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Button Action
Up dpad Move north on surface,
Move forward in dungeons
Down dpad Move south on surface,
Move back in dungeons
Left dpad Move west on surface,
Turn left in dungeons
Right dpad Move east on surface,
Turn right in dungeons
A button Open menu, confirm command
B button Close menu, cancel command
Start button Starts game
Select button Unused

Menu commands[edit]

Command Explanation Original
Talk Talk to people. At the inns, the game can be saved. Talk
Quit & save
Cast Cast a spell, if the required reagents are available and if the caster has enough magic points. Cast
Attack Attack a character. Avoid doing this in town! Attack
Use Use an item, e.g. a torch, the magic key, a magic gem, the sextant, or any other special item. Use
Search Search the tile where the Stranger is standing. If there is a chest, it will be opened. Search
Get chest
Ready Get equipment ready, or trade equipment between party members.
Every character can carry 6 equipment pieces (weapons and/or armours).
Get weapon ready
Wear armour
Status See the statistics of a party member. Ztatus
Herbs See how many herbs/reagents are carried by the party. Ztatus
Runes See which runes are carried by the party. Ztatus
Stones See which stones are carried by the party. Ztatus
Recipes See the recipes for the spells. Useful before purchasing spell reagents. Ztatus
Order Change the order of the party members. New order

Omitted commands[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Controls

The following commands became automatic:

  • Mix reagents
  • Board vehicle
  • eXit vehicle
  • Enter town
  • Klimb stairs
  • Descend stairs

The following commands were omitted, most of them became unnecessary:

  • Fire cannons (enemies are invisible before combat)
  • Hole up & camp (you can rest at inns only)
  • Open door (all doors were replaced by open passageways)
  • Yell (the only instance where this command is necessary was omitted)
  • Volume (use your television volume)