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See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)/Dungeons Destard and Shame

The magic balls in both these dungeons raise strength (STR); the balls in Shame also raise intelligence (DEX).

  • Enter from Destard, west of Trinsic.
  • Get the Red and the Purple stones.
  • Leave from Shame and use a Blink spell.

Dungeons Destard and Shame[edit]

L. Map of the floor Walkthrough
D1 U4 AMI d4 Destard L1.png When the party enters, they are at the cross of endless corridors (upper-right in the image). Use a gem and locate the secret passages. All stairs down connect to the same area.
D2 U4 AMI d4 Destard L2.png
U4 SMS d4 Destard L2rooms.png
The northern fountain is harmful, the southern one cures poison.
D3 U4 AMI d4 Destard L3.png
U4 SMS d4 Destard L3rooms.png
Two Magic Balls can be found on this floor. Each of them raises Strength by 5, but inflicts 200 damage.
D4 U4 AMI d4 Destard L4.png
U4 SMS d4 Destard L4rooms.png
The color-changing tiles in the room are actually odd phantoms. If it is a glitch, it is replicated in all ports of the game.
D5 U4 AMI d4 Destard L5.png
U4 SMS d4 Destard L5rooms.png
There is a trapped chest in the room: if a character steps on it, some of the energy fields that imprison the dragons will disappear. In particular, three separate fields will remain in each floor. Position strategically the companions before engaing the enemies.
Take the west staircase first, then come back and take the north one.
D6 U4 AMI d4 Destard L6.png
U4 SMS d4 Destard L6rooms.png
The western area is a dead end with the third and fourth Magic Balls, but they are protected by several darkening winds.
The eastern area presents another choice, apart from the two rooms. Once again, take the west staircase first, then come back and take the east one.
D7 U4 AMI d4 Destard L7.png
U4 SMS d4 Destard L7rooms.png
The western area repeats indefinitely, but it conceals the Red Stone of Courage. The eastern area has just a room without any enemy.
D8 U4 AMI d4 Destard L8.png
U4 SMS d4 Destard L8rooms.png
Right next to the stairs to this floor there is a secret passage and a ladder that leads all the way up to a separate portion of the first floor. The rooms on this floor are easy. After you looted the secret area on the first floor, a secret passage to the north leads to the altar room at the end of the corridor.
D1 U4 AMI d4 Destard L1.png
U4 SMS d4 Destard L1rooms.png
Each room presents a different challenge. A good strategy would be to let all companions but one leave the room before any chest is taken.
  • In the North room, align the companions along the east wall, and wait for the Zorns to cross it.
  • In the East room, the mimics in the corner conceal a further trap: step on the chest, and the walls will close down. Look carefully for secret passages that trigger further passages.
  • In the South room, after all reapers have been defeated, the northmost chest will activate several poison fields. Note that one "Cure" spell is cheaper than two or three "Dispel" ones.
  • In the West room, the halberds will definitely come in handy to fight enemies in narrow passages.
A U4 SMS d0 Altar3.png The north entrance is from Dungeon Destard. The west exit leads to Dungeon Shame. You need at least four Stones to use an Altar, but currently you own just two.
S8 U4 AMI d7 Shame L8.png
U4 SMS d7 Shame L8rooms.png
From the altar room fo courage, the Companions access Dungeon Shame from the north-east of this floor.
By crossing the three rooms to the south, the Companions will reach a fountain and two magic orbs.
In the first room, notice the three "secret passage" tiles: the one in the center opens the wall to the west, the two south ones lead to the next room. In the second and third room, the "Negate" spells would prevent the Balrog and the Reapers from casting "Sleep" on all the Companions.
The magic orbs in Dungeon Shame raise Strength and Intelligence by 5, but they inflict 400 damages. Luckily, there is a healing fountain near these two.
S7 U4 AMI d7 Shame L7.png
U4 SMS d7 Shame L7room2.png
Climbing up from level 8, the party will be in a corridor with two doors to their right. There is just one room on this floor, with a few chests and no enemies.
S6 U4 AMI d7 Shame L6.png
U4 SMS d7 Shame L6rooms.png
A secret passage hides a vault with 22 chests (44 in the Master System port). Apart from that, the two ladders up lead to the same area of the next floor.
S5 U4 AMI d7 Shame L5.png This floor is free of dangers or puzzles.
S4 U4 AMI d7 Shame L4.png
U4 SMS d7 Shame L4rooms.png
Five rooms form a crossroad. To the east, two magic orbs and two fountains. To the south, the upper three floors and the Stone, to the north the exit from the dungeon.
Luckily again, the two fountains next to the orbs refresh all health points.
S3 U4 AMI d7 Shame L3.png
U4 SMS d7 Shame L3rooms.png
Access the central room from the south, and exit it to the west to reach the stairs up.
S2 U4 AMI d7 Shame L2.png The altar with the Purple Stone of Honor is at the end of the corridor going south.
S1 U4 AMI d7 Shame L1.png
U4 SMS d7 Shame L1rooms.png
As a bonus, there is a fifth Magic Orb on this floor! On the other hand, the foutain to the south is harmful.
The trigger to open a passageway in the eastmost room is at the center of its eastmost tile column.
In the middle room, the trigger is in a corner to the north-east, but the passage is on the other way of the poison fields; what is more demanding: 3 "Dispel" spells or almost 8 "Cure"?
In the north room, the trigger is behind the east pillar.
S7 U4 AMI d7 Shame L7.png
U4 SMS d7 Shame L7room1.png
Back to level 4, cross the rooms to the north and reach the hidden staircase. The direction up is a dead end, whereas going down is the way out, after a change in direction on level 7.
If you want to backtrack through the crypt on level 7, the first trigger is in the marsh tile in the south-east corner; the second one becomes then easily visible.
The area surrounding the entrance to Dungeon Shame.

When you emerge from the landlocked entrance of dungeon Shame, [P]eer at a gem. If you cast a "Blink" spell to the east, the party will teleport close to Britain.