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Classes and MP[edit]

Profession MP
Mage MP = 200% Int
Druid MP = 150% Int
MP = 100% Int
Tinker MP = 50% Int
Shepherd MP = 0 (NES: sheep flute)
Fighter MP = 0

The Shepherd has no Magic Points, but in the NES remake she is the only character who can use the Sheep Flute, an item that casts the Sleep spell on all opponents.

Still in the NES remake, when the Stranger becomes an Avatar, his/her maximum MP promptly becomes 99. This holds true for every profession (in the subsequent episodes of Ultima, the Avatar will always be the character with the highest MP).


Virgil/Basil reveals the coordinates of the nightshade fungus.
See also the Britannian Yellow Pages #Apothecaries.

Six reagents can be purchased in every apothecary shop, but the remaining two are the subject of side quests.

In the spell lists below, the following abbreviations and prices are used for the reagents:

Reagent Price
Man: mandrake root 9 G (cost of "Cure"): secret poison swamps
Prl: black pearl 9 G
Mos: blood moss 6 G
Gar: garlic 6 G
Gin: ginseng 5 G
Sil: spider silk web 3 G
Ash: sulfurous ash 2 G
Nig: nightshade fungus 0 G: secret but free

NES spell list[edit]

In the NES remake, the prices of reagents are different (as well as some recipes). Furthermore, four spells were removed: Undead (no enemy sets), Open (no trapped chests), Up and Down (game breakers). On the other hand, three new spells were introduced, bringing the total to 25: Reflect, Squish and Defeat.

Prompt specifies whether a spell is available since the beginning of the game ("yes") or if the characters should find something during the game (the recipe and/or some rare reagents). After one or more characters told you about a new spell, it can be learned by going to "Spells Unlimited" in Moonglow, and telling the shop owner the proper ingredients.

In the original versions each of the 26 spells names start with a different letter. In the NES version some spell names were modified: for this reason, some spell names in the table below are preceded by the initial letter of the original and a slash (e.g. the original "Resurrect" spell is listed in the table below as "R/Life").

Spell MP GP & Reagents Type & Target Effect Prompt
~ Healing spells ~
Cure 06 11: mos, gin Heal 1 ally Cures poison Yes
Heal 10 09: gar, sil Heal 1 ally Cures Health Points Yes
R/Life 45 21: man, gar, mos, nig Heal 1 ally Cures death Recipe, nig, man
~ Field spells ~
Light 03 02: ash Field Lights the dungeon Yes
View 15 09: man, nig Field See map of area or dungeon level nig, man
X/Exit 12 11: mos, sil, ash Field Teleports back to the dungeon entrance Yes
Wind 10 12: gar, mos Field Changes direction of the wind Yes
Dispel 12 17: prl, gar, ash Field Removes any magic/poison field in towns Yes
Gate 32 20: man, prl, ash Field Teleports to any of the 8 towns Recipe, man
~ Support spells ~
Blink 18 09: mos, sil Support all allies Flee from battle Yes
Awaken 05 11: gar, gin Support 1 ally Cures "sleep" status Yes
Quick 25 13: mos, gin, ash Support all allies Attack twice per turn Yes
-/Reflect 20 13: gar, gin, ash, nig Support ? ally/s Take no damage from projectiles Recipe, nig
Protect 15 14: gar, gin, ash Support ? ally/s Increases defense Yes
~ Disabling spells ~
Sleep 10 08: gin, sil Disable all enemies Put enemies to sleep Recipe
Jinx 28 18: man, prl , nig Disable all enemies Enemies attack each other Recipe, nig, man
Negate 20 26: man, prl, gar, ash Disable all enem. & all. Spells cannot be cast Recipe, man
~ Attack spells ~
K/Destroy 23 09: prl, nig Attack 1 enemy Ranged attack Recipe, nig
Missile 03 11: prl, ash Attack 1 enemy Ranged attack Yes
Fire 12 11: prl, ash Attack 1 enemy Ranged attack Yes
Energy 22 14: prl, sil, ash Attack some enemies Creates 3x3 fire field Yes
Tremor 40 17: man, mos, ash Attack all enemies Mass destruction attack Recipe, man
Ice 17 18: man, prl Attack 1 enemy Ranged attack man
-/Squish 28 20: man, mos, sil, ash Attack all enemies Reduces HP without killing Recipe, man
-/Defeat 28 24: man, prl, mos Attack some enemies Attacks enemies adjacent caster man

Spell analysis[edit]

In the NES remake, some recipes and the price of reagents are different. Furthermore, four spells were removed: Undead (no enemy sets), Open (no trapped chests), Up and Down (game breakers). On the other hand, three new spells were introduced, bringing the total to 25: Reflect, Squish and Defeat.

Healing spells[edit]

  • Cure poison: necessary; at game start, the Stranger starts with enough reagents to mix three of them; in battle, use it after all poisonous enemies have been defeated.
  • Heal: an emergency spell; otherwise, camping or resting at an inn restores more health to all companions (and all MP) for a similar price.
  • Resurrect/Life: sometimes necessary; highly recommended in Dungeon Hythloth.

Field spells[edit]

  • Dispel: necessary.
  • Wind change: necessary to direct the "lighter-than-air device".
  • Blink: in the NES remake, it can only be used to flee from battle, without losing Virtue Points.
  • Gate travel: useful for shortcuts to any of the eight towns.

Dungeon spells:

  • Light: more convenient than torches.
  • View: less convenient than magic gems, because of the scarcity of reagents to cast the spell; both View and the Gems are very useful in dungeons, although they can be cast on the surface, too.
  • X (Exit): useful to escape dungeons when the companions are very weakened.

Support spells[edit]

  • Awaken: use it strategically, e.g. after all enemy "sleep"-casters have been defeated; when facing a large number of "sleep"-casters, split your party in two: some attack the enemies, others keep waking up the asleep allies.
  • Protection: especially useful when the party is low on health points.
  • Quickness: useful to speed up a combat, thus reducing suffered damage.

NES-only spell:

  • Reflect: useful when the party is low on health points.

Disabling spells[edit]

  • Energy field: in the NES remake, a large 3x3 fire field is the only available option. If an enemy receives fatal damage from a field, the companions earn no experience points (the field itself deserves them...).
  • Sleep: easy to cast, but enemies killed in their sleep grant just 3 experience points.
  • Negate magic: useful against powerful spellcasting enemies, especially reapers.
  • Jinx: when it affects many enemies, it becomes a great defensive-offensive spell: less damage to your party and more damage to enemies.

Attack spells[edit]

  • (Sorted by power) Magic missile, Fireball, Iceball, Kill/Destroy: damage a single opponent; ranged weapons are more convenient, because they have infinite ammunition and they consume no reagents.
  • Tremor: damages all enemies at once; good to speed up battles against large numbers of enemies.

NES-only spells:

  • Squish: an alternative to "Tremor": it brings all enemies down to near death (actually identical to the "Necorp/Rot" spell from Ultima 3).
  • Defeat: damage all close enemies (up to 4); if you focus on ranged weapons (tactically advantageous), this close-range spell becomes almost useless.