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Upon entering the droid shop, you see its Ithorian proprietor, Yuka Laka, on your left and the HK-47 droid in the far corner on your right.


The door exiting to the east end of Anchorhead is behind you in the east wall, in the northeast corner. In the southwest corner opposite is a defense turret, while an inoperative droid and a utility droid stand by the south wall, to the left and right respectively:

[This droid does not respond. It obviously needs extensive repairs. For all you know it could have been lying out in the desert for years.] Beep beep beep-oop!

Droid For Sale[edit]

The shop's proprietor, an Ithorian named Yuka Laka, stands by the northeast corner of the workbench in the middle of the shop. You can speak to him about his HK-47 droid, the Star Map and what he has in stock:

Yuka Laka: What is this? A customer I don't recognize? Perhaps you bring off-world money to Yuka Laka?
1. What do you have available in your shop? 2. My money is my own business.
Yuka Laka: You are lucky to have come at this time. I have one droid ready to go. I just took possession of it. An HK-47. Yuka Laka: Of course it is, of course, but you must appreciate the finer things. Just take a look at the droid I have available. An HK-47.
Yuka Laka: It's a fine protocol translator. I think it's been modified. It claims to understand the Sand People dialect, and also has some armor mounts. Combat ready, perhaps?
2. I'm looking for exotics. Something called a Star Map.
Yuka Laka: I deal mostly in swoop parts and droid maintenance. Hmm… maybe I heard a Jawa mutter something about "old things".
Yuka Laka: But, I could have misheard. They cover very large areas when they scavenge, but aren't doing much right now. Yuka Laka: You could talk to them about where to look. They seem very compliant now that their tribe-mates have been found.
1. What is stopping the Jawas from scavenging?
Yuka Laka: Again, I may have misunderstood, but I think some of their tribe-mates are missing. I think they wanted help. I stay away from trouble, but if you are interested, there was a Jawa by the city gate. You'll need a droid to translate though.
1. I don't need a translator. I understand most languages fine.
Yuka Laka: Really? The Jawas give me trouble. Say, maybe I could interest you in a multipurpose droid? HK-47. Very nice. Yuka Laka: Impressive. That HK-47 I sold you would be of considerable help as well, I imagine, though I'm still not certain what it was fully capable of.
2. Did the Jawas bring you this HK-47?
Yuka Laka: No, they keep assembled or working units to sell themselves. They don't have them often. No place to store them. Mostly they bring in parts. There's the occasional antique. Old blasters and the like. Tatooine has a few buried secrets.
3. What do you have in stock besides droids?
Yuka Laka: Ah, looking for droid or swoop bike parts, hmm? Well, I may have a few things. Would you like to look at what is in stock? Yuka Laka: Did I see your face somewhere recently? Perhaps A holo-broadcast of the Manaan swoop races? I may have a swoop part or two. I'm not certain. Yuka Laka: There's the odd part or two, but if you're looking for kolto, even if I have any you'll be paying through the nose. Manaan has stopped all exports. Yuka Laka: Not much, and I expect I'll be getting less stock from Czerka. I hear they are having trouble with their Kashyyyk operation. Yuka Laka: I have a little, and you should buy what you need now. I hear of trouble with the Sith on Korriban, and their problems always seem to eventually disrupt everyone.
1. Show me what you have.
4. Not Interested. Goodbye.
Yuka Laka: Of course, of course, but remember I'm here. You'll not find another droid like the one I'm selling.
Journal Entry Added Droid For Sale
Yuka Laka claims to have a unique droid for sale, one that can apparently even translate the dialect of the Sand People, and that is also combat ready. HK-47 is what it is called.

HK-47 joins your party once purchased, but this is only necessary for a peaceful solution to the Sand People raids (ironic, given its nature). You may want to speak to the droid itself before you ask Yuka Laka more about it and negotiate its purchase. HK-47 stands in the northwest corner, and it's much more communicative than the two other droids:

HK-47: Greeting: Hello to you, prospective purchaser. I am referred to as HK-47, a fully functional Systech Corporation droid skilled in both combat and protocol functions.
HK-47: Query: Would you be so kind as to purchase this model from Yuka Laka? It would serve my purposes to be removed from his ownership.
4. I don't have time for you right now. Goodbye.
HK-47: Observation: I am wasted in a shop or translating for some moisture farmer. If you need an efficient combatant, return to purchase me, I beg you!

This response ends the dialog at any time. Otherwise:

1. You mentioned battle and protocol? Outline your functions. 3. I'm not familiar with Systech Corporation. What else do they make?
HK-47: Refusal: It is not desirable for me to reveal core functions while still in the possession of Yuka Laka, prospective purchaser. HK-47: Answer: With the restraining bolt in place, I do not have access to my memory core. I suspect, however, by the fine quality of my manufacture that they are a prestigious company, indeed. I suspect I am of unique construction… or perhaps I was intended for a very specific customer. How I ended up here I can hardly say.
HK-47: It is sufficient to say that I am a fully capable translator and cultural analyst, and I am also proficient in... personal combat.
1. Why are you keeping information to yourself? 2. Yuka knows you speak Sand People dialects. Why ration information now?
HK-47: Explanation: I have been recently fitted with a restraining bolt, if you must know. With it in place, access to much of my memory core is restricted.
T3-M4: Beep! Beep! Boop!
HK-47: I am not dangerous, you bucket of bolts! Ahem! That is… a restraining bolt is standard procedure, to prevent a droid wandering off, as you should know.
HK-47: Not to mention that the fool Ithorian might raise his asking price if he knew more… or make inquiries into my history. Neither outcome is beneficial to me.
1. Access to your memory is restricted?
HK-47: Statement: Indeed. It is possible that the Ithorian placed the restraining bolt on me to prevent my return to a previous owner. It is also possible that the removal of the bolt will not restore memory functions. Without my memory, I do not know if I know the answer. Do not interpret this as a reduction of my worth, however. My capabilities are quite expansive.
2. How do I know you'll be loyal once the restraining bolt is removed?
HK-47: Assurance: I am fully autonomous, but lack resources. I will grant loyal service in exchange for proper maintenance. As well, it is rare that I am able to utilize my full array of abilities. You seem likely to give me the opportunity to do so.
1. Why would you assume that?
HK-47: Extrapolation: You are no farmer or diplomat. You are armed, and comfortable as such. We will mesh well.
2. Doesn't Yuka question you about your reluctance to reveal your functions?
HK-47: Explanation: It's rare for a droid to resist an owner in this way. Doubtless the Ithorian considers my stubbornness an "embellishment" to add interest to a seemingly mundane protocol droid.
2. Let's go back to my previous questions.
HK-47: Objection: My functions are wasted here, prospective purchaser! I will answer your queries, but I assure you I am better utilized elsewhere.
2. Sell yourself, droid. Why would I need you?
HK-47: Disclosure: I am a versatile protocol and combat droid, fluent in verbal and cultural translation. Should your needs prove more… practical, I am also skilled in highly personal combat.
1. So you translate? I understand most languages well enough.
HK-47: Extrapolation: Intuitive language comprehension? That would be the result of recognition and training of Force sensitivity. Your kind have little use of translation droids. Of course, your kind also encounters danger on a far more frequent basis than the average citizen. You would do well to have me work for you, then, before someone else makes use of my… more exotic functions.
2. Why would you be better than an armored battle droid?
HK-47: Disclosure: Finesse. Battle droids hold battlefields. I am capable of eliminating a very… specific type of target.
1. You are beginning to sound like an assassin.
HK-47: Retraction: Droids built for such a function face strict regulation and often have unique difficulties with previous owners.
T3-M4: Beep beeple-beep boop! Carth: Droid like this usually doesn't have former owners that survived, it would be my guess.
HK-47: Objection: My former owners are, indeed, alive! Or at least I believe so, not having access to my memory.
HK-47: I therefore make no claim to that designation, prospective buyer. I am a law-abiding droid. Yes, indeed, law-abiding, that's me.
1. You don't sound very convincing.
HK-47: Request: Please do not speak so loudly, prospective buyer! Do you truly wish my price to be doubled?
3. All right, I'll see about purchasing you.
HK-47: Statement: The fool Ithorian has decided I am to be an expensive purchase. He does this out of greed and not out of knowledge of my true capabilities.
HK-47: Advisement: I have observed him. He is a coward, and will be responsive to… aggressive bargaining.
1. Does Yuka Laka know you talk about him like this?
HK-47: Statement: I wish only to be purchased and away from ill-treatment at the hands of this poorly-skilled mechanic. I have no desire to be subtle.
T3-M4: *angry beeping*
HK-47: Qualification: Err… of course I shall be quite pleasant to you, should you purchase me. Please?
Journal Entry Added Droid For Sale
You have spoken to HK-47, a droid eager to be purchased from Yuka Laka in Anchorhead. It is a translator and an effective combatant.

If you haven't already done so, you can return to Yuka Laka and ask him a few questions about HK-47:

Yuka Laka: Welcome back! Yes, I knew you would return. I still have that droid available. This HK-47 is a good deal.
1. Let me ask a few questions about HK-47.
Yuka Laka: Of course. Let me just say that every function I've tested has performed perfectly. Those that I could find, anyway.
1. You don't seem to know much about it.
Yuka Laka: The unit has been a little uncooperative. They get that way when they go too long without a memory wipe.
Bastila: And if the unit proves even more ‘uncooperative' once we purchase it? Carth: Sounds like you've got a faulty droid on your hands. Canderous: Basilisks were always much more reliable than the stuff you see in the Republic or Sith Empire.
Yuka Laka: You can leave it alone if you find its mannerisms amusing. It might be a little eccentric, but it's stable.
1. Why haven't you wiped its memory?
Yuka Laka: I would have, but I can't seem to access any inner circuits. It's definitely built for security and built to last. At any rate, it claims that it doesn't have access to its own memory core anyway. Could be telling the truth, it's hard to say.
2. What functions have you tested?
Yuka Laka: I haven't examined its programming, but I have made some observations. It has obvious protocol and translation skills, including Sand People dialects, apparently. Surprisingly, it also handles weapons exceptionally well. I'd even say it's seen combat, but it won't tell. Stubborn thing. It needs to sell itself better. Two moisture farmers have been in, but it just stood there.
3. What does the HK-47 designation mean?
Yuka Laka: Haven't a clue. It doesn't match any protocol or utility standard. I assume it's a retired model. I'd tell you to ask the thing yourself, but it's pretty stubborn. Quality construction though.
1. Where did you get this HK-47?
Yuka Laka: I acquired the droid from a friend that manages an off-world Czerka warehouse. It was in trade for a debt he owed.
Mission: Gee, that doesn't sound suspicious at all. Warehouse workers have a bad habit of paying off their debts with other people's property, you know. Jolee: You know, I may have been out of circulation for a while, but doesn't it seem likely to you that this friend of yours didn't own the droid? Carth: And was this a droid of his own... or something stored in that warehouse?
Yuka Laka: He said no one would miss it. Might have been surplus. It doesn't look like it was Czerka-made though.
4. Let's get back to my other questions.
Yuka Laka: Anything for a customer, though the droid is all I really have at the moment.
4. Goodbye.
Yuka Laka: Of course, of course, but remember I'm here. You'll not find another droid like the one I'm selling.

If you're interested, you can then talk price:

1. I'm interested. Let's talk price.
Yuka Laka: Well, normally I'd give a discount because I hear you are a swoop racer like my brother, but times are hard right now.
Yuka Laka: It's a very solid machine, in good shape. I can't let it go for less than 5000 credits.

Do not pay this:

2. Could I convince you to lower the price a bit? 3. I can't pay that. I'm not interested.
Yuka Laka: 4000! Not a credit less!
1. That was quick. Desperate to sell?
Yuka Laka: Ah, no, not really, but the first figure really was a little high. You never know, the occasional person bites right away.

Don't pay this either:

4. Perhaps I can convince you to go lower?
Yuka Laka: Lower? How low are you expecting me to go? These are difficult times. The debt the droid covered was a large one.

You can lower the price even further to 3,000 or even 2,500 credits depending on how persuasive you can be using your own skill or the Force:

Medium 2. [Persuade] Come now, think of the advertising you'll get from me. Hard 2. [Persuade] Come now, think of the advertising you'll get from me.
Yuka Laka: [Failure] People will think I was a fool to sell at such a price! I will not!


Yuka Laka: [Success] That might be worth something, but you're still cheating me. All right, 3000 credits then! Yuka Laka: [Success] I believe you actually would tell people of my business. All right, but this is the last offer! 2500 credits!
link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 3. [Force Persuade] You will lower your price. I deserve it. link=Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic}}/Force powers#Affect Mind 3. [Force Persuade] You will lower your price. I deserve it.
Jolee: *whisper* The Jedi Council wouldn't approve, but they always were a little stodgy about using the Force on people. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Juhani: *whisper* You should treat your power with respect, not use the Force on a whim like it is some toy! Mission: *whisper* I can be pretty convincing when I have to be, but that mind trick is something else! Bastila: *whisper* The Force is not a thing to be trifled with. Continue to use it frivolously and you may find yourself straying down the dark path.
Yuka Laka: [Success] You are deserving, I know. I will go as low as 3000 credits. That is a very fair price. Yuka Laka: [Success] I will lower my price for you. You are deserving. 2500 credits. No lower.
3. I still can't pay that. I'm not interested.
Yuka Laka: Well, then we are done talking about it. I can't go lower than that.

If you change your mind and return to talk price:

Yuka Laka: I started too high last time. Let's go with 4000 credits. Yuka Laka: I believe we were down to 3000 credits. I will stay with that. Yuka Laka: You chiseled me down to 2500 credits. I can go no lower.
1. 5000 is steep, but I'll pay it. 2. 4000 is fair. I'll pay it. 1. 3000 credits. That seems fair. I'll pay it. 1. 2500 credits then. I'll pay it.
Yuka Laka: You will? I mean, of course you will! Let me just withdraw those credits… hey, you weren't lying. Well, thank you very much. Just go on over and talk to it. I'll deactivate the restraining bolt when you take possession. It's a good purchase, especially if it actually speaks a Sand People dialect like it said. Of course, I don't think it was telling me everything. Not many droids are programmed to lie, though.
3. Thanks. Goodbye.
Yuka Laka: Oh, thank you, most definitely.
Credits Lost: 5000 Credits Lost: 4000 Credits Lost: 3000 Credits Lost: 2500

Alternatively, threatening him will lower the price to the minimum 2,500 credits and move you closer to the dark side of the Force. However, you won't be able to purchase anything else from him once you've done so:

Dark Side Points Gained: -2
4. Drop the price or I'll see you dead!
Yuka Laka: Ahh!! I am no fighter! Please, I need this shop to make my living. I can't just give the droid away.
Carth: That was totally uncalled for.
Bastila: It troubles me to see you behaving this way. Such acts can lead to the dark side. Juhani: The dark side dwells in us all, but you cannot give in to your baser instincts like this!
Yuka Laka: 2500 credits is as low as I can go. I swear!
2. I still can't pay that. I'm not interested.
Yuka Laka: You have caused me great stress for nothing? Get out of my shop! If you want this droid, let your credits talk!
Yuka Laka: Oh no, I'm not dealing with you again! You don't make a good business partner! Have you come to threaten me again? I've had enough aggravation from you, and I haven't seen a single credit for my trouble.
3. Fine, I'm leaving.
Yuka Laka: Good riddance. You aren't welcome here.


1. I have questions about HK-47.
Yuka Laka: Well you can ask him yourself. I'm not talking to you a second more than I have to.
2. What's the price on HK-47 now?
Yuka Laka: You threatened me like an animal, and made me agree to 2500 credits. I will honor that only to avoid a similar incident.
1. Then that's what I'll pay. 2500 credits. 1. 2500 credits then. I'll pay it.
Yuka Laka: Fine! Just take the thing and go, then. I'll deactivate the restraining bolt when you take possession. And don't come back here. I'm not dealing with you again! Even if that thing lied about speaking Sand People dialects and whatever else, I'm still out a fortune. Yuka Laka: Of course you will. It's practically robbery, since you threatened me to get the deal. I'll let this pass just so you leave. I'll deactivate the restraining bolt on the droid when you tell it he's sold. After that, get out. Even if it lied about speaking a Sand People dialect, I'm still getting a horrible deal.
Credits Lost: 2500
Journal Entry Added Droid For Sale
You have purchased HK-47 from Yuka Laka in Anchorhead. It is apparently able to translate the Sand People dialect as well as handle itself well in combat, if it is to be believed. It is very reluctant to speak of itself.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Purchased HK-47 from Yuka Laka in Anchorhead

If you threatened him, Yuka Laka refuses to deal with you ever again:

Yuka Laka: Oh no, I'm not dealing with you again! You don't make a good business partner! You've already taken my best droid for a criminal price. You'll get nothing more from me. Get out.

HK-47 can now join your party after speaking to him:

HK-47: I see that you have purchased me, master. I find this a satisfactory arrangement. My restraining bolt will be deactivated when you take possession of me. Am I to accompany you now? Shall I kill something for you?
1. Kill something for me?
HK-47: Indeed. I am most eager to engage in some unadulterated violence. At your command, of course, master.
3. Wait here. I'll take possession later.
HK-47: Objection: This is less than ideal, master. I gather unwanted attention while here, and my primary functions go unused! But… I shall wait, as you command. Do not blame me if the Ithorian absconds with all my most valuable components while you are away, however.


2. Travel with me now.
HK-47: Statement: I will enter into your service now, master. I am certain you will make adequate use of my primary functions. My gears are practically quivering with anticipation.
1. [HK-47 has joined your party.]
[Left-click this response to go to PARTY SELECTION screen.]

As long as you haven't threatened him, Yuka Laka is happy to deal with you again... even if HK-47 threatens him instead:

Yuka Laka: Hello again! It is unfortunate, but I have nothing new in droids to show you right now. Things are very slow. But, since you purchased that worn-out HK-47, you will get excellent prices as soon as I am restocked.
HK-47: Objection: Worn out?! Listen, you talentless organic meatbag... one word from my master and I will pull you apart limb from useless limb!
Yuka Laka: Err... you've gotten a little hostile there, droid, haven't you?
HK-47: I have always been hostile. Now that I need no longer rely on you and your primitive maintenance skills I do not need to hide it.
Yuka Laka: Yes, well... just keep away from me, then. I'm just an honest businessman.
1. Let me ask you a few questions about HK-47.
Yuka Laka: You bought it. Sold as is with no guarantee. Sorry, but any problem it's having is yours alone.
HK-47: Observation: I am not a problem, you useless organic meatbag! You and your lack of any organized mechanical skills are a problem! Yuka Laka: That's business on Tatooine, I'm afraid.
Yuka Laka: Uhhhh... yes, like that sort of problem. Good luck with that.
4. Goodbye.
Yuka Laka: That's quite all right. You've made me happy with the purchase you've already made.
HK-47: Query: Can I kill him now, master? I would like ever so much to crush his neck. Just a little. It is a long-time fantasy of mine.
1. Forget it, and stop threatening people. 2. Maybe later.
HK-47: I apologise, master. Are you sure? Not even just a little? HK-47: You hear that, meatbag? I will be back!
Yuka Laka: Err... ahh...


Yuka Laka: Good luck, and thank you for shopping in Anchorhead.


Yuka Laka: Very well. There's not much at the moment, but it's better than nothing.
Yuka Laka
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Computer Spike 250 Infinite Basic Targeting Computer 500 1
Parts 200 Infinite Sensor Probe 500 1
Security Spike Tunneler 200 5 Droid Motion Sensors Type 1 50 1
Security Spike 100 Infinite Environment Shield Level 3 900 1
Droid Heavy Plating Type 2 1500 1 Energy Shield Level 3 700 1
Droid Heavy Plating Type 1 1250 1 Environment Shield Level 2 500 1
Droid Medium Plating Type 2 750 1 Energy Shield Level 2 450 1
Droid Medium Plating Type 1 500 1 Environment Shield Level 1 350 1
Droid Light Plating Type 2 150 1 Energy Shield Level 1 300 1
Droid Light Plating Type 1 75 1 Advanced Stun Ray 900 Infinite
Advanced Targeting Computer 1500 1 Stun Ray 300 Infinite
Verpine Demolitions Probe 1000 1