.]

Kebla Yurt herself is normally much more talkative:

Kebla Yurt: Hello there. I haven't seen you in my shop before... allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kebla Yurt. Welcome to the Equipment Emporium. You looking to buy some supplies? My shop's the largest one in all of Upper Taris. Best selection on the planet. Whatever you need, I've got. Well, mostly.
Carth: Mostly? What do you mean by that?
Kebla Yurt: The Sith confiscated all my heavy weapons. And they impounded all my ships and swoop bikes. But I've still got a real nice selection, if you're interested.
1. Let me see what you've got for sale. 2. Let me see your inventory.
Kebla Yurt: Ah, just so you know, the prices on the items are final – no bargaining here. This isn't a swap meet, ok? I only deal in top-notch stuff. Kebla Yurt: Because of the Sith quarantine I haven't been able to stock any new inventory, but I've still got some nice items you might be interested in. Kebla Yurt: Of course, of course. Right away.
Kebla Yurt
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Medpac 40 Infinite Ion Blaster 200 2
Security Spike 100 5 Blaster Pistol 100 Infinite
Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit 900 1 Sith Sniper Rifle 1500 1
Military Suit 150 Infinite Blaster Rifle 300 Infinite
Heavy Combat Suit 100 Infinite Ion Grenade 130 Infinite
Combat Suit 50 Infinite Sonic Grenade 130 Infinite
Light Battle Armor 250 1 Concussion Grenade 80 Infinite
Vibroblade 80 2 Frag Grenade 80 Infinite
Stun Baton 30 Infinite Sound Dampening Stealth Unit 200 1
Long Sword 5 Infinite Stealth Field Generator 100 Infinite
Quarterstaff 2 Infinite Minor Flash Mine 100 Infinite
Echani Ritual Brand 280 1 Minor Frag Mine 100 Infinite
Vibrosword 120 5 Minor Gas Mine 100 Infinite
Double-Bladed Sword 80 2 Minor Plasma Mine 100 Infinite
Short Sword 1 Infinite Permacrete Detonator 50 1

It's not necessary to buy anything since many of these items (and better) can be acquired while exploring Taris. However, if you ever feel the need, you can return to the entrance of your hideout in the south apartments and take the elevator to the south back to the Upper City, then transit back to your previous location immediately upon returning to the apartments.

You can also ask some questions, although this isn't necessary either:

Kebla Yurt: Welcome to the Equipment Emporium - finest selection of supplies in all of Taris. You interested in seeing what I have in stock? Kebla Yurt: Oh... hello there. Uh... what can I do for you? Would you like to see my inventory? That is why you’re here isn't it? At least, I hope so. Kebla Yurt: Hey, I know you! You're the Mysterious Stranger, right? Everybody's saying you're going to fight Bendak Starkiller in an illegal death match! You know Bendak's never lost a match in his life, right? You need to look at my weapons and armor. Kebla Yurt: Hey, look at this – a real live celebrity right here in my shop! Winning that swoop bike race has made you into something of a local hero. Kebla Yurt: Hey, look who's back - the Mysterious Stranger! You know, I had a front row seat when you gunned down Bendak Starkiller. Best duel I've ever seen!
Kebla Yurt: If times weren't so tough I'd give you a discount, seeing as how you're a big celebrity and all. But with the Sith occupation I can barely afford to keep the doors open.
2. I want to ask you some questions.
Kebla Yurt: Questions? Oh, I... I don't know anything. Nothing you Sith would find interesting, anyway. I'm just a simple shopkeeper.


Kebla Yurt: Anything I can do to help a potential customer out. What do you want to know?
2. I was wondering how you feel about the Sith?
Kebla Yurt: Uh, heh. It's not smart to say bad things about the people in power, if you get my meaning. I just wish the Sith would ease up on the quarantine – they're killing my business! I can't say I like having them here in the Upper City, but it could be worse. And we're still a lot better off than the Lower City, what with those swoop gangs and all.
1. Do you know anything about those escape pods that crashed here on Taris?
Kebla Yurt: I heard a couple of pods crashed down in the Undercity. I bet the crash sites have already been stripped clean by the Sith though – unless the swoop gangs or Davik's men got there first.
3. I need some general information on Taris.
Kebla Yurt: Oh, you're one of those off-worlders, aren't you? Come to Taris for a short business trip and end up stuck here because of the Sith quarantine, right? Oh, you can't be too happy, trapped on an unfamiliar world and all. But Taris isn't so bad, as long as you stay in the Upper City. Just try to avoid the Sith. And stay out of the Lower City. The swoop gangs are totally out of control. Even Davik's men are having trouble down there.
1. Swoop gangs? What can you tell me about them?
Kebla Yurt: I don't have anything good to say about the swoop gangs: zooming around on their swoop bikes, terrorizing the Lower City like a bunch of animals! Things weren't so bad when the Hidden Beks were running the show, but ever since the rise of the Black Vulkar gang the Lower City has been nothing short of a war zone! The Sith haven't even bothered trying to maintain order down there, and I heard a rumor that Davik's own people are having problems with the Black Vulkars now.
2. What do you know about Davik?
Kebla Yurt: Oh, Davik's a legitimate businessman, if you get my drift: smuggling, slaving, extortion. Uh huh. They say he's a member of the Exchange – you know, the big intergalactic criminal organization.
Carth: Hmm. I've heard of the Exchange. Bad organization to cross. If anyone has blockade-breaking ships, however, it's them.
Kebla Yurt: I have to pay him a protection fee every month, but it's reasonable. And I get most of my inventory through Davik and his suppliers – I'm just smart enough not to ask where it came from, you understand?
1. Davik's nothing but a petty crime lord!
Kebla Yurt: Careful where you say that. Davik's got spies and agents everywhere. Besides, he's as much a part of Taris as the skyscrapers or the swoop gangs.
2. Is Davik working with the Sith?
Kebla Yurt: Davik hates the Sith as much as anybody – the quarantine has put a real dent in his operations too. But he's keeping a low profile as long as the occupation lasts. Davik stays out of the way, and the Sith don't bother him. The swoop gangs could learn a thing or two from this tidy little arrangement, instead of always going after each other.
4. I'll be going now.
Kebla Yurt: Good day to you then. Remember to come on back to my shop if you ever need any supplies. Kebla Yurt: Oh, good. I mean, goodbye. Please come back whenever... uh... whenever you want, I guess. Kebla Yurt: Oh well, see you around, then. Unless Bendak takes care of you first. Uh, good luck with that, by the way.

Upper City Cantina[edit]

Continue south past the Equipment Emporium to find the door to the Upper City Cantina, with a Sith trooper standing to your right:

Sith Trooper: Don't bother me – I'm here on official Sith business!

This business doesn't involve preventing entry to the cantina, unless anyone is equipping Sith Armor:

Sith Trooper: Hey, what do you think you're doing? You can't go into the cantina while you're on duty!
1. I'm not on duty right now. 2. Sorry, I'll be going now.
Sith Trooper: Then you shouldn't be in full uniform! If you're off duty go change your outfit. If not, get back to your patrol route! Sith Trooper: Good. Get back to your patrol route. We need to keep a strong presence in the streets to maintain order here.


Head east to the other end of Upper City South, and you can enter the clinic through an open doorway in the south wall. To the left of the entrance is Gurney, while directly ahead of you is a medical droid.

Gurney: Can't you see I'm busy with my duties? Go talk to Zelka if you need something. Gurney: Don't worry, if I hear anything you Sith will be the first to know... for a price of course.
Beep, boop, beep.

There's a locked door labelled Lab Personnel Only in the west wall, and Zelka Forn is to your right, standing between a desk in the middle of the room and the south wall:

Zelka Forn: The Sith governor said I could keep this medical facility open. I have the proper permits. Please... I don't want any trouble.


Zelka Forn: I see from your appearance that you are an off-worlder. Still, you are welcome here. I'll not have it said that Zelka Forn refused to help somebody just because they weren't a citizen of Taris. Do you require healing or medical supplies? I can treat almost any injury or ailment right here at the medical facility, except the rakghoul disease, of course.
2. Medical facility? Is this some kind of hospital? 1. What is this place again?
Zelka Forn: This is a hospital of sorts, though my resources are quite limited since the Sith quarantined the planet. I provide basic medical services to all citizens of and visitors to Taris. I have extensive medical training, and even with the lack of resources I can treat most injuries or ailments right here at the center - except for the rakghoul disease, of course.
1. Rakghoul disease? What's that? 1. Tell me about the rakghoul disease.
3. I want to ask you some questions. 4. I want to ask you something else.
Zelka Forn: I am quite busy maintaining the facility, but I suppose I could spare a bit of time to answer some questions. What would you like to know?
2. How do you feel about the Sith?
Zelka Forn: I know enough to be scared of them. I've heard about the brutality of the Sith. I know what they do to the planets they conquer. So far all they've done is ask me some general questions, but I'm afraid they might one day decide to shut this facility down simply out of evil spite. I guess there's not much I can do about the Sith, except hope that the Republic finds a way to stop their conquest of the entire galaxy.
3. I just want some general information about Taris.
Zelka Forn: I don't know much, but I'll tell you what I can. Do you want to know about Upper Taris? Or are you more interested in Lower Taris and the Undercity?
1. Tell me about Upper Taris.
Zelka Forn: The people here in the Upper City generally like to think they're better than the rest of Taris, but we're no better than anyone else. The people here can be selfish, greedy, arrogant and even prejudiced. That's why aliens need special permission to leave the Lower City. Maybe if more people in the Upper City weren't so self-centered things wouldn't be so bad in the Lower City and the Undercity.
2. Tell me about the Lower City.
Zelka Forn: The Lower City has been overrun by swoop gangs and thugs. If you're going to travel down there you better go armed. If you don't get attacked by one of the swoop gangs, you'll probably end up beaten and robbed by one of Davik's thugs! Soon it will be as bad as the Undercity.
1. What do you know about Davik?
Zelka Forn: Davik is the resident crime lord of Taris. He deals in stolen goods, he trades in slaves and contraband, and it would take a month to list all the people he's made "disappear". His slimy grasp even reaches here into Upper Taris. Most of the shops pay him protection money so he'll leave them alone. Yeah, the man's nothing but a thug! I guess I'm lucky. Since my medical facility doesn't make any profits Davik doesn't bother me. But if you ask me he's no better than the Sith!
3. Tell me about the Undercity.
Zelka Forn: The Undercity is a wasteland crawling with fleash-eating mutants called rakghouls. I feel sorry for the Outcasts that are forced to live there.
1. Outcasts?
Zelka Forn: Justice here on Taris is swift and harsh. There are only two punishments – execution, or banishment to the Undercity. Anyone banished can never return on pain of death. Even their descendants are forced to live in the depths beneath our great cities.
Zelka Forn: Whenever I can I send supplies to the Undercity to help ease the misery of their lives, although there is nothing I can do to help those infected with the rakghoul disease. Zelka Forn: Whenever I can I send supplies to the Undercity to help ease the misery of their lives - food, medpacs and serum to cure the rakghoul disease, mostly.
4. Do you know anything about the Republic escape pods that crashed in the Undercity?

You cannot ask these questions if you threaten him later, but he still heals you and shows you his inventory:

Zelka Forn: Welcome back. Are you in need of healing or medical supplies? I can treat you right here at the center for almost any condition, except the rakghoul disease, of course. Zelka Forn: What... what do you want? Are you here to threaten me again? Well, it won't do you any good. I don't have anything left for you to steal. Can't you just leave me alone?
4. I could use some healing. 6. I'll be going now. 2. I could use some healing. 3. Fine, I'm going.
Zelka Forn: It will just take me a moment while I examine your injuries, and then I'll administer the proper treatment. Zelka Forn: Goodbye and good health to you. If you ever need any medical aid or treatment, you know where to find me. Zelka Forn: I guess I can't turn you away in good conscience. Very well, I will tend to your injuries; but then I expect you to leave my facility. Zelka Forn: I don't want any trouble, I'm just trying to keep my medical facility up and running. Please, just go away and let me do my job.
5. Let me take a look at what you've got for sale. 1. I need to see your inventory.
Zelka Forn: Of course. Just step over here and I'll show you what I have in stock. My prices are very reasonable, just what I need to keep this facility operating. Zelka Forn: Well, I did set this facility up to help those in need, so I suppose I can't really turn you away. Very well, you can see what I have in stock.
Zelka Forn
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Advanced Medpac 80 5 Adrenal Strength 50 Infinite
Antidote Kit 49 Infinite Adrenal Alacrity 50 Infinite
Medpac 40 Infinite Adrenal Stamina 50 Infinite
Bio-Antidote Package 500 1 Rakghoul Serum 50 1
Nerve Enhancement Package 500 1

Rakghoul serum is only sold if it was delivered to Zelka, and a 20% discount applies if you declined the reward or persuaded him to give extra. The Nerve Enhancement Package may be worth buying for any character with Implant Level 2 and using melee weapons, or lightsabers offensively, since it gives them Immunity: Mind-Affecting without sacrificing offense.

If you threaten him before speaking to him about rakghoul serum, then you won't be able to give it to him or sell it to Zax; if you threaten him afterward, you still won't be able to give it to him but you will be able to sell it to Zax.

Rakghoul Serum[edit]

Zelka Forn: The terrible affliction has plagued Taris for many generations. It is spread by the rakghouls, horrible monsters that live in the Undercity below Taris' great skyscrapers. Prolonged exposure to the Undercity breeds the disease and those infected will eventually mutate into rakghouls themselves, becoming mindless beasts that feed on the flesh of others.
1. Is there no cure?
Zelka Forn: There is no antidote for the disease, though I heard the Republic scientists at the military base here on Taris were close to perfecting a cure. Then the Sith arrived. They overran the military base and now they refuse to allow anyone access to the laboratories inside. The Sith are keeping the serum for the patrols they send into the Undercity. If I could just get my hands on a sample of that serum the rakghoul disease could be wiped from the face of Taris forever. But I don't see how that's going to happen.
1. Maybe I could find a way to get my hands on that serum for you. 2. I might be able to help you out... for a price.
Zelka Forn: I couldn't afford to give you more than a few medpacs and a handful of credits. The medical center can barely afford to stay open as it is. But it hardly matters, anyway.
Zelka Forn: I don't see how anyone could get their hands on the serum. The military base is crawling with Sith guards. Breaking in there would be a suicide mission. I suppose the Sith patrols in the Undercity might have a sample of the serum on them, if they hadn't already used it because of a rakghoul infection. But I doubt a patrol would just hand the serum over. And nobody's stupid enough to attack one of the Sith patrols, even in the Undercity.
1. Don't worry, Zelka – I'll get that serum for you!
Zelka Forn: Please don't say that! If the Sith hear you they might think I'm suggesting you start stacking their patrols. They could shut me down! I only mentioned the serum because you asked. I don't actually expect anyone to get me the serum. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?
Journal Entry Added Rakghoul Serum
Zelka at the Upper City medical center is eager to acquire a sample of the rakghoul serum used by the Sith Undercity patrols.

If you don't speak to Gurney after suggesting to Zelka that you might be able to get your hands on the rakghoul serum for him, he attracts your attention as you leave the clinic:

Gurney: Psst. You there! Wait a minute. I need to talk to you about the rakghoul serum. I've got an offer for you you might want to hear.
1. An offer? What are you talking about? 2. I'm not interested.
Gurney: Zelka isn't the only one who wants to get his hands on the rakghoul serum. Davik Kang will pay you ten times what Zelka can if you can get the cure. Gurney: Oh, don't be an idiot. Just listen to me for one minute and you won't be sorry. Davik Kang wants the cure, and you'd be smart to give it to him.
1. Davik Kang? Who's that?
Gurney: Oh, come on – everybody knows who Davik Kang is! He's the big boss around here. Gambling, smuggling, extortion – he's got a piece of all the action on Taris.
1. You mean Davik's a crime lord?
Gurney: I prefer to think of him as a role model. He started with nothing, and now he's got it all: credits, power, women. It's the Tarisian dream, right?
2. Why does Davik want the cure so badly?
Gurney: Davik's interested in anything that can turn a profit. He could make a fortune selling the serum to anyone infected with the disease – not like Zelka, who'll practically give it away.
3. Where can I find Davik if I want to give him the cure?
Gurney: Davik isn't the kind of guy you can just walk up to, you know? He likes to keep his business at arm's length. The best thing to do is take the rakghoul serum to Zax. He runs the Lower City bounty office, but everybody knows he also works for Davik. He'll make it worth your while.
4. Why do you care who gets the cure?
Gurney: Look, Zelka can't afford to pay me much. If you sell the serum to Davik, I can probably get a nice finder's fee for directing you to him.
4. What if I tell Zelka you're helping Davik get the cure?
Gurney: Hmph. I'll just deny it. Who's Zelka going to believe – me, or some off-world stranger? Now, be smart about this. You'll get a better deal selling to Davik.
4. I think I'd rather give the serum to Zelka, He'll use it to help people. 5. I'll keep your offer in mind.
Gurney: Helping people is all well and good, but you have to help yourself first, right? I'm telling you Davik will pay big credits for the cure. More than Zelka could ever afford.
Carth: And then only the rich could afford the cure. Just let the poor suffer, right?

If Bastila is present after completing the search for her, she speaks instead and Carth seems more pragmatic:

Bastila: And then only the wealthiest patrons could acquire the cure. That is hardly fair.
Carth: If you haven't noticed, not much about this place is fair. Gurney: Hey, heh, who said anything about fair?
Bastila: That doesn't mean we have to actively work to make it worse, Carth.
Carth: We're not in a position to be much more than just realists, are we?
Bastila: I am a Jedi. I will always try to help, if I can.
Gurney: If you find the rakghoul serum, just take it to Zax in the Lower City bounty office. He works for Davik. He'll pay you what that cure is really worth!
Journal Entry Added Rakghoul Serum
Zelka at the Upper City medical center is eager to acquire a sample of the rakghoul serum used by the Sith Undercity patrols. However, Gurney, Zelka's assistant, mentioned that it might be more profitable if you deliver the serum to Zax in the bounty office in the Lower City cantina.
Gurney: Remember – if you get your hands on that rakghoul serum take it to Zax in the Lower City bounty office. He works for Davik, and he'll make it worth your while.

Rakghoul Serum can be found on the corpse of a Sith soldier to the south of the Outcast village gate in the Undercity. To minimize travel time, it's best to speak to Zelka on your first visit to the Upper City (you cannot sell it to Zax until Gurney has spoken to you after speaking to Zelka), then wait until you've completed the search for Bastila before returning.

2. I have the serum to cure the Rakghoul disease.
Zelka Forn: You have the serum? Impossible! How did you get this? No, wait... I don't really want to know. Can... can I see it? The serum, I mean? I need to see if there is enough for me to analyze it so I can start producing it in mass quantities.

You can still change your mind:

2. Hold on. What about my reward?
Zelka Forn: I'm not a wealthy man. All I can offer is a handful of credits and a few extra medpacs.
2. I think I should find another buyer who'll pay more.
Zelka Forn: The only other buyer would be the crime lord Davik; but he would charge exorbitant fees for the serum if he got his hands on it! Nobody would be able to afford a cure!
Bastila: Consider giving the serum to this man... surely we do not have such a dire need for credits that you would prize them over mercy?
Zelka Forn: Please, if you have any compassion at all you'll give the serum to me and not to Davik. Don't let him get a monopoly on this cure.
2. Forget it – I'm going to see Davik.
Zelka Forn: Then I guess there's nothing I can do to stop you. I only hope you'll change your mind later on.

You move closer to the light side of the Force by giving it to him:

1. Here you go. 1. Fine, take the serum. Light Side Points Gained: +4
Zelka Forn: Hmmm... let me see... yes, this is it! A cure for the rakghoul disease! With this sample I can make enough serum for everyone!
Zelka Forn: The people of Taris owe you a debt they can never repay. Please, take this small reward. It isn't much, but it's all I can afford: a few credits and two spare medpacs.

You can move even closer to the light side of the Force by declining:

1. Keep your reward, Zelka. You need it more than I do. Light Side Points Gained: +2
Zelka Forn: You truly have a noble and generous spirit, but you deserve something for your effort. Tell you what, I'll give you a discount whenever you shop at my store. It's the least I can do.
Bastila: That is very kind of you. We are just glad we were able to bring some relief to the suffering of these people.
Zelka Forn: Now, is there anything else I can do for you?

Zelka now sells items from his inventory at 20% discount, the value of which may exceed that of the reward, depending on cost and amount bought.

Zelka Forn
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Advanced Medpac 64 5 Adrenal Strength 40 Infinite
Antidote Kit 39 Infinite Adrenal Alacrity 40 Infinite
Medpac 32 Infinite Adrenal Stamina 40 Infinite
Bio-Antidote Package 400 1 Rakghoul Serum 40 1
Nerve Enhancement Package 400 1

Alternatively, you can accept the reward or try to persuade him to give extra:

2. Thank you, Zelka. That would be fine. Medium 3. [Persuade] Are you sure you couldn't spare a little something extra? Medium 4. [Persuade] That's it? After all the trouble I went to?
Zelka Forn: [Success] I suppose I could give you a discount here at my shop, in addition to the credits and medpacs. Other than that there is really nothing else I can offer.
Zelka Forn: I appreciate everything you've done. There are many who would have sold the serum to the crime lord Davik for a much higher sum.
Zelka Forn: Now, is there anything else I can do for you?
Credits Received: 50 Item(s) Received Zelka Forn

If you succeed in persuading him to give extra, you also get the same 20% discount as declining the reward; if you fail, you can still decline or accept it. Alternatively, you can threaten him to give extra, moving closer to the dark side of the Force:

Zelka Forn: [Failure] I'm sorry, but all my credits are spent trying to keep this medical facility operating. I can't spare anymore.
5. You better come up with something extra or I'll put a smoking blaster hole right between your eyes! Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Zelka Forn: You're threatening me? I... I don't want this to become violent. Look, here's an extra fifty credits. That's all I have, I swear!
1. You mention this to anyone and you're a dead man! 2. Hand it over. And don't mention this to anyone!
Zelka Forn: I won't tell anyone. I promise. Now please, just leave me alone.
Bastila: That was unworthy of you. Zelka has the serum, certainly, but only because of your extortion. Were the few extra credits truly worth it? Carth: So you twisted a few extra credits out of him. Hope it was worth it.
Credits Received: 100

You don't get the two Medpacs as well, which you could sell back to Zelka for 16 credits apiece. Regardless of how it ends with Zelka, the quest is completed.

Journal Entry Added Rakghoul Serum
You've delivered the rakghoul serum to Zelka. He plans to mass produce it so that it will always be available in his store at a very affordable price for anyone who needs it.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 200 Delivered rakghoul serum to Zelka

How he and Gurney greet you now depends on whether you delivered the serum to him (without threats) or Zax:

Zelka Forn: Welcome to my medical facility. Do you require healing or treatment? I can treat almost any ailment right here at the facility.
Zelka Forn: I even have a cure for the rakghoul disease now, thanks to you. With the sample you've brought me I've been able to extract hundreds of vials that will cure the horrible affliction. Of course I sell them at a very reasonable price. Just enough to cover the cost of processing the sample. Zelka Forn: I even have supplies of the rakghoul serum in my inventory, as I have already told you. So what do you need? Zelka Forn: I can even provide a cure for the rakghoul disease, though it is very expensive. Davik has a monopoly on the antidote, and he's selling the serum for a ridiculous fee. Davik's doing everything he can to protect his monopoly. All the samples he provides are treated, making it impossible to analyze their composition and create my own stores of the serum.
Gurney: You blew it! If you had brought that rakghoul serum to Zax he would have made it worth your while. But no – you had to go and do the honorable thing! Gurney: I'm glad you took that serum down to Zax – I got a nice little finder's fee for helping Davik get his hands on the rakghoul cure. He gave me more than Zelka pays in a month! Maybe if Zelka charged a little more for his services he could pay me what I'm worth – and maybe this place wouldn't be struggling so hard to stay in business.
Gurney: Now Zelka's mass-producing the serum and it's all but worthless. You cost me one hell of a finder's fee! You're as bad as Zelka - helping people when there's no profit in it!

Republic Escape Pods[edit]

Zelka Forn: Republic escape pods? Uh... no... why would you ask me that? I don't know. Those pods crashed in the Undercity, I'm not involved in any way!
1. You seem awfully defensive about this.
Zelka Forn: I'm not defensive! I just don't like being accused of knowing something about those Republic pods. This is as bad as an interrogation by the Sith!
Easy 1. [Persuade] Don't worry, I'm not with the Sith. I won't betray your secret if you tell me. Never 2. [Persuade] If you know something, you better tell me – unless you'd rather talk to the Sith!
Zelka Forn: [Failure] The Sith were already here, asking these same questions. I'll tell you what I told them. I don't know anything about those pods. Now, is there something else you need?
Easy 1. [Persuade] Don't worry, I'm not with the Sith. I won't betray your secret if you tell me.
Zelka Forn: [Success] Well, you don't look like you're with the Sith. I guess... I guess I can tell you my secret. Or rather, I can show you.

If you fail or don't bother to persuade him, you can force the issue by opening the door in the west wall yourself:

Security Lab Personnel Only Unlock 5 (0) Bash Resist 5 Vitality 20
Zelka Forn: What are you doing? Don't go in there! That door is for employees only!
1. What's going on here? 2. Hey... I recognize these men. They're Republic soldiers!
Zelka Forn: N-nothing. This... this isn't your concern. Just... just forget you saw anything, okay? Zelka Forn: The Sith governor said I could keep this medical facility open. I have the proper permits. Please... I don't want any trouble. Zelka Forn: You... you recognize these soldiers? But how? Unless... unless you're a friend of the Republic.
Always 1. [Persuade] I'm a friend of the Republic. You can trust me. Always 2. [Persuade/Threat] Either tell me what's going on, or you can explain it to the Sith!
Zelka Forn: [Success] I guess... I guess I better tell you what's going on. I only hope the Sith don't find out what I've done. Zelka Forn: [Success] What? No! Don't tell the Sith. Please. I... I can explain all this.

Either way, Zelka's secret is revealed:

The door opens to reveal two injured Republic soldiers floating in kolto tanks. Neither is Bastila (or Trask).
Zelka Forn: Since the space battle overhead, people have been secretly bringing in these Republic soldiers who crash-landed on the planet. I had to take them in. What choice did I have? Their injuries are terrible, most won't survive. But at least I can make their last days more comfortable. And at least here they are hidden away from the Sith.
Carth: Well, for that you have my thanks. It's good to know that at least some of these men ended up in compassionate hands. Bastila: You have taken a great risk to care for these men. I wish we could aid you more, but you have my thanks.
Zelka Forn: I hate to imagine what the Sith would do if they discovered these soldiers here. But since their initial questioning the Sith have not returned, so it may be my fears are unfounded.

You can blackmail him to move closer to the dark side of the Force. However, this could cost you at least 1000 credits if you haven't already spoken to him about Rakghoul Serum, since Gurney won't speak to you about delivering the serum to Zax.

3. It's going to cost you if you want me to keep this information secret.
Carth: No, it's *not*. The Sith would torture these men, or worse. You're not threatening this man while I'm present. Bastila: Don't be absurd. Indulge your darker impulses if you wish, but not at the cost of hurting helpless men. We will not betray this man. Zelka Forn: What? You're threatening to turn me in? But... the Sith will torture these soldiers! They'll shut me down! They might even kill me! You can't really mean to turn me in!
2. I don't take orders from you. Either Zelka pays up, or I tell the Sith. 2. Not my problem, doc. Hand over some credits or explain all this to the Sith!
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Zelka Forn: Fine, take these credits to seal your tongue, then leave this place. I don't want to have anything to do with a monster like you!
Carth: I understand some extra credits might help us in our mission, but I don't approve of your methods. Zelka's a good man... you shouldn't have done that. Bastila: I am outraged! I understand we might need credits to help us get off the planet, but that was unacceptable. In the future please try to remember that we are on the side of justice!
Zelka Forn: You've got your credits, now please show yourself out. You are no longer welcome here.
Credits Received: 100


1. Is there anything I can do to help? 2. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. 1. Sorry, I was just making a bad joke. Your secret is safe with me.
Light Side Points Gained: +2
Zelka Forn: Thank you for keeping my secret. I only wish there was more I could do, but medical science has only come so far.
Zelka Forn: I'm afraid there is nothing more anyone can do for these soldiers. Now, if you'll excuse me I should return to the front in case anyone comes in needing medical attention.

Upper City[edit]

Head east to the other end of Upper City South, and you'll find the entrance to Upper City North in the north wall. Hug the left of the entrance to avoid being drawn into an altercation between a bullied merchant and two bounty hunters on the other side. Otherwise:

Bounty Hunter: Davik says you missed your last payment.
Bounty Hunter: Davik doesn't like you missing payments!
Bullied Merchant: Here – I've got fifty credits! A down payment. That should buy me some time, right?
Bounty Hunter: Sorry, you're out of time. Now it's all or nothing. Davik can't have people not paying his debts!
Bullied Merchant: But I don't have that much! How can I give you credits I don't have?
Bounty Hunter: That's too bad. Davik's going to want to make an example of you! You're coming with us.
Bullied Merchant: No – help! Somebody help! They're going to kill me!
Carth: *whisper* I know we have to be careful about drawing attention to ourselves, but are we just going to let them drag this guy off?
Bounty Hunter: Hold on a second. Looks like we got ourselves a witness here!
Bounty Hunter: Davik doesn't like witnesses. Bounty Hunter: What's the matter, you forget the arrangement? You Sith don't bother us on Davik's business and we don't bother you!
3. Sorry. I'll be going now.
Bounty Hunter: Smart move to mind your own business.
Bounty Hunter: Come on. We don't want to keep Davik waiting – that's only going to make things worse.

If you leave them to it like this, the three of them walk off to the north, never to return. Otherwise, you have to intervene:

1. Leave this man alone or you'll have to deal with me! 2. I don't like your attitude. I better teach you a lesson. 2. It's time for a new arrangement! 1. I'm ordering you to leave this man alone.
Light Side Points Gained: +2
Bounty Hunter: Guess we have to teach you to mind your own business! Bounty Hunter: We take our orders from Davik, not you!
Bounty Hunter
Class Scoundrel
Level 2
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 10 0
Constitution 10 0
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 15 +2
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 10
Defense 16
Fortitude 0
Reflex 3
Will 2
Awareness 2
Ranged Main Off
Attack 1 -
Energy 1-6-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Melee Main Off
Attack 1 -
Slashing 2-12-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats
Combat Suit Blaster Pistol + Vibrosword Scoundrel's Luck Armor Proficiency: Light Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons
Bounty Hunter
Class Scoundrel
Level 2
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 10 0
Constitution 10 0
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 15 +2
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 10
Defense 12
Fortitude 0
Reflex 3
Will 2
Awareness 2
Ranged Main Off
Attack 1 -
Energy 1-6-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Melee Main Off
Attack 1 -
Blunt 1-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats
Blaster Pistol + Stun Baton On Hit: Stun10 Scoundrel's Luck Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons

Both can be killed with a single Frag Grenade, even if their Reflex saves are successful... so it's not necessary. If you're playing without a party and you run away, Sith troopers may kill them for you (you will still receive experience, although it won't be recorded in Feedback); however, don't run too far away or when they die, the bullied merchant will run off without speaking to you.

Experience Points (XP) Received:
Bullied Merchant: Thank you – I owe you my life! Those bounty hunters were going to take me away and kill me! My wife warned me not to take a loan from Davik.
Bullied Merchant: I guess you Sith aren’t all bad... uh, I mean... look, I don’t want any trouble. I’ll just be going now.


Bullied Merchant: Now I can't pay him back. It's not good to owe a crime lord money. He'll just keep sending more bounty hunters after me until I'm dead!
1. Maybe I can help you.
Bullied Merchant: You already helped me by saving me from those bounty hunters. So unless you have a spare 100 credits to give me so I can pay off Davik, there's nothing else you can do.

If you have 100 credits, you can give them to him to pay off Davik and move closer to the light side of the Force:

1. Here's 100 credits. Take them. Light Side Points Gained: +4
Credits Lost: 100
Bullied Merchant: You're giving me 100 credits? Just like that? I... I don't know what to say! Thank you! Thank you!
Carth: You're giving him a hundred credits? Generous.
Bullied Merchant: Now I can pay off Davik. You've saved my life! Thank you! I better take these credits to him right away!


2. I'm just glad I could help. 3. Hand over all your credits if you want to live! Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Carth: Are you joking? We don't need this guy's credits. Just go on, we were happy to help. Bullied Merchant: What? You're robbing me? You're no better than those bounty hunters! Here – take my credits! Now I'm getting out of here!
Bullied Merchant: I'm getting out of here before any more of Davik's goons show up. You should do the same. Credits Received: 50

However the dialog ends, the bullied merchant runs off to the north, never to return. Search the bounty hunter remains and you'll discover that even if you gave him credits, you receive at least as much as you lost:

Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Saved bullied merchant
Item(s) Received Bounty Hunter (2)
  • Credits (50)