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File:KotOR Map Temple Catacombs.png
Map of the Temple catacombs

Main Level[edit]

Beyond the temple door in the east wall behind you is the ramp back up to the main floor, while through the doorway in the west wall are two guard droids:

Guard Droid
KotOR Model Guard Droid (Temple).png
Class Minion
Level 12
Alignment 50 (neutral)
Awareness 11
Strength 20 +5
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 6 -2
Wisdom 8 -1
Charisma 6 -2
Vitality 100
Force -
Defense 24
Fortitude 10
Reflex 13
Will 7
Ranged Main Off hand
Attack 18 -
Energy 1-8-
Threat 20-20,x2-
Attack - -
Physical --
Threat --
Items and abilities Feats Force powers

Light Repeating Blaster

Master Conditioning Weapon Focus: Heavy Weapons Master Power Blast Rapid Shot Master Sniper Shot10


KotOR Icon XP.png Experience Points (XP) Received:

Through the doorway in the south wall of this room is another with a footlocker by the west wall and a rune covered pillar by the east wall, which is mined:

Awareness Deadly Frag Mine (3) Detect 40 (20) Demolitions Disable 30 (10) Recover 40 (20)
KotOR Icon Item(s) Received.png Item(s) Received: Footlocker
  • Datapad
KotOR Icon Item(s) Received.png Item(s) Received: Rune Covered Pillar

Novice Sith such as yourself cannot be trusted to remember even simple tasks, acolyte. It is therefore prudent for your masters to explain themselves at length, using very small words.

The ancient sequencer on the lower levels can only be activated once all the sequencer tiles on the floor have been set to their active mode by walking on them in the correct pattern. To make all the tiles the same color, simply walk the tiles in the pattern of an 'H'. I trust there will not be another unfortunate 'incident' like the last time...

Through the doorway in the north wall is another room with two storage cylinders by the east wall in the southeast corner with random contents, and a temple door in the west wall of the northwest corner, beyond which are the sequencer tiles on the floor mentioned in the datapad above: they're arranged in a 3x3 grid with an additional tile at the east end of the north row, which deactivates all sequencer tiles if a mistake is made. These tiles open the massive door in the west wall:

Security Massive Door Unlock 100 (80) Bash Resist - Vitality -

[Tile pattern incorrect.]

Make sure you're in Solo mode to prevent your party from running over the tiles as well. The orientation of the 'H' pattern doesn't matter (so you can run over the north and south rows or the east and west rows, then the perpendicular center row) and you don't have to remain on the grid, so it's best to overrun it and move around outside the grid before getting back on.

Ancient Computer[edit]

Once all the sequencer tiles have been activated, the massive door opens to allow access to the Rakata computer in the center of the otherwise empty room beyond:

KotOR Icon Dialog.png 1. I'm looking for genetic data on the Rakata.

Once you've asked how you can get to the upper levels of the temple, the computer unlocks the Massive Door opposite the Temple entrance on the west side of the main floor so you can reach the Temple Summit. Otherwise, you can ask it to tell you about the Star Forge or if it knows anything about the Star Maps:

You can also ask it to tell you about the history of the Infinite Empire:

KotOR Icon Dialog.png 7. I'll be going now.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Rakata Computer: As you wish. Please return if you find yourself in need of the information stored within my database.

Rakatan Research[edit]

KotOR Icon Dialog.png Rakata Computer: My storage banks contain significant quantities of information on this subject, compiled through hundreds of years of research and study. Please wait while I load the information onto a data pad for your future reference. Processing... Information transfer complete. Is there anything else you require, Revan?
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Trapped on a Nameless World
You retrieved some genetic data from the ancient computer in the catacombs of the Temple of the Ancients. You're sure the Elder Researchers would find this information very useful.
KotOR Icon XP.png Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Retrieved genetic data
KotOR Icon Item(s) Received.png Item(s) Received: Rakata Computer
  • Datapad

This data pad contains information from many genetics studies conducted by the Rakata during their technological peak.

You can return this datapad to Researcher Ll'awa in the Elder settlement if the Elders helped you get inside the Temple of the Ancients, otherwise this is as far as this quest can be completed.