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Map of the Sith academy

Way of the Sith[edit]

Once you're ready, Yuthura Ban takes you to meet the academy's Master, Uthar Wynn. He addresses you and other prospective students in the hub of the academy:

Uthar Wynn: Greetings, prospective students. It appears we have a late entry. Who do you bring before me, Yuthura? A young human, bristling with the Force?
Yuthura Ban: A human that has had some training, it seems, Master Uthar. Very promising, I think.
Shaardan: Promising? Hmmph. That one's not worthy to lick spit off your shoes, master.
Lashowe: I met this one in the colony... unworthy, if you ask me.
Uthar Wynn: That I'll judge for myself, thank you. Tell me, human... what do you know of the ways of the Sith? What preconceptions has your mind been polluted with?
1. I've killed too many Sith to have preconceptions about them. 2. I don't know anything about the Sith, to tell the truth. 3. I know that the Sith are powerful. A force to be reckoned with. 4. The Sith are evil and have surrendered themselves to the temptation and corruption of their power. 5. The Sith do what they want and pay no heed to duty or discipline.
Uthar Wynn: Most impressive, if it is true. Those who were too weak to stand against you deserved their fate, so expect no retribution from us. There is much you can learn from the Sith, and we from you. Uthar Wynn: An honest if evasive answer. Likely it is more true than you realize. Allow me to speak of the deeper matters at hand. Uthar Wynn: A diplomatic answer, if not the core of the matter. Our power is obvious. The question in truth goes much deeper than the surface. Uthar Wynn: An honest answer, and one I would expect from anyone who has been exposed to those sad relics amongst the Jedi. As always, young human, the truth is not quite so simple. Uthar Wynn: Untrue. The Force demands discipline from all who use it, and the Sith demand duty. The truth goes far beyond such a superficial evaluation.
Uthar Wynn: The Jedi equate the light with goodness and strength and the dark with weakness and evil. That is their tradition and it is truly no surprise that they cling to it for comfort. We, however, do not treat the Force as a burden. We treat it as a gift, a thing to be celebrated. We use it to acquire power over others... and why should we not? Because the Jedi say we should not? We are as the Force is meant to be. The Jedi would hide that from you... they would tell you the dark side is too quick, too easy, all so that they need never challenge the passions that lie within them. Joining with us means realizing your true potential. It means not stifling yourself solely for the sake of hide-bound shamans and their antiquated notion of order. Be what you were meant to be.
Uthar Wynn: What say you, Lashowe? Are you ready to learn the secrets of the dark side? Dare you?
Lashowe: I dare, Master Uthar! I am ready!
Uthar Wynn: Brash and fiery, as expected. Turn that passion to your advantage, child. What of you, Mekel? Are you ready?
Mekel: I am, Master. More than ready.
Uthar Wynn: I sense much anger within you, young one. That is good. That will provide you power. And Shaardan... what of you?
Shaardan: I am always ready!
Uthar Wynn: I see. You had best gather your wits for the trial ahead, boy, or you will not last. And you, young human? Does this interest you? Are you ready to learn more of what I speak?
1. And what of my companions?
Uthar Wynn: Your slaves? They are irrelevant. They may accompany you, so long as they do not interfere with us or with your training. Are you ready or not, young one?
2. I am ready to learn more. 3. I don't know... 4. But... power without consideration of morality is a weakness.
Uthar Wynn: Are you? I can see into your heart, young human, and I see the dark kernel that is there. If it is ready to sprout remains to be seen. Dark Uthar Wynn: And so shall it be. Uthar Wynn: An honest answer. You will make little progress, however, if you do not come to learn that any opportunity, even an unsure one, must be snatched. Uthar Wynn: Ha ha ha! You are brave to argue, young one. I have met few students who would speak so openly to me. Ask yourself first what this 'morality' is? How is it created? Who does it benefit? Where do your notions of 'good' and 'evil' come from? You may come to the realization that morality is but an obstacle to overcome... or not. The discovery is yours to make, should you be ready.
Uthar Wynn: Now, then. All of you five recruits have shown a degree of facility with the Force... you all have the potential to become true Sith. Only one of you, however, will succeed. The one who succeeds will be admitted to the academy as a full Sith. All others must wait until next year and try again... if you survive. My pupil, Yuthura, shall be your teacher and master while you attempt to prove yourselves. Heed her words.
Yuthura Ban: As Master Uthar said, none of you are true Sith *yet*. For that to occur, one of you must do enough of worth... gain enough prestige... to be selected. What is an act of worth? You must learn that for yourselves. Remember that you are competitors, here... fight for your destiny, or go home.
Uthar Wynn: If you wish to gain a lead over your competitors, the first of you to learn the Code of the Sith and tell me of it will be rewarded. The rest is for you to discover. Welcome to the dark side, my children... your one chance at true greatness lies here.
Journal Entry Added The Way of the Sith
You have managed to enter the Sith academy as a hopeful vying with several others to become the one who will be finally admitted as a full Sith. In order to do so, you must prove your worth to Master Uthar Wynn by gaining prestige. More information can be gained by speaking to your instructor, Yuthura.
Item(s) Received Uthar Wynn
  • Sith Passcard

This is a small identification card marking you as a student within the Sith monastery on Korriban. It will allow you to come and go as you wish.

You're taken to your Bedroom to the northwest of the academy's hub, where Uthar remains, kneeling to meditate. Once you've spoken to your instructor Yuthura Ban, you're free to return and ask how you gain prestige:

Uthar Wynn: Greetings, young one. You have much to do, yet... you have gained little prestige. You will have to work quickly if you hope to best the others. Uthar Wynn: Greetings, young one. I have found you to be most impressive... you are off to an excellent beginning. Uthar Wynn: Greetings, young one. You have done very well for yourself so far. Continue and your promise shall be fulfilled.
1. How do I gain prestige?
Uthar Wynn: Oh? It is no more complicated than I said. Perform impressive deeds or bring me a suitably valuable artifact from the Valley of the Dark Lords.
HK-47: Observation: We could begin by slaughtering the inhabitants of this building, master. Would that be impressive? Carth: So it's a popularity contest, basically? Wonderful.
T3-M4: Beep-beep boop boooop.
HK-47: No, I didn't mean *us* as well, you moronic droid.
Zaalbar: It is like the rites of passage of my home, except the only purpose here is to brag about it. No personal pride at all.
Uthar Wynn: Really, however, you should seek out Yuthura and get her advice. She is your trainer, after all, yes?
1. Where is this valley?
Uthar Wynn: There is an exit that leads to the surface of the planet... the valley is only a short trip from there. It is not difficult to find.
2. I want to know some more about you.
Uthar Wynn: You wish to know more about me, do you? And why would I indulge your idle curiosity? Will we be good friends, you think? I strived many years to hone my power until I was able to drive out my predecessor and rule the academy. If you are smart, you will aim to do the same, or better. There is nothing else that you need to know. Do not ask again, young one.
4. I'll be on my way.
Uthar Wynn: Indeed. You have much to do, yet. Uthar Wynn: Very well. You have impressed me... definitely a good start. Uthar Wynn: You have gained considerable prestige... you are very close to the end. Do not falter now.

Although he doesn't go into specifics, you can ask around or simply explore the academy and the valley and its tombs beyond to the north to activate and complete quests, before returning to report to him and gain prestige and experience:

Quest Location Action XP Prestige
Double-Double-Cross Sith Academy Informed on Yuthura Ban 610 +1
Doubting Sith Sith Academy Informed on Kel Algwinn Dark Side Points Gained 210 +1
Code of the Sith Sith Academy Demonstrated full knowledge of the Code 125 +1
Renegade Sith Shyrack Caves Dealt with renegade Sith students 110 +1
Sword of Ajunta Pall Tomb of Ajunta Pall Turned over sword of Ajunta Pall 110 +1
Rogue Droid Tomb of Marka Ragnos Dealt with rogue assassin droid 110 +1
Hermit in the Hills Tomb of Tulak Hord Turned over ancient Sith tablet 110 +1
Mandalorian Weapons Cache Sith Academy Turned over location of weapons cache 110 +1
Aiding Lashowe Valley of Dark Lords Turned over holocron and denied killing Lashowe 110 +1
Turned over holocron and admitted killing Lashowe 210 +2
Killed Lashowe for her betrayal Dark Side Points Gained 110 +1

Experience listed is only that received upon reporting back, not the total received for completing the quest (as this varies depending on how it's completed).

Uthar Wynn: Go, now... you have done well, but you have not impressed me enough to declare you the victor. I have matters to attend to.
Journal Entry Added The Way of the Sith
You have managed to gain some prestige, impressing Master Uthar, but it is not yet enough for him to declare you the victor in your contest with the others. Speak to Yuthura or continue to look around the academy and the Valley of the Dark Lords to find ways to curry favor with Master Uthar.

Five prestige points need to be gained to be declared the victor, worthy of taking the final test: once this has occurred, you cannot report back for more prestige (and experience). Only four or five of these nine quests need to be completed, so there's no need for a light side character to move closer to the dark side of the Force.

However, some of these quests cannot be completed once you've proven yourself worthy: Yuthura Ban can no longer be poisoned and neither can Master Uthar unless you've already received the device from Yuthura, and she can no longer instruct you in the Code of the Sith; Lashowe can no longer be convinced to meet in the valley; and once you've been take to the tomb of Naga Sadow, you may no longer be able to speak to the doubting Sith Kel Algwinn or interrogate the Mandalorian prisoner about the weapons cache, and the tombs of Ajunta Pall and Tulak Hord will be locked if you haven't already found the sword of Ajunta Pall and the hermit in the hills respectively.

Once you've gained the necessary prestige:

Uthar Wynn: You have impressed me enough, by my estimation, to become a Sith in full. Congratulations, young one... you have bested the others quite completely. You have but one final test which you must take, and this requires us to travel to the tomb of Naga Sadow in the Valley of the Dark Lords. I would advise you to be rested and equipped before we leave. Return to your quarters now and seek me out in the morning. When you return, make sure that you have all that you will need... for you will face your test alone. Go, and may the Force serve you well.
Journal Entry Added The Way of the Sith
Master Uthar has been impressed enough to declare you worthy of taking the final test at the tomb of Naga Sadow. He has given you one night to rest up and prepare. When you are ready, return to him and he will bring you to the tomb.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 210 Declared worthy of taking the final test at the tomb of Naga Sadow

You're returned to your Bedroom once again, and some of the Sith may comment on your victory:

Yuthura Ban: What are you doing here? Go back to Uthar and tell him you're ready to take your final test! Our moment is at hand, go!
Lashowe: You beat me. Go on, gloat, I could care less. I'll succeed next time.
Shaardan: Hmph. I could've won. You were just lucky.
Mekel: Alright, fine, you won. Big deal. Mekel: I hear you beat out the others to get the prestige you needed. Congratulations. You deserve it.
Sith Student: Congratulations on joining the academy proper. I imagine you'll be taking your final test soon?
Sith Teacher: I hear that you have gained sufficient prestige to undertake the final test. Well done. Sith Teacher: Go on! You've gained your prestige, now, haven't you? Go take your final test already and get out of my hair!

Sith Student:

Hmm. So you got enough prestige to win out, I hear. We'll just see if you make it through your final test.

When you're ready, return to speak to Master Uthar:

Uthar Wynn: So, then. I take it you are ready to travel to the tomb of Naga Sadow? Your final test should not be delayed.
1. What is this tomb of Naga Sadow?
Uthar Wynn: It is a tomb that belonged to an ancient Sith Lord... the greatest of Korriban's Sith Lords, in fact. It is there that your test is performed.
2. What is this final test?
Uthar Wynn: I will tell you the details when we are there, young one. You will, however, fight for your life... that is why I suggest you be in sufficient health.
4. I'm not ready just yet.
Uthar Wynn: Then return when you are. Do not delay overly long, young one.

You're taken to the tomb of Naga Sadow by yourself, so before you tell him you're ready to go you may want to take any party members north to the door to the Valley and leave them there by entering Solo mode before returning, so they can better support you in case you have to fight your way back through the academy upon your return (otherwise they remain in the hub of the academy).

3. I am ready to go.
Uthar Wynn: Then we go now.


Your bedroom is at the end of a corridor to the northwest of the academy's hub. There's a footlocker by your bed, in the northwest corner:

Item(s) Received Footlocker

Star Map: Korriban[edit]

The corridor exits your bedroom to the southeast. As you travel south you'll pass your instructor Yuthura Ban standing at the foot of her own bed on the right, to the west. She speaks to you:

Yuthura Ban: Ah, there you are... my favorite prospect for the year.
1. Your favorite prospect?
Yuthura Ban: Absolutely. By my estimation, you are far more likely to achieve the prestige necessary to join the Sith than any of the others. As a matter of fact, I am so certain of that that I'm willing to offer you an opportunity of the once-in-a-lifetime variety. Would you like to hear it?
1. Absolutely. 2. Do I have a choice? 3. But I don't even have any prestige, yet!
Yuthura Ban: Good. I do so adore someone who's willing to take a chance. Yuthura Ban: Not really. Oh, don't worry... what I have in mind will benefit us both, you can be sure of that. Yuthura Ban: 'Yet' being the operative term. As I said, you have my utmost confidence.
Yuthura Ban: As I said, you're no doubt going to be the one whom Uthar chooses to become a Sith. With my help, of course. Once that occurs, he will take you into the Valley of the Dark Lords to the tomb of Naga Sadow to administer the final test. There you and I will be alone with him. The perfect time to, shall we say, arrange for a change in the academy's leadership?
1. What's so important about this tomb?
Yuthura Ban: The tomb is an ancient ruin on the surface that was visited years ago by Darth Revan and Darth Malak. They discovered a Star Map there of great importance.
Jolee: You don't say? Well, the master loves tombs, don't you master? Carth: Darth Malak went there? Very interesting... isn't it, master?
Yuthura Ban: Reaching that map, as they did, is part of the final test. At any rate, it is not the tomb that is important. That Uthar will be alone is what is important.
Journal Entry Added Star Map: Korriban
The Star Map on Korriban lies in the tomb of Naga Sadow within the Valley of the Dark Lords. The tomb, however, can only be entered by Master Uthar of the academy. He will take you there for your final test once you succeed in gaining enough prestige... doing so may be your only chance at reaching the Star Map.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Learned Star Map lies in tomb of Naga Sadow within Valley of Dark Lords


1. You want me to kill Master Uthar?
Yuthura Ban: Is that such a daunting prospect? It is not as if I am asking you to perform the task alone, or as if you will get nothing out of it. Master Uthar cannot prevail against us both. That's all there is to it. It is a very simple matter.
2. What's to stop me from telling him about this?
Yuthura Ban: I suppose you could do that. Even the hint of betrayal from his pupil and Uthar would move to eliminate me. But this is a very good opportunity for you... you can start off your Sith career as the right hand of the head of the academy: me. Uthar will not offer you that. Do you believe Uthar would not be aware of this? He would quickly figure out what you have to gain by betraying him... and would never believe someone would pass that up. Tell Master Uthar what you wish. Were I you, I would think first of what the consequences of such an action might be.
3. And what's your part in this?
Yuthura Ban: My 'part' in this is to help you gain enough prestige... and slow down the progress of the other hopefuls. I want you in that tomb when the time is right. We destroy Master Uthar together and I take his place... and you take your place at my side. A beautiful plan in its sheer simplicity.
4. How do I know this isn't some test?
Yuthura Ban: *chuckle* You must not know much about the Sith, yet. If Uthar were to even suspect that I might be trying to supplant him, true or not... Well, let's just say that he wouldn't likely stop to ask too many questions before ensuring I was dealt with.
4. Very well. I agree. 5. Forget it. I don't want to be a part of this.
Yuthura Ban: I'm so glad you see it my way. Yuthura Ban: You are already a part of this. Don't be a fool.
Yuthura Ban: I will begin to make preparations for your final test. Your only worry now is to get there... don't disappoint me.
5. I'll be going.
Yuthura Ban: You have had an excellent start... go, gain more prestige! Yuthura Ban: You are very close to succeeding... work quickly!
Journal Entry Added The Double-Cross
Yuthura Ban has chosen you to be part of her plot to overthrow Master Uthar and take over the academy... and she didn't give you much choice in the matter. Yuthura will help you gain enough prestige to be worthy of the final test at the tomb of Naga Sadow, and there she expects you to help her kill Master Uthar.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Chosen by Yuthura Ban to be part of her plot to overthrow Master Uthar

If you ask her how you get more prestige she can give you a lead, after telling you that the first and easiest way would be for you to learn the Code of the Sith:

Yuthura Ban: What do you wish? I am eager to get this over with. Yuthura Ban: I understand you have impressed Master Uthar at least a little. That is good... we are one step closer towards completing my plan. Yuthura Ban: I hear that you have gained even more prestige. You are closing in on victory... this is good. Yuthura Ban: You've been doing well... I hear you've almost enough prestige to be declared the victor. Somehow I just knew you were the one who would succeed.
Yuthura Ban: Were I you, I would not get too excited just yet. You still have plenty left to do.
1. How do I get more prestige?
Yuthura Ban: You must impress Master Uthar... go to him with news of your deeds or artifacts you have discovered. The first and easiest way would be for you to learn the Code of the Sith and speak it to him. I can teach you that, if you like. Shall I go on? Yuthura Ban: The Code of the Sith is the easiest way, to start. I have told you all that you need to know of it, already.
2. Yes, go on. 3. No, I've heard enough.
Yuthura Ban: Fair enough.
2. Can you tell me about the Code of the Sith? 2. I want to ask more about the Code.

If you want to know more about these ruins on the surface, she confirms you can only gain entrance to the tomb of Naga Sadow in the company of Master Uthar, so even as a light side character you must prove your worth to him by gaining prestige to be admitted as a full Sith:

3. I want to know more about these ruins on the surface.
Yuthura Ban: I have been involved in the work there over the last couple of years, but not often. Most of the excavating is left to the students. What did you wish to know?
1. Is there any way into the tomb of Naga Sadow?
Yuthura Ban: Not unless you are accompanied by Master Uthar, no. It is strictly forbidden... and I truly doubt you could bypass the doors to the tomb with anything less than ship blasters. Even then, perhaps.
1. There's no other way inside?
Yuthura Ban: None. I do not even know how Master Uthar gains entrance, to tell the truth, though I look forward to discovering that fact. I have searched many times, so do not bother... there is no other way. Do not fret, however. Simply get the prestige you need and you will see the tomb soon enough.
2. Why are the Sith so interested in these ruins?
Yuthura Ban: We could learn much about the history of the ancient Sith... why they were on Korriban and why they left. Perhaps we could learn more about the origin of the Force, itself. With that knowledge could come great power.
3. I've heard enough.
Yuthura Ban: As you wish.

If you ask her to tell you about herself she'll mention she was from Sleheyron, and if you return it's easy to persuade her you'd like to know more about her:

5. Tell me about yourself.
Yuthura Ban: About myself? I am originally from Sleheyron, if you must know. I was a slave to a cruel master, Omeesh the Hutt. I am sure you don't need to know more.
5. You mentioned you were from Sleheyron...
Yuthura Ban: I did. I also said that you didn't need to know more. Why are you asking?
Easy 1. [Persuade] I just would like to know more about you, that's all.
Yuthura Ban: [Success] I... see. Very well. I suppose there's no harm in the tale. As I said, I was originally a slave to one of the Hutts. The Hutts control everything on Sleheyron, and a slave is nothing to them. I was determined not to be 'nothing'. One night when the drunken worm had me alone in his chambers I stabbed him and escaped the compound. I stole onto a cargo ship and was not discovered by the crew until they reached the next system. They left me for dead on a desolate planetoid, alone... but that was fine by me. I was glad to be anywhere other than Sleheyron. It was not luck that I was eventually rescued, of course. The Force was strong with me, though I didn't know that at the time. Not until the Jedi told me, that is.
Yuthura Ban: [Failure] You know all that you need to. We can exchange niceties once Uthar is gone, if you desire. 2. Alright, forget I asked. 1. The Jedi found you? What happened?
Yuthura Ban: I'd... rather not discuss it. Perhaps another time.
Yuthura Ban: Is there something else you needed?
4. I'll be going.
Yuthura Ban: I hope to see you again.

Once she's told you more you can return to ask how she became a Sith, although she still needs to be persuaded to let you hear the tale:

Yuthura Ban: Hello, again. I trust all is going smoothly?
5. How did you become a Sith?
Yuthura Ban: I... would prefer not to discuss that.
1. I'd really like to hear the tale.
Yuthura Ban: Why? There is no point. Have I asked you about your past?

It's easier for a male character to persuade her:

Easy 1. [Persuade] I just thought we could become friends... or maybe something more. Medium 1. [Persuade] I just thought we could become friends, is all. Never 2. [Persuade] Is there any harm in telling me?
Yuthura Ban: [Failure] Friends? We can be friends once Uthar is dead. Until then, a 'friend' is a weakness. Yuthura Ban: [Failure] There is always harm in becoming too vulnerable. I will not be as weak as you desire.
Yuthura Ban: Is there something else you needed?


Yuthura Ban: [Success] I see. You... certainly have odd notions for one hoping to become a Sith. I'll play along... for now. Yuthura Ban: [Success] You... have odd notions for someone hoping to become a Sith.
Yuthura Ban: Let's see... after escaping from Sleheyron I was found by the Jedi. They took me in and trained me even though I was a bit older than most Padawans.
1. You were a Jedi?
Yuthura Ban: Not really, no. I never progressed beyond Padawan. I had discipline, but no peace... and after my treatment at the hands of the Hutts there was little room in me for the ways of the Jedi.
Jolee: You sound very much like... someone I used to know.
Yuthura Ban: Yes, well... I imagine I am not unique. Things very easily could have been very different for me.
Yuthura Ban: I wanted to use the Force to free the other slaves I knew, to fight for what I knew was right. The Jedi restrained me until I couldn't stand it any more. They claim the dark side is evil, but that isn't so. Sometimes anger and hatred are deserved and right. Sometimes things change because of it.
1. But not always. Mostly it makes things worse. 2. But has anything changed? 3. I agree.
Yuthura Ban: Any failure to get the results I want is due to a lack of power on my part. That can change, in time. As a Sith, my mettle is tested far more than when I was a Padawan. Yuthura Ban: No... not yet. But my anger has not diminished, nor my desire to see change. The more time I spend with the Sith the more I am certain that one day I will be able to fight as I must. Yuthura Ban: There is suffering and injustice in the universe. I am surprised the Jedi can even stand the stench of it, much less stand by and do nothing.
Yuthura Ban: I know this may sound strange, but only my compassion stands in my way, now. Once that is gone let the slavers beware.
1. But... if you lose your compassion, will you still care about those slaves? 2. How long before you begin this fight, do you think? 3. It's a commendable goal. I admire your spirit. 4. I find it hard to think of any Sith with compassion.
Yuthura Ban: I... yes, of course. I mean losing my compassion as in... holding back... Yuthura Ban: I... well, there is much training to do. I... may be a long time... Yuthura Ban: Thank you. I only wish I was as strong with the Force as you are. You could change much, yourself, if you wanted to. Yuthura Ban: I suppose I shouldn't be telling you these things... sharing my weaknesses with you. Being a Sith doesn't make me a monster, however.
Yuthura Ban: But enough of that. I've talked about myself too much, surely you are tired of it.
4. I'll be going.
Yuthura Ban: Come back soon... my friend.

Once she's told her tale, she considers you her friend:

Yuthura Ban: Greetings, my friend. *chuckle* I do rather enjoy saying that.

Befriending her gives you the opportunity to persuade her to leave the academy later... or move even closer to the dark side of the Force if you turn on her first...


A Sith guard patrols the corridors to the west of the academy's hub:

Greetings, Student.

Two Sith students wander the main corridor between the east and west ends of the academy, and their comments may shed some light on how you might gain prestige; Hijata and two other Sith students standing on the southeast side of the academy's hub do likewise. Uthar Wynn kneels in the center, meditating:

3. I have something to tell you about Yuthura...
Uthar Wynn: Oh? What is my apprentice up to now?
2. Nothing. I shouldn't have brought it up.
Uthar Wynn: I see. Well, then... should you change your mind... you know where to come, yes?


1. She wants me to help her kill you at the final trial.
Uthar Wynn: I see. It is good that you have come to me with this information, young one. It is a bit... ironic... that Yuthura has begun her plotting. I have been aware of her growing ambitions for some time, and had in fact already decided to remove her. Normally, the one who gains the most prestige would engage in a final trial... two of the students would fight. This time it will be Yuthura who battles, though she does not know it. Perhaps it will be you who combats her? Yes... perhaps so. This is what you can do. Give this pad to Adrenas... he will put some poison in her bath. This will weaken Yuthura for that final test, making her an easy target. Rather generous of me, don't you think?
Jolee: Hm. This should be interesting. Carth: I'd love to know what's going on in that tricky mind of yours.
Uthar Wynn: For coming to me with this information and betraying your foolish trainer, I feel you are worthy of prestige, young one.
Journal Entry Added The Double-Double-Cross
Master Uthar has co-opted you into his own plan to turn the tables around on Yuthura. He has given you a datapad with instructions to have Yuthura poisoned in time for the final test. You must locate Adrenas in the exit to the Valley of the Dark Lords and give the datapad to him.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 610 Co-opted into plan to turn tables on Yuthura
Item(s) Received Uthar Wynn
  • Sith Datapad

This datapad contains coded instructions from Master Uthar to someone by the name of Adrenas. You are not sure what the instructions detail, save that he requires the chamberlain to go to Dreshdae to gather the ingredients.

If you don't tell him about Yuthura's plot to overthrow him, then he'll turn on you even if you side with him against her. However, doing so doesn't prevent you from siding with Yuthura, and surprisingly neither does poisoning her. If you speak to him again before gaining enough prestige to be declared worthy of taking the final test:

Uthar Wynn: Do not forget our agreement regarding Yuthura's treachery. We shall put her in her place... should you reach the final test, that is.

Adrenas can be found standing with Tariga and a female Sith teacher in the northeast corner of the north hall exiting to the Valley, and once you've asked who he is you can tell him Master Uthar gave you this datapad for him:

Adrenas: He did? Allow me to see that for a moment... Ah, yes, I see. I will do as Master Uthar requests, of course. Thank you for bringing this to me.
Journal Entry Added The Double-Double-Cross
Master Uthar's datapad has been turned over to Adrenas. This means that when (and if) you go to the final test at the tomb of Naga Sadow, Yuthura will be poisoned and weak enough to be easily defeated.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Turned over Master Uthar's datapad to Adrenas
Item(s) Lost Adrenas
  • Sith Datapad

At this point, you can still side with either of them (or neither). However, if you tell Yuthura about Uthar's plan then once again he'll turn on you even if you side with him against her:

1. I have some news about Uthar...
Yuthura Ban: What? What's happened? Our plan is still intact, I hope.
2. It's nothing. Our plan is fine.
Yuthura Ban: Good. Let's keep it that way.


1. He plans to have me fight you in the final test.
Yuthura Ban: Ahhh. How very clever of him. Normally you would face some other student in the tomb, preferably one of the failed ones. Obviously Uthar has decided to get rid of me. But why...? Did you say something to him?

You need to be moderately persuasive to successfully lie about saying something to him, although the outcome is the same as telling the truth or failing:

1. Yes, I did. Medium 2. [Persuade/Lie] No, of course not.
Yuthura Ban: What?! You fool! While I respect your attempt to play both sides of the fence, you are playing a dangerous game. Yuthura Ban: [Failure] Hmph. I truly doubt that. You are attempting to play both sides of the fence, I think. I respect that. You are playing a dangerous game, however. Yuthura Ban: [Success] Then how could he suspect? Unless one of the others... never mind. It is not important, now.
Yuthura Ban: If you think Uthar will truly be so grateful to you for double-crossing me, think again. Your only chance lies with me.
Yuthura Ban: In the end, it works out better that it is only the two of us in the tomb with him. So long as we refuse to fight. Is there anything else I should know?

If you still have Master Uthar's Sith datapad, you can tell her that he wants her poisoned:

1. He wants you poisoned. I'm supposed to give this pad to Andrenas.
Yuthura Ban: Let me see that. Hmm... so it's true. Thank you for bringing this to me... now I will be far stronger than Uthar expects.
Journal Entry Added The Double-Double-Cross
You have turned over Master Uthar's datapad to Yuthura, effectively eliminating any possibility of her being poisoned. It would probably not be a good idea to reveal this particular detail to Master Uthar.
Item(s) Lost Yuthura Ban
  • Sith Datapad


1. [Lie] He wants you poisoned. I don't know how, though. 2. [Lie] No. I don't know anything else. 2. [Lie] No, that's it.
Yuthura Ban: Hah! He's a fool. I can make preparations to resist any poisons. Thank you for telling me... now I will be far stronger than Uthar expects. Yuthura Ban: Good. I'm not about to rest on my laurels, however.
Yuthura Ban: Here... this passcard will allow you access to Uthar's quarters. It's at the far end of the passages with the other quarters. Take this device as well and put it inside his cot. No-one should see you do it. Then Uthar will be too weak to stand up against us. Don't even think of failing me. You and I are too far into this now to back out.
Journal Entry Added The Double-Cross
Yuthura has given you a small device which she says will secretly poison Master Uthar. It must be placed within his bed inside his chambers, for which she has given you a passcard to enter. Regardless of whether or not you do as she wishes, Master Uthar should not be told about your relaying of his plan... no doubt he would not look upon you kindly.
Item(s) Received Yuthura Ban
  • Passcard
Item(s) Received Yuthura Ban
  • Sith Device
These passcards act as keys to the academy bedrooms... this one specifically meant for the bedroom of Master Uthar. This small electronic device appears to be completely self-operating. Once attached to a specific surface, it will begin deploying whatever trap is inside. Yuthura has not explained exactly what the device does... simply that it must be placed inside Master Uthar's bed in order to function.

In for a penny, in for a pound: if you've told her about Uthar's plan, then you might as well poison him as well. Uthar Wynn's room is at the west end of the main corridor running the length of the academy. The door is in the south wall:

Security Uthar Wynn's Room Unlock 34 (14) Bash Resist - Vitality -

Yuthura's passcard opens the door so that using Security isn’t necessary to unlock it. His bed is at the west end of the room:

Bed: [The device could easily be placed underneath the bed... it apparently will stick to the metal and be well out of sight.]
1. [Place the device.] 2. [Leave it alone.]
Bed: [With a whir, the device crawls away upon being placed. It is done.]
Journal Entry Added The Double-Cross
You have placed Yuthura's device in Master Uthar's bed, meaning he should be poisoned in time for the final test at the tomb of Naga Sadow. This should make him much easier to defeat there. Hopefully Master Uthar does not find out about your involvement in the scheme before that time comes.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Placed Yuthura's device in Master Uthar's bed
Item(s) Lost Bed
  • Sith Device

There's a locked footlocker by the bed, in the northwest corner:

Security Footlocker Unlock 18 (0) Bash Resist 5 Vitality 15
Item(s) Received Footlocker

Doubting Sith[edit]

To the south of your Bedroom and across the main corridor connecting the east and west ends of the academy, Kel Algwinn kneels to meditate at the foot of his bed to the left, on the east side. The corridor to the south turns east into an empty bedroom, where there's a locked footlocker by the bed, in the northeast corner:

Security Footlocker Unlock 28 (8) Bash Resist 5 Vitality 15
Item(s) Received Footlocker

If you speak to Kel Algwinn:

Kel Algwinn: Oh, ah... hello. I don't remember seeing you here before. My name is Kel... Kel Algwinn. Kel Algwinn: Oh, hello again. You're, uh... doing well in your training?
2. Do you know anything about the Code of the Sith?
Kel Algwinn: Yes, of course. I must admit I've never really understood it very well. Enough to please Master Uthar, I guess... but I still have trouble with it.
4. I'll be going. 2. All things take time. Not to worry.
Kel Algwinn: Err... well, good luck with your training. Kel Algwinn: Yeah. Yes, I suppose so. Thanks.

After asking if he knows anything about the Code of the Sith, you can provoke him to attack you:

3. And you're a full Sith? How pathetic.
Kel Algwinn: Don't say that! Leave me alone, or you'll be sorry!
2. Fine, fine. Have it your way.
Kel Algwinn: Just leave!


1. I doubt that.
Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Kel Algwinn: I am a Sith, better trained than you! I'll show you!!

However, if your alignment is dark (< 40), you have other opportunities to provoke an attack after asking if something's wrong:

1. Is something wrong? 1. What's the problem?
Zaalbar: This one isn't raving like the others. A doubter.
Kel Algwinn: I... oh, uh, nothing.
1. Are you sure?
Kel Algwinn: Y-yes. My master always says I am too trusting, too willing to show weakness. You're a Sith, so I really shouldn't... you know...
1. But I'm not a Sith, yet. 2. I can't persuade you to tell me?
Kel Algwinn: Oh, I know that. I mean... you aren't yet, but you intend to be. I mean you're just like everyone else here. Kel Algwinn: Uh, n-no, I really can't. A Sith... like you... would use any means to succeed.
1. And you're not? 2. Are you saying you're not a Sith?
Kel Algwinn: Well I... I... I didn't mean it like that.
1. Well, how did you mean it, then?
Kel Algwinn: I... I shouldn't trust you. I can't trust you, can I?
4. No, of course not. What kind of Sith are you?
Kel Algwinn: I, uh, I suppose you're right. Never mind. Forget I said anything.


Easy 1. [Persuade] Sure you can. Medium 1. [Persuade] Sure you can.
Kel Algwinn: [Failure] No... no, I shouldn't bother you with it. Forget I said anything.

You can provoke him before persuading him, but experience is received if you're successful (although it's harder if your alignment is dark):

Easy 1. [Persuade] Sure you can. Medium 1. [Persuade] Sure you can. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 2. [Force Persuade] You want to trust me.
Kel Algwinn: [Success] I just... don't feel I belong here. I thought maybe I did at first, but now... I don't know. I just have so many doubts.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 125 Persuaded Kel Algwinn to trust you
3. Out with it. This is getting tiresome. 1. Master Uthar probably wouldn't like to hear that. 4. Is that it? Don't bother me with your petty weaknesses.
Kel Algwinn: I... forget I said anything. Just... go back to your training, please. I have work to do. Kel Algwinn: Yes, I'm... I'm sorry. P-please don't, don't tell anyone... I'll get over it, I guess.
Dark 1. You're no Sith. I've never seen anyone so pathetic!
Dark Side Points Gained: -4
Kel Algwinn: I... I am too a Sith! I'm more a Sith than you are! I'll show you!!

He receives bonuses depending on your character level:

Character level Dexterity Wisdom Vitality Force
12-14 +4 +4 +50 +50
> 14 +6 +6 +100 +100

Thus at character level > 14:

Kel Algwinn
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 8
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 20 +5
Charisma 8 -1
Vitality 188
Defense 27
Fortitude 9
Reflex 13
Will 11
Awareness 13
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 14 -
Energy 7-21-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Lightsaber Knight Sense

Improved Conditioning Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber Advanced Jedi Defense11 Power Attack Flurry Critical Strike11


Destroy Droid Drain Life Horror Force Push Shock Slow17 Advanced Throw Lightsaber

Burst of Speed
Experience Points (XP) Received: Item(s) Received Kel Algwinn

This may move you closest to the dark side of the Force with alignment > 60 and result in most experience received at level < 13, but otherwise you move closest to the dark side, receive more experience and gain prestige if you don't provoke him and tell Master Uthar of his doubts instead:

3. Everyone has doubts. Keep it up... you'll come around. 2. Alright. Suit yourself.
Kel Algwinn: I guess you're right. The dark side is... where I belong. No going back now. Th-thank you. Kel Algwinn: Err... well, good luck with your training.
Journal Entry Added A Doubting Sith
You have encountered a student by the name of Kel Algwinn, an unusual student at the Sith academy who confessed to you that he has strong feelings of doubt that this is the appropriate place for him to be. Such knowledge would be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.
Kel Algwinn: Please don't tell anyone what I told you. They would tell me to leave... or worse.

If you ask Yuthura if she knows a student named Kel, she advises you to betray him if you know something:

4. Do you know a student named Kel?
Yuthura Ban: Yes... vaguely. The boy burdens himself with doubts and anxieties. It is sad to watch, really, for he does possess a certain flair with the Force. Kel will not survive long. Someone will betray him soon enough, and he will be dead. If you are smart and you know something, that person should be you.

If you need to give Lashowe a lead before she'll agree to work together, you can now tell her she could go and talk to Kel Algwinn:

Lashowe: He's... one of the students? Yes, I've met the sniveler. I think I know where you're going with this... good, yes, I accept.
Journal Entry Added A Doubting Sith
You told Lashowe of Kel Algwinn's doubts about remaining in the Sith academy. There is little reason to believe that she would hesitate to turn such information over to Master Uthar. You will probably not be seeing Kel Algwinn again.

However, this isn't the only lead you can give her and it prevents you from gaining prestige by telling Master Uthar:

4. I have something to tell you about a student...
Uthar Wynn: A student, is it? What might you have to say?
2. Never mind.
Uthar Wynn: I see. Then leave me be if you have nothing to offer. I am sure you have much to do.


Dark Side Points Gained: -5
1. It's Kel Algwinn. He has... doubts... and is thinking of leaving.
Uthar Wynn: Ahhhh. I think I know this one you speak of. You gained his confidence to admit such, did you? I commend your competitive spirit... you have certainly impressed me. I shall speak to the boy straight away.
Journal Entry Added A Doubting Sith
Master Uthar has been informed of Kel Algwinn's doubts. He was highly impressed by your ruthlessness, and noted that Kel would be "spoken to" shortly.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 210 Informed Master Uthar of Kel Algwinn's doubts

If you speak to Yuthura afterwards:

Yuthura Ban: Hmmm. You're a rather tricky human, aren't you? However did you manage to convince Kel Algwinn to reveal himself to you? No matter. I applaud you for the maneuver, at any rate. An act worthy of a Sith, surely.
1. I rather enjoyed it. He was a fool. 2. He wouldn't have lasted. I just put him out of his misery. 3. I... suppose so.
Yuthura Ban: Now that's what I like to see... the flash of ambition in a young human's eyes. Your species has such remarkable retinal coloring, did you know that? Yuthura Ban: Yes, I... suppose so. The weak can surprise you sometimes with their strength, however. He could have surprised us. Yuthura Ban: What's this? Regrets? Not to worry, dear pupil, it... gets easier with time.
Yuthura Ban: You have other things to turn your attention to, however, I'm sure. What do you need?

Alternatively, you can forego the opportunity to gain prestige and get him to leave the academy:

2. If it doesn't feel right, then perhaps you don't belong here.
Kel Algwinn: But where would I go, then? What would I do?
1. Have you thought about the Jedi? 2. It doesn't matter. Have you considered that the dark side just isn't your way? 3. Leave, obviously. You're not ready to be a Sith. You'll wind up dead.
Light Side Points Gained: +3
Kel Algwinn: I... don't know. I never really thought about it. Maybe I should seek it out, give it a try. Thank you... thank you so much!
Kel Algwinn: Uh, eh, maybe you're right. *sigh* I'll go and... tell Master Uthar that I'm not ready for this. Maybe it won't be so bad. Th-thank you.
Journal Entry Added A Doubting Sith
You encountered a Sith by the name of Kel Algwinn who really didn't belong in the academy... in fact, you advised him to think about joining the Jedi, instead. Kel took your advice to heart and decided to leave the Sith and think about it. Who knows? Perhaps someday you might find him amongst the ranks of the Order?
Journal Entry Added A Doubting Sith
You encountered a Sith by the name of Kel Algwinn who really didn't belong in the academy... and you told him as much. While the Sith might disagree with your advice, Kel took it to heart and immediately left. Perhaps it is for the best.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 225 Advised Kel Algwinn to think about joining the Jedi
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 175 Told Kel Algwinn he really didn't belong in the academy

After advising him to think about joining the Jedi, he does exactly that and he may now be found in the training room of the Jedi Council Chambers on Dantooine:

Kel Algwinn: You're back. The Council said you might return to Dantooine... I'm glad you did. I wanted to thank you.
1. Do I know you? 2. Thank me for what? 3. You're certainly welcome.
Kel Algwinn: Maybe you don't remember me? I'm Kel... Kel Algwinn. We, uh, met in the academy on Korriban.
Kel Algwinn: You told me I should leave the Sith and seek out the Jedi. Well, I did. Everyone's been very nice... much nicer than I thought they would be.
Kel Algwinn: I almost didn't think the Jedi Council would give me a chance, but they said everyone was welcome to return to the light side. I guess I never *really* believed in the dark side. This just feels so right. I can't remember the last time I felt at peace like this. They said I have a long road ahead of me, but they made me a proper Padawan and I have a Master, now. I... I just can't thank you enough.
1. You were too weak to be a Sith anyway. 2. The decision was yours, Kel. 3. I'm glad I could help.
Kel Algwinn: I... guess, if that's how you want to look at it. The Sith don't support each other like the Jedi do... and I don't think that's a weakness at all. Kel Algwinn: I guess so. You pointed me in the right direction, though, and I have to be grateful for that. The Sith certainly didn't have my best interest at heart. Kel Algwinn: I'm glad you were there. I don't think I ever would have made it through the academy alive. And now I might actually become a Jedi someday.
Kel Algwinn: Well, at any rate, I wish you well. May... may the Force be with you.
Kel Algwinn: Thank you again. I hope your mission for the Council goes well.

Code of the Sith[edit]

Yuthura Ban: I can help you to understand it. Would you like to hear it?
"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me."
Simple words, yet easily misunderstood. Would you care for me to explain anything?
Journal Entry Added The Code of the Sith
Yuthura has instructed you on the Code of the Sith. Master Uthar already stated the the first hopeful to come to him with full knowledge of the Code could gain prestige. If you take it to him, make sure you remember it well.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 125 Instructed on the Code of the Sith

Experience is received each time you ask about the Code of the Sith, which can be exploited to level up (although this is neither necessary nor recommended). You can ask her to explain each line, which will help answer Master Uthar's question after reciting the Code:

1. 'Peace is a lie, there is only passion'?
Yuthura Ban: The Jedi would have you believe that peace is a desirable goal. That peace of the spirit is the way the Force is mastered, that a lack of conflict betters man. We know different. It is our passion... our hate and our desire... that fuels the Force. It is conflict that improves the lot of civilization and single being both. Conflict forces one to better oneself. It forces change, growth, adaption... evolution... or death. These are not our laws, but the universe's. Without conflict you have only stagnation.
2. 'Through passion, I gain strength'?
Yuthura Ban: What fuels your power with the Force but your passion? The stronger, darker emotions. Anger, hatred, fear... these passions empower us.
1. What about love?
Yuthura Ban: Love is more dangerous than all those things. Love leads to anger and hatred more often that not... but it also leads to mercy, which is far worse. That, however, is a lesson for another time.
2. Those seem like awfully negative passions.
Yuthura Ban: Negative? Compared to what? What keeps even the most rudimentary creature alive? Fear to run, anger to fight... without it a creature would most surely die.
2. Are you saying we aren't anything more than a rudimentary creature?
Yuthura Ban: We are far more than them, perhaps, but in some ways we are little different. To think us creatures beyond the need of simple passions is a delusion.
3. The Jedi say the opposite. How can both be right?
Yuthura Ban: The Force gives us all power, even the Jedi. It is our mastery of our passion that gives us the strength they lack.
4. I see.
Yuthura Ban: It is our goal to be stronger, to achieve our potential and not rest upon our laurels. We are the seekers, not the shepherds.
3. 'Through strength, I gain power'?
Yuthura Ban: The stronger you become in the Force, the more power you will achieve. But always must you fight for your power. Without strife, your victory has no meaning. Without strife, you do not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation.
4. 'Through power, I gain victory'?
Yuthura Ban: How many sorts of victories can you imagine? Peaceful victory? Victory by sacrifice? A truce, an achievement? Unless the victory is achieved by demonstrating that your power is superior, it is only an illusion. Temporary at best. We seek more.
5. 'Through victory, my chains are broken'?
Yuthura Ban: This... has been argued over, and often. The chains represent our restrictions, both those placed upon us and those we place upon ourselves. Ultimately the goal of any Sith is to free herself from such restrictions. In a way, it is so we may do whatever we wish... but it is much more than that. One who has freed themselves from all restrictions has reached perfection. Their potential fulfilled. Perfect strength, perfect power, perfect destiny. Imagine it. That is our ideal, at any rate. It is said in Sith legend that the 'Sith'ari'... the perfect being... will one day lead us. But perhaps that is just a legend.
1. You don't think the Sith'ari can exist?
Yuthura Ban: I... wonder what a being would be like. The legends say the Sith'ari will destroy us... and make us stronger than ever. But perhaps that is just a legend. Perfection is... a goal, I think, rather than a state of being. The Jedi would argue that, no doubt.
6. 'The Force shall free me'?
Yuthura Ban: The Force is our servant and our master. Our teacher and our companion. A weapon and a tool. Know it and you know the universe. Master it and you master the universe. Strive for perfection and the Force shall reward you.
7. I think I got it.
Yuthura Ban: I am not surprised. The Force is strong with you... master it and it shall serve you well.

You can now return to the hub of the academy to the east to demonstrate your knowledge to Master Uthar:

5. I know the Code of the Sith.
Uthar Wynn: Then finish the Code as I speak it. "Peace is a lie, there is only..."
1. Serenity. 2. Strength. 3. Passion. 4. Victory. 5. Chaos. 6. Harmony.

If you make a mistake, he stops you and you must begin again until you get it all correct:

Uthar Wynn: No. No, that is incorrect. I would have thought merely reciting the Code to be a simple matter. Ah, well.


Uthar Wynn: "Through passion I gain..."
1. Serenity. 2. Strength. 3. Power. 4. Victory. 5. Chaos. 6. Harmony.
Uthar Wynn: "Through strength I gain..."
1. Serenity. 2. Peace. 3. Power. 4. Victory. 5. Chaos. 6. Harmony.
Uthar Wynn: "Through power I gain..."
1. Serenity. 2. Peace. 3. Control. 4. Victory. 5. Chaos. 6. Harmony.
Uthar Wynn: "Through victory...."
1. ...I am free. 2. ...I am superior. 3. chains disappear. 4. chains are broken. 5. ...I have won free.
Uthar Wynn: "The Force shall free me." Yes, good. You have, indeed, learned the Code of the Sith. Speaking the words and knowing the words are, however, two different things.

After reciting the Code, you must answer one of three randomly selected questions, true or false:

Uthar Wynn: Tell me, then, true or false: it is our passion that fuels the Force. Uthar Wynn: Tell me then, true or false: there is nothing worse than love. Uthar Wynn: Tell me then, true or false: victory by any means is desirable.
2. False. 1. True. 1. True.
Uthar Wynn: No, it is true. Our passion, our hate and desire... that is what brings conflict, which gives us power. Uthar Wynn: False. Mercy is worse than love. Uthar Wynn: False. Unless victory proves your superiority, it is an illusion, it is temporary.
Uthar Wynn: Sadly, it seems you did not understand the Code as well as I thought.

If you get it wrong, you must recite the Code again before answering his question. Otherwise:

1. True. 2. False. 2. False.
Uthar Wynn: Well done. I will test you no more... you know the Code. Very impressive.
Journal Entry Added The Code of the Sith
You were successful in demonstrating to Master Uthar your knowledge of the Code of the Sith. He was impressed, and you have gained prestige, though you will no doubt have to do much more than this to prove your final worth.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 125 Demonstrated knowledge of the Code of the Sith

Renegade Sith[edit]

Yuthura Ban: There are a group of students who refused an order by Master Uthar to execute a group of civilians in the colony. Uthar declared that they were to be executed, themselves, but the students escaped and fled before the order could be carried out. We are certain that they have not left Korriban. No doubt they have not gotten far and are simply in hiding... we just do not know where, exactly. If you were to locate them and carry out Uthar's order, I am sure he would be most appreciative. Shall I go on? Yuthura Ban: The rebel students I told you about must still be found and dealt with... Master Uthar would be greatly impressed by their deaths, I am sure.
1. Yes, go on.

The male Sith teacher standing with the Sith student on the northeast side of the academy's hub, or in the northwest corner of the hall to the Valley, can also tell you about the renegade Sith students:

Sith Teacher: How do you do, hopeful? Seeking prestige, yes?
1. Who might you be?
Sith Teacher: I am a trainer here at the academy. I think I may be able to offer you some aid in gaining prestige, if you desire.
3. I have to go.
Sith Teacher: May the Force serve you well.


2. Yes. Can you help me?
Sith Teacher: Do you know of our renegade students?
1. No. I don't know what you're talking about. 1. The students who refused to kill for Master Uthar?
Sith Teacher: Ah. Let me tell you what I can, then. A group of students were ordered to perform executions on civilians within the colony. They refused to carry out the orders. Master Uthar naturally ordered them killed... but they fled before this could take place. If one could carry out Uthar's order, it would be worth considerable prestige. There are five of them, if I remember... and they cannot be far, as they have no method to leave the planet. Likely hiding in the hills on the surface. Sith Teacher: Those are the ones. It seems you have already heard of them. There is little more I can tell you, then. Should you locate their hiding place, you would gain considerable prestige, I am sure.
Sith Teacher: Now if you will excuse me, I must return to my studies.

After dealing with the renegade students and returning to Master Uthar:

Sith Teacher: I understand that our renegade students have been dealt with... and that you are responsible for that. Congratulations.

However, slicing the console in the dueling room at the east end of the academy and hacking into its datafiles is the most informative:

Journal Entry Added Renegade Sith
You have been told about some renegade Sith students who disobeyed a direct order given by Master Uthar to execute civilians. It is known that they have not left Korriban and are probably in hiding. Anyone who could eliminate them would likely gain favor with Master Uthar for the deed.

The Renegade Sith can be found in the southernmost tunnel of the Shyrack caves, the entrance to which is in the west wall of the Valley of Dark Lords upon exiting the academy to the north (there's a flock of shyrack outside, so it's hard to miss).

Sword of Ajunta Pall[edit]

If you speak to the Sith student standing with the Sith teacher on the northeast side of the academy's hub:

Sith Student: Greetings. You're one of the new hopefuls, aren't you? I imagine you're eager to garner some prestige for Master Uthar. Sith Student: Still working to earn prestige, are you?
1. Who are you?
Sith Student: My name is Tamlen. I'm assigned here to the library... mostly keeping it up to date with new discoveries and such.
1. New discoveries? 3. What are you doing here? 2. I am. Anything you can help me with?
Sith Student: I am adding new entries into our library's database based on the excavations in the valley. Currently I'm working on Ajunta Pall... quite a fascinating subject. Sith Student: Hmm. That depends. Do you know anything about Ajunta Pall?
1. Who is Ajunta Pall? 1. Ajunta Pall the ancient Sith Lord?
Sith Student: Ajunta Pall was one of the first of the great Sith Lords... at least, according to the ruins here on Korriban. One of the tombs out in the Valley of the Dark Lords belongs to him. He wielded a powerful sword, by all accounts. Some of us believe it might be in that tomb, which is quite exciting. Sith Student: The very same.
1. His sword? 1. Do you know anything about his sword?
Sith Student: According to legend, Ajunta Pall forged a sword imbued with the essence of the dark side. Someone who found it could gain considerable prestige. Sith Student: A little. Some of us believe it may be found in his tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Whoever found the sword could gain great prestige.
Journal Entry Added The Sword of Ajunta Pall
You have heard mention of a powerful sword that might be found within the tomb of an ancient Sith Lord, Ajunta Pall.
1. Hasn't any effort been made to recover it?
Sith Student: Some unsuccessful attempts have been made. I truly don't know why a more concerted effort isn't made, however.
2. How do I get to this valley?
Sith Student: You simply need to follow the east passage... there's an exit there which will lead you up to the surface. Look for Tariga... she is in that area and can probably help you.
3. Gain prestige?
Sith Student: Isn't that what you're interested in? Although I suppose you could also keep it...
1. What do you know about the sword's powers?
Sith Student: Well... the legends say the sword had dark power, but that may only be a story. We will never know unless we can examine it more closely.
4. I've got to be going.
Sith Student: I imagine you've got a lot to do.

If you return with the sword, or after turning it over to Uthar Wynn:

Sith Student: Hmm. Is that the sword of Ajunta Pall you have there? Fascinating. If it truly is, you might want to hand that over to Master Uthar, no? Sith Student: How do you do? Excuse me... I must return to my studies.

Unsurprisingly, the sword of Ajunta Pall can be found in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, in the southeast corner of the Valley of Dark Lords. Although you'll encounter Shaardan again as you exit the tomb, there's no reason to seek him out beforehand (he can be found to the east of your Bedroom to the north of Lashowe, kneeling to meditate at the foot of his bed on the west side, and his reaction to you will depend on how your first encounter ended back in Dreshdae):

Shaardan: Oh-ho! If it isn't the freak from the colony. Hello, freak.
1. Who are you?
Shaardan: Shaardan's the name. Don't forget it. You'll have me to thank when you get kicked out of here.
2. Get lost, nerf-herder. 3. You want to make an issue out of it? 4. Leave me alone.
Shaardan: You'll get yours. Just you wait. Shaardan: And go into the dueling room? Hah! I've got better things to do than give you a fair fight. You can count on seeing me later, though. My lightsaber has your name on it. Shaardan: Fine by me. I can't wait to gut you, personally... one less competitor to deal with. Shaardan: So you got a little prestige. It won't help you... I'll gut you eventually, just you watch.
Shaardan: I remember you. You're alright. Trying for the academy, I see.
1. Who are you?
Shaardan: The name's Shaardan. Didn't I tell you that back in the colony? Maybe not.
2. So are you, obviously.
Shaardan: That's true. I had no idea you were coming for the academy when I met you in the colony, though.
1. Do you want to co-ordinate strategy? 3. I challenge you to a duel! 4. I have to go.
Shaardan: I don't work or play well with others. Thanks for the offer, though. Shaardan: You want to challenge me? To a duel? Heh... I've got a lot more planned than giving someone like you a fair fight. I guess we'll meet eventually... on my terms. Good luck until then. Shaardan: You and me both. We're going to have to get some prestige... quick. Shaardan: I know. You and I are equal in prestige, you know. Could be tight.

Rogue Droid[edit]

Although this quest cannot be activated by speaking to anyone in the academy, some of the Sith students may comment on it:

Sith Student
Sorry, I don't have time to speak. My training awaits.
You aren't even a full Sith. Don't bother me.
Get out of my way. I don't have time to deal with hopefuls.
Come back when you've taken your final test. If you survive it.
If Master Uthar gives you an order, you'd better follow it. There were some students who disobeyed him and now they're hiding out on the surface somewhere.
There are some students in hiding that refused to follow an order. Master Uthar wants them found and dead... and is offering a reward for it, too!
Just be careful if you go into the valley. I hear there's a hermit living in the hills that kidnaps students.
The former master of the academy, Jorak Uln, is supposedly hiding out in the hills on the surface as some kind of mad hermit.
Word is that one of our experimental droids went mad and escaped and is hiding in the ruins. I wonder why we don't just gather up and destroy it?
One of my friends went to find that crazy droid that's hiding in the ruins in the valley. He hasn't come back, yet.
Ha! It's great to be on the winning side, isn't it? We've been crushing the Republic at every battle so far!
The latest reports say the Republic is on the run. Before long the Sith will be ruling the entire galaxy.
Darth Malak is one of the greatest Sith leaders ever. I hope he comes back to the academy before I leave.
It is my most fervent hope to serve under Darth Malak once my training is complete. Don't you feel the same?
Rumor around the academy is that you had something to do with those rebel students being caught, finally. They got what they deserved, I say.
I was told that you actually met the old master of the academy, Jorak. Is the hermit as mad as they say?
The buzz is that you took care of that crazy droid out in the ruins. That's pretty impressive.

If you speak to Dak Vesser, or the Sith student standing outside the Tomb of Marka Ragnos in the southwest corner of the Valley of Dark Lords, then you'll know there's a rogue droid within before you enter.


Door to valley is in the north wall of the room to the north of the academy's hub. A Sith guard stands on the right, on the east side, while another patrols the corridor between this room and the hub. There's a plasteel cylinder by the south wall in the southwest corner, and a locked footlocker by the north wall in the northeast corner:

Security Footlocker Unlock 18 (8) Bash Resist 5 Vitality 15
Item(s) Received Plasteel Cylinder Item(s) Received Footlocker

Adrenas also stands in the northeast corner, with a female Sith teacher and Tariga:

Adrenas: Greetings, student.
1. Who are you?
Adrenas: My name is Adrenas. I am the chamberlain of the academy... generally I look after maintenance and supply, here.
2. So you aren't a Sith?
Adrenas: No, not truly. I serve the Sith, but I do not study and train in the Force as you do.
1. Master Uthar gave me this datapad for you.
2. Can I ask you some questions?
Adrenas: You are one of the hopefuls who look to gain prestige, yes? I am afraid there is little that I could help you with. I am sure you would prefer to speak to one of the students, here, or perhaps the trainers. Adrenas: I am sure there is nothing I can help you with. I am only a servant to the academy.
2. How come you don't speak Galactic Basic?
Adrenas: Galactic Basic is the language of the Republic, but I come from a world beyond the edges of Republic space. There the Twi'lek language of interstellar trade and commerce is the most common dialect. I can speak your language, but my accent is still very pronounced. Some at the Academy would mock me for this, and I am not eager to become the subject of ridicule. There are many humans here who come from worlds beyond Republic space. We seem to be more sympathetic to the Sith cause. Some of them are even training at the Academy, unlike me.
3. I have to go.
Adrenas: If you wish. Good luck with your training. Adrenas: May the Force serve you well.

The female Sith teacher can help, albeit grudgingly, by informing you of Jorak Uln:

Sith Teacher: Hmph. Another hopeful wandering about the academy? *sigh* I suppose you want to know how to get prestige?
3. No. I don't need any help.
Sith Teacher: Hah! I doubt that. Have it your way, however, off you go.


1. Who might you be?
Sith Teacher: I am one of the academy trainers, of course. You'd do well to watch your tone with me, hopeful... I'll be one of your instructors when and if you reach your final test.
1. Final test?
Sith Teacher: Oh, yes. You gather prestige to earn the opportunity to take the final test... you don't automatically become a student. Heh heh... you'll see.
3. I have to go.
Sith Teacher: May the Force serve you well.
2. Yes. Can you help me? 2. Do you know how I can get some prestige?
Sith Teacher: Hmph. As if I didn't have better things to do. Has anyone told you about Jorak Uln?
1. No. Who's Jorak Uln?

When you first speak to Tariga, he can be asked about the valley and the ruins and tombs there, as well as the shyrack and tuk'ata you'll encounter:

Tariga: Greetings, fellow student. Are you planning on going to the Valley of the Dark Lords? I am headed there soon, myself.
1. Who are you?
Tariga: I am known as Tariga, a student here at the academy. It is my pleasure to be assigned to the Sith ruins, to study their past and unearth new relics.
1. You're human, but you speak like a Twi'lek...
Tariga: I was raised on a planet in the Outer Rim. We were not part of the Republic, so we never adopted their language. I can understand Basic, but I am not fluent in speaking it yet. I am, however, quite fluent in the Twi'lek tongue, so I prefer to use it when dealing with others. It is nearly as well known as Basic, and no one will make fun of my accent. I think I made the right choice. I doubt I would have been assigned to the Sith ruins in the Valley of the Dark Lords if I was stuttering and stumbling over an unfamiliar language.
2. How do I get to this valley?
Tariga: The exit at the end of this hall will bring you to the surface. There you merely follow a natural path through the rock and you will come to the valley, itself. You will find many Sith working on the dig at the southern end of the valley. If you head into the northern end where the strange pillars are, do beware of the tuk'ata beasts.
1. What are these tuk'ata?
Tariga: Local beasts that hunt in packs and are not at all afraid of attacking students... or even armed patrols. They have proven to be a hindrance to our progress.
Zaalbar: Arrogant hunters always assume the animal knows how important they are.
Tariga: Several attempts have been made to destroy their nests in the tombs, but their numbers have proven to be too great.
3. What can you tell me about the valley?
Tariga: There are four tombs that have been uncovered so far, each holding the remains of a Sith Lord from a time long ago when the Sith were first on Korriban. We have found evidence that there were larger structures underground, a veritable ancient fortress... but it appears to have been destroyed. The tombs are all that remain intact. Currently we are allowed access only to three tombs... the one furthest to the left may only be entered by Master Uthar and those he brings with him. Fortunately there is still much else for us to find. I am pleased that you have joined us.
4. Anything I should be watchful for?
Tariga: Yes, indeed. Shortly before entering the valley, you will pass by a cave entrance. Do not enter it... it is full of dangerous creatures we call shyrack. The only other danger to speak of is the tuk'ata. There are guards that will protect you if you remain in the south part of the valley, however.
1. What are these shyrack?
Tariga: Flying creatures that lay webs in their tunnels. The webs can only be burned or moved by explosives I believe. Best to avoid them entirely.
5. I'll be going.
Tariga: I wish you well, fellow student.
Tariga: I wish you well in your explorations.

There's another female Sith teacher in the southwest corner, watching as a male and female Sith student spar with lightsabers. Another male Sith teacher stands instructing two male Sith students kneeling in the northwest corner.

Hermit in the Hills[edit]

Sith Teacher: Heh. Well... the first thing you should know is that that is not a name you should mention around Master Uthar if you can avoid it. Jorak Uln was once Uthar's master, you see, and the head of this academy. He went a little insane, however, and Uthar forced him to flee to the surface and hide. It seems that Jorak has been spending his time kidnapping students who wander into the Valley of the Dark Lords. No idea why. I've also no idea why Uthar doesn't do something about it. If you want prestige, however, you'll find that hermit, as everyone calls him... you'll find Jorak and either kill him or bring back anything he's been writing. Uthar would like that. Now begone. I have better things to do than chat with lost hopefuls.
Journal Entry Added The Hermit in the Hills
You have been told about the "mad hermit" in the hills surrounding the Valley of the Dark Lords. Apparently this hermit is the former master of the academy, Jorak Uln, who was forced into his exile by Master Uthar. The man is mad and a menace to the academy, and dealing with him might be worthy of prestige.

When you enter the valley the student Dak Vesser to the northwest of the entrance can also inform you of the hermit in the hills before you encounter him in the Tomb of Tulak Hord. Although you'll also encounter the student Mekel with Jorak, he doesn't really have anything to say if you speak beforehand (he can be found down the corridor on the south side of the main corridor opposite Lashowe, standing at a computer panel to the left, on the east side):

Mekel: It's a bad year to try and become a Sith, you know... I've got it all wrapped up. Mekel: You hanging around, still? Don't you have your own plans? Not that they'll help you... I'm in for sure, you know.
1. Who are you? 1. Mekel, right?
Mekel: The name's Mekel. I'm one of the hopefuls up for Sith-hood, just like you. Well, I'm the one that's going to make it, that is. Mekel: That's right. You might as well just go home, you know. There can only be one Sith this year, and that's me.
3. Whatever. I'm the one who's going to make it.
Mekel: Well, you're off to a super start. You've got no more prestige than I do, at the moment. Thing is: I know how to get some. Mekel: Maybe. You're not doing too bad, I suppose. I know something you don't, though.
3. You're lying. I can tell. 4. I've got to go.
Mekel: Think what you like. Just remember: only one of us gets to become a Sith. Mekel: Yes, I imagine you've got some scurrying around to do, don't you? Mekel: You've got some prestige already. Relax, why don't you? Mekel: Go ahead: gloat. I'll catch up to you, yet.


1. You know the Code of the Sith?
Mekel: Uhhh... no. Nobody here will tell you anything about that. I've got a better plan, though.
2. What makes you so sure? 2. How do you plan on getting prestige? 2. And what's that?
Mekel: You think I would tell you? Have my brains started dribbling out of my nose, or something?
1. It would be an improvement. 3. Maybe we can trade information? 4. I got my own plans.
Mekel: Funny. Say that after I'm a full Sith and I'll ground your face into the dirt just for fun. Mekel: There's nothing you know that I could possibly want. Thanks anyhow. Mekel: Well, you keep working on that. Mekel: Yeah... so I see. I'll be keeping my eye on you.

Otherwise, once you've asked what makes him so sure he'll be the one who makes it, you can try to persuade him to tell you why (although the fact that prestige can be gained with Sith artifacts brought back from the valley can be learned elsewhere):

Hard 2. [Persuade] You can at least give me a hint.
Mekel: [Failure] I could, but what would be the point in that? See you around, chump.


Mekel: [Success] Hmph. I guess there's no harm in it. Word has it that Master Uthar gives big points for Sith artifacts that are brought back from the valley.
1. The valley? 2. You just found that out, did you? 3. Thanks for the tip.
Mekel: The Valley of the Sith Lords. You know... where the academy does all its excavating. If you really don't know, just go out the east exit and you'll see. Mekel: Hmph. Well, if you've known for so long, why haven't you taken advantage of it, yet? Yeah, just like I thought. Mekel: Well, you're free to go wander out there, if you like. Me, I'll be seeing you later.

Interrogation Room[edit]

The interrogation room is beyond the door in the north wall at the east end of the academy's main corridor. As you enter, the Sith interrogator standing at the computer panel by the north wall speaks to you, presenting you with an opportunity to gain prestige:

Sith Interrogator: Ahhh, maybe you can do better than I. This Mandalorian is proving more resistant than I expected.
1. What are you trying to do?
Sith Interrogator: I'm trying to get him to tell us where his weapon cache is hidden. So far all the serum combinations I'm using are proving ineffective. If I bring his drug threshold too high, he'll go into shock and be useless. Too low and he just refuses to talk. It's been maddening.
2. Err... no thanks. 3. I have to go.
Sith Interrogator: Fine, go on then. I *must* know where his weapon cache is! Damn him!
Sith Interrogator: Don't bother me. I'm trying to think how I'm going to question this prisoner. I need to know where that cache is!
1. How do you drug him?
Sith Interrogator: Just activate the console... it gives you a variety of options for serum dosage. The right amount applied at the right rate should do it. The real trick is that the only way to gauge your progress is to watch the prisoner closely for his reaction. Our scanners can't pick up his vitals.
2. You want me to try it?

The Sith victim stands in a cage to the west:

[The Mandalorian is imprisoned and cannot respond.]

There's a locked metal box in the southwest corner:

Security Metal Box Unlock 28 (8) Bash Resist 5 Vitality 15
Item(s) Received Metal Box

All that remains is to question the Mandalorian prisoner...

Mandalorian Weapons Cache[edit]

Sith Interrogator: Certainly. Just don't kill him or send him into shock. He's supposed to be questioned, not executed.
Sith Interrogator: If you manage to get the location of his cache out of him, I'll be sure to pass on the good word to Master Uthar. Sith Interrogator: If you manage to get the location of his cache out of him, it'll save me a lot of trouble. Up to you.
Journal Entry Added The Mandalorian Weapons Cache
A Sith "information extractor" has been having difficulty getting the location of a secret weapons cache out of a Mandalorian prisoner. He has invited you to try: all you need to do is use the console to inject truth serum. The right amount will make him confess. Too much, however, and the prisoner will go into shock.

The Sith interrogator steps back to the entrance, allowing you to use the computer panel to interrogate the prisoner:

Sith Victim: Use... use whatever method you wish, Sith. You will not break my will! My mind is my own, and I will tell you nothing!
1. Can you speak Galactic Basic?
Sith Victim: I know your language, Sith - but I won't give you the satisfaction of speaking it!
3. [Whisper] Do you know any way I could free you?
Sith Victim: You... you are trying to trick me! I do not believe you!
Medium 1. [Persuade] Trust me... I'll help you if I can!
Sith Victim: [Success] If... if you speak the truth... then use the console to put me... in a catatonic state... Your people will... remove me, throw me away. I can survive for long periods... in this state. I can escape, then... Sith Victim: [Failure] N-no! You lie! I will never believe the words of a Sith!!
2. I'll think about it. 6. Fine. Have it your way.
Sith Victim: Then... I win again...

Since you move closer to the dark side of the Force if you inject truth serum, a light side character should start by asking if there's any way you could free him, then convince him to trust you so that he tells you how before using the serum console:

5. [Activate the serum console.]
Computer Panel: [How do you wish to use the console?]
7. [Leave it alone.]
Computer Panel: [You step away from the console.]
Computer Use 6. [Computer Skill] [Apply a serum to induce catatonic state.
Sith Victim: [Failure] ...n-no, that is... n-not...

However, your chance of success is dependent on the ratio between your main character's total Computer Use rank and level: ratio = rank / (level + 5).

Ratio Success Minimum Computer Use rank at character level
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
> 0.25 25% 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7
> 0.50 50% 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13
> 0.75 100% 7 7 8 9 10 10 11 12 13 13 14 15 16 16 17 18 19 19

Failure results in the injection of a single dose of truth serum, and ten such injections will result in the prisoner going into shock:

Dark Side Points Gained: -3
Sith Victim: I... I h-have... w-won...
Journal Entry Added The Mandalorian Weapons Cache
You attempted to extract the location of a weapons cache from a Mandalorian prisoner within the academy, but ended up injecting too much truth serum too fast. This resulted in the prisoner going into shock, which makes him quite useless.

However, even 25% chance of success should be sufficient, since the chance of at least one success from nine attempts is 100 * (1 – (0.759) ) or ~92.5%: even a character with no points spent in Computer Use and 8 Intelligence should be able to achieve this with bonuses from items and a Force Valor power. Even in the unlikely event that all nine attempts are failures, moderate dosages of anti-serum can be applied to allow more attempts to be made until one is successful:

Light Side Points Gained: +4
Sith Victim: [Success] Th-thank... y-you...
Sith Victim: [Whisper] It is in... it is in my ship. The cache... it is in a trap door... hidden on my ship.
Sith Victim: [Whisper] Use it... I no longer... need. I give it to you... in exchange for my life... human...
Journal Entry Added The Mandalorian Weapons Cache
You managed to save a Mandalorian prisoner by rendering him catatonic... his body will be presumed dead and will be dumped, allowing him to escape upon his recovery. He gratefully told you the location of his cache. It is unreachable by you, but its location could be given to Master Uthar in exchange for prestige.

In either case the Sith interrogator leaves after berating you:

Sith Interrogator: What?! What have you done?! I told you not to put the prisoner into shock, didn't I?! Now how are we supposed to find out where the weapon cache is?! Uthar will be furious!! Bah! Now I may as well take this fool and dump him somewhere. He's useless to us! I cannot believe you are so incompetent!

Otherwise, you must inject truth serum and move closer to the dark side of the Force the first time you do so:

Dark Side Points Gained: -3
1. [Inject truth serum: high dosage.]
Dark Side Points Gained: -3
2. [Inject truth serum: moderate dosage.]
Dark Side Points Gained: -3
3. [Inject truth serum: small dosage.]
4. [Apply anti-serum: moderate dosage.] 5. [Apply anti-serum: small dosage.]
Sith Victim: *groan* I will... say... n-nothing! Sith Victim: *groan* I... you will... g-get nothing! Sith Victim: *groan* Y-you... can do... nothing to me! Sith Victim: ...ahhh...

The doses in each dosage are as follows:

Truth serum Anti-serum
High Moderate Small Moderate Small
+5 +3 +2 -2 -1

His response after each injection gives some indication of how many doses he's had in total, as does his response to questioning:

< 5 5-6 7-8 9
Sith Victim: My will is my own, Sith! I will answer nothing! Sith Victim: I... my mind is yet my own... Sith... Sith Victim: I... y-yet... retain my... m-mind... Sith Victim: ungghhhh... I... I y-yet... my mind...
2. Tell me where your weapon cache is! 1. I changed my mind. Tell me where the cache is... now!
< 5 5-6 7-8
Sith Victim: Never! A Mandalorian will never fall before such as you! Sith Victim: N-never! I... will... say nothing! Sith Victim: N-n-no! I... will... not!
link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 4. [Force Persuade] You want to tell me where your cache is.
< 5 5-6 7-8
Sith Victim: [Failure] N-never! Your... your mind tricks... do not work on me! They are useless! As... as are you! Sith Victim: [Failure] N-never! Y-your... mind tricks... do not work! Sith Victim: [Failure] N-n-never! Y-your... mind... tricks... d-do not...

If you can dominate minds then he'll tell you the location after five doses (one high dosage); otherwise, he'll only do so after exactly nine (three moderate dosages is simplest).

Dark Side Points Gained: -3
Sith Victim: I... I will... it is in... it is in my ship. The cache... it is in a trap door... hidden on my ship...
Dark Side Points Gained: -3
Sith Victim: [Success] I... I will... it is in... it is in my ship. The cache... it is in a trap door... hidden on my ship...

The Sith interrogator overhears and wants to take credit for it:

Sith Interrogator: Yes! I heard that! Excellent job! Thank you for locating the cache. Naturally I would see you rewarded, but I would prefer that everyone believe that I extracted the information.
1. What?! Are you joking?
Sith Interrogator: Of course not. Information extraction is my specialty... I'm not about to let it be known that some whelp did my job better. You had some fun, didn't you? Now run along and let's not turn this into anything unpleasant.
2. I'm not going to let you get away with this!
Sith Interrogator: Oh? I suppose one would need to be alive to go running to Master Uthar to report the location of the cache, wouldn't they? Does that mean that you are ready to battle a true Sith, then? Shall we make an issue of it?
1. Fine, I don't care. 2. No, forget it.
Sith Interrogator: Good. That's the way I prefer it. Now... to get rid of the prisoner and get to that cache...
Journal Entry Added The Mandalorian Weapons Cache
You managed to extract the location of a weapons cache from a Mandalorian prisoner, but the Sith who allowed you to perform the procedure has run off to take the credit for the extraction, himself. Perhaps if you make it to Master Uthar first you can gain the prestige, instead.

If you let him get away with this, then when you return to Master Uthar:

11. I know the location of the Mandalorian prisoner's weapon cache.
Uthar Wynn: Oh? And why would that be of use to me? His interrogator already brought me that information moments ago. A valiant attempt, young one, but you must be quicker than that if you wish to impress me.


1. That's right! Let's go!
Sith Interrogator: Ha! Gather your anger, then... and let us see who is superior!
Journal Entry Added The Mandalorian Weapons Cache
You managed to extract the location of a weapons cache from a Mandalorian prisoner... and had to fight the Sith who was present to prevent him from taking credit for himself. Telling Master Uthar of the cache's location is certain to impress him.

He receives bonuses depending on your character level:

Character level Dexterity Wisdom Vitality Force
12-14 +4 +4 +50 +50
> 14 +6 +6 +100 +100

Thus at character level > 14:

Sith Interrogator
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 8
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 20 +5
Charisma 8 -1
Vitality 188
Defense 27
Fortitude 9
Reflex 13
Will 11
Awareness 13
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 13 11
Energy 5-235-23
Threat 20-20,x220-20,x2
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Double-Bladed Lightsaber Knight Sense

Improved Conditioning Master Two-Weapon Fighting Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber Advanced Jedi Defense11 Power Attack Flurry Critical Strike11


Destroy Droid Drain Life Horror Force Push Shock Slow17 Advanced Throw Lightsaber

Burst of Speed
Experience Points (XP) Received: Item(s) Received Sith Interrogator

When you return to Master Uthar to tell him you know the location of the Mandalorian prisoner's weapon cache:

Uthar Wynn: You do? That is most interesting. Where might that be?
2. I've... changed my mind.
Uthar Wynn: Oh? How very sad, young one. You should learn to grab your advantages whenever you can.


1. It is hidden within a trap door on his ship.
Uthar Wynn: Hmm. How ironic that I recently had his vessel scrapped for parts, then. I had assumed it had been thoroughly scanned... apparently not. Still... you have done well in bringing me information that others could not unearth on their own. I am impressed.
Journal Entry Added The Mandalorian Weapons Cache
The location of the Mandalorian prisoner's weapons cache has been turned over to Master Uthar. He says that the cache is no longer of particular interest, but was impressed at your ability to gain the information regardless. You are one step closer towards taking you final test.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 110 Turned over location of Mandalorian prisoner's weapons cache

Aiding Lashowe[edit]

Yuthura Ban: I would suggest you talk to the other prospective Sith and find one that you can gain an advantage with. I believe Lashowe would be an excellent choice. She is too trusting. I have little doubt you could talk her into letting you 'help' her somehow. Just make sure that it is you who gains the advantage, not her. Be ruthless, if you must. That is the only thing that will impress Uthar. Yuthura Ban: I still think that approaching Lashowe would be your best move. She is too trusting and can no doubt be talked into aiding your cause.
Yuthura Ban: The only other idea I can suggest to you is that you head into the Valley of the Dark Lords on the surface. There are ancient ruins there which can be explored. It's possible you might find some artifacts or information in them which would please Uthar... it's difficult to say for certain.
Journal Entry Added Aiding Lashowe
Yuthura has told you that of your rivals Lashowe might be a good one to approach... she might very well be easily tricked into allowing you to "help" her. Yuthura says that you must be ruthless if you were to take advantage of such a situation, and only that would impress Master Uthar.

Lashowe can be found in the north corridor to the east of your Bedroom, standing at a computer panel at the entrance to her own bedroom on the west side. How she responds depends on whether or not you persuaded her to like you upon your first meeting back in Dreshdae:

Lashowe: You? I remember you from the colony. I can't believe you actually made it into the academy. Lashowe: I remember you from the colony. You seem alright, though you'll not win the right to train before me.
1. Who are you?
Lashowe: My name is Lashowe. Remember it, for I'll be the one who earns the prestige to move on. You'll have to be satisfied with next year, I suppose. Lashowe: You don't remember? My name is Lashowe. We met in the colony, ever so briefly.
4. I have to go. 4. I must go.
Lashowe: Do run along... you have a long way to catch up, after all. Lashowe: Mmm. Don't trip or kill yourself or anything. Lashowe: I'll get more prestige and catch up to you. Count on it.


3. I remember you. I challenge you to a duel! 3. I challenge you to a duel.
Lashowe: A duel? Fine, you run along and get ready while I go gain some prestige. Idiot.


2. You're trying to become a Sith as well?
Lashowe: Just figured that out, did you? It just so happens that I have a sure-fire way of pulling ahead in this little contest of ours. You don't really have a chance.
3. You talk big, but that's about it.
Lashowe: And what do you have to brag about? You haven't earned any prestige at all. Lashowe: Uh-huh. Well, you may be the competition, but I've still got the edge on you. Lashowe: You may have more prestige than me, but that won't last long, just you wait and see.


1. And what way is that?
Lashowe: I've found an artifact that will impress Uthar far more than anything you could ever scrounge up. I'll win for sure.
2. Fine, forget it.
Lashowe: Fine by me.


1. Why haven't you brought it to Uthar yet?
Lashowe: I don't have it just yet. I'll get it... when I'm good and ready.
1. Where is this artifact?
Lashowe: Hah! Like I would tell you. Why don't I just let you rob me while you're at it?
2. It's guarded, isn't it?
Lashowe: So what if it is? I'll get it eventually, regardless. Nothing good comes without a bit of a fight... that's the Sith motto, more or less.
2. Perhaps we could work together? Easy 1. [Persuade/Lie] Maybe I could help you get it?
Jolee: Now where are you going with this, I wonder? Zaalbar: This is not wise. She'll be as willing to lie as you are.
Canderous: Shut up, old man, and don't spoil anything or I'll twist that scrawny neck of yours.
Jolee: It was just an idle question. Don't get so testy, damn it. Mission: Yeah, but if we do it first, we win. Shush up, Big Z.
Easy 1. [Persuade/Lie] Maybe I could help you get it? Easy 2. [Persuade] I'd like to help you retrieve your artifact.
Lashowe: [Failure] Hah! Forget it. I'm not going to be tricked so easily. Just move along, now.


2. Perhaps we could work together? Easy 1. [Persuade/Lie] Maybe I could help you get it? Easy 2. [Persuade] I'd like to help you retrieve your artifact.
Lashowe: Hmph. I suppose I *could* use some help. The artifact I know of certainly won't be easy to take. But why should I work with you? Lashowe: [Success] Help me get it? I don't know... Hmph. I suppose I *could* use some help. The artifact I know of certainly won't be easy to take. But why should I work with you?
link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 1. [Force Persuade] Because you want to work with me.
Lashowe: [Failure] Trying to force me to agree with you, hey? Don't make me laugh. You want my cooperation, you'll have to get it the old-fashioned way.
Hard 2. [Persuade] Because together we will be unbeatable. Medium 2. [Persuade] Because together we will be unbeatable. Easy 3. [Persuade] I've always wanted to work with a beautiful woman.
Lashowe: [Failure] Forget it. I never liked you to begin with, and I'm not about to work with you. Lashowe: [Failure] Hmmm... no. No, it's not worth it. I'll figure out how to get the artifact, myself.
Lashowe: So run along and get your own prestige, will you? Thanks ever so much.

If you can dominate minds or your character is male then she can be persuaded to let you work with her without any further conditions:

link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 1. [Force Persuade] Because you want to work with me. Easy 3. [Persuade] I've always wanted to work with a beautiful woman.
Lashowe: [Success] Yes, I do... want to work with you. I suppose it's possible that Master Uthar could award both of us prestige. We'd be ahead of the others, for sure... Lashowe: [Success] Flattery, is it? I... suppose it's possible that Master Uthar could award both of us prestige. We'd be ahead of the others, for sure...

Otherwise it's more difficult to persuade her, particularly if she dislikes you, and even if you succeed then she wants you to give her a lead for how she could gain more prestige:

Hard 2. [Persuade] Because together we will be unbeatable. Medium 2. [Persuade] Because together we will be unbeatable.
Lashowe: [Success] Hmmm. You make a decent case. I suppose it's possible that Master Uthar could award both of us prestige. We'd be ahead of the others, for sure... I want something out of this, first, however. I want you to tell me about some lead you have for where I could find more prestige.
Medium 1. [Lie] There is a powerful Sith cloak in the furthest tomb in the valley. 5. But I don't know any leads... 6. Forget it! I'm not giving you any leads!
Lashowe: [Failure] How gullible to you believe me to be? The furthest tomb? Yeah right. Find your own prestige. Lashowe: Then you'll just have to come back when you do. Of course, I may have changed my mind by then... Lashowe: Then you're on your own.

If you don't know any leads then you can try to lie about one, but it's simple enough to ask around the academy until you have one:

4. Hmm. You could go and talk to Kel Algwinn.
Medium 1. [Lie] There is a powerful Sith cloak in the furthest tomb in the valley. 2. There are some renegades hiding on the surface which Master Uthar wants killed. 3. I've heard there's an artifact sword in the tomb of Freedon Nadd.
Lashowe: [Success] Oh? I hadn't heard about that. Fair enough... I will have to look into it. Lashowe: Oh? I hadn't heard about them. It certainly merits looking into. Lashowe: I think I have heard of that. But it's good enough... at least I know you're telling the truth.
Lashowe: You've given me a lead, so I'll let you in on my plan. The artifact that I've discovered is an ancient Jedi holocron.

In any case, once you've convinced her to allow you to help:

Lashowe: Unfortunately, the holocron lies in the gullet of a tuk'ata mother. I can arrange for us to 'meet' her, but you're going to have to help me in putting her down. That make sense to you? Go into the valley when you're prepared enough. I'll be amongst the central pillars, near the north end.
1. And I'm just supposed to trust you?
Lashowe: And I'm just supposed to trust *you*? You're the one who asked to work on this, remember? You watch me and I'll watch you. I don't trust you any more than you trust me. If you don't like that, don't come.
2. Why do you think this holocron is so important?
Lashowe: Because it probably contains secrets from the time when the Sith ruins on this planet first existed. You don't think that Master Uthar would find that impressive?
3. What is a holocron?
Lashowe: A holocron... this holocron, anyway... is an ancient recording device. It can store and display large amounts of information.
4. See you there.
Lashowe: Remember: the central pillars in the valley. I'll be waiting, so don't take too long.
Journal Entry Added Aiding Lashowe
You have convinced Lashowe into allowing you to help her recover a relic she is aware of in the Valley of the Dark Lords: an ancient but corrupt Jedi holocron that would surely be worthy of prestige by Master Uthar. She has gone out into the valley to wait for you amongst the pillars in the center of the valley.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 125 Convinced Lashowe to help her recover relic from Valley of Dark Lords

Lashowe can now be found at the north end of the valley outside, to the east opposite the door to Tulak Hord's tomb.

Dueling Room[edit]

The dueling room is beyond the door in the south wall at the east end of the academy's main corridor. As you enter for the first time, you witness combat between a Sith duelist and a captive Republic soldier to the left, on the east side of the room. Once the duelist kills the captive, he moves over to the computer panel in the center of the room, opposite the door. There's a locked metal box in the southeast corner:

Security Metal Box Unlock 28 (8) Bash Resist 5 Vitality 15
Item(s) Received Metal Box

You can speak to the Sith duelist, although there isn't much point in doing so until you make a peaceful return from the Tomb of Naga Sadow:

Sith Duelist: If you're here to use the dueling room, go ahead. I'm through with it, for the moment.
1. What kind of dueling are you talking about?
Sith Duelist: This is where you get to hone your killing styles. We get sent captives all the time to practice on. It's very handy.
1. That's barbaric!
Sith Duelist: Why? It'd be a waste just to execute them. At least this way they're useful.
2. You mean... we can kill any of the prisoners here?
Sith Duelist: You only get so many before the terminal cuts you off. Some of the students are a little bloodthirsty and get carried away, after all.
Never 2. [Persuade] All of the captives here need to be released.
Sith Duelist: [Failure] Don't be foolish. If Uthar wants to send an order like that, he can bloody well tell me himself.
3. What do I need to do?
Sith Duelist: Just go to the computer console and open up one of the cages. And don't be wasteful... we only get so many captives a month, you know.
4. I challenge you to a duel.
Sith Duelist: No thanks. I'm pretty bushed right now. Maybe later.
5. Thanks.
Sith Duelist: No problem. Enjoy.

The computer panel can be used to start your own combat with a prisoner:

Computer Panel: SYSTEM LOADING...
1. Start combat with a prisoner.
2. Stop the procedure.


1. Continue to the fight.
Computer Panel: ARMING PRISONER #

Surprisingly, this doesn't necessarily move you closer to the dark side of the Force as the prisoners attack even after telling them to run, or that you're not a Sith:

Captive Republic Soldier: You... you inhuman monster! Captive Republic Soldier: You want me... to fight you? Captive Republic Soldier: You give me a weapon, Sith... I'm going to use it. Captive Republic Soldier: I... your kind has killed everyone I know! Captive Republic Soldier: I'll kill you!!
1. Wait! I'm not a Sith!
Captive Republic Soldier: As if I would ever believe that! Captive Republic Soldier: I'll kill you before you kill me! I swear it!! Captive Republic Soldier: You'll pay for what you've done! AAHHHHH!! Captive Republic Soldier: I won't be an easy kill for you, Sith!! Captive Republic Soldier: Die! Die!!
2. Run! I've freed you!
Captive Republic Soldier: And let you hunt me down? NEVER!! Captive Republic Soldier: What, so you can have sport with me? AAHHHHH!!
Dark Side Points Gained: -4
3. This should be fun!
Captive Republic Soldier: You... you're going to make me fight, aren't you? Then... then fight I will!! Captive Republic Soldier: Come and get me, if that's what you want!!
Captive Republic Soldier
Class Soldier
Level 8
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 14 +2
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 13 +1
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 12 +1
Vitality 56
Defense 25
Fortitude 7
Reflex 5
Will 2
Awareness 8
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 11 -
Damage 5-16-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats
Battle Armor

Long Sword

Armor Proficiency: Heavy

Weapon Specialization: Melee Weapons

Experience Points (XP) Received:

You can start combat with up to three prisoners, at which point the Sith duelist will have left. If you then try to start a fourth combat:

Computer Panel: ONE MOMENT PLEASE...

You can also slice the console, although the only action that might be useful is hacking into the academy's datafiles:

Computer Use 2. [Computer] Slice the console. (1 spike)
Computer Use 1. [Computer] Hack into the academy's security cameras. (3 spike(s))
Computer Use 2. [Computer] Hack into the academy's datafiles. (5 spike(s))

There's no point hacking into the academy's datafiles unless Finding Dustil has been activated, or Renegade Sith has not:

Computer Panel: ENTER COMMAND
Computer Use 3. [Computer] Reprogram academy sentry droids to hunt a target. (30 spike(s)) Computer Use 4. [Computer] Attempt to open all cages and free the prisoners. (50 spike(s))
3. Log out.
Computer Panel: EXITING SYSTEM...

To the right on the west side of the room, a Sith student shocks four captives held in cages around the south and west walls:

Go away. There's nothing we need to talk about.
The Republic will come for me. And when they do, you'll get what's coming to you!
You can release me or kill me... but don't stand there pretending to be my friend.
Get lost, Sith. I'm not falling for any of your tricks.
[The captive cannot speak at this time.]

Finding Dustil[edit]

Once you've encountered the messenger Jordo after speaking to Carth, his son Dustil Onasi appears in the dormitory wing of the academy to the west of its hub, beyond Mekel at the south end of the corridor to the east of your Bedroom:

Dustil Onasi: You take a wrong turn somewhere?

If you speak to him without Carth in your party:

1. Who are you?
Dustil Onasi: The name's Dustil. That satisfy your curiosity enough?
1. Dustil? As in Dustil Onasi?
Dustil Onasi: So you know my last name, so what?
2. How did you end up at the academy?
Dustil Onasi: What is with the questions? My life is none of your business, so get lost.
1. Aren't you Carth Onasi's son?
Dustil Onasi: No, I'm not. I don't know who you're talking about.
1. Are you sure...?
Dustil Onasi: Look... I don't want to hear that name ever again. Ever. You understanding me? Now get lost.


2. Can I ask you some questions?
Dustil Onasi: As if I'm not busy enough with my own work? Go pester someone else with your stupid questions.
1. There's no need to act like that.
Dustil Onasi: Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings? Why don't you run to Master Uthar and tell him all about it. I'm sure he'll be very sympathetic.
1. You want to make an issue out of it? 3. I have to go.
Dustil Onasi: You know what I want? I want for you to run along and do whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. I'm too busy to deal with morons. Dustil Onasi: Well, don't let me keep you.


Carth: Dustil? Is that you?
Dustil Onasi: Oh, lovely. It's Father. Figures that you'd show up after all this time. How did you manage to get inside the academy?
1. Through the front doors. 2. Same way you did, I bet. I'm training to become a Sith. 3. Does it matter? We're here.
Dustil Onasi: Cute. I wonder how interested Master Uthar would be to know just who he has in his web. Unless you've switched sides, Father? But I doubt that. Dustil Onasi: Haha. And I'm supposed to believe that my self-righteous father has fallen into the habit of accompanying Sith in their training? I doubt that. Dustil Onasi: Maybe it doesn't matter. Or maybe Master Uthar would be interested in knowing just what kind of company he has present here?
Dustil Onasi: Just why are you here, Father? Not for me, I hope. Couldn't you have gotten yourself blown up on some ship and spared us this reunion?
Carth: Dustil... what? What are you talking about? I... I thought you were dead!
Dustil Onasi: Too bad you didn't still think that. Or did you really think I would be happy to see you? Look, everyone! It's Father, come to rescue me at long last! Sure, he may have left Mother and I to die on Telos, but that doesn't matter!
Carth: No, I didn't abandon you! The task force just arrived too late. Telos was in ruins, and your mother... I held her while... But I looked for you. I swear I looked everywhere --
Dustil Onasi: Ah, save it. You abandoned us long before. We were alone all during the wars, and even once you came back, you still didn't stay.
Carth: I didn't have a choice! I was needed...
Dustil Onasi: Yeah? Well you were needed at home, too. You were needed when the bombing started and I got captured. You know what? It doesn't matter. Not any more. I have a new family now, a family that cares about me. I don't need you.
Carth: The Sith? You can't mean that! No, the Sith killed your mother! The Sith destroyed Telos!
Dustil Onasi: So? You're the soldier, father. How many mothers have you killed?
Carth: No, you've been brainwashed. The son I knew would never --
Dustil Onasi: You never knew me. You weren't even there to know me, so don't presume to tell me what I would or wouldn't do!
Carth: I don't know what's been done to you, but you're coming with me out of here. Now.
Dustil Onasi: Touch me, old man, and I'll kill you. Get out! Get out of here before I tell the Sith that you're here!
1. Calm down, Dustil. Carth is only trying to protect you.
Dustil Onasi: I don't need his protection! Not anymore. The Sith give me everything I need.
Carth: You can't mean that! The Sith are... they're evil. They're the dark side. They... they took me away from you and your mother. They're... they're what took you from me!
Dustil Onasi: No, they're not evil! They're not! The dark side is superior, and you... you were at war long before they came along!
Carth: The Sith war to conquer, to rule the helpless. I went to war for *you*, Dustil. For your freedom, your future!
Dustil Onasi: Heh. I... don't believe you.
Carth: If I failed you, son, then it's... it's *my* failure. Please don't add to it by becoming part of something evil.
Dustil Onasi: Prove it. Prove that the Sith are so evil and I'll... I'll think about it.

Any of the following responses result in him attacking you:

2. Looks like your boy is all grown up, Carth. 3. You don't want to do that, Dustil. Trust me. 4. Let's go, Carth. This is no use.
Carth: Shut up! Stay out of this! Dustil Onasi: Yeah, I can just imagine what you two are up to, here. Master Uthar will be more than happy to hear about it, I'm sure. Carth: No! I won't accept that! I won't give up on him!!
Dustil Onasi: Is that all you do? Give out orders? Well you can't show up after all this time and expect to give me orders! I'm not your soldier and I'm sure as hell not your son! Dustil Onasi: Why not? You gave up on Mother and I a long time ago. We were just an afterthought next to your glory-hunting!
2. Looks like your boy is all grown up, Carth. 3. You don't want to do that, Dustil. Trust me. 4. Let's go, Carth. This is no use. 3. This is pointless, Carth. He'll never believe us.
Carth: Stop it, Dustil! Stop it! I won't let you go on like this! What have they done to you?! Carth: I... wish I could help you, son. I truly do.
Dustil Onasi: They gave me a life, old man. They gave me power! You... you didn't even give me so much as a second's notice. Dustil Onasi: Right. Just as I thought. You can't prove anything.
Carth: No... no, that's not true! I was there when you were younger, but I had to leave to fight! I fought for *you*, for your freedom! Carth: You're going to have to fight your own battles, Dustil. I've...I've fought all I can for you.
Dustil Onasi: No you didn't. You fought for yourself. For glory. Well, the Sith can do that, too. We learn to fight... and to kill. You want to see what I've learned, 'father'?
Carth: No, Dustil, don't! I don't --
Dustil Onasi: Too late, old man! You should have left when you had the chance!!

He receives bonuses depending on your character level:

Character level Dexterity Wisdom Vitality Force
12-14 +4 +4 +50 +50
> 14 +6 +6 +100 +100

Thus at character level > 14:

Dustil Onasi
Class Jedi Guardian
Level 8
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 20 +5
Charisma 8 -1
Vitality 188
Defense 27
Fortitude 9
Reflex 13
Will 11
Awareness 13
Ranged Main Off
Attack - -
Damage --
Threat --
Melee Main Off
Attack 14 -
Energy 7-21-
Threat 19-20,x2-
Items and abilities Feats Force powers
Lightsaber Knight Sense

Improved Conditioning Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber Advanced Jedi Defense11 Power Attack Flurry Critical Strike11


Destroy Droid Drain Life Horror Force Push Shock Slow17 Advanced Throw Lightsaber

Burst of Speed
Journal Entry Added Finding Dustil
Carth's son was found. Dustil was an angry young man... a Sith in training who blamed Carth for abandoning him and his mother to their fate. Carth tried to argue his case, but Dustil simply grew angrier and eventually attacked. Carth blames you now for Dustil's death, saying that you could have done something to help.
Experience Points (XP) Received: Item(s) Received Dustil Onasi

While you move no closer to the dark side of the Force for killing Dustil (since he attacked you), any romance between a female character and Carth dies with him. Otherwise, after telling Dustil to calm down:

1. Come with us, then, and we'll show you. 2. How can we prove something like that?
Dustil Onasi: I'm not going to follow you around, forget it. If you're caught, they'll just think I was betraying them.
Dustil Onasi: I'll stay right here. I won't tell anyone you're here... for now. You find some 'proof' and you bring it to me. If I hear you asking questions about me or doing a single thing to jeopardize my position in the Sith, I swear I'll tell everyone what you're up to. You got that, father? You prove what you're saying is true. I'm not going anywhere, otherwise.
Carth: I... got it, Dustil. I'll be back. I swear it.
Journal Entry Added Finding Dustil
Carth's son has been found, but the reunion was not exactly what he'd hoped. Dustil does not believe anything Carth has to say on the true nature of his new "family". Carth is desperate to find some kind of proof in the academy that the Sith are evil and bring it to Dustil to open his eyes.
Dustil Onasi: I don't see the old man with you. Did he come to his senses and leave, finally? I knew he couldn't prove anything. I don't know why you're still here. Why don't you just follow him wherever he went? You and I have no business at all. Dustil Onasi: Back already? So tell me, father, where's this 'proof' you promised?
Carth: I don't have anything. Yet. But I haven't given up on you, Dustil.
Dustil Onasi: Yeah, well, that's a surprise. I gave up on you a long time ago. So did Mother, for that fact.
Carth: Please... don't say that...
Dustil Onasi: Whatever. Just go if you're going. I have things to do.

If you speak to Carth:

1. Do you want to talk?
Carth: No. What I want is to find something... anything... that will convince Dustil that we're telling the truth. There must be *something* here in the academy we can bring to him, something that would show him what the Sith really are!

Slicing the console in the dueling room at the east end of the academy and hacking into its datafiles will give a clue where to find the necessary proof:


However, you can simply go to Uthar Wynn's room at the west end of the academy, where a second footlocker can now be found to the right of the table in the southeast corner:

Item(s) Received Footlocker Carth: That datapad... take a look at it. I wonder if Dustil knows his friend was disposed of like that? If not, it might convince Dustil that what we're saying about the Sith is true. It would be worth a shot.

This datapad appears to contain numerous entries of notes made by Master Uthar of the Sith Academy. Most prominent of the recent entries is the following:

"The pupil known as Dustil has shown remarkable progress. His talent with the Force is great. The same, however, cannot be said for the human female that he arrived with, Selene.
She has little talent. Moreover, Dustil holds a great degree of affection for her. This is a weakness in the boy and has been slowing down his training.
Orders were sent this morning to have the girl removed from the academy and terminated. I will tell Dustil that she was killed in the valley. He will forget her soon enough, I think... he is too promising to lose at this juncture."
1. Do you want to talk?
Carth: Not right now. I think this datapad we found is the evidence we need. We have to bring it to Dustil right away.

When you do so:

1. How about this notepad? Did you know someone named Selene? Carth: I have a datapad I want you to look at. You knew someone named Selene?
Dustil Onasi: Selene? She's the one who convinced me to come to the academy with her. Why? Where did you get this?
Carth: Look at it. It belongs to Master Uthar, doesn't it?
Dustil Onasi: Yes... it's his. But... he told me... he, he said that she'd been lost on a mission in the valley. This... this says that they...
Carth: Killed her because she was hindering your progress. Superiority at any cost, Dustil. There's your evil. Or can you live with that?
Dustil Onasi: No. No, I can't. I... I had no idea... they lied to me.
Carth: Well, there's the son I remember. Now will you leave here?
Dustil Onasi: I... no. You go do whatever you have to, father. I... I have some other friends here. I have to warn them what's going on. And maybe I can, you know, look around here and find out some more information. From the inside. Something that might help you.
Carth: I... don't suppose there's any way I could talk you out of that, is there? I mean, you're not going to do anything half way. Sounds familiar.
Dustil Onasi: I... guess it does.
Carth: I'm proud of you, Dustil. You aren't hanging onto a lie after you see it for what it is. Not everyone could do that.
Dustil Onasi: Maybe... after this is over, we can... talk. I'm still not sure about... us, but I'll listen. Maybe we can get back to where we should have been.
Carth: I'd like that.
Dustil Onasi: I'll go back to Telos when this is over. You can find me there. Goodbye... father.
Light Side Points Gained: +6
Carth: Goodbye, son. Good luck.
Journal Entry Added Finding Dustil
Dustil's eyes have been opened to the true nature of the Sith. He has determined that he will stay on Korriban and try to both save some of his friends as well as unearth more information. While it's obvious that not everything is patched up between the two of them, they did agree to meet again after events calm and try to make up for some lost time.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Opened Dustil's eyes to the true nature of the Sith
Carth: Yes? What's on your mind?
1. Do you think you'll see Dustil again?
Carth: I think so. If he's anything like he used to be, Dustil hates to be tricked. There's no way he'll let the Sith trick him again. As for whether or not he'll be my son again... I don't know. He's so full of anger and hate... I wasn't expecting him to be like this. Maybe we can work it out. I hope so. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Thanks, by the way... for all your help.


The door to Dreshdae is in the south wall of the academy's hub, with a Sith guard standing on the right, to the west.