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None of the following are usable by Droids and Wookiees.


These are simple garments that protect little more than the modesty of the wearer.

The appearance of clothing differs for main player characters depending on class selected at character generation, and for each party member. There are also eight other variants of clothing used by non-player characters: none grant any bonus beyond the aforementioned modesty of the wearer.

World Area Source Cost Amount
Endar Spire Command Module Footlocker 0 1
Trask 0 1
Taris Hideout Carth 0 1
Undercity Mission 0 1
Hideout Bastila 0 1
Davik's Estate Canderous 0 1


Disguises are quest items which allow characters to access areas which are otherwise inaccessible. Although descriptions display Max Dexterity Bonus like armor, according to Feedback this restriction does not actually apply. Hence Dexterity modifiers greater than +8 are still added to Defense in their entirety.

Sith Armor[edit]

This full body armor could be used to fool people into thinking the wearer was one of the Sith.
World Area Source Cost Amount
Taris North Apartments Sith Commander 0 1
Sith Backpack

This must be equipped by you or Carth to enter the Lower City. It must be surrendered to Gadon Thek in the Hidden Bek base to enter the Undercity, but while equipped by anyone in upper and lower Taris it can affect dialog with other characters.

Sand People Clothing[edit]

These are the intricate robes of a Sand People warrior. They seem to be in good condition, and might allow a wearer to superficially appear to be a member of the Sand People species.
World Area Source Cost Amount
Tatooine Dune Sea Elite Warrior (5) at level < 12 0 1 (5)
Sand People Warrior (9) 0 1 (9)
Elite Warrior (2) 0 1 (2)

This must be equipped by all organic members of your party (which cannot include Zaalbar) to enter the Sand People Enclave: doing so also prevents ambushes in the Dune Sea and Sand People Territory, and other Sand People won't attack unless you try to speak to them.

Using this clothing can affect interactions with Tanis Venn and the mining team in the Dune Sea, but it's normally lost upon first entering the enclave, or removed upon returning to Ebon Hawk or Anchorhead, where it cannot be equipped.


Jedi Defense is required to use robes, so only Jedi classes can do so.

According to Feedback, the Defense Bonus of robes is included in the feats and effects mod, which is restricted to +10 maximum. For example, a Jedi using a Jedi Master Robe (+3), Master Speed (+4) and Force Armor (+6) only receives a defense bonus of +10, not +13.

Robes Jedi robes Jedi Knight robes Jedi Master robes Revan robes
Defense Bonus 1 2 3 5

Although descriptions display Max Dexterity Bonus like armor, according to Feedback this restriction does not actually apply. Hence Dexterity modifiers greater than +8 are still added to Defense in their entirety... which is just as well, since most robes except for Qel-Droma Robes and Revan robes grant nothing more than a low Defense Bonus.

Despite this, many Jedi normally still use robes instead of armor because some Force powers are restricted when using the latter.


Armor Proficiency is required to use armor, which is not usable by Droids and Wookiees. Although all other classes can select these feats, all three proficiencies (Light, Medium and Heavy) are only granted upon character generation to Soldiers like Carth and Canderous, only Light and Medium are granted to Scouts, and only Light is granted to Scoundrels like Mission.

Defense Bonus Light armor Feats Required: Armor Proficiency - Light Medium armor Feats Required: Armor Proficiency - Medium Heavy armor Feats Required: Armor Proficiency - Heavy
Armor 4 5 6 7 8 9
Max Dexterity Bonus 5 4 3 2 1 0
Feats and effects mod 0-4 0-4 0-3 0-6 0-4 0-5
Maximum Total 9-13 9-13 9-12 9-15 9-13 9-14

Although the primary purpose of armor is to grant a Defense Bonus, some also grant bonuses to Damage Resistance (one medium armor even grants Damage Immunity), attributes and Immunity (and some light armors grant bonuses to Stealth).

However, the use of some Force powers is restricted by armor:

Light side powers Universal powers Dark side powers
Force Aura, Shield or Armor
Force, Knight or Master Valor
Stasis Field
Burst of, Knight or Master Speed
Force Resistance or Immunity
Force Suppression or Breach
Shock, Force Lightning or Storm
Drain Life or Death Field

Jedi using any active powers (Stasis Field, Force Suppression or Breach, or any of the dark side powers) should not use armor as it cannot be changed once engaged in combat, which means these powers cannot be used in combat: dark Force users are particularly poorly served by this, since for the vast majority of the game there's no option but to use robes which grant nothing but a Defense Bonus (and a rather low one at that, in the absence of high Dexterity).

The remaining Force powers restricted by armor are buffs granting passive bonuses for varying duration (and Knight or Master Valor can be used by another Jedi not using armor while others do, so light Force users aren't nearly as restricted by it): this means that these powers can be used before equipping armor and engaging in combat.

However, there isn't always time to prepare before being engaged in combat, and continually changing in and out of armor can be tedious... although it seems that buffs active upon entering an area often remain active well beyond their expected expiry, which may be (ab)used to advantage.