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Celestern present[edit]

Celestern present
  1. Defeating Salamander in the past appears to have had a dramatic effect on Celestern. No longer a patchwork of different environments, all of Celestern is home to trees and lush green fields. The towns are in the same general vicinities, and you start out once again in front of the town of Yufla (A). You will hear a lot of talk about Kaji in Pao.
Yufla layout
Hassan Hotel
Hassan is waiting for you inside. He is your last ally, and by joining you, you can now form the Dragon formation. This hotel still charges 30 Rupias per night.
Shop Casino (Oprin)
In much more prosperous times, the prices in Yufla have been cut down substantially, and the shop owner is even amenable to offering discounts. The Casino that used to occupy this town has been driven underground. Cast Oprin here to find it.
  1. It seems that Pao (B) is once again your next destination. Follow the path to the west until it drops you back down to the south. Instead of arriving in a desert, you will still be in a forest. As you travel, you are likely to encounter the Grim Reaper a bit more frequently than normal. Make your way to the east until you find the trail that leads north to the entrance of Pao.
Pao layout
Isfa Shop
Kaji possesses the Armor of Light, armor which is required in order for you to meet Sabaron. However, he requires proof of your association to Isfa. You will have to return here once you find such proof. This shop still sells the typical tools useful in palaces at the same prices as before, only now you may also ask for a discount.
  1. Now you must begin the hunt for proof of your relation to Isfa. Your next destination should be Chigris (C). As you explore the forest, you are likely to be informed by Coronya to cast Oprin when you reach the location marked by (r). There is a hidden Trooper cell here. At this point, there is little to save your Rupias for, so if you have a lot, you might as well spend a couple hundred on Troopers. Continue to the far west side of the forest, and then south and east to make your way to Chigris, which has expanded a bit under more prosperous circumstances.
Chigris layout
Mosque Shop
Once again, the shop here does not offer a discount, but is relatively cheap, and sells a Map for 40 Rupias. Make sure you possess at least one key.
One night's stay costs 40 Rupias.
  1. In Chigris, you learn that the Fire Palace used to be called the Light Palace, and that it was built by Isfa in the past. You will also learn that a time door can be found in a cave behind Fire Palace. So that should be your next destination. Before you head there, take the south detour to the platform where the time door used to be (!), and head inside to learn the final great magic of Libcom.
  2. On your way to the palace, you will fight some powerful enemies, and may even get drawn into dangerous turn-based battles. Do your best to endure these and defeat the enemies, as it is important to reach level 21, and there aren't many great experience point opportunities early on. At level 21, you earn the spell Marita, which restores 50 HP for the mere cost of 4 MP.

Fire Palace and Underground Maze[edit]

Fire Palace
Underground Maze
  • Once again, Fire Palace (shown left) is still quite small. You begin at (a). You may face a couple of rooms full of thieves, but most of the entrances are guarded by Blue Rabita dragons. Make your way to the right side of the palace, and all the way up to the top, where you will be instructed by Coronya to cast Oprin at (b). Doing so will create a staircase. These stairs lead to the Underground Maze.
  • The Underground Maze (shown right) is a little complicated, but not terribly difficult to navigate through. In addition to having two floors, there are a number of other interesting features in the cave, including a shop, a magic university, and a time door.
  • You begin inside the underground maze at (a). Each of the yellow letters on the map are how the staircases connect between the main and bottom floors. You will need to use some of these stairs in order to explore the entirety of the maze. Unless you wish to visit the shop (which is very expensive and offers no discount), you can essentially ignore the left side of the maze. The shop can be found through the entrance below the B staircase on the main floor.
Maze Magic University
  1. The Dragon Course is all about how you should use the Dragon formation against the Zodor Division. There is no reward for successfully passing the exam.
  2. The Libcom Course teaches you about the spell Libcom, which brings everybody in your party back to life and restores all HP and MP. You earn nothing for completing the course.
  • Start instead by heading to the right. Keep going until you are forced to walk up. You will walk through a Hebel House corridor. Defeat them if you wish, and continue up until you reach staircase C. Head down the stairs and walk right to the corridor on the edge, and then down to the room below. Take staircase D back up to the main floor.
  • Back on the main floor, head down until you can walk around to the right and back up. Follow this outside path around to the top of the maze. Eventually, you will reach the first entrance (b). Head inside, and you will find a Magic University! However, even if you take all of the classes, you will not earn any special items for doing so.
  • If you continue on to the left and walk around the next wall, you will reach another entrance (c). However, if you attempt to enter at this point, you access will be denied since you do not possess Isfa's Light Armor. Continue around the path until you reach a small dead end at (t). Coronya will tell you to cast Oprin here, and when you do, you will discover the time door for this period. Head inside and travel back 3000 years into the past to retrieve the Light Sword

Light Palace[edit]

Light Palace
  • Rather than traveling back in time to a land, you arrive inside of Isfa's Light Palace as it appeared 3000 years ago. You arrive in the lower left corner (t), and you will need to return here once your objective is complete in order to return to the present.
  • Your goal is to obtain the Light Sword at (s). However, you will find that reaching (s) isn't as simple as it appears. There are a number of pathways to take, and many of the rooms are divided into two parts by a series of jars.
  • As you wander through the palace, you will frequently encounter the short demon-like Fencers. They behave much like thieves. While they aren't great for experience points, they do provide 12 per kill, so don't avoid them. If you search the palace long enough, you are likely to find a room at the bottom (!) where you can cast Oprin. If you do, you will find a man who provides you with the following clue: There is only one jar that you can go through.
  • Sure enough, if you test all of the jars by pushing up against them, you will find one jar which is an illusion. The position of this jar is indicated by the bright spot near the center of the map. If you walk through the jar at this location, you will reach the right side of the palace where eventually you can make your way to the door at (s). You will need at least one key to access it.
  • Once you reach (s), you will claim Isfa's Light Sword. A voice will also leave you with one hint: Listen to the pillars. With the sword, you may now return to (t) and go back to the present and show it to Kaji in Pao. Try to reach level 22 before you leave the Palace. While the sword is a powerful and useful tool, you need to be a Magician in order to face Sabaron. As a result, you aren't likely to appreciate the Light Sword to any great degree.

Return to the present[edit]

  1. Once you have the sword, you should head immediately to Pao. In fact, if you have a carpet, you can simply choose to use it right from inside the underground maze, saving you a tremendous amount of time. Once you arrive in Pao, visit Kaji and he will acknowledge you as the rightful heir of Isfa. He will then give you important instructions. He will tell you to walk south from the town and to walk between two trees.
  2. Exit Pao and head south as instructed. There are two single trees before the water. Walk between them, and the sky will flash with magic. A bridge will appear over the water leading you to a small secluded space. Coronya will instruct you to cast Oprin and when you do, a staircase will appear leading you directly to the Light Armor. When you collect it, you will also receive another clue concerning the pillar. You will be reminded of what it says again later on. Make sure you have at least one key before you leave.
  3. Now that you have the Light Armor (you will appear red instead of pink), you can actually return to the Underground Maze and make your way back to entrance (c) which you will unable to pass through before. Stop at Chigris along the way to rest up at the hotel and resupply. Make sure you are a Magician from this point on, or you will have to backtrack. Then head straight for the Fire Palace, make your way to the back of it and return to the Underground Maze. Follow the description above to reach (c) from (a), and you will enter Sabaron's Palace.

Sabaron's Palace[edit]

Sabaron's Palace
  • You begin in the lower right hand corner of the map (a). There are a few features in this palace worth noting. Through the door in room (b), you will find one more lady who will give you 50 Rupias for defeating Sabaron, but it will cost you one key. At the (!), you will find a shop, which unlike most shops found outside of towns, offers items at reasonable prices and discounts.
  • Your first goal is actually to reach the room in the upper left hand corner of the map (r). The best way to reach there is to travel up along the right side of the palace, and then across the top. Regardless of how you choose to get there, you will inevitably wind up fighting against some transformation mini-boss. The usual precautions apply, you do not want to get transformed and killed by one of the boss' allies. Keep your distance and fire rapidly while avoiding the projectiles.
  • You will need a key to pass through the door at (r), where you will encounter Sabaron. It turns out that Sabaron is not entirely the bad guy you may have thought he was. Unfortunately, he realizes that he has lost control of a great demon that he summoned and he now begs you for your help. In addition to promising to return Sheherazade to you, he reveals an interesting secret: She has been with you all along!
  • Her appearance has changed, and she can't say her name, and you must identify who she is in order to restore her to her true form. You have one chance to get the name right, and if you fail, the game will instantly end! For the correct answer, check the spoiler at the bottom of this section. Once she is restored, you will earn the best rod, Isfa's Rod. It turns out that Sheherazade and her sisters are the rebirth of the spirit Airoshe. Sheherazade then instructs you to visit the room of pillars, which is found through the door (c).
  • Before you make your way to (c), it's probably a good idea to visit the Magic Star not far from Sabaron's room. Use Marina to restore your health then use the star to restore you magic. Then you must begin to back track to reach (c). Once again, you have a few choices to reach that location, but in general, you should proceed down the left side of the palace until you are forced to travel right. Then when you can resume moving down, you can head back to the left and up until you reach the mini-boss fight with Barzil. Carefully defeat him, and then continue to follow the path until you reach (c).

Dark World[edit]

Dark World entrance
  • You will now be in the entrance to the dark world. Much like the desert in chapter 2, you must pass through this area in just the right way or you will never reach the end. You may notice that the walls are either a bright color, or a dark color. As long as the walls remain dark, you are heading in the right direction. If the walls ever become light again, you made a wrong choice. See the spoiler at the bottom of this section for the right directions through the entrance.
  • Once you make it through the maze, you will reach the pillar room. You will be reminded of the message you received when you got the Light Armor. Then a red moon and white sun will appear. Stand on the red moon and fire up at the pillars until you hear a tone. Then stand on the white sun and fire up at the pillars until you hear a tone. Then a star will appear in the center of the room. This star will cycle through several colors, one of them being blue. When the star becomes blue, be sure to stand on it and fire up at the pillars. The star will disappear, and the room will explode with magic.
  • A few flames will shoot across the room from either side just before a gigantic demon head will appear. The final boss battle of the game will now begin.

Palace Boss: Goragora[edit]

Goragora face
  1. The first thing to note about Goragora first form is that you will instantly die if he happens to maneuver himself in such a way that you wind up standing over his mouth. You will fall in and lose a life. Be sure to avoid his mouth at all costs! You are generally (but not always) safest around the edges of the room. He will bounce around the room casting Fire spells and Transfomation spells at you. You should set your magic to Boltor3, and cast it as rapidly as possible. Eventually, he will succumb to it's effects and change into his second form. If he returns to this form, return to casting Boltor3 until he changes again.
  2. Goragora orbs
    After getting hit with Boltor3 enough, you will be faced with a pair of rotating orbs, a light one and a dark one. Only one orb is vulnerable to attack, the dark orb. Hit it continuously with the Isfa Rod. As you do, you will chip away at it's health. If you do not kill it in time, it will transform back to the face. Return to casting Boltor3 until it becomes the orbs again and resume hitting the dark orb with your rod until its health is fully depleted. Then Goragora will be defeated.

Once Goragora is defeated, Arabia will be saved and you will be presented with the ending of the game. Congratulations on your hard earned victory.