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This guide is for the computer ports. For the NES remake, see Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)/Equipment.

Any piece of equipment can be sold for half its purchasing price.


Every character can use two pieces of equipment: one weapon and one armor. A character can change weapon during combat, but he/she would use up his/her turn.

Ranged weapons[edit]

Ranged weapons give the strategic advantage of hitting the enemy before it can reach you. If all the party is equipped with bows, the battle will be often won before the enemies can land even one blow on the heroes.

The halberd can attack across walls or obstacles, with a range of two tiles; it can be very useful in dungeons. The magic axe and the magic wand deal the same damage both at long and short range.

In the Master System port, all ranged weapons can shoot diagonally, but flaming oil, slings, and bows have limited range.

Ranged weapon Price Shops Ma Dr Ba Ti Pa Ra Fi Sh
J) Flaming oil 5 Vesper, Buccaneer's Den Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
D) Sling 25 Britain, Vesper Y Y Start Y Y Y Y Y
H) Bow 250 Trinsic, Vesper - Y Y Y Y Y Y -
K) Halberd 350 Minoc, Jhelom - - - Y Y - Y -
I) Crossbow 600 Jhelom, Buccaneer's Den - Y Y Y Y Y Y -
N) Magic bow 2000 Buccaneer's Den - Y Y Y Y Y - -
L) Magic axe 1500 Minoc - - - Y Y - - -
O) Magic wand 5000 Buccaneer's Den Y Y Y - - - - -

Close-combat weapons[edit]

If the enemies manage to get close the heroes, the melee weapons actually deal more damage and will finish them off quite quickly.

The dagger can be thrown, but it will be lost, and the character has to purchase another one.

The Mystic Swords can only be wielded after the Stranger reaches Eight-Parts Avatarhood.

Melee weapon Price Shops Ma Dr Ba Ti Pa Ra Fi Sh
A) Hands 0 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
B) Staff 20 Britain Y Start Y Y Y Y Y Start
C) Dagger 2 Britain, Vesper Start Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
E) Mace 100 Trinsic, Minoc - Y Y Start Y Y Y Y
F) Axe 225 Trinsic, Jhelom - - Y Y Y Y Start Y
G) Sword 300 Britain, Trinsic, Jhelom - - Y Y Start Start Y Y
M) Magic sword 2500 Minoc - - - Y Y Y Y -
P) Mystic sword 7000 (Quest) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y


The Mystic Robes can only be worn after the Stranger reaches Eight-Parts Avatarhood.

Armour Price Shops Ma Dr Ba Ti Pa Ra Fi Sh
A) Skin 0 - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
B) Cloth 50 Britain, Buccaneer's Den, Paws, Trinsic Start Start Start Y Y Y Y Start
C) Leather 200 Britain, Buccaneer's Den, Paws - Y Y Start Y Start Y Y
D) Chain mail 600 Britain, Buccaneer's Den, Trinsic, Jhelom - - - Y Start - Y -
E) Plate mail 2000 Jhelom - - - Y Y - Y -
F) Magic chain 4000 Jhelom, Trinsic - - - - Y - Y -
G) Magic plate 7000 Jhelom - - - - Y - - -
H) Mystic robe 9000 (Quest) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Combat strategies[edit]

Ranged weapons offer tactical advantage over enemies capable of melee attacks only, and also they remove the same disadvantage against long-ranged enemies. As Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone could say: "When the man with the bow meets the man with the sword, the man with the sword is a dead man".

On the other hand, if the enemies manage to get close to the companions, they would better switch to melee weapons, that deal more damage.

A smart strategy against close-combat enemies could be the following:

  • At the beginning of the combat, let the enemies get near, because if they're heavily wounded too early, they would escape out of weapons range.
  • While the enemies approach, arrange your characters on two lines: a smaller number with strong armor on the front line, and a greater number on the back line.
  • When an enemy is just one step from your front line, shoot!
  • (In the unlikely event that many enemies get in touch with your front line, have them switch to melee weapons, while the back line should keep attacking with ranged weapons.)

A completely different strategy is required against long-range enemies:

  • First of all, seek cover behind rocks to avoid the projectiles; split the party in two if necessary;
  • Let enemies walk around the rocks, so that they can be taken down one by one.

Support and disabling spells can be useful against the most powerful enemies. Direct attack spells, instead, can be avoided, being less reliable than long-ranged weapons and expensive on the long run.