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Korriban on the Galaxy Map

As you land on Korriban, you have another vision of a Star Map as you sleep in your bunk. If Bastila is with you and this isn't the last planet you visit, she speaks to you about it:

KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The Force has given us a... a vision. Like the one we shared on Dantooine. Did you see it? Of course... you must have. The Force is strong with us both. KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: Another vision. The Force is guiding us, helping us retrace the steps of Malak and his old Master. Leading us ever closer to the Star Forge. KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: You felt it, yes? Another vision? The Force continues to work through us; showing us the Star Maps unearthed by Revan and Malak.
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: There are some who believe Korriban is the birth place of the Sith... this planet is an evil place. There are secrets here best left uncovered.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 1. It looked like the Star Map was in some sort of cave. KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. We have to uncover those secrets if we want to stop Malak. KotOR Icon Dialog.png 3. I don't have time for your visions, Bastila!
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: You are right, of course. We cannot turn away from the path we have started on... no matter where it may lead. KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: The visions are as much yours as mine - and they are the key to finding the Star Forge and stopping Malak!
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: During the vision I felt cold and trapped; almost as if I was buried alive. It felt... it felt like we were in some kind of tomb. No doubt things will become more clear once we discover the Star Map's location.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 1. Won't the Sith recognize you? KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. It would be safer if you stayed hidden on the ship.
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: Hmmm... maybe you're right. Most of the dark Jedi would only know me by name, but there are a few among them who might recognize my face. For the safety of our mission I must remain on the Ebon Hawk while we are on this planet.

So Bastila cannot be added to your party on Korriban. You can still ask her and some other party members if they know anything about Korriban:

KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about this world?
KotOR Icon Canderous.png Canderous: Korriban is a Sith world, that's for sure. I mean, just look at this place. Rumor has it that the leader of our clans at the time, Mandalore, did go down. They say the Sith perform terrible magics here. You have anything else you want to ask?
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about this place?
KotOR Icon Bastila.png Bastila: Korriban is a sparsely populated planet controlled by the Sith. It feels... wrong. There is an old evil here that permeates the Force. We can't risk having any of the dark Jedi Masters recognize me. For the sake of the mission I must remain hidden in the Ebon Hawk while we are on this world. Beyond that, there is little else I can tell you.
KotOR Icon Carth.png Carth: Korriban's a desolate world, and a Sith planet. There's only one small colony here, I'm pretty sure. That's all I can think of, at any rate.
KotOR Icon Jolee.png Jolee: Pfah. Korriban's a rock. Mind the Sith. And that's about all I got to say about that. Now let's get going.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png 2. Do you know anything about the planet we're on?
KotOR Icon Mission.png Mission: I don't know anything about Korriban, but I get a bad feeling in this place. If there's such a thing as an 'evil' planet, this is it! Sorry I can't be more help, you know? Is there anything else I can do for you?
KotOR Icon Zaalbar.png Zaalbar: I know that it isn't my homeworld. That is all I care about. There is nothing here to interest me. KotOR Icon Zaalbar.png Zaalbar: I don't know much about the planets we visit, but... I suppose I should learn. When you ask someone else, I will listen as well.