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Yellow pages directory[edit]

This page is structured exactly like any Yellow Pages directory: it lists all different shops divided by type.


Best deals are highlighted in green, worst ones in red. In the NES remake, all magic shops use the prices from the original Moonglow shop.

Shop Town Ash Gin Gar Sil Mos Prl
Shiela's "The Magics" Paws 3 4 2 9 6 7
Margot's "Magical Herbs" Moonglow 2 5 6 3 6 9
Sasha's "Herbs and Spices" Skara Brae 2 4 9 6 4 8
Shannon's "Magic Mentar" Buccaneers Den 6 7 9 9 9 1
NES remake - 2 5 6 3 6 9

The apothecary shop in Paws is hidden beyond a false wall. Check carefully the east wall in the village armoury.

To access the apothecary shop in Buccaneers Den you need to cast one "Dispel" magic, that requires a black pearl as one of the reagents, but black pearls are cheap in that same shop only. Therefore, you will have to buy at least one expensive black pearl somewhere else to get many cheap ones.

Armories & Weaponries[edit]

Sorted by effectiveness of ranged weapons.

For the NES remake, different weapons for sale are underlined. Some weapons were omitted from the port (dagger, halberd), some names were changed: "mace" became "club", "magic" became "+1/+2".

Weaponry Town Ranged weapons Close-combat weapons
(& consumables)
Winston's "Windsor Weaponry" Britain Sling
NES: sling
Dagger, staff, sword
NES: staff, sword
Wendy's "Village Arms" Vesper Sling, bow
NES: bow, crossbow
Dagger, flaming oil
NES: sword, oil (at the guild)
Jumar's "Duelling Weapons" Trinsic Bow
NES: bow
Mace, axe, sword
NES: club, axe, sword +1
Willard's "Willard's Weaponry" Jhelom Crossbow
NES: bow
Axe, sword, halberd
NES: staff, axe, sword
Peter's "The Iron Works" Minoc Magic axe
NES: axe +1
Mace, halberd, magic sword
NES: club, axe, sword +2
Hook's "Hook's Arms" Buccaneer's Den Crossbow, magic bow, magic wand
NES: crossbow, bow +1, wand
Flaming oil
NES: sword +1, oil (at the guild)

Sorted by effectiveness of armours.

For the NES remake, different weapons for sale are underlined. Also, two armors were added (ring and magic cloth).

Armory Town Armours
Pierre's "Light Armour" Paws Cloth, leather
NES: ring, cloth +1, chain +1
Winston's "Windsor Armour" Britain Cloth, leather, chainmail
NES: cloth, leather, chainmail
Limpy's "Basic Armour" Buccaneer's Den Cloth, leather, chainmail
NES: chain +1, plate +1
Jean's "Duelling Armour" Trinsic Cloth, chainmail, magic chain
NES: leather, chain, ring
Valiant's "Valiant's Armour" Jhelom Chainmail, platemail, magic chain, magic plate
NES: leather, chain, plate

Grocery shops[edit]

Sorted by best deal. The whole food mechanic was omitted in the NES remake.

Shop Town 25 rations
NES remake
Mintol's "Food for Thought" Skara Brae 20 GP (Part of the inn)
Shaman's "The Sage Deli" Moonglow 25 GP "Spells Unlimited"
Max's "The Market" Paws 30 GP (Empty shop)
Donnar's "The Dry Goods" Yew 35 GP Extra inn (save game point)
Windrick's "Adventure Food" Britain 40 GP (Part of the pub)

Guild shops[edit]

Shop Town Torches Gems Keys Sextant
Long John Leary's "The Guild Shop" Vesper 10 GP (50 GP for 5) 12 GP (60 GP for 5) 10 GP (60 GP for 6) 900 (each)
One Eyed Willey's "Pirate's Guild" Buccaneer's Den 10 GP (50 GP for 5) 12 GP (60 GP for 5) 10 GP (60 GP for 6) 900 (each)


The healers in Britannia provide access to three spells: curing (100 gold), healing (200 gold), and resurrection (300 gold). The healers are expensive compared to purchasing and mixing regents, resting in inns or camping, but are useful should the other options be unavailable.

If one of the party members is poisoned and there is not enough gold, the healers can cure the poison for free, asking you to likewise give onto others.

If the Stranger is in quite good health, he can give blood to the healers and practice the virtue of Sacrifice. The cities of Skara Brae and Jhelom feature a healer and a cheap inn where the party can rest, making them suitable locations where to improve Sacrifice quickly.

Castle Britannia is also useful, as Lord British will heal the party for free (or at the cost of cutting down experience points, in some versions), and has a healer on the lower floor.

Shop Town
Pendragon's "The Royal Healer" Castle Britannia
Celest's "Wound Healing" Britain
Salle's "The Love Healer" Empath Abbey
Justin's "Just Healing" Yew
Windwalker's "Courage Healer" Serpent's Hold
Triplet's "Heal and Health" Jhelom
Spiran's "The Mystic Heal" Skara Brae
Harmony's "The Healer" Moonglow
Starfire's "The Thruth Healer" Lycaeum
Quat's "Healer Shop" Cove


Sorted by best deal.

Shop Town Fares
Tymus's "The Sleep Shop" Vesper 1GP
Tyrone's "Inn of the Spirits" Skara Brae 5GP (haunted)
Smirk's "The Inn of Ends" Jhelom 10GP
Jason's "Britannia Manor" Britannia 15GP
Zajac's "Honorable Inn" Trinsic 15GP
Scatu's "The Honest Inn" Moonglow 20GP
Estro's "Wayfarer's Inn" Minoc 30 to 90GP


Shop Town Food Ale Info
for 99GP tip
NES info
for 100GP tip
Sam's "Jolly Spirits" Britannia 4 2 Black Stone "Watch thy step in the dungeon!"
Greg & Rob's "Folley Tavern" Paws 2 2 Mandrake ?
Terran's "The Grog Tap" Trinsic 3 2 White Stone Nightshade
Arron's "Axe & Grog" Vesper 2 2 Nightshade ?
Celestial's "The Bloody Pub" Jhelom 2 2 Sextant Sextant
The Captain's "Captain Black Tavern" Buccaneer's Den 4 2 Skull Whirlpool


  • Village of Paws: the price for horses equals 100 times the Stranger's level, minus 100.

Horses were omitted in the NES remake.

Stranger's level: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Horses price: 100 200 300 400 500 600 700

Other people[edit]


  • Lord British: Castle Britannia
  • Hawkwind the Seer: Castle Britannia


In order to master the virtue of Compassion, it is necessary to give gold to beggars. Each donation increases the score, regardless of the amount given.

The following table is divided in two: mainland and islands. In the NES remake, a "=" precedes the location if it is the same as the original; sort by "NES remake" to highlight the version differences.

The closest beggars to the Shrine of Compassion are: Sprite in Britain (Bob the Beggar in the NES remake), Humlock in Empath Abbey (in Paws in the NES remake), Frida and the poor beggar in Yew.

Beggar name Location NES remake
Nameless prisoners Castle Britannia (Prisoners instead of beggars)
Sprite Britain (Injured person instead of beggar)
Frida Yew = Yew
Poor beggar Yew = Yew
Humlock Empath Abbey Paws?
Bob the Beggar Minoc Britain
Gimble Minoc = Minoc (injured person)
Linda Sue (Child instead of beggar) Minoc
Seesha (Injured person in Castle Britannia) Minoc (injured person)
~ Islands ~
Granted Skara Brae = Skara Brae (hunger artist)
Ambule Skara Brae N/A
Daranor Moonglow Buccaneer's Den?
Shylock the Meek The Lycaeum N/A
Roderick Serpent's Hold = Serpent's Hold

Humble answers[edit]

Answer humbly to the following characters in order to improve the Stranger's Humility. In the NES remake the dialogue is different, and more virtues can be affected.

Location Characters
Castle Britannia Shawn, nameless prisoners, upper floor guards
Britain Julio
Yew Talfourd, Flamis, guards
Empath Abbey Diane, gate guards
~ Verity Isle ~
Moonglow Patric
The Lycaeum Estro
~ Other islands ~
Jhelom X
Magincia ruins Virtuebane, Heywood, Faultless, Slim
Skara Brae White
Buccaneer's Den Silver John
Character Tested virtues
Reaper in Castle Britannia (reaper) Hum, Spi, Jus, Hnr
Prisoner in Castle Britannia (nameless prisoner) Hum, Spi, Jus
Woman in Trinsic (Lexington) Hum, Hnr
Tinker in Minoc (Azure) Hum
Black mage in Vesper (Flatbush) Hum, Jus
Mage in Moonglow (Browning) Hum, Hst
Mage in Cove (Spellbind) Hum, Spi
Ranger in Serpent's Hold (gate guard) Hum, Spi, Val
~ Other virtues ~
Burning fire in Yew (Flamis) Hst
Bard in Moonglow (Rebelias) Hst
Pirate in Buccaneer's Den (Silver John) Hst, Jus
Fighter in Paws (Sir Simon) Val
Fighter in Castle Britannia (a guard) Hnr, Spi

Note: Honor was abbreviated "Hnr", Honesty "Hst"