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You don't need to enter Javyar's Cantina in the Lower City before completing the search for Bastila, but if you do so before getting Sith papers from Gadon Thek in the Hidden Bek base then you'll be introduced to Mission and Zaalbar outside the Tap Room in the west wing. You can also have a first encounter with Calo Nord outside the Pazaak Room in the east wing, where you can play Pazaak and wager credits if you bought a card deck in the Upper City cantina, and buy cards to add to that deck.

In the Bounty Office to the south you can ask Zax to tell you about five bounties, earning experience and collecting credits. Bounty hunting doesn't always move you closer to the dark side of the Force, and sometimes you can even move closer to the light side if you can help your targets instead. You can also sell Rakghoul Serum to Zax if you have some after returning from the Undercity, moving closer to the dark side of the Force, and earn experience by helping a dancer pass her audition for the Starlight Entertainers here.

Map of Javyar's cantina

Lower City[edit]

You enter from the Lower City at the east end of the Pazaak room. Javyar's cantina has the same layout as the Upper City Cantina, with four rooms arranged around a central hub. The Bounty Office is to the south, the Tap Room is to the west and the Music Room is to the north.

The Pazaak room upon entry only has two people standing by the Pazaak table in the center of the room, and it isn't really worth speaking to either before buying a Pazaak deck from Garouk in the Upper City cantina. Gelrood, a human male Pazaak player, stands by its northwest corner:

Gelrood: Greetings, stranger. My name is Gelrood. Are you a Pazaak player, by chance? It's so hard for me to find a match now that I've been banned from the Upper City cantina.
1. I don't have a Pazaak deck.
Gelrood: You don't have a deck? Well, we can't play unless you have your own deck. Maybe you should go talk to Garouk in the Upper Cantina. He's looking to retire from the game, so he might sell you his deck. He'll probably even throw in a free lesson for you. Just come back and speak to me when you get your deck.


2. Why were you banned?
Gelrood: A simple misunderstanding. Some of the other Pazaak players don't understand the finer points of the game. So what if I won fifteen matches in a row? That doesn't mean I cheat! There's no justice. My lucky Pazaak deck was confiscated and I was banned from the Upper Cantina! Since then I've been desperate to find a match.
3. I want to ask you some questions.
Gelrood: If you want to ask questions go talk to Zax at the bounty office. He knows everything that's happening on Taris. I'm just here to play Pazaak. So do you want to play or not?
4. I'll be going now.
Gelrood: If you're ever looking for a match and you get tired of the posturing in the Upper Cantina, just come down here and find me. I'll play you anytime.
Gelrood: Back again? Well, ever since I was banned from the Upper Cantina I've been desperate to find a good game of Pazaak. Do you want to play?
1. I'll play.

Uriah, a Twi'lek selling Pazaak cards, stands by its northeast corner to the right of your entry. You can ask him some questions, although this isn't necessary:

Uriah: Hi there... not too many people come in here to speak to me anymore. Most prefer the fancy surroundings of the Upper City Cantina. But nobody there carries the kinds of Pazaak cards I sell. Are you interested in purchasing some individual cards to bolster your Pazaak deck? Uriah: Ah, the hero of the swoop race makes an appearance to brighten our day in this dingy cantina. People all over the Lower City are talking about your glorious victory. I've never cared much for the swoop race myself. I guess that's why I sell Pazaak cards. You need some cards to augment your deck?
1. What are you talking about? 2. Who are you?
Uriah: I'm talking about Pazaak. You know – high stakes gambling. Each player brings their own deck to a Pazaak match, and the better your cards are the better your chances of winning. My name is Uriah. Everybody knows I'm the man to see if you want to add some cards to your Pazaak deck. My prices are quite reasonable. Uriah: My name is Uriah. I'm the man to see if you want to get an edge over your competitors in the grand old game. You follow me? I'm talking about Pazaak. You know – high stakes gambling. Each player brings their own deck to a Pazaak match, and the better your cards are the better your chances of winning.
Uriah: So, what do you say? Are you interested in buying some of my Pazaak cards to augment your own deck?
1. I don't have my own deck.
Uriah: You don't? Well, not much point in you looking at my inventory then. My individual cards aren't much good without the basic deck. If you're interested in Pazaak you should go speak to Garouk in the Upper City cantina. He's looking to retire and sell his deck. Might even give you a lesson, too. Anything else you need?
2. I want to ask you some questions.
Uriah: If you want information you should speak to Zax in the bounty office. He's Davik's unofficial earpiece. But I'll try and answer your questions as best I can.
1. Tell me about Davik.
Uriah: I'm not stupid enough to start bad-mouthing Davik Kang in this place. Not with Zax so nearby. Go to the bounty office and talk to him if you want the scoop on Davik.
2. I want some general information on the Lower City.
Uriah: Don't know what I can really tell you. There's a gang war between the Hidden Beks and the Black Vulkars, but everybody knows about that.
1. Tell me about the Hidden Beks.
Uriah: The Beks are run by a man named Gadon Thek. They used to run things here in the Lower City and life wasn't too bad. But now the Vulkars are trying to move in.
2. Tell me about the Black Vulkars.
Uriah: The Vulkars are led by Brejik. He's tough and ruthless and maybe even a little insane. He's also determined to take control of the entire Lower City away from the Hidden Beks. When the Hidden Beks ran things, people could walk the Lower City streets in safety. But now the Black Vulkars attack people on sight. Watch out for them.
3. Do you know anything about those Republic escape pods that crashed down in the Undercity?
Uriah: The Undercity? You don't want to be going down there – the place is crawling with rakghouls! Do yourself a favour and forget about those escape pods. Besides, there's probably nothing left of those pods anyway. The Hidden Beks and the Black Vulkars would have stripped anything valuable from them within hours of the crash.
4. I'll be going now.
Uriah: Suit yourself. If you ever need to purchase some Pazaak cards to strengthen your deck just come speak to me again.
Uriah: Back again? Is there something else I can do for you? Are you looking for some cards to augment your own Pazaak deck?
1. Show me what you have for sale.
Uriah: I haven't been able to restock my inventory since the Sith quarantine started. But I've still got a pretty good selection.
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Pazaak Card +/-1 200 2 Pazaak Card +3 50 Infinite
Pazaak Card +/-3 125 1 Pazaak Card +4 25 Infinite
Pazaak Card +1 100 Infinite Pazaak Card -4 25 Infinite
Pazaak Card +2 75 Infinite Pazaak Card +5 12 Infinite
Pazaak Card -2 75 Infinite Pazaak Card +6 5 Infinite
Pazaak Card +/-6 50 Infinite Pazaak Card -6 5 Infinite

Calo Nord[edit]

When you reach the threshold of the west exit to the Pazaak room before completing the search for Bastila, you'll witness a brief altercation in the central hub just beyond, between Calo Nord to your left and three Black Vulkars (a Rodian and two Twi'leks) to your right:

Calo Nord: Go away.
Black Vulkar: Hey, you not talk like that. We just want say hi to big, bad bounty hunter Calo Nord!
Black Vulkar: Nah, this can't be Calo Nord. He's supposed to be tough. This guy's nothing but a runt!
Calo Nord: One.
Black Vulkar: One? What that mean? You be funny, tough guy?
Black Vulkar: You know who we are, Calo? We're members of the Black Vulkar gang! You don't want to be getting funny with us, tough guy.
Calo Nord: Two.
Black Vulkar: Me no understand. One? Two? Why he count? He trying to count how many of us is against him?
Black Vulkar: It's three against one, Calo. What do you think about those odds? Well? You have something more to say?
Calo Nord: Three.

Calo Nord throws a grenade, resulting in a blinding flash during which you hear blaster fire. When you can see again, the three Black Vulkars drop dead on the floor, and Calo Nord starts to walk to the exit.

His name is Calo Nord. You can come after him if you want but it will be the last thing you ever do, he promises you that.

The Black Vulkars may leave remains which can be searched for random content, and you can try speaking to Calo Nord... although you've already seen how that plays out:

Calo Nord: Go away.

Here we go again... choosing the first response at any point from now on will end the dialog without violence:

1. I'll be going now. 1. Fine, I get it. I'll leave you alone. 1. Okay, I see your point. I'll be off then.
Calo Nord: Smart.

Persisting may be fun, but it is not a good idea:

2. I saw how you mopped those Black Vulkars. Nice work. 3. Come on, Calo. Let's see what you've got!
Calo Nord: One.
2. I'm not looking for a fight. I just want to talk. 3. You don't scare me, Calo Nord.
Calo Nord: Two.
2. Come on, I'm just trying to be friendly. Don't you want to be friendly? 3. You better finish counting quick, because I'm ready to make my move now!
Calo Nord: Three.

At this point, Calo Nord is invulnerable and has On Hit: Instant Death, DC 100, so you cannot possibly win. If you've been silly or inattentive enough to get this far without saving beforehand, you can still save yourself by saving, exiting and then loading the game you've just saved: Calo Nord should now have disappeared.

If you speak to any of the four Lower Taris citizens in the hub of the cantina:

Lower Taris Citizen
I can't wait for the big swoop race! I hear the Vulkars have a new engine that's going to break all the records!
This gang war is getting out of hand! The Vulkars aren't just attacking the Hidden Beks anymore - they go after everyone!
I saw Davik's new starship at the spaceport before the quarantine. They say it's the fastest ship on Taris! He calls it the Ebon Hawk.
I heard Davik's hired a Mandalorian mercenary to work for him. I didn't know there were any of them left after the Mandalore wars.
Have you got your tickets for Bendak Starkiller's return to the duel ring? I hear it's going to be an illegal death match!
Did you hear the news? Gadon Thek is dead! I wonder what's going to happen to the Hidden Beks now?
Lower Taris Citizen: Hey – didn't you just win the big swoop bike race? Yeah, it was you, I'm sure! Best race I ever saw! I can't believe Brejik tried to back out of his wager! He deserved what happened to him!

Bounty Office[edit]

The bounty office is off the central hub of the cantina to the south, and you can speak to all its inhabitants. There's a Rodian bounty hunter standing in the northwest corner by a table, and a Twi'lek bounty hunter on the other side of that table by the west wall:

Bounty Hunter
New face, new face... always new face here! On my world only the strong become trackers. Here everyone is bounty hunter!
You new here, take advice. Stay off my contracts!
Davik up to something. He bring famous bounty hunter Calo Nord in for a special assignment. Calo no work cheap.
Bounty Hunter: I'll stick with the bounties Davik puts out... they're usually less dangerous than the government funded contracts.
Bounty Hunter: I saw Calo Nord in the tap room. He's a legend in this business! I wonder if he'd give me an autograph?
Bounty Hunter: These are good times for bounty hunters! I've made a small fortune on the bounties Zax has been paying out.
Bounty Hunter: See the price on Bendak Starkiller's head? Too bad no one will collect. Bendak never leaves the safety of that Upper City Cantina. Bounty Hunter: I saw you kill Bendak Starkiller! I was just about to bring him in, too! Bounty Hunter: Word is somebody stole the Vulkar's prototype swoop engine! I wonder if there's a reward to bring it back? Bounty Hunter: Did you hear? Somebody killed Gadon Thek! I bet it won't be long until the Beks put out a bounty on Brejik's head in retaliation!

There's a second Twi'lek bounty hunter standing in the southeast corner:

Bounty Hunter
Zax has started to get stingy... he hasn't added a new freelance contract to the board in nearly a week!
I heard Calo Nord is in town. Like there wasn't enough competition in this office already! Now we have the best bounty hunter in the system scooping our contracts!
Since the Sith got here the average price for each bounty has gone way up! Davik's had to raise his rates just to compete!
Somebody killed Gadon Thek! He didn't even have a bounty on his head - talk about a waste of time!
Hey – you're the one who won that swoop race, right? Yeah, I saw the whole thing. And I thought my job was dangerous!

Zax, the Hutt running the bounty office, sits at the back against the south wall:

Zax: I've not seen you here before, human. You are new to the bounty office, yes? My name is Zax – I'm the one in charge here. Are you looking for work? There are many bounties available here; legal and otherwise. But they all pay quite well. Or are you here for information? Everyone knows I'm one of Davik's best agents... I'm the Hutt with all the answers. Zax: Back again, human? I hope you didn't come just to chat. Davik hired me to do business and make credits, not to make small talk.
1. You work for Davik?
Zax: Not officially, no. I work for the bounty office. But Davik pays me to keep my eyes open and report to him... and for me to post his bounties.
1. Davik posts bounties in a government office? Is that even legal? 2. You don't try to hide the fact that Davik has you on his payroll?
Zax: I used to have to keep our relationship secret, but since the Sith arrived nobody cares what happens in the Lower City. Davik can do whatever he wants. But enough talk – back to business. This is the bounty office, so we should talk bounties. Or are you looking for information?

If you're just looking for information, it'll cost you:

4. I need some information.
Zax: I have information, but it's not free. For a fee I'll tell you everything you want about the street gangs, Davik – other stuff, too. But first you have to come up with 100 credits.
3. I can't afford that much. 4. I'm not going to pay just to ask you some questions.
Zax: Then we don't do business. Davik pays me to earn credits, not to answer questions. If you don't pay, then I don't talk. Maybe you could take some bounties and earn some money? Then you could afford to pay for my information. You're happy, I'm happy. Davik gets his cut... it works out for everyone.
Easy 2. [Persuade] That seems a little high just for information. I'll give you 50 credits.
Zax: [Success] This Sith quarantine makes it hard to earn credits. And Davik gets mad when his agents don't bring in enough. Okay, give me 50 credits. But don't tell anyone I gave you a deal or everyone will want a bargain and I'll go out of business. Zax: [Failure] Sorry, human. If you get a break on the price then I have to give everyone a deal. I won't let you whittle my prices down! If you can't pay, then I won't talk.
1. Here's 100 credits.
Credits Lost: 50 Credits Lost: 100
Zax: Good. Now that you've paid the fee you can come back and ask questions anytime. You won't have to pay again; nobody ever said I wasn't a fair Hutt.
Zax: What do you want information on now? Gangs? Davik? Other stuff?
1. Tell me about those escape pods that crashed into the Undercity.
Zax: Escape pods? You shouldn't bother with them. When they crashed the Black Vulkar gang got there first and cleaned them out. If there was anything valuable inside those crash pods it's inside the Vulkar base now.
1. I need to get inside the Black Vulkar base.
Zax: Why? You need to get shot full of blaster holes? Only the Vulkars get into the Vulkar base... unless... maybe the Hidden Beks could help you out. You got a problem with the Vulkars, you go see Gadon Thek. He's the leader of the Hidden Beks, a rival gang. He's a smart man – maybe he can help you.
2. Is there some way I can get off this planet?
Zax: The Sith quarantine has grounded all the vehicles. Everyone wants to leave, but it's just not possible. Davik has the fastest ship in the sector, but even he can't get off the planet. The Sith fleet is orbiting Taris, and they use auto-targeting cannons. If a ship takes off those cannons will disintegrate it instantly, unless it had broadcast the launch codes.
1. Codes? What codes?
Zax: The Sith use launch codes when they leave the planet. If you transmit them from your ship, the auto-targeting cannons won't fire at you. Only people with the codes can leave Taris. But the Sith keep the codes locked up safe in the military base. Nobody gets in there – too dangerous. And even if someone did get the codes, where are they going to get a ship? No, there's no way to get off Taris. You'd need a ship, the launch codes – and even then the Sith fighters would chase you down. We're all stuck here – even Davik.
3. Tell me about Davik.
Zax: Davik's a busy man – he runs lower Taris. Before the Sith came he almost run Upper Taris, too. Extortion, slavery, smuggling; Davik controls it all. He's part of the Exchange – a big intergalactic crime syndicate. You'd be smart to stay on his good side. Even the Sith know better than to pick a fight with Davik on Taris.
1. I want to meet Davik.
Zax: Ha-ha-ha! You can't meet Davik. Nobody meets Davik unless Davik wants to meet them. Even I only meet Davik once, long ago. He's the king of the Lower City – he doesn't just walk around here like you or me. Davik stays in his estate and works through agents, like that big Mandalorian Canderous Ordo.
4. Tell me about the Lower City gangs.
Zax: There are two main gangs – the Black Vulkars and the Hidden Beks. Used to be the Beks ran things, but now the Vulkars have a new leader. Brejik wants to take over for himself. But the Vulkars are out of control now. They've sealed their base and they're shooting people in the streets. Sometimes they don't even pay Davik the money they owe him. Things were much better with Gadon and the Beks in charge. Gadon's a smart man – he knows how to keep peace. Maybe if the Beks win this gang war things will go back to normal.
5. I want to ask you something else.
Zax: What do you want information on now? Gangs? Davik? Other stuff?
6. I'll be going now.
Zax: Goodbye, human. You come back if you want to earn credits. Bounties pay good money. And remember to come see me if you want information.

However, he'll tell you about the bounties for free:

3. Tell me about the bounties.
Bastila: You don't intend on working as a bounty hunter, do you? What need could you possibly have for so many credits?
Carth: It couldn't hurt, could it? Enough credits could help grease a lot of wheels.
Bastila: Getting paid to murder others is hardly justifiable. It is a path that could easily lead to the dark side.
Carth: Well, it's my experience that the targets of these bounties are usually criminals, themselves. So don't get all in a twist over it.
Bastila: I'll "get in a twist" if I think it is called for, Carth. I simply suggest we should use caution if we intend to participate in this... business.
Zax: There's two government contracts. One's an assassin named Selven, the other is Bendak Starkiller. He's a famous death-match duelist. Between them they've killed hundreds of people.
Carth: I can't see anything wrong with getting rid of people like that – as long as we don't end up on the list of their victims.
Zax: But not all the bounties are dangerous. Davik got some special contracts. One's for a girl named Dia – she attacked Holdan, one of Davik's men. Another's for a man named Largo who owes Davik money.
Carth: Okay, I don't know about Davik's special contracts. Justice is one thing, but doing a crime lord's dirty work is something else.
Zax: And then there's Matrik. He used to work for Davik, then he betrayed the Exchange and now Davik wants him dead. I'll put all the information in your datapad.
2. How do I collect the credits for these contracts?
Zax: It's simple – you find people, you kill them, you tell me, I pay you. I know everything that's going on in Taris. So if you kill one of them I'll know.

You can consult your journal for more details on the bounties, or you can ask Zax:

1. I want more details on the bounties you're offering.
Zax: All the information is in your data-pad already, but if you don't want to look there then I guess I can fill you in. Who do you want to know more about?
1. Tell me about the assassin Selven. 2. Tell me about Bendak Starkiller. 3. Tell me about this girl Dia. 4. Tell me about the merchant Largo. 5. Tell me about Matrik.

If you ask about a bounty you've already collected:

Zax: Is this a joke, human? We've already dealt with that bounty! Why are you asking about it now? It's over. Don't waste my time with old bounties!

Return to Zax to collect bounties:

4. I've got a bounty I want to collect on.
Zax: A bounty? Well, human, that is what I'm here for. Which bounty are you here to collect on?
1. [Tell him about Matrik.] 2. [Tell him about Bendak.] 4. [Tell him about Dia.]
1. [Lie: Tell him Matrik is dead.] 3. [Tell him about Selven.] 5. [Tell him about Largo.]
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 105 Told Zax about bounty

The credits you receive for each bounty depend on how persuasive you can be:

Zax: Here – 300 credits. That's the price for all bounties.
Medium 2. [Persuade] I want 400 credits for this job.
Zax: [Success] You're brave, human, to bargain with a Hutt. But I like you. Okay, 400 it is!
Credits Received: 400


Zax: [Failure] You don't bargain with me! This is my business – I set the prices, not you! You take 300 or you get nothing!
3. You'll up that reward if you know what's good for you, Zax!
Zax: You're not too smart, human. Smart people don't threaten agents of Davik. You don't scare me, but you just made me mad. Maybe you need learn lesson. Maybe I just won't pay you anything for this bounty? That would teach you some respect, wouldn't it? You want to reconsider and take the 300, human?
1. Thanks. Pleasure doing business with you. 1. Sorry, I just lost my head. I'll take the 300.
Credits Received: 300
Zax: You do good work, human. There's lots of bounty hunters on Taris, but most are lazy. Maybe if you keep cashing in bounties they'll work harder.

You'll receive no credits if you fail to persuade him, threaten him and then select the following response:

2. You can't talk to me like this!
Zax: Yes, I can, and there's nothing you can do about it. There's a security system in this building – you attack me and you'll be vaporized. Go away, human. Next time you'll know better.

If you're persuasive you can receive up to 2000 credits for collecting all the bounties (up to 1500 if you're not), although you'll receive less if you help some of the targets instead of killing them. You can move closer to the light or dark side of the Force, and there are opportunities to receive additional experience and credits, as well as items.

All targets can be found in the Lower City apartments and the Upper City, but although you could complete them all before descending to the Undercity, it's advisable to wait until you've completed the search for Bastila, and complete them while escaping Taris (you can collect bounties before agreeing to go with Canderous Ordo to Davik's estate).

Dia's Bounty[edit]

Zax: Dia's one of Davik's private bounties. She used be a waitress in the cantina here until she had a fight with Holdan. She cut him with her vibroblade, almost killed him. That was a mistake. Holdan works for Davik, he's not one to let her get away with that. When he was recovering in the medical bay, he put out a bounty on Dia. She's been hiding ever since.
1. I get the feeling there's more to this story.
Zax: Maybe. Doesn't really matter to me. I get the bounty from Davik's men, I don't ask questions. You can talk to Holdan if you want to know more – he's inside the cantina.
Journal Entry Added Dia's Bounty
A waitress named Dia has had an illegal bounty placed on her by Holdan, one of Davik's men. Apparently she attacked him in the cantina, and Holdan retaliated by putting a price on her head.

Dia can be found in her apartment in the south apartments, your neighbor to the west: if you haven't already met and killed her, you can return to hideout and transit back afterward. You move closer to the dark side of the Force if you kill her (even more so if you threaten her first) but receive some experience for doing so. If you speak to Holdan about it in the Music Room to the north before getting paid by Zax:

Holdan: You're here about that? I guess Zax must have mentioned me to you at the bounty office. Fair enough – I don't care who takes her out, just so long as the job gets done. I can't let her get away with what she did – that wench tried to cut me with her vibroblade!
1. Dia's dead. I killed her myself.
Holdan: Really? Huh... I guess that's it then. A real shame it had to come to this. She was a good-looking gal despite her temper. Ah, well. Plenty more ladies out there for me.
1. Where's my payment? 2. So what happens now?
Holdan: If you want to collect the bounty, go talk to Zax. I gave him the credits for safe keeping. As far as I'm concerned my part in this is over.
Zax: Too bad. Dia was a nice girl. But she attacked Holdan, and Holdan works for Davik. That was just stupid.
Journal Entry Added Dia's Bounty
Zax was waiting for you when you returned. Dia's life was just business between you.

Alternatively, if you speak to Holdan about it before killing her:

1. Why would she do that?
Holdan: Because she's crazy! She started screaming that I was making advances, and the next thing I know she's coming at me with a knife.
Bastila: It sounds to me like the woman was defending herself. Mission: Yeah, sure. You were as innocent as a Jawa in a droid chop shop! Carth: Yeah, right. Sounds to me like she was defending herself.
Holdan: I admit I was drunk. Maybe I got a little fresh. But it was no big deal. She didn't have to cut me!
1. Sounds like maybe you got what you deserved.
Holdan: Hey – you weren't there. She totally over-reacted!
2. So how do I collect this bounty?
Holdan: Just kill Dia and then go talk to Zax. I gave him the credits for safekeeping. He'll pay you off when the dead is done.
3. I want the bounty on Dia's head removed.
Holdan: What? I can't do that! Think how it would look. I work for Davik, I've got a certain reputation to uphold. I can't let her get away with this. There has to be payback! Although I do feel a little guilty about all this. Dia's a good-looking gal – it'd be a shame to kill her. Tell you what – I'll take 200 credits in exchange for lifting the bounty.
3. Take that bounty off Dia's head or you're a dead man!
Holdan: You're threatening me? I work for Davik Kang! If you kill me you'll be signing your own death warrant. Do us both a favor and don't waste my time with stupid threats!
4. I'll go talk to Dia and see if she can come up with the credits.
Holdan: You can do that if you want, but I doubt she's got 200 credits. That's a lot, and she's just a working girl. But that's the breaks, right?
5. Forget it. This isn't worth my trouble.
Journal Entry Added Dia's Bounty
Holdan has agreed to remove the bounty from Dia's head in exchange for enough credits to soothe his stinging pride.

If you talk to Dia, you'll find Holdan was right about her not having the credits. If you speak to him again:

Holdan: This better be important – I'm trying to watch the dancing girls. You got some news about Dia or something?
1. Tell me what happened with Dia.
Holdan: What do you mean what happened? She took her vibroblade and came after me like she was harvesting a bantha pelt!

If you tell him again that you want the bounty on Dia's head removed, you can move closer to the light side of the Force by paying Holdan 200 credits to remove the bounty, or persuading him to do so (although this is hard, so completing the search for Bastila so she can use the Force is advised):

Holdan: It's like I told you before – you come up with 200 credits and I'll remove the bounty. Otherwise she's got to pay the price.
1. Here's 200 credits. Now get that bounty removed. Credits Lost: 200


Hard 2. [Persuade] If you hire someone to kill Dia it will look like you weren't man enough to do it yourself.
Holdan: [Success] Well... I guess you might be right. Besides, I've noticed some of the girls around here are giving me the cold shoulder since all this started. Okay, you win; Dia can live. Holdan: [Failure] If I let her get away with it I'll look even worse! She's got to pay – either with her life, or 200 credits to buy my forgiveness.

If you fail but Bastila is present, she brings the full force of her persuasive powers to bear:

Bastila: [Force Persuade] I think it is time you forgave her. You are partly to blame for her behaviour.
Holdan: [Success] Well... maybe it's time I forgave her. I am partly to blame for what she did, I suppose. Okay, you win; Dia can live.
Holdan: Don't worry – I'll stick to my end of the bargain. I'll go tell Zax right now that the bounty is off the table.
Light Side Points Gained: +4
Journal Entry Added Dia's Bounty
Thanks to your intervention, Holdan has withdrawn the bounty from Dia's head. Now the only thing left is to tell Dia herself the good news.

If you follow Holdan to the Bounty Office and talk to Zax, you'll find that he does indeed stick to his end of the bargain:

Zax: Wait – I almost forgot. That bounty's been pulled, human. Holdan told me he doesn't want her dead anymore. Sorry, no credits for Dia.

Return to Dia to tell her the good news and complete the quest, receiving 125 XP in the process. You can move even closer to the light side of the Force by declining her reward, or you can accept it and receive an Energy Projector.

However it ends, if you speak to Holdan again afterwards:

Holdan: What do you want now? This whole thing with Dia is over, so we don't have anything to discuss.

Matrik's Bounty[edit]

Zax: Davik is very interested in this bounty. Matrik used to work for Davik. He wasn't important, but he was there a long time. He saw lots of things that it was wise to keep quiet about. Then one day he betrayed Davik. He went to the Taris authorities and testified at trials against the Exchange. Lots of people were arrested and Davik's operations shut down for a while. It cost Davik thousands and thousands of credits to get business back on track, and he lost lots of good people. Of course he's not about to let Matrik get away with that.
1. But didn't the government protect Matrik after the trials?
Zax: They hid Matrik for a while, but when the Sith took over they shut the witness protection program down. It's expensive, and the Sith didn't care if Matrik died.
Journal Entry Added Matrik's Bounty
Davik Kang has put out an illegal bounty on a former associate named Matrik who turned state's evidence against Davik and the Exchange.

Matrik can be found in his apartment in the east Lower City apartments, to the east of the entrance from the Lower City. You can kill him without moving closer to the dark side of the Force, receiving experience and a Mesh Underlay from his remains.

Zax: The traitor Matrik is now a dead traitor. This is a lesson for anyone thinking about turning against the Exchange.
Journal Entry Added Matrik's Bounty
By completing the bounty on Matrik's head, you further strengthened Davik's hold on the hearts and minds of the people on Taris. Thanks to you, it will be a long, long time before anyone ever dares to testify against the Exchange again.

Alternatively, you can help him to fake his own death by buying him a permacrete detonator from the Equipment Emporium in Upper City South for 50 credits, moving closer to the light side of the Force, receiving 480 XP and allowing you to collect his bounty anyway by lying to Zax:

Zax: I believe you, human. I've heard reports of a rather large explosion, and some of my people saw you buying the permacrete detonator. It's good Matrik's dead but maybe you went overboard, human. Next time use a blaster, not a bomb! Bombs are messy. But at least the job is done.
Journal Entry Added Matrik's Bounty
Zax gladly paid you the bounty on Matrik's head, so it seems the plan to fake Matrik's death was a success.

Selven's Bounty[edit]

Zax: Selven's a government bounty; she's a very dangerous woman. When she started she was just another killer working for Davik. Then she began freelancing to the highest bidder. One day she killed six citizens in the street... and their bodyguards, too. They were all Ulgos, a powerful merchant family with many enemies. Selven was hired to kill off the whole family. She was very good at her job. Each day, more Ulgos died. Poisoned at home, shot down in the street; guards and droids couldn't protect them. After a month there were no Ulgos left on Taris. Not one.
1. Did they ever find out who hired Selven to kill them all?
Zax: It was never proven. But after the Ulgos were all dead, the Organa family demanded the government put out a contract on Selven. They said nobody was safe as long as Selven was still free. But the Organa family were powerful rivals of the Ulgos. Some think they were the ones who hired Selven, then they tried to have bounty hunters kill her to keep the secret from coming out. But Taris politics aren't your concern. You're just a bounty hunter. You kill Selven, you get the credits. That's the only important thing, right?
Journal Entry Added Selven's Bounty
There is an official government bounty out on a woman named Selven. She is a known assassin, and there are no leads as to where she may be hiding now.

Selven can be found in her apartment in the west Lower City apartments, to the northeast. This bounty is the most straightforward since there's no way to complete it except killing her, receiving experience and a Scope, Adrenaline Amplifier and Neural Band from her remains.

Zax: So Selven's dead. All the other bounty hunters who went after her ended up dead themselves, you know. You did well, human.
Journal Entry Added Selven's Bounty
Where others have failed you have once again found success in managing to kill the assassin Selven for Zax.

Largo's Bounty[edit]

Zax: He's nothing special, just another of Davik's private bounties. He borrowed money from Davik for his business. But things went bad and he wasn't able to pay Davik back. So he ran. Davik doesn't like it when people who owe him money run. He put out a contract on Largo to send a message to the other merchants who owe him money.
1. Davik's bounties sound more like contract killings.
Zax: Davik works for the Exchange. They don't play games. If you don't pay your debts or you betray them or you attack them they get even. People bring Davik's bounty on themselves. Anyway, if you don't like them you don't have to take them. Collect the other bounties – government contracts. Those people are ruthless killers. They need to be stopped.
Journal Entry Added Largo's Bounty
A merchant named Largo owes a large sum of money to Davik Kang. Because he is unable to pay the debt, Largo has gone into hiding. In response, Davik has put an illegal bounty on his head.

Largo can be found in his apartment in the north apartments, to the east of the entrance from Upper City North. You can extort credits and kill him without moving closer to the dark side of the Force if you don't extort them from him during your first meeting and return to do so more than once (he will then attack you). You receive experience, 50 credits and an Energy Projector from his remains.

Zax: Largo should have known better than to run. Maybe now people will learn the lesson: you owe Davik money, you pay!
Journal Entry Added Largo's Bounty
You return to Zax to collect the posted bounty for Largo's death. The hapless merchant's fate will serve as a grim reminder of what happens to people who borrow money from Davik Kang and can't pay it back.

Alternatively, if you have at least 200 credits you can move much closer to the light side of the Force by giving them to him to pay Davik back, receiving 110 XP for this act of generosity but denying yourself the opportunity to collect his bounty:

Zax: Actually, now that I think of it that bounty's no longer on the table. Davik told me Largo's bounty is off the table. I guess the merchant came up with the credits. Don't bother with that one anymore, human.
Journal Entry Added Largo's Bounty
According to Zax, Largo no longer has a price on his head. Hopefully he can stay out of trouble in the future.

Bendak's Bounty[edit]

Zax: Bendak's a government contract, but he's a legend on Taris. He started out as duelist in the Upper Cantina. He never lost, but he only fought death matches. He killed hundreds in his day. Then death matches got banned. Duel rings switched to non-lethal combat. But Bendak wasn't ready to retire. He keep dueling on the illegal, underground circuit. He kept killing people. Finally the government had no choice but to put a bounty out on him. But Bendak's a big folk hero, so not too many try to collect. Those who do all wind up dead, anyway.
Journal Entry Added Bendak's Bounty
There is an official government bounty out on Bendak Starkiller, a famous duelist renowned for killing dozens – if not hundreds – of people in illegal death matches. Bendak has been known to frequent the areas in the Upper Cantina near the dueling ring.

Bendak Starkiller appears in the northeast corner of the Pazaak room of the Upper City cantina after you've entered the lobby of its duel ring to the south. However, you cannot kill him there, and to do so you need to enter the Duel Ring to become Taris Dueling Champion so that he'll come out of retirement to face you in an illegal death match. In the process of becoming champion you'll receive 520 XP and 1500 credits in total. You necessarily move closer to the dark side of the Force by stepping into the arena with him (despite the fact he does so not only voluntarily, but enthusiastically), receiving experience, Bendak's Blaster from Ajuur and at least 700 credits (900 if you're persuasive, or threaten him to move even closer to the dark side of the Force).

Zax: So, you killed Bendak in death-match duel. Ironic, isn't it? Bendak has a bounty on him for killing people in duel, and you collect it by killing him in a death-match.
Journal Entry Added Bendak's Bounty
Bendak Starkiller's reign of terror is over, thanks to your efforts in the duel ring. Zax, like most others on Taris, was well aware of the Starkiller's demise when you returned to collect your bounty.

Rakghoul Serum[edit]

After speaking to Zelka Forn in the Upper City's Clinic about Rakghoul Serum and suggesting you might be able to get it, his assistant Gurney mentioned it might be more profitable to deliver it to Zax:

1. Gurney said I should speak to you about the rakghoul serum.
Zax: You have the rakghoul serum? It's worth 1000 credits to Davik.
1. Why does Davik want the serum so badly?
Zax: Medicine is big business. If people are sick with the rakghoul disease they need the cure. Davik can charge anything he wants and people will still pay.
1. Davik plans to prey on the sick? That's monstrous!
Zax: What do you care? You're not sick. You give me the serum, I'll give you 1000 credits. You won't get a better deal anywhere else.
4. I don't have the serum.
Zax: You find the serum, you come see me. Davik wants the serum, and I'll pay good money to get it for him. The same price as for the bounties.

Rakghoul Serum can be found on the corpse of a Sith Soldier to the south of the Outcast village gate in the Undercity. To minimize travel time, it's best to speak to Zelka on your first visit to the Upper City (you cannot sell it to Zax until Gurney has spoken to you after speaking to Zelka), then wait until you've completed the search for Bastila before returning. You can try to persuade him to give more for it:

Hard 3. [Persuade] I've got the serum, but I want 1500 credits for it!
Zax: [Success] You're brave, human, to bargain with a Hutt. But I like you. Okay, 1500 it is.
Credits Received: 1500

Otherwise, you can only make an empty threat about taking your business elsewhere or settle for 1000 credits:

Zax: [Failure] You don't get to bargain with me! I make you an offer, and you take it or you don't. But you don't get to negotiate a new price!
2. Forget it. I'll just give the serum to Zelka.
Zax: Ha-ha-ha! Zelka can't pay you for the serum – he's broke! You go see Zelka. I'll be here when you come to your senses and see that 1000 credits is better than no credits.
2. Here's the serum. Give me the 1000 credits.
Credits Received: 1000
Zax: Here's the credits. Davik will be very pleased when he see this. Very pleased, indeed. Now, what else do you need?
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Journal Entry Added Rakghoul Serum
You've delivered the rakghoul serum to Zax, who will forward it on to Davik so the crime lord can mass produce it and sell it for a substantial profit to those who are sick and desperate enough to pay anything. No doubt Zelka will stock the serum at his store, but the cost will likely be outrageous.

Starlight Entertainers[edit]

You'll notice a Twi'lek male and female in the northeast corner of the bounty office, to the left of the entrance, who'll give you an opportunity to receive some easy experience. You don't need to speak to the male, Bib Surool, but if you do so:

Bib Surool: What? Why are you bothering me? Can't you see I'm auditioning a dancer? Or at least, I'm trying to audition her. Not much point if she doesn't have a partner.
3. I don't like your tone!
Bib Surool: Oh-ho! You think throwing a tantrum is going to impress me? Sorry – I manage two dozen dancers, musicians and other performers. I see more tantrums in one day than most people in a year!
1. What are you talking about? 2. Who are you?
Bib Surool: Name's Bib Surool, manager for the Starlight Entertainers: the top performing troupe in this sector of the galaxy. I was here scouting new talent when the Sith attacked, and now I can't leave. You'd think the Sith would let me go so I could get back to my troupe, but I guess they just don't appreciate the arts. So, since I'm stuck here, I figured I might as well continue with my auditions. I'm supposed to be auditioning Lyn, but I think I'm wasting my time. Lyn's got all the moves, but I need to know if she can pull them off while sharing a stage with her partner.
4. I'll be going now. 2. I don't have time for this.
Bib Surool: Okay, great. Bye-bye. Off you go.


1. Where's her partner?
Bib Surool: She doesn't have one. That's the problem. Aren't you listening to me? Dancers don't perform solo, so I need to see if she can work with someone else before I get her up on stage.
1. Maybe I could help her out.
Bib Surool: I doubt she just wants to dance with someone who wandered by. This is her one shot at the big time, and dancing with some wanna-be as her partner isn't going to help her cause. On the other hand, I'm not going to hire her unless I can see her in action with a partner. Maybe she's desperate enough to give you a chance. You'd have to ask her, I guess.

You do need to speak to and persuade the female, Lyn Sekla, to become her partner for her audition, and receive experience if you can get her hired:

Lyn Sekla: Can't you see I'm auditioning? This is my shot at the big time; I can't risk screwing it up by talking to you. Lyn Sekla: Back again? Dancing isn't easy, you know. It requires focus and concentration. You can't keep bothering me like this.
Lyn Sekla: Ah, what's the use? There's no way Bib's going to hire me unless he gets a chance to see me dancing with a partner. Maybe I should just give up. Lyn Sekla: It's hard enough for me to impress Bib without showing him how I dance with a partner. I don't need any distractions to make it worse.
3. What are you talking about?
Lyn Sekla: That Twi'lek over there is Bib Surool, the manager and talent scout for the Starlight Entertainers. They're one of the biggest performing troupes in this quadrant. When I heard he was stuck on Taris, I figured it was my lucky break. If I can impress him he might hire me on as a dancer and I can finally get off this slime-pit of a world. But I don't have a partner, and the Starlight Entertainers never perform solo. If he can't judge how I dance with someone else, I'm sunk.
1. Why don't you have a partner?
Lyn Sekla: My last partner left me. She was always trying to upstage me, even though it was obvious I had ten times her talent. When I finally told her that, she stormed off. I guess the truth hurts. My partner before that was even worse. If I wasn't tripping over his staggering feet I was ducking under his flailing arms. I ditched him after less than a week.
1. Maybe I could be your partner. 2. I'll partner up with you, for a price.
Lyn Sekla: Is that a joke? I'm a professional entertainer, I don't pay people to dance with me! Besides, who says I'm looking for a partner anyway?
Lyn Sekla: I admit I'm getting desperate: I'd hate to blow this audition. But I don't know if I'm ready to just pair up with a random passer-by. How do I know you're any good?
Never 1. [Persuade] How hard can it be? Easy 1. [Persuade] I'm good enough to get you through your audition. Easy 3. [Persuade] What other choice do you have?
Lyn Sekla: [Failure] You think this is easy? I've trained for years to develop my talents. Dancing isn't just wiggling your butt in the air, you know! Well, except for the Corellian Cheek-Step. If you think you can just step up and start dancing at a professional level, you better think again. Lyn Sekla: [Failure] You know what, I think I have a better chance going solo than I do with you stumbling around beside me. I'll pass.
4. You're right. I can't dance. Never mind. 4. I'll be going now.
Lyn Sekla: Oh, okay. I guess I'll just go back to auditioning. Don't see much point without a partner, though.

Asking how hard it can be always fails, otherwise you can alternate between the other two options until you succeed, since even with 8 Charisma and no skill points spent in Persuade you still have 40% chance to do so. However, save game before persuading her, as getting her hired depends on your Dexterity and how you choose to dance: you can succeed with as little as 8 Dexterity, even after failing the first two of the three dances, but you can also fail with higher Dexterity, even after succeeding with the first two dances.

Lyn Sekla: [Success] Well, you do have that certain look about you: a confidence of movement. *sigh* I guess you'll have to do. But I'm warning you – don't screw this up! Mr. Surool, I've got a partner now. I'd really like to audition for you again.
Bib Surool: Okay, Lyn, you've got one more chance. I'll give you a minute to get your partner set up, then let's see what you've got. Okay, I've got time to watch you for three more dances. Make them count.
Lyn Sekla: Okay, just follow my lead. Remember, the more complicated our steps and the closer we dance the more it will impress Bib. But don't get in too close if you can't handle it. I don't need some clumsy oaf tripping me up. Try not to screw this up for me, okay?
1. [Join Lyn by dancing beside her.] 2. [Join Lyn by dancing very close beside her.] 3. [Join Lyn by dancing very close and face to face.]
Bib Surool: Hmmm. Simple, but nice. Just remember: the Starlight Entertainers don't want simple. We're only looking for the top performers in the galaxy. Bib Surool: Very nice, Lyn. You know, your partner isn't too bad... for an amateur. Okay, let's see what else you've got. Bib Surool: Wow, very impressive. Good technique, good rhythm, good synchronization, nice tight spacing. Are you sure your partner's an amateur, Lyn?
Lyn Sekla: Look, I know you're trying to be careful about screwing up, but you've got to give me a little more than that. Bib's seen thousands of dancers: we need to do something that will impress him. The next dance is a little different, so watch me for the steps then jump in. Lyn Sekla: Okay, we're off to a good start. Like Bib said, you're not bad for an amateur. This next dance is a little different, so watch me for the pick-ups and follow my lead. Lyn Sekla: Hey – quit trying to upstage me! This is my audition, not yours! Now listen, we made a good first impression so you might want to take it down a notch for the next dance just so you don't do anything stupid. Just follow my lead again.


Bib Surool: Here's some helpful advice: for your next dance, try not to fall over.
Lyn Sekla: What are you doing? Are you trying to cost me my one shot at fame and fortune? You have to concentrate! The next dance is a little different, so watch me for the steps then jump in.
1. [Join Lyn by dancing close beside her.] 2. [Join Lyn by dancing close behind her.]
Bib Surool: Good, good. One, two, three, one, two, three... nice tempo. Looking good, Lyn. Okay, one more dance to go.
Lyn Sekla: Okay, one dance to go. Bib looks happy. As long as we don't screw up I think we've got it! Follow me and please, just keep it simple.


3. [Join Lyn by running around her in circles while she dances.]
Bib Surool: What was that? That was easily the stupidest thing I've ever seen!
Bib Surool: I'm not auditioning for a comedy act, here! I want dancers, not clowns. Come on, Lyn – pull it together. One last chance. Let's go.
Lyn Sekla: You idiot! What were you thinking? I'd have a better chance dancing with a drunken Gammorean! You're going to ruin me! Look, we've got one dance left and we're going to have to pull out all the stops. Don't hold anything back this time. So pay attention to my moves, then join in and don't screw up!

It might not matter which of the three options you choose for the first and second dances, but choosing either of the first two options for the third and final dance can ensure Lyn's success:

1. [Join Lyn by dancing beside her.] 2. [Join Lyn by dancing very close and face to face.]
Bib Surool: Looking good. Looking very good. Feel the music. Let it flow through you.
Lyn Sekla: Well, what do you think? Do I get the job? Do you want me to dance some more? I can do another one for you if you want.
Bib Surool: Relax, Lyn. You made it. You've got the job. Welcome to the Starlight Entertainers.
Lyn Sekla: I made it? I really made it? This is incredible. I... I don't believe it!
Bib Surool: Believe it, kid. You're in. Now we need to get you fitted for your outfits, we need to start rehearsals, you've got contracts to sign. Let's go. Busy, busy. That's the life of a star.
Lyn Sekla: Thank you. I couldn't have made it without you. I'd give you a big hug, but... well, frankly you're a little beneath me now. Like Bib said, I'm going to be a star! But if you're ever traveling the galaxy and you see the Starlight Entertainers performing, stop by and ask for Lyn. I'll see if I can get you some free tickets.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Helped Lyn Selka succeed in her audition for the Starlight Entertainers

However, you receive nothing if you don't dance well and fall over, or you ruin her audition by taking a dive:

Bib Surool: No, no, no! Dance while you're standing up! It's a novel concept, I know, but give it a shot! 3. [Ruin Lyn's audition by taking a dive.]
Lyn Sekla: You just had to do it, didn't you? You couldn't manage this one last dance without screwing up, could you? Don't judge me on that last dance, Bib. Please, give me another chance. Let me try one more.
Bib Surool: I've seen enough. Sorry, Lyn, but you're not what the Starlight Entertainers are looking for. You've got nice moves, kid, but you don't do too well with a partner.
Lyn Sekla: You did that on purpose! Nobody could be that bad a dancer unless they were trying! You've wrecked my one shot at the big time!
1. I'm sorry, Lyn. I did my best. 2. Face it: you just aren't good enough to make the cut. 3. You're right. I ruined your audition on purpose.
Lyn Sekla: Well sorry doesn't get me a job with the Starlight Dancers, does it? Lyn Sekla: Damn you and your big, flapping feet!
Lyn Sekla: Bib – wait! Let me try again, Bib. I can get another partner! A good partner, Bib – wait up.

Music Room[edit]

The music room is off the central hub of the cantina to the north. Inside a trio of Bith musicians accompany two Twil'ek dancers performing on a stage at the back of the room, but trying to speak to any of them is no more productive than in the Upper City cantina:

[The musician is too busy playing to pay any attention to you.]
Twi'lek Dancer: You may be a big celebrity and all, but I'm trying to earn a living here! Twi'lek Dancer: You may be a big celebrity and all, but I'm trying to earn a living here!
Twi'lek Dancer: Don't bother me while I'm working... I get paid to dance, not to talk.

Their audience consists of two Black Vulkars seated to the right of the entrance, neither of whom will comment or engage in dialog, and Holdan, a human male standing to the left whose responses depend on whether your character is male or female:

Holdan: Huh? What? Oh... sorry. I didn't see you there. My attention was kind of focused on the Twi'lek dancers. Look at them waggle those head-tails!
Holdan: I don't normally go for these alien girls, but I've had some bad experiences with my own species lately. Maybe it's time for a change, you know what I mean? Holdan: Don't worry, honey – alien girls aren't really my thing. I'm much more interested in an attractive female of my own species.
1. Who are you?
Holdan: My name's Holdan. Maybe you've heard of me – I work for Davik Kang.
Holdan: My name's Holdan, baby. Maybe you've heard of me... I work for Davik Kang, you know.
3. I'm not really interested in your love life. 2. Keep your hormones in check – I just want to ask some questions.
Holdan: I don't like the tone of your voice. I work for Davik Kang – I'm used to people treating me with respect!
2. I don't care who you work for – you seem like a slimeball!
Holdan: I don't have to take this abuse from you! I came here to relax. Shove off and find someone else to bother – I want to watch the dancing girls.

Despite how this dialog ends you can still speak to him again as though nothing happened. Otherwise, the dialog continues:

2. I want to ask you some questions.
Holdan: I don't want to waste my time answering a bunch of questions... I'm here to have a few drinks, watch the dancing girls and enjoy myself. I've got to be mentally ready. Davik's got an assignment for me off-planet as soon as the quarantine ends.
1. You work for Davik?
Holdan: I'm one of his top couriers. Davik's always sending me off-planet to deliver and bring back packages. He knows he can trust me to follow my orders to the letter. Plus, I used to be an intergalactic customs agent so I know all the tricks they use to catch smugglers. That gives me the edge I need on my courier runs.
1. You're pretty open about what you do.
Holdan: It's not like it's some big secret. It's kind of hard for Davik to keep a low profile when he belongs to a big intergalactic crime syndicate like the Exchange.
2. Do you think Davik could get me off Taris?
Holdan: Davik's ship is the fastest one in the entire quadrant, but even the Ebon Hawk can't get off Taris until the quarantine is lifted. The Sith fleet has the planet surrounded. Any ship leaving orbit without the proper access codes will be disintegrated by the Sith auto-targeting laser canons – and those codes are locked safely away in the military base. Davik's pretty upset about it. His smuggling operation isn't making any money, but even with his underworld connections he can't get his hands on those codes.
3. I'll be going now.
Holdan: Fine by me. That means I get to go back to enjoying the dancing girls. Holdan: Hate to see a pretty lady leaving, but you ain't the only girl in this place. I guess I'll go back to enjoying the dancers.

If you speak to him again:

Holdan: You again? This must be the official let's all bother Holdan day. Can't you see I'm trying to watch the dancing girls? Holdan: Hey, baby – back again, I see. I guess the old Holdan charm is still working: the ladies just can't leave me alone!

If either Zax or Dia herself have told you about Dia's bounty:

1. You're the guy who put the bounty on Dia's head, right?

Tap Room[edit]

The tap room or bar is off the central hub of the cantina to the west. As long as you don't already have Sith papers from Gadon Thek in the Hidden Bek base, Mission will appear outside the tap room to the left, while Zaalbar stands to the right by a table laden with food. As you approach either of them, two Rodians walk out of the tap room and confront Mission:

Mission: I told you to leave me alone – so give me some space, Bug-eye! Your breath smells like bantha poodoo!
Rodian: Little girl should not be in bar. This no place for little girl. If little girl smart, she run away home now.
Mission: Who you calling a little girl, Chuba-face?
Rodian: Little girl needs lesson in manners!
Mission: Just a sec, boys. Zaalbar... a little help here? I need you to rip the legs off some insects.
Zaalbar: Mission – I'm busy. They just brought my food!
Mission: Quit complaining... you can finish eating later. Besides, you need the exercise so get over here.
Rodian: We no want trouble with Wookiee. Our problem with you, little girl!
Mission: You got a problem with me, then you got a problem with Big Z. So unless you want to take on my furry friend, I suggest you greenies hop on out of here.
Rodian: Little girl lucky she has big friend.

Mission and Zaalbar will now only remain until you leave the cantina or game (even if you save now, then exit and load the game you've just saved), so if you wish to speak to them once the two Rodians leave and receive a little experience for speaking to Mission, do so now. You can speak to Zaalbar as well, albeit very briefly (get used to this):

Zaalbar: Why are you bothering me?
Mission: Hey, relax Big Z. No need to be rude. Sorry about that, but Wookiees ain't much for conversation, you know?

Mission is much more talkative, although if you're only interested in receiving experience you can end the dialog at any point and still receive it:

Mission: Say, I don't recognize you and I know pretty much everyone in the Lower City. You must be new down here. I guess that makes me and big Z your official welcoming committee!
1. Hey – we speak the same language! 2. That's weird: a Twi'lek who speaks galactic Basic!
Mission: It's not that strange. Most aliens speak Basic, they just prefer to use their own language. But I grew up here on Taris so I just sort of got used to speaking the native tongue.
Carth: You showed a lot of guts dealing with those Vulkars, kid. You got a name?
Mission: My name's Mission Vao and this big Wookiee is my best friend, Zaalbar. I'd offer to give you a tour, but the streets down here aren't safe. But if there's anything else you need...
1. How do a Wookiee and a Twi'lek street urchin end up as best friends?
Mission: We just kind of fell in together. It ain't easy on your own here in the Lower City- everyone's always looking to push you around.
Carth: So we noticed. Still, you seem like an odd pair.
Mission: When I met up with Zaalbar it seemed like a good match. I knew we could look out for each other. With my street smarts and his muscle, we make a great team.
2. I want to ask you some questions.
Mission: Well you came to the right person! If you want info on Lower Taris I'm the one to talk to! Davik, the Lower City gangs... I've even got the scoop on that bounty hunter Calo Nord!
2. Tell me about Davik.
Mission: Davik's part of the intergalactic crime syndicate, but I guess everyone knows that. But I hear he's got a new ship for his smuggling operations – the Ebon Hawk. I don't know much about space travel, but I hear that ship's fast enough to break the Sith blockade. Of course, this is all just second-hand rumor.
Carth: Where would he keep it? Do you know?
Mission: If Davik does have a ship, he's got it locked up in his estate. Nobody gets in there, except the people working for Davik and the Exchange.
3. Tell me about the Lower City gangs.
Mission: There's only two gangs worth worrying about here in the Lower City: the Black Vulkars and the Hidden Beks. Sometimes Zaalbar and I hang out at the Bek base. The Beks are led by Gadon Thek – he's a good guy. Lost his sight in a swoop bike accident a few years ago, but even blind he's a great leader. Not like that traitor Brejik! Before he took over the Vulkars he was a Hidden Bek. Gadon considered that ungrateful space slug his adopted son.
1. Why did Brejik leave the Hidden Beks?
Mission: When Gadon went blind everyone figured he'd step down and appoint Brejik in his place. But Gadon figured Brejik wasn't ready yet. He wanted him to wait a few years. But Brejik was too impatient. He left to join the Vulkars, and ever since he's been waging a war to wipe Gadon and his Beks from the face of Taris! The gang war in the Lower City is totally the Vulkar's fault. They're the ones killing everything that moves out on the street. It's like they've gone insane.
4. Tell me about Calo Nord.
Mission: Calo Nord's one of the most famous bounty hunters in the galaxy. He's killed more people than the Iridian Plague! I've seen him kill people just for trying to talk to him! He hangs around Zax's bounty office, but I don't think he's looking for work there. All the postings there are small time – way beneath a bounty hunter of his calibre. I figure Calo's been hired by Davik to do a special job for the Exchange. I'd wager a thousand credits that as soon as the quarantine ends, he'll be getting off this rock.
5. I'll be going now.
Mission: You're going? Yeah, this dive is pretty boring. No action around here. Come on, Big Z, let's go.
Zaalbar: But I haven't finished eating!
Mission: Can't you think about something besides your stomach for five minutes? Come on – we'll go see if there's anything good to eat at the Bek base.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 60 Spoke to Mission

Inside the tap room itself an Aqualish, Bith, Black Vulkar and two Rodians are seated, but none of them will comment or engage in dialog. Only Ja'Gatcha, a two-headed alien standing by the bar in the southwest corner, will speak to you. You don't need to speak to them, but you can ask them about themselves and Taris:

Ja'Gatcha: What do you want, human? You come here to stare like the others here on Taris? You think we are strange? Ja'Gatcha: Back again, human? What you want?
2. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. 3. You're a freak! 2. I just came to stare at the freak.
Ja'Gatcha: Okay, you're not here to offend we. What do you want, then? Ja'Gatcha: No, human – you are the freak! One tiny brain, two eyes that only see in one direction. We am the pinnacle of evolution! But I know this world. Non-humans are despised, and my kind most of all. So I won't argue with you, human. Not here.
1. I want to ask you some questions.
Ja'Gatcha: Questions? What kind of questions.
1. What planet are you from?
Ja'Gatcha: You couldn't say it, and don't have the ears for it. Two voices create the name, and four ears hear the true sound. But your kind would call our home Sorjus, a small world far off the Perlemian trade route.
2. What kind of creature are you?
Ja'Gatcha: In your one-voiced tongue you would call our kind Paaerduag.
3. Can you tell me about your home world?
Ja'Gatcha: Talking about our home world only makes this quarantine more difficult to bear. Forgive us, human, but we do not wish to be reminded of it.
4. What do you know about Taris?
Ja'Gatcha: Nothing. We were only stopping here to get supplies when the Sith attacked. They imposed a quarantine on all ships that had landed on Taris. Now we are stuck here on a world that hates non-humans... not a good place to be.
4. I notice that your other head doesn't say much.
Ja'Gatcha: Nothing that you would hear, at least.
5. I'll be going now.
Ja'Gatcha: Good. Leave us alone. We just want quarantine to end so we can go back home.