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Spoiler warning! This page contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip to the next page if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

NES characters have been identified with the computer ones according to the subject they talk about. When a link by subject was impossibile, they were associated by location or by sprite (as Julius/Julia shows, a link by gender is pointless).

There are 176 male characters (M), 55 female ones (F), 4 characters with unspecified gender (?), and 21 genderless ones (O).

The king and the seer[edit]

Computer ports NES remake
(First visit) Lord British rises and says: At long last! Thou hast come! We have waited such a long, long time... Lord British sits and says: A new age is upon Britannia. The great Evil Lords are gone but our people lack direction and purpose in their lives... A champion of Virtue is called for. Thou may be this champion, but only time shall tell. I will aid thee any way that I can! How may I help thee? (In Avatar Shrine): I am Lord British, king of Britannia. I welcome thee, Stranger, unto my fair kingdom! The Ages of Darkness are no more, yet still doth evil swell in the hearts of the people. I have long sought an adventurer who would master the eight Virtues of Avatarhood and guide our people into a new age of enlightenment. Stranger, I know in my heart that thou shalt become this Avatar! Go forth now, and conquer the frontiers of the self!
(Later visits) Welcome, Stranger, what would thou ask of me?
  • LOOK? Thou see the King with the Royal Sceptre
  • NAME? My name is Lord British, Sovereign of all Britannia!
  • JOB? I rule all Britannia, and shall do my best to help thee!
  • BRITANNIA? Even though the Great Evil Lords have been routed evil yet remains in Britannia. If but one soul could complete the Quest of the Avatar, our people would have a new hope, a new goal for life. There would be a shining example that there is more to life than the endless struggle for possessions and gold!
  • (SMS) EVIL LORDS? The Great Evil Lords are Mondain, Minax and Exodus!
  • MONDAIN? Mondain is dead!
  • MINAX? Minax is dead!
  • EXODUS? Exodus is dead!
  • QUEST? The Quest of the Avatar is to know and become the embodiment of the Eight Virtues of Goodness! It is known that all who take on this Quest must prove themselves by conquering the Abyss and Viewing the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom!
  • AVATAR? To be an Avatar is to be the embodiment of the Eight Virtues. It is to live a life constantly and forever in the Quest to better thyself and the world in which we live.
  • ANKH? The Ankh is the symbol of one who strives for Virtue. Keep it with thee at all times for by this mark thou shalt be known!
  • ABYSS? The Great Stygian Abyss is the darkest pocket of evil remaining in Britannia! It is said that in the deepest recesses of the Abyss is the Chamber of the Codex! It is also said that only one of highest Virtue may enter this Chamber, one such as an Avatar!!!
Lord British:
  • Friend Stranger and hope of Britannia, I welcome thee! Is there any way in which I may aid thee?
  • NO? Let us meet again, my friend.
  • YES? Which is it?

Paladin (cave of the White Stone):

  • The Age of Darkness ended with the demise of Exodus... Yet why doth evil still stalk the land?
HEALTH? I am well, thank ye. Art thou well?
  • NO? Let me heal thy wounds! (heals all party wounds)
  • YES? That is good.
Health? I am very well, as thou canst see! And dost thou enjoy good health as well?
  • NO? Then, I shall heal thee! (heals all party wounds)
  • YES? Ah, good. There is nothing better than being in health.
VIRTUE? The Eight Virtues of the Avatar are Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, and Humility!
  • HONESTY? The fair towne of Moonglow on Verity Isle is where the virtue of Honesty thrives!
  • COMPASSION? The bards in the towne of Britain are well versed in the virtue of Compassion!
  • VALOR? Many valiant fighters come from Jhelom in the Valarian Isles!
  • JUSTICE? In the city of Yew, in the Deep Forest, Justice is served!
  • SACRIFICE? Minoc, towne of self-sacrifice, lies on the eastern shores of Lost Hope Bay!
  • HONOR? The Paladins who strive for Honor are oft seen in Trinsic, north of the Cape of Heroes!
  • SPIRITUALITY? In Skara Brae the Spiritual path is taught. Find it on an isle near Spiritwood!
  • HUMILITY? Humility is the foundation of Virtue! The ruins of proud Magincia are a testimony unto the Virtue of Humility! Find the Ruins of Magincia far off the shores of Britannia, on a small isle in the vast Ocean!
  • PRIDE? Of the eight combinations of Truth, Love and Courage, that which contains neither Truth, Love nor Courage is Pride. Pride being not a Virtue must be shunned in favor of Humility, the Virtue which is the antithesis of Pride!
Virtue? In which of the eight Virtues thou seek enlightenment?
  • Honesty? Moonglow, a towne on Verity Isle, holds Honesty sacred!
  • Compassion? The bards in the towne of Britain sing of Compassion.
  • Valor? Many of our bravest soldiers hail from Jhelom, where Valor is celebrated!
  • Justice? Deep in the northern forests, the druids uphold Justice with diligence.
  • Sacrifice? Minoc, to the northeast, is a city whose folk are strong in the virtue of Sacrifice. They have much to teach!
  • Honor? The knights of Trinsic revere Honor. All are worthy of thy deepest trust!
  • Spirituality? Others seek to strengthen their arms or their minds, but the rangers of Skara Brae strive to perfect their souls.
  • Humility? Without Humility, the practice of all other virtues is in vain. Walk among the ruins of Magincia, and learn.
(SMS) 3 PRINCIPLES? The three Principles are Truth, Love and Courage!
  • LOVE? Look for the meaning of Love at Empath Abbey. The Abbey sits on the western edge of the Deep Forest!
  • TRUTH? Many truths can be learned at the Lycaeum. It lies on the northwestern shore of Verity Isle!
  • COURAGE? Serpent's Castle on the Isle of Deeds is where Courage should be sought!
Principles? In which of the three Principles dost thou seek enlightenment?
  • Love? Empath Abbey, far to the northwest, is a fortress open to all who seek understanding of Love's ways.
  • Truth? In the Lycaeum, north of Moonglow on Verity Isle, dwell scholars who seek lives in pursuit of Truth.
  • Courage? The flower of Britannia's knighthood live and train in the mighty Serpent's Hold, on an island to the south.
  • HELP (1)? To survive in this hostile land thou must first know thyself! Seek ye to master thy weapons and thy magical ability! Take care in these thy first travels in Britannia... Until thou dost know well thyself, travel not far from the savety of the townes!
  • HELP (2)? Travel not the open lands alone. There are many worthy people in the diverse townes whom it would be wise to ask to Join thee! Build thy party unto eight travellers, for only a true leader can win the Quest!
  • HELP (3)? Learn ye the paths of virtue. Seek to gain entry unto the eight shriens! Find ye the Runes, needed for entry into each shrine, and learn each chant or "Mantra" used to focus thy meditations... Within the Shrines thou shalt learn of the deeds which show thy inner virtue or vice!
  • HELP (4)? Choose thy path wisely for all thy deeds of good and evil are remembered and can return to hinder thee! Visit the Seer Hawkwind often and use his wisdom to help thee prove thy Virtue. When thou art ready, Hawkwind will advise thee to seek the Elevation unto partial Avatarhood in a virtue... Seek ye to become a partial Avatar in all eight virtues, for only then shalt thou be ready to seek the Codex!
  • HELP (5)? Go ye now into the depths of the dungeons. Therein recover the 8 colored stones from the altar pedestals in the halls of the dungeons... Find the uses of these stones for they can help thee in the Abyss!
  • HELP (6)? Thou art doing very well indeed on the path to Avatarhood! Strive ye to achieve the Elevation in all eight virtues!
  • HELP (7)? Find ye the Bell, Book and Candle! With these three things, one may enter the Great Stygian Abyss!
  • HELP (8)? Before thou dost enter the Abyss thou shalt need the Key of Three Parts, and the Word of Passage... Then might thou enter the Chamber of the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom!
  • HELP (9)? Thou dost now seem ready to make the final journey into the dark Abyss! Go only with a party of eight! Good Luck, and may the powers of good watch over thee on this thy most periolous endeavor! The hearts and souls of all Britannia go with thee now. Take care, my friend...
  • BYE? Fare thee well, my friend!
Wilt there be anything else?
  • NO? Let us meet again, my friend.
  • YES? Which is it?

Ranger (cave of the White Stone):

  • In the Abyss all eight stones are necessary. Indeed, the white stone is before the Ankh of this very cave. Open the box, and take up the stone!
Computer ports NES remake
Hawkwind the Seer
  • Welcome <name>, I am Hawkwind, Seer of Souls. I see that which is within thee and drives thee to deeds of good or evil...
    • (--) Thou art a thief and a scoundrel. Thou may not ever become an Avatar!
    • (-) Thou art not an honest soul. Thou must live a more honest life to be an Avatar!
    • (0) Thou hast made little progress on the paths of Honesty. Strive to prove thy worth!
    • (+) Thou dost seem an honesty soul. Continued honesty will reward thee!
    • (++) Thou art truly an honest soul. Seek ye now to reach Elevation!
    • (--) Thou art a cold and cruel brute. Thou shouldst go to prison for thy crimes!
    • (-) Thou dost kill where there is no need and give too little unto others!
    • (0) Thou hast not shown thy compassion well. Be more kind unto others!
    • (+) Thou dost show thy compassion well. Continued good will should be thy guide!
    • (++) Compassion is a virtue that thou hast shown well. Seek ye now Elevation!
  • VALOR:
    • (--) Thou art a coward, thou dost flee from the hint of danger!
    • (-) Thou dost not display a great deal of Valor. Thou dost flee before the need!
    • (0) Thou art not yet a valiant warrior. Fight to defeat evil and prove thyself!
    • (+) Thou art showing Valor in the face of danger. Strive to become yet more so!
    • (++) Thou art a truly valiant warrior. Seek ye now Elevation in the virtue of valor!
    • (--) Thou art an unjust wretch. Thou are a fulsome meddler!
    • (-) Thou art cruel and unjust. in time thou will soffer for thy crimes!
    • (0) Thou hast not proven thyself to be just. Strive to do justice unto all things!
    • (+) Thou dost seem fair and just. Strive to uphold Justice even more sternly!
    • (++) Thou art just and fair. Seek ye now the Elevation!
    • (--) Thou art a self-serving Tufthunter. Thou deservest not my help, yet I grant it!
    • (-) Thou dost need to think more of the life of others and less of thy own!
    • (0) Thy sacrifice is small. Give of thy life's blood so that others may live.
    • (+) Thou art giving of thyself in some ways. Seek ye now to find yet more!
    • (++) Thy self-sacrifice is great. Seek now Elevation!
  • HONOR:
    • (--) Thou art a cad and a bounder. Thy presence is an affront. Thou art low as a slug!
    • (-) Thou dost not fight with honor but with malice and deceit!
    • (0) Thou dost need to show thyself to be more honorable. The path lies before thee!
    • (+) Thou dost seem to be Honorable in nature. Seek to bring Honor upon others as well!
    • (++) Thou hast proven thyself to be Honorable. Seek ye now for the Elevation!
    • (--) Thy spirit is weak and feeble. Thou dost not strive for Perfection!
    • (-) Thou dost not take time to care about thy inner being, a must to be an Avatar!
    • (0) Strive to know and master more of thine inner being. Meditation lights the path!
    • (+) Thou art doing well on the path to inner sight continue to seek the inner light.
    • (++) Spirituality is in thy nature. Seek ye now the Elevation!
    • (--) Thou art proud and vain. All other virtue in thee is a loss!
    • (-) Thou art too proud of thy little deeds. Humility is the root of all Virtue!
    • (0) Thy progress on this path is most uncertain. Without Humility thou art empty!
    • (+) Thou dost seem a humble soul. Thou art setting strong stones to build virtues upon!
    • (++) Thy Humility shines bright upon they being. Seek ye now for Elevation!
  • (Any virtue for which Partial Avatarhood has been attained):
    • Thou hast become a partial Avatar in that attribute. Thou need not my insights.
  • (Anything else?) That is not a subject for enlightenment.
  • BYE? Fare thee well and may thou complete the Quest of the Avatar!
Hawkwind the Seer:
  • Welcome, Stranger! I am Hawkwind, seer of souls. I see that which drives thee to ddeds of good or evil. Which of the eight Virtues shalt I judge?
    • ...
    • ...
    • Thou art progressing well in this virtue!
    • ...
    • ...
    • Thou art worthy of Avatarhood in this virtue! Go forth and seek the blessing of its shrine!
  • Strive constantly to get thyself better in these virtues.

The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom[edit]

The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom
Location Original NES remake
Moonglow Inoo (F), an old gypsy.
  • HEALTH? I predict I will be fine today!
  • JOB? I am a fortune teller, I read palms.
  • PALMS? Palms tell fortunes!
  • FORTUNE? Give thy palm. Dost thou wish thy destiny?
    • NO? Wise choice.
    • YES? A great quest will lead thee into the abyss where the Codex awaits!
Old woman (in Moonglow):
  • I am a fortuneteller. Wouldst thou care to know thy future?
    • NO? Very well.
    • YES? A great quest shall lead thee into the Abyss,where[1] the Codex awaits!
Serpent's Hold Roark (M), a seasoned fighter.
  • JOB? I fight for Britannia!
  • HEALTH? Just healed. Art thou well?
    • NO? Thou hast come to the right place.
    • YES? Then strive to find the secrets of the Abyss.
  • ABYSS? The Great Stygian Abyss holds the Codex of ultimate wisdom!
  • CODEX? I know little.
Cove Allen (M), a small boy.
  • HEALTH? I am fine.
  • JOB? I know how to enter the abyss!
  • ABYSS? The abyss may only be approached by ship!
  • SHIP? The ship must have a magically strengthened hull! Hast thou such a vessel?
    • YES?/NO? Ask Blissful of the abyss.
Boy (in Cove): I'm told the Abyss lies on an isle to the south. Ask the blissful sea horse!
Cove Blissful (F), a majestic seahorse!
  • HEALTH? I am doing well.
  • JOB? I know much of the Codex!
  • CODEX? The shrine ankh knows how to enter the chamber of the Codex!
  • ABYSS? Meditate at the shrines of honesty, compassion and valor for 3 cycles to know how to enter!
Seahorse (in Cove):
  • I am Sthissisness, called Blissful by men. Meditate in the shrines of Honesty, then Compassion, and last Valor, if thou art truly foolish enough to knock at the gate of the Abyss!
Cove The Ankh (O), a shining ankh!
  • HEALTH? Bright.
  • JOB? I resonate with thoughts. Dost thou seek help?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? What are thy thoughts?
  • CODEX? To enter the Codex chamber...
  • CHAMBER? ...One must be 8 parts avatar, have the key of 3 parts, the word of passage and know the pure axiom!
Ankh (in Cove):
  • I am the Ankh of knowledge. All knowledge rests within the codex of Ultimate Wisdom. The stones open the way!

Fighter (cave of the White Stone):

  • The Abyss lies near the island of Verity to the south, its entrance ringed by the sea of fire! Only the one who hath mastered the Eight virtues may enter.
White Stone cave Ankh (cave of the White Stone):
  • I am the Ankh of the future. When thou dost look upon the Codex, thou shalt know all. This journey is thy destiny. Go, and seek the ultimate knowledge!

Becoming an Avatar of Virtue[edit]

Shrines of Virtue[edit]

General rules
Location Original NES remake
Castle Britannia Sheila (F), a solemn ranger
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I search for the inner light.
  • LIGHT? Seek inner light in the shrines!
  • SHRINE? Runes are needed to enter shrines! Dost thou know of mantra?
    • NO? The mantra are chants needed to focus thy thoughts while meditating.
    • YES? Good.
Woman in blue (in Castle Britannia):
  • Hail, seeker of Avatarhood! Evil trembles at thy coming!
Vesper Randal (M), a solemn ranger.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I teach of the shrines.
  • SHRINES? One >must< visit each shrine for 1, 2 and 3 cycles each for thy paths to be clear! Dost thou visit them often?
    • NO? Make that the first goal along thy path to avatarhood!
    • YES? Very good.
The Lycaeum A Truth Seeker (M), a person lost in thought.
  • HEALTH? I am in a meditative state.
  • JOB? I seek to know truth.
  • TRUTH? The principle upon which I meditate.
  • MEDITATE? Meditate at each shrine for 1, 2 and 3 minutes, then shalt thou know the paths of goodness!

Shrine of Compassion
Location Original NES remake
Britain A Child (M), a small child
  • HEALTH? O.K.
  • JOB? I am learning compassion.
  • LEARNING? The solution to ones problems often lies in solving others!
  • COMPASSION? Never care so much for thyself that thou cannot care for others! Know ye the mantra of compassion?
    • NO? Ask Cricket!
    • YES? Good.
Britain Cricket (M), a bard in green
  • HEALTH? Shhh.
  • JOB? Shhh, I'm playing!
  • SHHH? Yes, shhh! Now wilt thou be quiet?
    • NO? I am going to call the guards!
    • YES? Thanks.
  • MANTRA? The mantra for the shrine of compassion is 'MU'!
Bard (in Britain):
  • Welcome, traveler! We have waited such a long, long time... (music changes)
Britain Sprite (F), a poor beggar.
  • HEALTH? I fear I shall die of starvation!
  • STARVATION? I have not eaten in a week!
  • JOB? I have no job so now I beg!
  • BEG? Please! Help me! Wilt thou help me?
    • NO? I shall starve to death!
    • YES? In return I shall tell thee that Pepper knows of the rune!
Injured person (in Britain):
  • 8 runes, 8 stones. Seek them all!
Britain Pepper (F), a spicy woman.
  • HEALTH? Healthy.
  • JOB? I am a fighting bard.
  • BARD? Bards know many things. Dost thou seek something?
    • NO? Alas, I may have been able to help.
    • YES? What might that be?
  • RUNE? The rune of compassion lies at the end of a hall somewhere in this towne.
Ranger (in Britain):
  • None may enter the shrine, who do not bear the rune! Search at the foot of the inn's stairs...
Britain Shapero (M), a druid.
  • HEALTH? All right.
  • JOB? I am looking for Julio.
  • JULIO? He knows the true nature of compassion. Art thou on the Quest of the Avatar?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Find the shrine of compassion east across two bridges!
  • COMPASSION? Seek out Julio and ask him of compassion!
Girl (in Britain):
  • Seek the shrine of Compassion to the east, across two bridges!

Shrine of Honesty
Location Original NES remake
Moonglow Cromwell (M), a regal paladin.
  • HEALTH? Well indeed.
  • JOB? I speak of the virtues of honesty!
  • HONESTY? A few honest men are better than numbers! Dost thou strive to be honest?
    • NO? Shame!
    • YES? Then you will need the mantra.
  • MANTRA? The mantra of the shrine of honesty is 'AHM'.
Paladin (in Moonglow):
  • Wait on the cape across the bridge! The gate appears when the left moon wanes....
Moonglow Christen (F), a playful child.
  • HEALTH? Feeling good.
  • JOB? I am your friend.
  • FRIEND? Honest friends are few! Art thou my friend?
    • NO? I am sad.
    • YES? That makes me happy.
  • HONEST? My friend William knows where the rune of honesty is.
Girl (in Moonglow):
  • Dost thou see it ?[2] Canst thou see it?
  • Yes/No? The Rune of Honesty, three steps south! (lose honesty if you answer "no" and then "yes" right afterwards)
  • Yes? There it is! (owning the rune)
Moonglow William (M), a child eating a sandwich.
  • SANDWICH? It's a peanut butter and grape jelly on lightly toasted bread! Wouldst thou like a bite?
    • NO? It's awful yummy!
    • YES? Yummy, huh!
  • HEALTH? Pretty good.
  • JOB? Oh, not much.
  • RUNE? Search for the rune of honesty by Mariah's gold!
Moonglow Calabrini (M), a tall mage.
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • HEALER? Our healer is one of the best!
  • JOB? I bear greetings from the fair city of Moonglow. Dost thou seek an inn or healing?
    • NO? Perhaps, the shrine which lies on an isle to the north!
    • YES? Which?
  • INN? We have an excellent inn.
White mage (in Moonglow):
  • Welcome to Moonglow, City of Honesty and Magic!

Shrine of Valor
Location Original NES remake
Jhelom Lord Robert (M), a mysterious warrior.
  • WARRIOR? Thou must battle long and hard to be a warrior.
  • HEALTH? Outstanding!
  • JOB? I battle for Lord British! Are you a valiant warrior?
    • NO? Thou art a wimp!
    • YES? Thou dost deserve the rune, ask Nostro!
  • BATTLE? Battles are few and too many!
Jhelom Max (M), the housekeeper.
  • HEALTH? Good!
  • JOB? I am the housekeeper.
  • HOUSEKEEPER? I clean the rooms. Is there some problem with thy room?
    • NO? Oh, thou had me worried!
    • YES? I am very sorry, I will correct it right away!
  • ROOMS? That is a strange one at the end. People often disappear.
Jhelom Nostro (M), a withering soul
  • HEALTH? Very near death!
  • JOB? I built these passages and they walled me in!
  • PASSAGE? This passage runs around the city! Wilt thou lead me out?
    • NO? Thou art a cad! and I will still follow!
    • YES? I am saved!
  • RUNE? The rune is buried in a tower!
Ghost (locked door in Jhelom):
  • I am... er, was... Nostro. I have found the rune, but I cannot leave this room. In my stead, canst thou take the rune and venture to the Shrine?
    • NO? Why not?
    • YES? The rune is in the corner of this very room.
Jhelom Sir Hrothgar (M), a mighty warrior!
  • HEALTH? Excellent.
  • JOB? I fight for valor!
  • VALOR? The valiant soul fears not its own visage! Art thou the most valiant of souls?
    • NO? Thou should seek the shrine of valor!
    • YES? This is not likely!
  • SHRINE? The mantra need be known, ask Aesop!
Jhelom Aesop (M), a small man.
  • HEALTH? Well enough.
  • JOB? I search for valor!
  • VALOR? I find that it is easy to be brave from a safe distance! Know what I mean?
    • NO? Thou art brave!
    • YES? That is my problem.
  • MANTRA? The mantra of valor is 'RA'. Use it in the shrine on the next isle!
Fighter (in Jhelom):
  • The island shrine requires Valor's rune!

Shrine of Justice
Location Original NES remake
Druid (F), a wandering druid.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I seek justice.
  • JUSTICE? Learn at the shrine!
  • SHRINE? The shrine is to the east then north! Dost thou have the rune?
    • NO? Ask Talfourd for he knows of the rune.
    • YES? Now learn the mantra, and seek the green stone in 'Wrong'!
Druid (in Yew):
  • The shrine of Justice can be found on the cape, far to the north. Hast thou its Rune?
    • NO? #Ramus knows of it. He's a wee bit addled, though...
    • YES? Search then the dungeon Wrong for the Green Stone of Justice!
Yew Talfourd (M), a wise judge.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I decide justice.
  • JUSTICE? Justice is truth in action!
  • RUNE? It is hidden well! Can thou honestly claim to be guilty of no crime ever?
    • NO? Then do thy penance in a cell, and with the felon search ye well. (humility +5)
    • YES? Doubtful. (humility -5)
Druid (in Yew):
  • I am Talfourd, judge of the druidic court. Art thou guilty of any offense?
    • NO? Thou dost seem honest to me. Speak with the penitent Vorpal, that he might enlighten thee.
    • YES? Look into the darkness of thy soul, and consider whether thou dost speak the truth!
Yew A guard (M), a big guard.
  • HEALTH? Fit.
  • JOB? We guard the jail. Hast thou come to turn thyself in?
    • NO? Just visiting, eh.
    • YES? In which cell dost thou belong, felonies or misdemeanors?
  • MISDEMEANORS? That'll be the left cell.
  • FELONIES? That'll be the right hand cell. Careful in there!
Yew A poor beggar (M), a poor beggar.
  • HEALTH? Well treated.
  • JOB? I have sinned.
  • SINNED? I have gotten chests in the townes and killed non-evil creatures. Should thou be in with the felon?
    • NO? Good.
    • YES? Thou art in the wrong cell.
  • FELON? He is a mean nasty ugly villain!
Beggar (locked door in Yew):
  • I repent, I repent. Wilt thou help me resume my life?
    • NO? I repent. (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? My thanks. (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
Yew Vorpal (M), a mean nasty ugly villain!
  • VILLAIN? That's me alright!
  • HEALTH? Hungry!
  • JOB? I eat people who bug me!
  • PEOPLE? Like thee! Art thou here to bug me?
    • NO? Well thou art!
    • YES? Eat death, scum puppy!
Prisoner (locked door in Yew):
  • I'm Vorpal, a man who walked the wrong path. I now reflect upon Justice and its rune, which is within this jail.
Yew Pinrod (M), a thin man.
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • JOB? I take council.
  • COUNCIL? On justice. Fight ye for justice?
    • NO? Cad.
    • YES? Good, the druids chant the mantra!
  • JUSTICE? Justice is hardest to find at the point of a sword, the steel is an agent of justice, humanity the perpetrator!
Druid (in Yew):
  • Deal not in lies.
Yew Silent (M), a chanting druid
  • HEALTH? Beh... Beh...
  • JOB? Beh... Beh...
  • BEH? Beh... Beh...
  • BEH? Beh... Beh...
Druid (in Yew):
  • To give equal weight to all facts, even though they are not to thy liking, is justice. Flamis can tell thee more.

Shrine of Sacrifice
Location Original NES remake
Minoc Merida (M), a wandering tinker.
  • HEALTH? Been better.
  • JOB? I seek the wisdom of the shrine of sacrifice.
  • SHRINE? But first I need the mantra! Know ye the mantra?
    • NO? The shrine is on a lake to the east!
    • YES? Good!
  • MANTRA? I am told that a hidden shepherd knows the mantra.
Tinker (in Minoc):
  • Sacrifice? Why, 'tis care for others before oneself. Seek the rune, and travel to the shrine in the east!
Minoc Damon (M), a meek shepherd.
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • JOB? I stand here and think.
  • THINK? Oh, just about things. Can't a man just think to himself?
    • NO? Oh yes, I can, thou bandersnatch!
    • YES? Well I hope so!
  • MANTRA? Listen to the bard's song for in its verse lies the key!
Minoc Singsong (F), a cute bard.
  • HEALTH? Very well indeed!
  • JOB? I sing songs!
  • SING? I sing songs!
  • SONG? Very well, the raven sings, the raven saw and in the corn he sayeth 'CAH'. Dost thou like it?
    • NO? Too bad...
    • YES? Thanks.
Minoc Gimble (M), a fading man.
  • JOB? I shall die soon.
  • DIE? I suffer from a tsetse byte!
  • HEALTH? I am barely conscious.
  • CONSCIOUS? I will soon sleep forever. Could thou spare a gold piece so I may buy a last drink?
    • NO? I am saddened.
    • YES? Remember: Azure knows of the rune!
Injured person (in Minoc):
  • I have sleeping sickness... Sknxxx... Huh? Oh, yes, I must have suffered a tsetse bite! Wilt thou buy me a drink? Sknxxx... Zzzzz...
    • NO? Why, ye... Sknxxx... Zzzzz...
    • YES? Eh? Thank ye kindly! The rune is in a tinker's fireplace! Sknxxx...
  • Zzzzzz.... sknxxx....
Minoc Azure (M), a tinker at the table.
  • HEALTH? O.K.
  • JOB? I carve runes.
  • RUNE? I carve runes for passage into the shrines! Dost thou seek a rune?
    • NO? I see.
    • YES? Which?
  • SACRIFICE? Ask my sister, Mischief.
Woman in blue (in Minoc):
  • The shrines of Virtue demand the runes of Virtue, thou must know.
Minoc Mischief (F), a happy tinker.
  • HEALTH? O.K. I guess.
  • JOB? This and that.
  • THIS? And that...
  • RUNE? The rune of sacrifice is hard to get. It lies within the fires of the forge! Hast thou the rune?
    • NO? Return when thou dost find it!
    • YES? Then ask #Alkerion of the stone!
Tinker (in Minoc):
  • Sacrifice springs from love and courage. Dost thou have the courage to love others less fortunate than thyself?
    • NO? I hope that thou dost never find thyself unloved. (lose Humility)
    • YES? Show thy commitment! (gain Humility)

Shrine of Honor
Location Original NES remake
Trinsic Kline (M), a searching paladin!
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I seek entry to the shrine of honor! Know ye the two requirements to enter and use the shrine?
    • NO? What dost thou think?
    • YES? What are they?
  • MANTRA? The mantra is 'SUMM'.
  • RUNE? A man named Winthrop knows of the rune!
Trinsic Winthrop (M), a scruffy merchant.
  • HEALTH? A bit ragged out.
  • JOB? A trade in rumors.
  • RUMORS? About what?
  • RUNE? There is a small child who knew named... Terrin. Dost thou know him?
    • NO? Find him and ask of the rune!
    • YES? Ask him of the rune.
Old man (in Trinsic):
  • Behold! Nature shines forth anew! Soon we shall harvest what we have sown.
  • Behold the fruits of nature! The harvest time is nigh!
  • Ah, harvest time at last. If only my back didn't ache so... Wouldst thou lend a hand to help me harvest?
    • NO? I am but an old man, long of years, short of time.
    • YES? Oh, I thank thee! Such a help thou art, and humble as well. Search in the midst of the fields for our city's treasure!
Trinsic Terrin (M), a cowering child
  • HEALTH? Scared!
  • JOB? I ran from the bull!
  • BULL? A big one, with long, pointy horns! Is it gone yet?
    • NO? Save me!
    • YES? Whew, I thought it would get me!
  • RUNE? It is buried in the southwest corner of towne.
Boy (in Trinsic):
  • My grandfather works the fields, night and day. In the time of harvest, he often tells wonderful stories!
Trinsic Dergin (M), a soulful fighter.
  • HEALTH? Tired.
  • JOB? I seek a place to rest.
  • REST? I have quested long and hard.
  • QUEST? I seek enlightenment at the shrine of honor! Art thou enlightened in honor?
    • NO? The shrine lies to the south and west beyond the swamps!
    • YES? Good.

Shrine of Spirituality
Location Original NES remake
Skara Brae Granted (F), a hungry beggar.
  • HEALTH? I am not at all well.
  • JOB? I beg for food and money.
  • FOOD? To eat!
  • MONEY? To buy food! Wilt thou give me food or money?
    • NO? Jerk!
    • YES? In return I will tell thee that the ankh knows of the rune and my friend Ambule knows the mantra!
Beggar (in Skara Brae):
  • I am a hunger artist. Wilt thou offer me gold to abstain from all food?
    • NO? Then I shall not allow thee to gape at my famine! Be off! (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Last night a Man in Black came to watch me starve. He sprinkled the flowers of sulfur on my open sores, and bade me tell no man of the Tremor... but thou hast given me gold, and are worthier than he. (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
Skara Brae Ambule (F), a grimy beggar.
  • HEALTH? So-so.
  • JOB? I beg for but for a single gold piece!
  • BEG? Oh, please... Oh, please... Wilt thou please give me a gold piece?
    • NO? Stingy, I know thou hast many!
    • YES? Dear kind soul.
  • MANTRA? Ask the child named Barren.
Skara Brae Barren (M), a small child.
  • HEALTH? O.K.
  • JOB? No job.
  • MANTRA? I know it well, it is 'OM'.
Woman in blue (in Skara Brae):
  • The Rune of Spirituality is missing, as is the Stone.
Skara Brae The Ankh of Spirituality (O), a silver ankh.
  • HEALTH? Strong.
  • JOB? I keep the secret of the rune.
  • RUNE? Mantra?
  • OM? Search for the rune of spirituality in the treasure chamber of Britannia! Hast thou found the shrine?
    • NO? Enter the gate of full moons!
    • YES? Good!
Ankh (in Skara Brae):
  • I am Silverspirit. Travel the moongates at the time of the full moons!
Minoc Mike Ward (M), a stocky ranger.
  • HEALTH? Well enough.
  • JOB? I am trying to get a room.
  • ROOM? I have travelled clear from Skara Brae.
  • SKARA BRAE? The rune of our city is missing! Know thee of the rune?
    • NO? It is not in Skara Brae.
    • YES? It is the key to the shrine of spirituality!
Fighter (in Minoc):
  • Each virtue has a rune, each virtue has a stone.

Shrine of Humility
Location Original NES remake
Magincia ruins Casperin (O), a small ghost.
  • HEALTH? Feeling a bit translucent.
  • JOB? To haunt this shop.
  • HAUNT? A lot of haunting goes on around here. Know thee why?
    • NO? Pride!
    • YES? Pride is the surest measure of goals never attained!
  • PRIDE? Seek ye the mantra for humility, ask ye Heywood!
Ghost (in Magincia ruins):
  • We once believed Pride a virtue.[3] And Death exulted in our folly....
Magincia ruins Heywood (O), a tall ghost.
  • HEALTH? As well as can be expected.
  • JOB? Haunt eternally.
  • HAUNT? Pride goeth before, shame cometh after! Art thou proud?
    • NO? A proud soul surely knows not its worth! (humility +5)
    • YES? Thou shalt find shame! (humility -5)
  • MANTRA? Faultless knows the mantra of pride: ask him!
Magincia ruins Faultless (O), a tall ghost.
  • HEALTH? Been better.
  • JOB? Oh, I just hang around!
  • HANG? I was hung for my sin of pride! Art thou proud?
    • NO? Pride is evil's favorite sin! (humility +5)
    • YES? A grave sin! (humility -5)
  • MANTRA? The mantra for pride, being the antithesis of humility, is 'MUL'.
Skeleton (in Magincia ruins):
  • There is treasure in this towne... somewhere... And I doubt we shall have need for it!
Magincia ruins Banter (O), a crumbling skeleton.
  • HEALTH? A bit bony.
  • JOB? I once held the silver horn.
  • HORN? The silver horn must be used to pass the daemon guard of the shrine.
  • SHRINE? Wierdrum has been to the shrine of humility! Seek ye the horn?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? Ask Demitry!
Magincia ruins Wierdrum (O), rattling bones.
  • HEALTH? Haunted.
  • JOB? I haunt, and I haunt, and I haunt!
  • HAUNT? A haunting job takes more than a lifetime, it takes forever!
  • SHRINE? Yes, I have been to the shrine, it lies on the north bank in the isle of the Abyss!
Magincia ruins Demitry (O), a thin skeleton.
  • HEALTH? About the same as yesterday.
  • JOB? I rattle my bones.
  • BONES? Bones, them bones, them dry bones... Art thou dead?
    • NO? Watch out for Nate!
    • YES? Ah, too bad!
  • HORN? The queen of love has a lady in waiting, she can tell thee more of the horn!
Skeleton (in Magincia ruins):
  • Requiem aeterna... Requiem aeterna...
Magincia ruins Ruskin (O), a blue ghost.
  • HEALTH? Not well.
  • JOB? I now try to understand humility.
  • HUMI? The first test of a great soul is humility! Dost thou seek to know humility?
    • NO? A shame.
    • YES? Thou shalt need the rune!
  • RUNE? Ask the snake of the rune, just before it strikes!
Magincia ruins
Nate (M), a mean looking viper!
  • HEALTH? Bloodthirsty!
  • JOB? I bring death to all life in Magincia!
  • RUNE? The sacred rune of humility was banished from this city. Ask Barren in Paws!
  • STONE? Those who seek the black stone need ask at the pub in Britain!
Demon (in Magincia ruins):
  • Avatar of nothing! Empty thoughts, worthless virtues. Is this what thou dost seek... or do you desire the worship of thousands?
Paws Barren (M), a hooded ranger.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I travel the land.
  • LAND? Britannia. Art thou dim?
    • NO? We shall see.
    • YES? I thought so.
  • RUNE? Search the hills in the south-east corner of town!
Ranger (in Paws):
  • I once beheld the rune of Spirituality in a hidden room of the great castle! Seek the Rune near the soldier's western chambers. Then[4] enter the Gate of the Full Moons to find shrine!
Paws Wheatpin (M), a meek shepherd.
  • JOB? I just sit here.
  • HEALTH? Fine. Art thou looking for something?
    • NO? I see.
    • YES? What?
  • RUNE? Around there in the nook of the mountains!
Shepherd (locked door in Vesper):
  • Seek the Rune of Humility in the moor behind a meadow, in the village of Paws...
Vesper Gem (F), a fair woman.
  • HEALTH? I am doing well.
  • JOB? I do humble works.
  • WORKS? I can help thee with the mantra!
  • MANTRA? Since humility is the opposite of pride, so is its mantra! Know ye the mantra of pride?
    • NO? When thou dost, reverse it!
    • YES? Then reverse it for humility!
Vesper Joseph (M), a wise shepherd.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I am but a humble shepherd.
  • SHEPHERD? I am on a pilgrimage unto the shrine of humility! Did thou know that there is no shrine of pride?
    • NO? Pride is not a virtue of the avatar!
    • YES? Very good.
  • SHRINE? It is on the dark island!
Vesper Simple (F), a slender shepherdess.
  • HEALTH? I am fine.
  • JOB? I seek the shrine.
  • SHRINE? The shrine of humility!
  • HUMILITY? The shrine lies on the north bank of the isle of the abyss and is guarded by endless hoards of daemons! Know the isle?
    • NO? Southeast of Britannia!
    • YES? Good.
Shepherd (in Vesper):
  • The Shrine of Humility is on an island south of Verity. There dwells a devil near, so beware!
Empath Abbey Suzanna (F), a lovely lady
  • HEALTH? Overworked!
  • JOB? I am a lady in waiting.
  • LADY? I serve Marcy. Art thou allowed to be in here?
    • NO? Thou should leave!
    • YES? I doubt it! Thou should leave!
  • HORN? There is a paladin by the name of Malchor. He can lead thee to the silver horn!
Beardless mage (in Empath Abbey):
  • Hello! I am Marina Mandracha, in the service of Lady Marcy.
Empath Abbey Malchor (M), a bold paladin.
  • HEALTH? Just now fully healed!
  • JOB? I solve quests.
  • QUESTS? My last quest took me near Spiritwood. Art thou on a quest?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? Best of luck to thee!
  • HORN? Some say that the silver horn is buried on a small isle off the tip of Spiritwood.
Pirate (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • I have seen the Silver Horn, my friend. Search the island north of Magincia.

Practicing the Virtues[edit]

All virtues
Location Original NES remake
Castle Britannia A nameless prisoner (M), a ragged soul.
  • HEALTH? Very poor.
  • JOB? I have none.
  • PRISONER? Here I pay for my crimes! Are you a pirate?
    • NO? I hope that this is true! (Humility +5)
    • YES? You may never complete thy quests, for evil makes not an avatar! (Humility -5)
  • CRIME? Crime is an evil thing!
Prisoner (locked S door in Castle Britannia):
  • Thy virtue is not my concern. I did what I wanted to do, so leave me alone!

Prisoner (locked W door in Castle Britannia):

  • Have thou ever struck an innocent?
    • NO? Then how canst thou enjoy life? (gain Justice, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Ah, thou art the same as I! (lose Justice, Spirituality, Humility)
Minoc Shentis (M), a rotund tinker.
  • JOB? I welcome thee unto Minoc, city of sacrifice!
  • SACRIFICE? Self-sacrifice is a needed virtue!
  • VIRTUE? Avatars strive to be virtuous. Dost thou strive for virtue?
    • NO? An avatar thou art not!
    • YES? Then perhaps thou shalt become an avatar!
Tinker (in Minoc):
  • Welcome to Minoc, city of sacrifice!
Skara Brae Buddha (M), a great philosopher.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I teach.
  • TEACH? When one has pity on all living creatures then is one noble.
  • NOBLE? If one speaks or acts with pure thought, happiness will follow like a shadow that never leaves.
Ranger (in Skara Brae):
  • All is not all it may seem, life is little but a dream.
Paws Sir Hobie (M), a tall muscular knight.
  • JOB? I serve Lord British.
  • HEALTH? Tired and hungry, but always faithful.
  • FAITHFUL? I quest always for Britannia!
  • QUEST? My quest is to defeat the evils of the world. Is it thy quest also?
    • NO? A shame it is!
    • YES? We are as one.
Vesper Friday (F), a beautiful and impressive guard.
  • HEALTH? I am well enough!
  • JOB? I shall warn thee against taking this gold! Dost thou intend to take it?
    • NO? That is good.
    • YES? That would not reflect well upon thy virtues!
  • GOLD? It is not thine!
  • WARN? It is not thine!
Woman in pink (in Vesper):
  • Hello...

Location Original NES remake
Shrine of Honesty Shrine of Honesty
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Take not the gold of others found in towns and castles, for yours it is not!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Cheat not the merchants and peddlers, for it is an evil thing to do!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Second, read the Book of Truth at the entrance to the Great Stygian Abyss!
Shrine of Honesty
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Never steal in the townes and castles!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Do not deceive the shopkeepeers.
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Open the Book of Truth at the gates of the Abyss!
Moonglow Rebelias (M), a mystic wizard.
  • HEALTH? I have been better.
  • JOB? I live an honest life.
  • HONEST? Speak the truth and shame the evil forces!
  • EVIL? Evil still exists in our hearts and souls! Dost thou seek to conquer thine own evil?
    • NO? Wretch!
    • YES? The quest of a lifetime!
Bard (in Moonglow):
  • A lie is never better than the truth! Dost thou strive always to be honest?
    • NO? Thou fool. (lose Honesty)
    • YES? That is good. (gain Honesty)
Moonglow Shakespeare (M), a wise wizard.
  • HEALTH? Getting on.
  • JOB? I create tales of honesty.
  • HONESTY? Remember, there is no terror in threats for I am strong in honesty! Dost thou strive to be honest?
    • NO? Fool!
    • YES? Beware corruption!
  • CORRUPTION? Corruption wins not more than honesty!

Location Original NES remake
Shrine of Compassion Shrine of Compassion
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Kill not the non-evil beasts of the land, and do not attack the fair people!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Give of thy purse to those who beg and thy deed shall not be forgotten!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Third, light the Candle of Love at the entrance to the Great Stygian Abyss!
Shrine of Compassion
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Allow that which is not evil to flee thy wrath.
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Give freely of thy wealth to those less fortunate.
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Light the Candle of Love at the gates of the Abyss!
Britain A guard (M), a cheerful guard.
  • HEALTH? I am fully healed.
  • JOB? I am a guard of course!
  • GUARD? We guards have a lot of compassion.
  • COMPASSION? We always say? Let all others' troubles be as thine own! Dost thou kill non-evil creatures?
    • NO? Good.
    • YES? That does not show compassion!
Bard (in Britain)
  • Welcome to Britain, city of Compassion! The moongate rises east of the great castle, before the bridge.
Britain Gwenno (F), a charming jester
  • HEALTH? Very well.
  • JOB? I dance and sing for the children.
  • DANCE? Dance is good for the soul. Do you give to the needy?
    • NO? Alas.
    • YES? Beggars are thankful for small donations.
  • BEGGARS? To give to a beggar shows compassion.
Minoc Bob the Beggar (M), a sickly little man.
  • JOB? I have none, help me.
  • HELP? I need money to cure my sickness.
  • HEALTH? I am very sick, help me!
  • SICK? I have terminal leg rot. Hast thou any money?
    • NO? Then join me and we can beg together!
    • YES? Then please share it with me!
Beggar (in Britain):
  • Hello! I am Bob the Beggar, a sickly, pitiful, little man, with bubonic plague. Oh! Did I say... I meant leprosy... Hey! Come back! Dost thou have any gold for me? (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • NO? Then join me and we can beg together. (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Oh, thank ye! Now I can seek treatment for my terminal leg rot!
Moonglow Daranor (M), a hunched, insane looking man!
  • HEALTH? Health?
  • JOB? I move the sun!
  • SUN? The moons are my enemies!
  • MOON? When I die the world will end! Do you believe my story!?!?...
    • NO? Idiot, you must think I am insane!
    • YES? Then we must fell the moons!
Beggar (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • Alms! Alms for the poor?
    • NO? Then, knowest where thou shouldst go... (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Bless ye, kind friend. (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
The Lycaeum Shylock the Meek (M), a pitiful beggar
  • HEALTH? I am cold and sick! Oh... please... Wilt thou help me? Oh... please...
    • NO? Oh... please...
    • YES? Oh... please...
  • SICK? I have the black plague!
  • JOB? I sit and beg! Oh... please...
  • BEG? Yes, please give me money! Oh... please...
Yew Frida (F), a withered form.
  • HEALTH? I am starving and sick.
  • JOB? See my poor baby I beg for him.
  • BABY? Oh, no, my baby is dying! Wilt thou give me money so that I can get my baby healed?
    • NO? Evil wretch, curse thee!
    • YES? Thou art kind and just!
  • JUST? Jaana may join thee!
Beggar (in Yew):
  • Please help me feed my baby! Wilt thou spare a coin?
    • NO? Hast thou ever truly known hunger? (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Thank you ever so much! (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)

Location Original NES remake
Shrine of Valor Shrine of Valor
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Victories scored over evil creatures help to build a valorous soul!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Attack not a peaceful citizen, for that action deserves strict punishment!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: First, ring the Bell of Courage at the entrance to the Great Stygian Abyss!
Shrine of Valor
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Flee not from strife with that which is evil!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: To flee uninjured from a just battle is cowardice!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Ring the Bell of Courage at the gates of the Abyss!
Castle Britannia A guard (M), a burly guard
  • HEALTH? Great!
  • JOB? I guard the castle and my liege!
  • LIEGE? I serve Lord British!
  • GUARD? A guard must be a valiant warrior! Art thou the most valiant warrior?
    • NO? Still flee not from battle! (Humility +5)
    • YES? Then thou should be a guard! (Humility -5)
Guard (in Castle Britannia):
  • Thou art in the presence of his majesty Lord British!

Fighter (in Castle Britannia):

  • Never cease to fight for virtue. Slowly but surely, thou shalt rise to Avatarhood!

Fighter (in Castle Britannia):

  • Dost thou fight for Britannia?
    • NO? Thou must be a wuss. (lose Honor and Spirituality)
    • YES? Someday we shall all fight together! (gain Honor and Spirituality)
Jhelom Sir William (M), a noble fighter.
  • HEALTH? Very well.
  • JOB? I search for valiant fighters! Art thou valiant?
    • NO? I see.
    • YES? Strive ye to defeat all evil!
  • EVIL? Kill not non-evil creatures but still always stand thy ground!
  • KILL? Let them flee instead. Never flee uninjured!
Jhelom Slithe (M), a valiant warrior.
  • HEALTH? Only minor wounds!
  • JOB? I fight battles!
  • BATTLES? True valor is seen not in the force of arms, but in the force of will! Art thou valiant?
    • NO? Coward.
    • YES? Then never flee unless the need is dire!
  • VALOR? I display my valor in battle.
Fighter (in Jhelom):
  • I have known but a single defeat, when the Man in Black came. He said his business was none of ours, and fell me with the flat of his sword!
  • Upon its hilt was struck a rune of the earth split asunder[5] And from its sash hung a sprig of that poison the mages call Manroot!
Jhelom Timrod (M), a thin fighter.
  • HEALTH? Could not be better!
  • JOB? I fight with valor!
  • VALOR? There is no holier spot of ground than where defeated valor lies. Art thou brave?
    • NO? Coward.
    • YES? Fortune helps the brave!
  • BRAVE? Be brave, for there is much to dare!

Location Original NES remake
Shrine of Justice Shrine of Justice
  • Meditate 1 cycle: To take the gold of others is injustice not soon forgotten, take only thy due!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Attack not a peaceful citizen, for that action deserves strict punishment!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Kill not a non-evil beast, for they deserve not death, even if in hunger they attack thee!
Shrine of Justice
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Do not open another's chest uninvited!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Stir not strife among the peaceful!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Seek no quarrel with creatures not evil!
Yew A guard (M), a big guard
  • HEALTH? O.K.
  • JOB? To preserve the peace and insure justice!
  • JUSTICE? Justice means not only to punish the bad but also to reward the good!
  • PEACE? A good life is inspired by love and guided by truth! Art thou always just?
    • NO? Strive to be! (humility +5)
    • YES? Unlikely! (humility -5)

Location Original NES remake
Shrine of Sacrifice Shrine of Sacrifice
  • Meditate 1 cycle: To give thy last gold piece unto the needy shows good measure of Self-Sacrifice!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: For thee to flee and leave thy companions is a self-serving action to be avoided!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: To give of thy life's blood so that others may live is a virtue of great praise!
Shrine of Sacrifice
  • Meditate 1 cycle: It is most noble to give if it doth cost thee thy last coin.
  • Meditate 2 cycles: To flee and leave thy friends to fight is wicked.
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Give of thy very life's blood, so that others may live.
Minoc A guard (M), a massive guard.
  • HEALTH? Quite.
  • JOB? To guard of course.
  • GUARD? I often wonder if I will ever have to give my life in the line of duty. Understand my dilemma?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Of course, if it came down to it, I hope I would do it!
  • LIFE? One life for many!
Injured person (in the Lycaeum):
  • There is no better way to show Sacrifice than by giving of thy life's blood.

Location Original NES remake
Shrine of Honor Shrine of Honor
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Take not the gold of others, for this shall bring dishonor upon thee!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: To strike first a non-evil being is by no means an honorable deed!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Seek ye to solve the many quests before thee, and Honor shall be a reward!
Shrine of Honor
  • Meditate 1 cycle: A thief is but a begger without honor.
  • Meditate 2 cycles: To slay the innocent doth not show thy honor.
  • Meditate 3 cycles: Never turn away from a challenge, nor shirk a quest!
Trinsic Lexington (M), a shining paladin.
  • HEALTH? Superb.
  • JOB? I am warlord of Trinsic.
  • WARLORD? I have solved many quests!
  • QUESTS? The solving of quests brings ye honor! Strive ye for honor?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? Then solve quests but attack not non-evil creatures, and get not others gold!
Woman in pink (in Trinsic):
  • Dost thou always strive to keep thy oath, even at thine own peril?
    • NO? On, no! (lose Honor and Humility)
    • YES? Then thou must never steal from the townsfolk, nor of their treasures. (gain Honor and Humility)
Trinsic Aristotle (M), a dignified paladin.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I search for honor.
  • HONOR? Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in deserving them.
  • DIGNITY? Honor no one, but honor itself! Art thou honorable at all times?
    • NO? Strive to be as such.
    • YES? That is impressive.
White mage (in Trinsic):
  • Honor is made of courage and truth. Consider it well!

Location Original NES remake
Shrine of Spirituality Shrine of Spirituality
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Seek ye to know thyself. Visit the seer often, for he can see into thy inner being!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Meditation leads to enlightenment. Seek ye all wisdom and knowledge!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: If thou dost seek the White Stone, search ye not under the ground, but in the sky near Serpent's Spine!
Shrine of Spirituality
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Visit the seer Hawkwind often, and learn of thy own Spirit!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Meditation casts light upon the shadows of thy spirit.
  • Meditate 3 cycles: The Great Mountain holds the white stone at its heart!
Vesper Dirgen (M), a wise man.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I give wise counsel.
  • COUNSEL? Strive ye to know and develop the virtue within thee.
  • VIRTUE? The Seer Hawkwind should be consulted >often< for he can see within thee! Dost thou?
    • NO? Thou shalt surely stray from the path!
    • YES? Good!
Vesper Corkrin (M), a bold paladin.
  • HEALTH? I am fully healed!
  • JOB? I travel these fair lands to spread the virtues!
  • VIRTUE? To know thy progress on the paths of virtue one >must< visit the Seer Hawkwind often! Dost thou do this?
    • NO? Thou must or thou may stray!
    • YES? Good.
Fighter (in Castle Britannia):
  • Speak often with the seer Hawkwind, for he is wisest of all!
Skara Brae Santayana (M), a tall ranger.
  • HEALTH? I am alive.
  • JOB? I carry the light within my heart.
  • LIGHT? The light of philosophy.
  • PHILOSOPHY? In philosophical minds the familiar excites wonder! Dost thou always tread the right path?
    • NO? Few can, but strive to do so!
    • YES? Doubtful!
Skara Brae Michaelangelo (M), a skilled ranger
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I strive along the path. Art thou far along the path?
    • NO? Fear not, thou shalt be.
    • YES? This is good.
  • PATH? Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • JOURNEY? May thou always desire more than thou can accomplish!
Skara Brae Dickens (M), a wise bard.
  • HEALTH? O.K.
  • JOB? I write stories.
  • STORIES? Stories are good for the spirit!
  • SPIRIT? Remember, no one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others! Art thou good in nature?
    • NO? I see.
    • YES? Be sure thy net good well exceeds thy net evil!
Woman in pink (in Skara Brae):
  • The great Abyss, the Avatar's aim! My good brother Ramsel set out towards that cursed eastern isle.[6] Never to return, it seems....

Location Original NES remake
Shrine of Humility Shrine of Humility
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Claim not to be that which thou art not. Humble actions speak well of thee!
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Strive not to wield the Great Force of Evil, for its power will overcome thee!
  • Meditate 3 cycles: If thou dost seek the Black Stone, search ye at the time and place of the Gate on the darkest of all nights!
Shrine of Humility
  • Meditate 1 cycle: Take no pride in thy deeds, for pride serves only the self.
  • Meditate 2 cycles: Wield never the power of Evil, for it shall destroy thee.
  • Meditate 3 cycles: The black stone doth appear on the night of the new moons. Search beneath the moongates!
Castle Britannia Shawn (F), a shepherdess both strong and beautiful.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I watch the water.
  • WATER? It brings me peace.
  • PEACE? I come from a proud city. Art thou proud?
    • NO? My towne was destroyed for its pride. The ruins lie on an isle at lat-K'J" long-L'L"! (Humility +5)
    • YES? Hmmm. (Humility -5)
Britain Mentor (M), a wise shepherd.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I escaped Magincia!
  • MAGINCIA? Pride was too great in Magincia!
  • PRIDE? The city was destroyed by daemons for its pride! Art thou proud?
    • NO? Pride exists without truth, love, or courage!
    • YES? That is not a virtue!
Vesper Plain (M), a small man.
  • HEALTH? I am fully healed.
  • JOB? I seek humility.
  • HUMILITY? When the three principles of virtue combine in eight ways pride has no virtue!
  • PRIDE? To be proud is not a virtue, and so Magincia was destroyed! Humility is the virtue that remains!
Magincia ruins Virtuebane (O), a horrible ghastly devil!
  • HEALTH? Devilish!
  • JOB? I welcome thee to Magincia! Proud city of the high seas!
  • MAGINCIA? Magincia fell unto the realm of darkness for the foundation of their virtue was ill-placed in pride! Art thou proud?
    • NO? Ah. (humility +5)
    • YES? Good! (humility -5)
Demon (in Magincia ruins):
  • Welcome to Magincia... fool!
Magincia ruins Ghostly (O), a shadowy ghost.
  • JOB? I haunt Magincia.
  • HEALTH? Undead in search of peace.
  • PEACE? Peace I can never find, forever banished unto the realm of earthbound spirits.
  • SPIRITS? Be not proud of thy little deeds lest ye too fall from the light!
Ghost (in Magincia ruins):
  • Boo.
Magincia ruins Slim (O), a skinny skeleton.
  • HEALTH? A bit on the thin side.
  • JOB? I rattle my bones.
  • BONES? I did value myself far too greatly, that pride was my downfall. Art thou always humble?
    • NO? Take no pride in humility, lest ye destroy it! (humility +5)
    • YES? Doubtful. (humility -5)
  • PRIDE? A terrible thing!
Moonglow Patric the Humble Shepherd (M), a meek shepherd.
  • HUMBLE? Humility is not derived from the direct combination of truth, love or courage.
  • HUMILITY? Humility is to act and be humble. Art thou totally humble?
    • NO? Strive to be. (humility +5)
    • YES? Doubtful! (humility -5)
  • HEALTH? Pretty good.
  • JOB? I am shepherd.
Shepherd (in Cove):
  • Black is the color of Humility. 'tis the only Virtue which exists apart from truth, love, or courage.
Yew Flamis (O), a burning fire.
  • HEALTH? Bright.
  • JOB? I hold the fabric of the true nature of justice.
  • FABRIC? Of justice. Hast thou always been just?
    • NO? At least thou art honest. (humility +5)
    • YES? Unlikely. (humility -5)
  • JUSTICE? The virtue of justice draws its nature from the principles of truth and love!
Fire (in Yew):
  • I am Flamis, a student of Justice, which is the love of truth. Hast thou always lived rightly?
    • NO? Fear not. A single honest man is worth a thousand liars. (gain Honesty)
    • YES? I rather doubt that! (lose Honesty)
Empath Abbey A gate guard (M), a guard
  • HEALTH? Top notch.
  • JOB? A gate guard.
  • GATE? To the abbey.
  • ABBEY? Here, in the oak grove many find the meaning of peace and love! Art thou saturated with love?
    • NO? Visit the small shrine within the abbey! (humility +5)
    • YES? Then thou need not be here! (humility -5)
Guard (in Empath Abbey):
  • Welcome to Empath Abbey, castle of Love!
Empath Abbey Diane (F), a tall woman.
  • HEALTH? Good.
  • JOB? I counsel those who enter the grove.
  • COUNSEL? Herein thou may find insights into love, within thyself or the others here in the grove.
  • LOVE? Ask the others. Art thou the most loving person?
    • NO? Strive for love! (humility +5)
    • YES? Doubtful! (humility -5)
Woman in blue (locked door in Empath Abbey):
  • The four Virtues which are derived from Love are Compassion, Justice, Sacrifice, and Spirituality. Use only these stones in the Altar Room of Love!
Skara Brae White (M), a gallant fighter.
  • HEALTH? Excellent!
  • JOB? I quest.
  • QUEST? Many quests are very dangerous! Art thou fearless in all thing?
    • NO? Danger is real! (humility +5)
    • YES? Boastful fool! (humility -5)
  • DANGEROUS? I am not afraid of tomorrow; I have seen yesterday and I love today.
The Lycaeum Estro (M), a short druid
  • HEALTH? Why, I am fine; you too, I hope.
  • JOB? Research.
  • RESEARCH? I am looking for the book of justice!
  • JUSTICE? It must be here somewhere! Hast thou never committed *any* crime!?
    • NO? Then speak to the judge in Yew! (humility +5)
    • YES? I believe thou art boasting a lie! (humility -5)
Buccaneer's Den Silver John (M), a tall sailor.
  • HEALTH? Good enough, eh!
  • JOB? I'm a pirate, matey!
  • PIRATE? We raid the coasts of Britannia, fun eh! Art thou a pirate?
    • NO? Thou had best leave this place 'fore there's any trouble! (humility +5)
    • YES? Good matey! (humility -5)
  • RAID? Pillage and burn!
Pirate (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • Welcome to Buccaneer's Den, matey! A pirate's towne! Be ye a pirate?
    • NO? Frankly[7] matey, I'd like to wash me hands of the whole business. (gain Honesty and Justice)
    • YES? Well, ye sure did not look like that Avatar fellow! (lose Honesty and Justice)

The eight Companions[edit]

The eight Companions
Location Original NES remake
Moonglow Mariah (F), a young mage
  • HEALTH? Quite good.
  • JOB? I seek adventure!
  • ADVENTURE? Yes, I hope to go on a great quest! Art thou on a quest?
    • NO? Wish thou were!
    • YES? I wish I could join thee!
  • QUEST? The quest of the avatar is noble indeed!
Beardless mage (in Moonglow):
  • I am Mariah, both adventuress and sorceress, and I am so weary of this place! Art thou on a noble quest?
  • NO? Thou shouldst get a life.
  • YES? I envy thee!
    • Might I accompany thee?
    • NO? I wish I could join thee!
    • YES? Let us be off!
Britain Iolo (M), a charming bard
  • HEALTH? Good.
  • JOB? I play for the people.
  • PLAY? I play my lute and receive the good wishes of the people. Do you like my music?
    • NO? A shame.
    • YES? I would join thee!
  • COMPASSION? If you treat someone else well then they will have reason to do the same.
Bard (in Britain):
  • I am Iolo, a bard by trade! Dost thou like music as well?
  • NO? Such a pity!
  • YES? Ho eyo he hum!
    • And might ye welcome a bard on thy travels? A fighting bard, mind ye!
    • NO? I am truly sorry, my friend.
    • YES? Ho eyo he hum!
Jhelom Geoffrey (M), a 1.90 m great warrior.
  • WARRIOR? A great warrior is a valiant warrior! Art thou valiant?
    • NO? To flee battle shows cowardice!
    • YES? Perhaps I could someday join thee!
  • HEALTH? I am good and strong!
  • JOB? I lead into battle!
  • BATTLE? I desire to fight again in battle!
Fighter (in Jhelom):
  • I am Geoff, soldier of Valor! Dost thou fight bravely? Canst thou laugh in the face of certain doom?
  • NO? Flee not from battle, unless thy wounds are grievous!
  • YES? Ah, a true warrior!
    • I can lend thee the strength of a dozen men! Shalt I accompany thee?
    • NO? Hrumph.
    • YES? All for one, one for all!
Yew Jaana (F), a quiet druid
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I strive to understand justice.
  • JUSTICE? True justice satisfies all, false none. Art thou just?
    • NO? Alas.
    • YES? Many a grave has been unjustly filled in the name of justice.
  • UNDERSTAND? Let justice be thy calling, not thy excuse!
Druid (in Yew):
  • Hail, seeker! I am Jaana, advocate of Justice. Dost thou strive to treat all men and women as equal?
  • NO? Oh.
  • YES? Only through Justice may we throw off the cloak of our past.
    • Then may I join thee?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? Gladly, I shall!
Minoc Julia (F), an agile tinker.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I care for the poor.
  • CARE? Self preservation is the first law of nature; self sacrifice the highest rule of grace.
  • POOR? Within this house are many poor and destitute souls. Wilt thou help?
    • NO? Bum.
    • YES? I would join thee.
  • JOIN? I am honored to join thee!
Tinker (in Minoc):
  • I am Julius, and I stand for the poor among us. Wilt thou help?
  • NO? Art thou content only if thy every whim is gratified?
  • YES? Thou art a blessing to the world, and not a burden as many are.
    • My thanks. May I accompany thee, to do greater works abroad?
    • NO? I am truly sorry.
    • YES? Think of the good we can do together!
Trinsic Dupre (M), a handsome fighter
  • HEALTH? Very well.
  • JOB? I am towne leader.
  • LEAD? It is an honor!
  • HONOR? It gives life meaning! Dost thou try to live honorably?
    • NO? Fool!
    • YES? It is a constant quest. Honor is like finely polished armour. Without constant care, it will soon tarnish!
Paladin (in Trinsic):
  • I am Dupre, knight of Britannia! Dost thou regard honor as well as I?
  • NO? Blackguard! Knave!
  • YES? Then you mayst call Dupre of Trinsic thy friend.
    • Then I would ask thee for the honor of thy company!
    • NO? I am truly sorry.
    • YES? Let us be off!
Skara Brae Shamino (M), a solemn ranger.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I seek the inner light.
  • LIGHT? I seek the "one great truth"!
  • TRUTH? That which lies within the Codex!
Ranger (in Skara Brae):
  • I am Shamino, seeker of the spirit. Dost thy heart join me in my search?
  • NO? Then may thou find that which thou dost seek.
  • YES? Together we shall find the path!
    • And dost thou wish my body to accompany thine?
    • NO? Then thou hast thy path, and I have mine.
    • YES? Let us be off, then!
Magincia ruins Katrina (F), a shepherd.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? A survivor.
  • SURVIVOR? Magincia was destroyed by its pride. Art thou proud?
    • NO? Humility is the virtue that must overcome pride!
    • YES? Thy efforts are meaningless.
  • PRIDE? Pride flourishes in the absence of truth, love and courage.
Shepherd (in Magincia ruins):
  • I am Katrina, last living soul amidst this desolation. Pride and vanity ruled here... and behold ur fall! And thee? Dost thou seek to cleanse thy heart of pride?
  • YES? Then thy soul doth share this city's fate.
  • NO? I bid thee fortune of the soul, friend!
    • Then may I accompany thee on thy journey away from this place?
    • NO? I see.
    • YES? Thank you.

The Abyss and the Codex[edit]

The magical ship wheel[edit]

The magical ship wheel
Location Original NES remake
Serpent's Hold Noxum (M), a spiny nixie!
  • HEALTH? Nice and wet!
  • JOB? I swim the seas!
  • SEAS? There are many ships at the bottom!
  • SHIP? A survivor would know where to search. Hast thou heard of the H.[8] M. S. 'Cape'?
    • NO? A great ship!
    • YES? She had a magical wheel that would strengthen her hull!
Nixie (in Serpent's Hold):
  • The Codex shall surely reject thee, unless thou dost approach it with the Three Keys of Truth, Love, and Courage.
Serpent's Hold Lassorn (M), a wounded sailor
  • JOB? I am a sailor.
  • HEALTH? I alone survived the shipwreck.
  • SHIPWRECK? The H.[8] M. S. 'Cape'. Ever heard of her?
    • NO/YES? She was a mighty vessel!
  • WHEEL? She went down in the deep waters of the bay in the Cape of Heroes!
Injured person (in Serpent's Hold)
  • Ah, I am in such pain....[9] courage, courage! Blue, green, purple, white... the stones dwell in my dreams... This is 'truth'--[10] why here?

The book, the bell, the candle[edit]

The book, the bell, the candle
Location Original NES remake
Castle Britannia Zorin (M), a wise mage
  • HEALTH? I am old, very old....
  • JOB? I am here to help thee.
  • HELP? Seek help in the castles!
  • CASTLES? Seek the Lycaeum, Empath Abbey, Serpent's Castle! Wilt thou go hither?
    • NO? Alas.
    • YES? Find therein all named Antos and ask of the bell, book, and candle!
Beardless mage (locked room in Castle Britannia):
  • Enter the castles of Truth, Love, and Courage, and speak with all named Antos!
Empath Abbey Brother Antos (M), a wise druid.
  • HEALTH? I am getting old and frail.
  • JOB? I hold great wisdom.
  • WISDOM? What dost thou ask of me?
  • CANDLE? Thou dost need the candle of love to enter the abyss. Dost thou know where to find it?
    • NO? Meditate on love at our shrine.
    • YES? Very good.
Druid (in Empath Abbey):
  • I am Brother Antos. The Candle of Love is in a hidden village off the greatest inland lake!
Empath Abbey Humlock (M), a mumbling beggar.
  • MUMBLE? The...ankh... spoke to me!
  • HEALTH? Not so good.
  • JOB? I seek salvation.
  • SALVATION? I am but a poor destitute beggar, I have nothing! Will you give me some money?
    • NO? But I am in most dire need!
    • YES? I would be soooo grateful....
Beggar (in Paws):
  • Two of my children hath starved to death,kind[11] wayfarer. Canst thou see fit to help the other seven? (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • NO? Well, it is not thy concern, I suppose. (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Thank you. Oh, thank you so much...
Empath Abbey Life (O), an ankh
  • HEALTH? I exist.
  • JOB? I resonate thoughts.
  • RESONATE? What are thy thoughts?
  • LOVE? Seek ye the candle of love for only with it and two other parts might thou enter the abyss! Dost thou have it?
    • NO? Ask the bard beyond the secret passage!
    • YES? Good.
Ankh (in Empath Abbey):
  • Only the Exotic Armour can save thee in the Abyss!
Empath Abbey Derek the Bard (M), a young bard playing a lute.
  • HEALTH? Pretty good.
  • JOB? I am a bard, I sing songs.
  • SONG? Oh, all types. Dost thou like this one?
    • NO? Alas, it was new.
    • YES? Thanks, I just wrote it!
  • CANDLE? The candle of love is found in a secret place hidden off Lock Lake!
Bard (in Cove):
  • The Candle of love can be found on the second floor[12] of the village shrine! Fear not to open its chest.
Cove Rabindranath Tagore (M), a wise man.
  • HEALTH? I am old but strong!
  • JOB? I speak of love. Dost thou seek to carry love in thy heart?
    • NO? Thou art a fool.
    • YES? Thou art a good soul.
  • HEART? Carry love within it!
  • LOVE? In love, all life's contradictions dissolve and disappear.
Man in blue (in Cove):
  • The aldermen truly must repair the wall next to the Ankh, before some luckless soul stumbles through it.
The Lycaeum Father Antos (M), an old druid, who looks strangely familiar.
  • HEALTH? Old and frail, I have seen many quests! Art thou on the quest?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? May thou succeed!
  • JOB? I hold great knowledge.
  • KNOWLEDGE? What is it you seek?
  • BOOK? Seek ye the book of truth where other books lie.
Druid (in the Lycaeum):
  • I am Father Antos, philosopher of Truth. Search for the Book of Truth where others are found!
The Lycaeum Lord Terence (M), a tall agile man.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I am the librarian.
  • LIBRARIAN? Herein is the largest store of knowledge in Britannia except the Codex! Art thou looking for a particular book?
    • NO? Feel free to browse.
    • YES? Which book?
  • TRUTH? Look under 't'.
White mage (locked door in the Lycaeum):
  • At last, I discovered the secret of magical Negation! Sulfurous ash, garlic, black pearl, and precious Manroot!
Serpent's Hold Sister Antos (F), a wise druid.
  • HEALTH? Well enough.
  • JOB? I have important information.
  • INFORMATION? On what subject?
  • BELL? The bell of courage is needed to enter the abyss. Dost thou have it?
    • NO? Then ask the fighter Garam for he knows where it lies!
    • YES? Very good.
Beardless mage (in Serpent's Hold):
  • I am Sister Antos. I have heard that thou shalt need the Bell of Courage, so search beneath the waves of the shoal just north of this castle!
Serpent's Hold Lori (F), a buxom guard.
  • HEALTH? So far, so good.
  • JOB? I guard this passage. Art thou looking for someone?
    • NO? Then be on thy way!
    • YES? Who?
  • GARAM? He is in the west chamber.
  • DURHAM? He is in the east chamber.
Serpent's Hold Garam (M), a bold fighter.
  • HEALTH? Quite well.
  • JOB? I fight with courage!e Dost thou?
    • NO? Then train!
    • YES? Good.
  • COURAGE? Courage makes kings out of knaves!
  • BELL? The bell of courage lies at the bottom of a deep well at sea found at lat-N'A" long-L'A".
Beardless mage (in Serpent's Hold):
  • The time hath come for thee to learn the Jinx magic! Deadly Fungus, black pearl, and Manroot. Thy enemies shalt turn one against the other at thy command!

The sextant[edit]

The sextant
Location Original NES remake
Trinsic Sailor Sam (M), an ugly sailor.
  • HEALTH? A bit waterlogged.
  • JOB? I sail the the seas of Britannia!
  • SEAS? My specialty is navigation! Is it thy specialty?
    • NO? Thou must not own a sextant, eh?
    • YES? Good show mate!
  • SEXTANT? Go to the pub in Jhelom and ask of sextants.
Sailor (in Trinsic):
  • I'm Sailor Sam. Dost thou own a sextant?
    • NO? Leave coins much at the Jhelom tap!
    • YES? Then thy life's purpose is fulfilled. Yo, ho, ho...
Jhelom Senora (F), a beautiful mage
  • HEALTH? Well enough.
  • JOB? I am locked up in this tower.
  • TOWER? I am being punished for my crimes.
  • CRIMES? Does not matter, I can help thee! Dost thou have a ship?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Then thou dost need a sextant. Ask the barkeep for he knows more!
Jhelom Celestial
  • Welcome to 'The Bloody Pub'. What'll it be, food or ale?
  • FOOD? Our specialty is Dragon Tartar, which costs 2 GP. How many plates would you like?
  • ALE? Here's a mug of our best. That'll be 2 GP.
  • 99G TIP, SEXTANT? For navigation a Sextant is vital... Ask for item under 'Keys' in the Guild Shops!
Pub in Jhelom:
  • Welcome to the pub. Do you want a drink?
    • NO? Bye!
    • YES? That will be 2 GP.
    • 100G TIP? Excuse me? A sextant? Say SELECT in the Vesper guild!

The Key of Three Parts[edit]

Location Original NES remake
The Lycaeum Zajac (M), a flighty jester
  • JOB? To entertain!
  • ENTERTAIN? Ah, not now.
  • HEALTH? Unhappy.
  • UNHAPPY? Because my friend Chuckles won't tell me his secret! Dost thou know chuckles?
    • NO? He lives in the castle Britannia: ask him of his clue!
    • YES? Why dost thou not ask him for his clue?
Shepherd (in Vesper):
  • The keys which unlock the Three Principles lie in the dungeon altar rooms!
Castle Britannia Chuckles (M), a bouncing jester
  • HEALTH? Good, thanks.
  • JOB? I am the royal jester
  • JEST? Welcome unto the castle Britannia! Hast thou an ankh?
    • NO? Then why art thou here?
    • YES? Then enter in peace!
  • CLUE? Speak ye unto the waters of the well and ask of altars!
Jester (in Castle Britannia):
  • I am Chuckles the Bumble! He who laughs last, laughs the loudest! Ho! Ho! Ho! Can I look yet, is it over?
Castle Britannia Water (O), water
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • JOB? I hold a secret.
  • SECRET? To what?
  • ALTARS? There are three altar rooms which connect the bottom levels of all eight dungeons! More?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? If the correct colors of stones are used in the altars, a key of three parts can be gained!
Woman in blue (in Empath Abbey):
  • When thou dost use the proper four stones in the midst of each dungeon altar room, one of the Three Keys will appear.
Empath Abbey The pass Guard (F), a guard
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • JOB? I guard the passages.
  • PASSAGES? There is no danger.
  • DANGER? Well, not compared to a dungeon altar room! Hast thou solved the altars?
    • NO? From them a three part key is gained, needed to enter the chamber of the Codex!
    • YES? Good.
Druid (in Empath Abbey):
  • For one who hast mastered all eight Virtues, a great honor awaits above![13]
Jhelom X (M), a strange person
  • HEALTH? O.K.
  • JOB? I seek the stone
  • STONE? The red stone.
  • RED? Red is for valor a virtue of the avatar! Art thou an avatar?
    • NO? Then thou shalt need the red stone in one altar room to get the third part of a key! (humility +5)
    • YES? Wow! (humility -5, even if you really are an Avatar)
Fighter (locked door in Jhelom):
  • Red is the color of Valor. To find the key of Courage, the Red Stone is necessary[14]
Serpent's Hold A treasure guard (M), a burly guard
  • HEALTH? Excellent.
  • JOB? We guard our lord's treasure.
  • TREASURE? This treasure is not for thee. Dost thou intend to steal our lord's treasure?
    • NO? Wise move!
    • YES? Fool!
  • DUNGEONS? Seek out Durham for knowledge of dungeons.
Serpent's Hold Samuel (M), a handsome guard
  • HEALTH? So far, so good.
  • JOB? I guard this passage. Art thou looking for someone?
    • NO? Then be on thy way!
    • YES? Who?
  • GARAM? He is in the west chamber.
  • DURHAM? He is in the east chamber.
Serpent's Hold Durham (M), a tall fighter.
  • HEALTH? Fairly well.
  • JOB? I quest for glory!
  • QUEST? I feel that when on a quest my life has purpose! Art thou on a quest?
    • NO? What a loss.
    • YES? Then thy life has meaning!
  • DUNGEONS? The altar room of courage gives the third part of a key.

Altar rooms, virtues and principles[edit]

Dungeon altar rooms
Location Original NES remake
The Lycaeum Tymus (M), a stately wizard
  • HEALTH? Very well, thanks!
  • JOB? To welcome thee!
  • WELCOME? Yes, welcome to the Lycaeum, the keep of truth! Know ye how many cities follow the principles of truth?
    • NO? Travel and learn!
    • YES? How many?
  • FOUR? The dungeon altar rooms need 4 stones each!
Ranger (in the Lycaeum):
  • The Three Keys may be taken from the altar room[15] of Truth, Love and Courage, but only by use of the proper stones of virtue!
The Lycaeum A Fighter (M), an injured warrior.
  • WARRIOR? No more!
  • JOB? None now!
  • HEALTH? My wounds are grievous!
  • WOUNDS? I lost in a dungeon altar room! Hast thou seen one?
    • NO? They connect the dungeons unto each other!
    • YES? Notice that each of the three rooms connect to four dungeons each!
Guard (in Castle Britannia):
  • All seven dungeons are joined in the altar rooms of Truth, Love, and Courage!
Cove Draconian (M), an old druid.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I teach the relation. Know ye this?
    • NO? Learn the towns and castles!
    • YES? Very good!
  • RELATION? There are eight possible combinations of truth, love and courage. Each of the eight virtues is one of those combinations!
Druid (in Cove):
  • The Eight Virtues are fashioned from the Three Principles. Hast thou considered this?
The Lycaeum Jon (M), a brawny guard.
  • HEALTH? Bit tired.
  • JOB? I guard the throne room.
  • THRONE? Throne of truth!
  • TRUTH? There are four townes that follow the principle of truth. Know which?
    • NO? There are eight possible combinations of the three principles, there are eight cities!
    • YES? Good!
Man in blue (in the Lycaeum):
  • Each of the Eight Virtues, save that of Humility, is made up of one or more of the Three Principles of Truth, Love and Courage. The Avatar must know the ways!

Altar and principle of Courage
Location Original NES remake
Jhelom Bengrod (M), a wounded fighter!
  • HEALTH? Poor.
  • JOB? I search the dungeons!
  • DUNGEONS? I fell in the dungeon 'Destard'. Hast thou found its altar room?
    • NO? Find it!
    • YES? It connects with Covetous, Shame and Hythloth!
  • ROOM? Therein use the stones found in the connecting dungeons!
Fighter (locked door in Jhelom):
  • In the dungeon Destard, the altar of Courage can be found. It connects to the dungeons Covetous, Shame, and Hythloth.
Serpent's Hold A ranger (M), a ranger engrossed in training.
  • HEALTH? Excellent.
  • JOB? I am training!
  • TRAINING? I train so that I might survive the dungeons!
  • DUNGEON? I plan to conquer the secret of the altar rooms. Dost thou?
    • NO? Wimp.
    • YES? Ask our teacher about the rooms for she knowns much!
Ranger in white (in Serpent's Hold):
  • So tired.... So weary....
Serpent's Hold Shyra (F), The training master.
  • HEALTH? Prime.
  • JOB? I train warriors to fight with courage!
  • TRAIN? Train well and thy courage can grow with confidence. Wilt thou train?
    • NO? Pity.
    • YES? Bravo!
  • ROOM? In the altar room of courage use the red, orange, purple and white stones! (SMS) Ask a guard of the Altar Room.
Ranger (in Serpent's Hold):
  • The red, orange, purple, and white stones must be used at the Altar of Courage! All else shall fail thee!

Altar and principle of Love
Location Original NES remake
Britain Julio (M), a solemn bard.
  • HEALTH? Solemn.
  • JOB? I seek the true nature of things!
  • NATURE? All things have a true nature! Dost thou know the true nature of all things?
    • NO? No mortal can. (Humility +5)
    • YES? Thou art a liar and a braggart. (Humility -5)
  • COMPASSION? Compassion derives itself from unending love!
Empath Abbey Benjamin (M), a solemn bard.
  • HEALTH? Fine. Art thou well?
    • NO? Too bad...
    • YES? Very good.
  • JOB? I relate love and compassion.
  • LOVE? When the three combine in eight ways love alone is compassion.
  • COMPASSION? Of the eight avatar attributes compassion is derived from love alone.
Bard (locked door in Empath Abbey):
  • I consider Love,[16] in the light of Compassion. When the Three combine in Eight ways, Love alone is Compassion!
Empath Abbey Deirdre (F), a druid, lost in thought.
  • HEALTH? Fine. Art thou?
    • NO? I see.
    • YES? Most good.
  • JOB? I ponder love and justice.
  • LOVE? When three build eight, truth tempered by love becomes justice!
  • JUSTICE? Justice is one of the eight avatar virtues and derives from truth and love.
Druid (locked door in Empath Abbey):
  • I ponder Love,[17] in the light of Justice. When the Three build the Eight, Truth tempered by Love becomes Justice. Justice is the Love of Truth. Is it not beautiful?
Empath Abbey Thomas (M), a hearty tinker.
  • HEALTH? Fine. Thyself?
    • NO? Shame.
    • YES? Good.
  • JOB? I am thinking of love's part in sacrifice.
  • LOVE? Love of others and the courage to face even death is self-sacrifice.
  • SACRIFICE? Sacrifice is built upon the motive of love and the ability of courage.
Tinker (locked door in Empath Abbey):
  • I contemplate Love's part in Sacrifice. When Love lends Courage to face even death for another's sake, Sacrifice is shown!
Empath Abbey Lastro (M), a solemn ranger.
  • HEALTH? Most well. And thee?
    • NO? So sad.
    • YES? Good.
  • JOB? I follow the spiritual path.
  • SPIRITUAL? My spirituality is not a religion, but a searching to know and improve my own inner being.
  • BEING? My being is based on my own truth, love and courage.
Ranger (locked door in Empath Abbey):
  • I reflect upon Love's part in Spirituality. What I practice is not a religion, but a way to strengthen my own inner self thorough[18] the understanding of Love, Truth, and Courage.

Altar and principle of Truth
Location Original NES remake
Moonglow Browning (M), a tall mage.
  • HEALTH? Been better.
  • JOB? I strive to live an honest life!
  • HONEST? An honest soul need remember no lies! Hast thou never lied?
    • NO? Truth never hurts the teller!
    • YES? That seems unlikely!
  • TRUTH? Truth is the root of honesty!
White mage (in Moonglow):
  • Thou must learn to be ashamed of the untruths thou doth tell. Art thou content with anything less than unblemished truth.[19]
    • NO? For shame! (lose Honesty and Humility)
    • YES? Honesty is derived only from Truth. (gain Honesty and Humility)
Yew A guard (F), a tall guard
  • HEALTH? Yes.
  • JOB? To guard the court.
  • COURT? Within this chamber justice is served. Dost thou have business before the court?
    • NO? Then do not disturb the proceedings!
    • YES? Then enter.
  • JUSTICE? A good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.
Guard (in Yew):
  • Order in the court!
Yew Dwp (M), a wise druid.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? Welcome thee to Yew, city of justice!
  • JUSTICE? Love no one more than the truth, for justice seeks no favors. Temper thy justice with understanding.
  • YEW? Yes, it is a fair city! Dost thou like it?
    • NO? A pity.
    • YES? Let it be as thine!
Druid (in Yew):
  • Welcome to Yew, druidic city of Justice!

The eight stones[edit]

For the Green Stone, see #Druid.

Location Original NES remake
Moonglow Tyrone (M), a battered mage.
  • HEALTH? Fading.
  • JOB? I used to search for the blue stone.
  • STONE? The stone of honesty is found on an altar in the dungeon of Deceit. Wilt thou search?
    • NO? Hmm.
    • YES? Know its uses!
  • USES? It is used within the dungeon altar rooms and in the abyss.
White mage (in Moonglow):
  • Honesty's shrine lies on an island to the north. Seek first the rune, then the Blue Stone of Honesty which lies in the dungeon Deceit!
Britain Joe (M), a drunken fighter
  • HEALTH? And a bottle of...
  • JOB? Yo ho ho... and a bottle... of rum... hic...
  • RUM? Rum... hic... Give me rum?...
    • NO? Ah, be a joe!
    • YES? Thanxth... my friend, Joe can help with the stones... hic...
  • STONE? The yellow stone is in the dungeon Despise...
Paladin (in Britain):
  • I have heard of a stone of compassion --[20] 'tis yellow, 'tis said.
Jhelom Gravnor (M), a grave fighter.
  • HEALTH? So so.
  • JOB? I search the dungeons.
  • DUNGEONS? I seek the red stone.
  • STONE? It is found on an altar! Dost thou have it?
    • NO? It lies in the dungeon Destard!
    • YES? No wonder I can't find it!
Injured person (in Jhelom):
  • I fell in the dungeon Destard, searching the Red Stone of Valor! I fear I have failed in my quest.
Alkerion (M), an old ragged man.
  • HEALTH? I am old and weak.
  • JOB? I am a peasant, I hear many things.
  • HEAR? What does thou wish to know?
  • STONE? The stone of sacrifice is orange in color and used in the altar rooms of love and courage! Seeketh thou?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? Good luck.
Ranger (in Minoc):
  • Seek the orange Stone of Sacrifice in the dungeon Covetous!
Trinsic Quix (F), a wandering mage
  • HEALTH? Adequate.
  • JOB? I seek the skeleton!
  • SKELETON? It knows a great secret.
  • SECRET? About the purple stone of honor! Dost thou have the purple stone?
    • NO? Seek it for it is very useful!
    • YES? Use it wisely!
Woman in blue (in Serpent's Hold):
  • Follow the river south of the Abbey, and find Dungeon Shame. Therein the stone of Honor lies. Take it, in thy name!
Trinsic Skitle (O), a bony skeleton
  • HEALTH? What do you mean?
  • JOB? I hail from dungeon deep.
  • DUNGEON? I come from the dungeon 'Shame'!
  • STONE? I have seen the purple stone used in the altars of truth and courage! Ever been there?
    • NO? It holds items thou shalt need.
    • YES? Good.
Paladin (locked room in Trinsic):
  • The stone of honor doth lie in the dungeon Shame, near the mountain lake. I am told of an altar of courage and truth....

White stone of spirituality
Location Original NES remake
Skara Brae Mitre (F), a radiant ranger.
  • HEALTH? I am fine.
  • JOB? I am reading the wizard's journal.
  • JOURNAL? It tells of the white stone.
  • STONE? It is no longer in the dungeon Hythloth, it is gone! Wilt thou try to recover it?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Ask of the stone at the Tap in Trinsic!
Ranger (in Skara Brae):
  • The white Stone of Spirituality is missing from Dungeon Hythloth! All the earth shall end!
Trinsic Terran
  • Welcome to the Grog Tap. What'll it be, food or ale?
  • FOOD? Our specialty is brown beans, which costs 3 GP. How many plates would you like?
  • ALE? Here's a mug of our best. That'll be 2 GP.
  • 99G TIP, WHITE STONE? Hmmm, now let me see... Yes, it was the old hermit... Sloven! He is tough to find, lives near Lock Lake I hear.
Pub in Vesper:
  • Welcome to the pub. Do you want a drink?
    • NO? Bye!
    • YES? That will be 2 GP.
    • 100G TIP? Bye.
Cove Sloven (M), an old hermit.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I am a recluse.
  • RECLUSE? I have withdrawn from society.
  • STONE? Only the ghost of Isaac who haunts the inn at Skara Brae can tell thee. Hast thou seen him?
    • NO? Stay at the inn until he shows himself!
    • YES? Ask him!
Ranger (in Cove):
  • White is the color of all colors. Love, courage, and truth --[21] all are joined in the White Stone of Spirituality.
Skara Brae Isaac (M), a ghostly figure
  • HEALTH? I am many years dead.
  • JOB? I haunt this inn!
  • HAUNT? The quest is not complete! Art thou on the quest?
    • NO? Alas.
    • YES? Hope!
  • STONE? The white stone sits atop the Serpent's Spine. It can only be reached by one who floats within the clouds.
Ghost (inn in Skara Brae):
  • The white stone, once of Hythloth, is in a mountain cave far beyond the reach of men or horses!
Buccaneer's Den Sniflet (M), a cowering man.
  • HEALTH? O.K. for now.
  • JOB? I am hiding.
  • HIDE? I know something others want!
  • SOMETHING? I... I... Wilt thou promise to use it only to aid the powers of good?
    • NO? Oh, no.
    • YES? The lighter than air device that was stolen lies near the dungeon Hythloth!
Woman in blue (in Castle Britannia):
  • The lighter-than-air device that was stolen lies near the remotest entrance to dungeon Hythloth!
Buccaneer's Den Jeremy James Scirlock (M), a sneaky thief!
  • HEALTH? Very well!
  • JOB? At thy service!
  • SERVICE? How about information? Dost thou seek a special dungeon?
    • NO? I cannot help thee.
    • YES? Which?
  • HYTHLOTH? The dungeon Hythloth can only be reached by a secret entrance in the great castle.
Pirate (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • Hic! Watch out fer dem whirlpools, hic!
Paws Damsel (F), a small druid.
  • HEALTH? A bit hungry.
  • JOB? I am here to buy food.
  • FOOD? Yes, I hear they have the best rations here.
  • RATIONS? Rations are used in dungeons. Dost thou travel in the depths?
    • NO? Probably a wimp.
    • YES? In the great castle there is a secret entrance!
Woman in blue (in Paws):
  • Mayhap thou hast seen my lord? Seven years ago he ventured into Hythloth at the hidden gate behind Castle Britannia! And[22] he has yet to return to me ....
Castle Britannia Landri (M), a grim shepherd
  • HEALTH? I am fine, but thou must go back!
  • JOB? I am here to warn thee!
  • WARN? Ahead lies a perilous place!
  • PERILOUS? Once thou enters thou may not return whence thee came! Wilt thou go on?
    • NO? That is good.
    • YES? Then thou art doomed!
Beardless mage (in Castle Britannia):
  • Ahead lies a perilous place! Once thou dost enter, thou canst not return whence thou didst come!

Black stone of humility
Location Original NES remake
Magincia ruins Splot (O), a weeping skeleton.
  • HEALTH? Been better.
  • JOB? I regret.
  • REGRET? I was proud, strip thyself of conceits, only the humble are pure!
  • HUMBLE? The root from which all virtues grow! Dost thou seek purity?
    • NO? Fool!
    • YES? Then ask the snake of the rune and stone!
  • Welcome to Jolly Spirits. What'll it be, food or ale?
  • FOOD? Our specialty is Lamb Chops, which costs 4 GP. How many plates would you like?
  • ALE? Here's a mug of our best. That'll be 2 GP.
  • 99G TIP, BLACK STONE? Ah, the Black Stone. Yes, I've heard of it, but the only one who knows where it lies is the wizard Merlin.
Pub in Britain:
  • Welcome to the pub. Do you want a drink?
    • NO? Bye!
    • YES? That will be 2 GP.
    • 100G TIP? Watch thy step in the dungeon.
Cove Merlin (M), a mystical wizard.
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • JOB? I use magic. Dost thou study magic?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Best of luck with thy studies!
  • STONE? The black stone is caught in a moon gate!
  • GATE? Stand where the gate of both moons dark shall appear. Search when the moons go dark!
Ranger (in Vesper):
  • The Black Stone of Humility may be found beneath Verity Isle's moongate when the sky is dark!

The Word of Passage[edit]

The Word of Passage
Location Original NES remake
Skara Brae Romasco (M), a short dumpy man with a book.
  • HEALTH? I am fine.
  • JOB? I am a teacher, I enrich young minds.
  • TEACHER? I teach of the abyss. Know ye of the abyss?
    • NO? Learn!
    • YES? A word of passage is needed at the last gate!
  • WORD? Seek Zair the Wise in Paws for more on the word.
Pirate (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • I'm Ramsel the pirate. And[23] I learned in a place far away to live without virtue. Happily, I might add!
Paws Zair the Wise (M), a man of many years.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I've been near the Codex!
  • CODEX? Its secrets are boundless! Seen it?
    • NO? Seek it!
    • YES? Wow!
  • WORD? A three part key and a word of passage are needed to enter the chamber. Ask my brother beyond Lock Lake of the word!
Ranger (in Castle Britannia):
  • Heard[24] of the hidden village called Cove.
Cove Brother Zair (M), an old druid.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I sit and watch the river.
  • RIVER? It flows endlessly. Agree?
    • NO? Indeed.
    • YES? Good.
  • WORD? The kings of the castles which represent the three principles of virtue each know but one syllable of the word of passage!
White mage (in Cove):
  • Dost thou know that[25] virtue depends only on Truth?
    • NO? Honesty, my friend.
    • YES? Thou must have recovered the Blue Stone from Deceit!
The Lycaeum Robert Frasier (M), a stately baron
  • HEALTH? Very well.
  • JOB? I rule this province.
  • PROVINCE? My Lady Beth can tell thee more!
  • WORD? I know but one of three syllables. Dost thou wish to know it now?
    • NO? Perhaps another time.
    • YES? It is 'ver'! Seek ye now the other parts!
Lord (in the Lycaeum):
  • Welcome to the Lycaeum, stronghold of Truth! My lady Beth can tell thee more!
Empath Abbey Lord Robert (M), a stately baron
  • HEALTH? Very well.
  • JOB? I rule this province.
  • PROVINCE? My Lady Marcy can tell thee more!
  • WORD? I know but one of three syllables. Dost thou wish to know it now?
    • NO? Perhaps another time.
    • YES? It is 'amo'! Seek ye now the other parts!
Lord (in Empath Abbey):
  • I am Lord Robert[26] castellan of Empath Abbey. Here Love is held most sacred of all!
Serpent's Hold Sentri (M), a stately baron
  • HEALTH? Very well.
  • JOB? I rule this province.
  • PROVINCE? Yes, these islands and much more.
  • WORD? I know but one of three syllables: 'cor'. Dost thou know the four cities of courage?
    • NO? They are Jhelom, Minoc, Trinsic and Skara Brae.
    • YES? Very good.
Lord (in Serpent's Hold):
  • I am Sentri, and I rule this province! We hold Courage dear, as do the cities of Jhelom, Minoc, Trinsic, Skara Brae.

The Axiom[edit]

The riddle
Location Original NES remake
Castle Britannia Joshua (M), a wise mage.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I can help.
  • HELP? The riddle!
  • RIDDLE? If the eight philosophies of avatarhood combine into and are made from truth, love and courage... More?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? What one thing creates and is created by all truths, all love & all courage?
Ranger (in Castle Britannia):
  • Each towne has a moongate nearby. At first, thou hast best not stray far from civilization!
Castle Britannia Juliet (F), a fair maiden.
  • HEALTH? Fine thanks.
  • JOB? I can help thee.
  • HELP? Seek ye to know how the eight virtues form into the three principles. Know ye this?
    • NO? Seek it!
    • YES? Now the one!
  • ONE? Seek ye to know what one thing the three principles of virtue combine into!
Bard (in Castle Britannia):
  • For so long as evil exists in the hearts of men, a lasting peace can never come. Only the Avatar of Legend can save us!
Cove Spellbind (F), a slender mage.
  • HEALTH? Well indeed.
  • JOB? I know of the Codex.
  • CODEX? One must know the combination of the three principles of virtue!
  • COMBINATION? The combination of the three principles of virtue equals the measure of time and space!
White mage (in Cove):
  • For so long as there is truth, the world's troubles are small. Dost thou seek truth?
    • NO? Then thou shouldst not expect to find it. (lose Humility and Spirituality)
    • YES? 'tis the quest of a lifetime. (gain Humility and Spirituality)
Cove Shaman (M), a tall mage.
  • HEALTH? Quite well.
  • JOB? I study the 'one' thing that is the secret to the Codex!
  • STUDY? I study of the Codex!
  • CODEX? The one pure axiom is more endless than the changing tides, more eternal than day and night!
Cove Charm (F), a fair sorceress.
  • HEALTH? Well enough.
  • JOB? I ponder the key to the axiom.
  • KEY? To the axiom.
  • AXIOM? The one pure axiom encompasses all things.
Cove Circe (M), a wise mage.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I teach of the axiom!
  • AXIOM? The whole of the axiom is greater than all its parts!
  • PART? The measure of unending love, the limitless courage needed to face all obstacles,the truth which encompasses all things!

Unfinished infinity
Location Original NES remake
Vesper Dyka (M), a tall nimble man.
  • HEALTH? I am very well!
  • JOB? I am a thief, I like to borrow!
  • BORROW? My favorite things to borrow are horses!
  • HORSES? You can steal horses in the townwe Paws! Art thou a thief?
    • NO? Likely, thou art a wimp!
    • YES? Watch out for the bull in the corral!
Man in white (in Vesper):
  • Hello...
Paws Francesca (F), a tough girl.
  • HEALTH? Right good.
  • JOB? I am the stable hand.
  • STABLE? I saw the way ya dealt with old Red Eye! Ya have not come to steal a horse, I hope?
    • NO? Then must be to see Smith!
    • YES? Well the master ain't gonna like that much!
  • SMITH? The talking horse!
Girl (locked door in Paws):
  • I am Teresa, a poor stablemaid of Paws. A Man in Black passed in the night, murmuring of tremors and searching for blood moss....
Paws Smith (M), a white stallion
  • HEALTH? Good, good.
  • JOB? Oh, not much.
  • (Ultima 5): Hello, Avatar... You know what? Way back... Way, way back... I forgot to tell you something! Yea... The answer... It was... 'INFINITY'!
Horse (in Paws):
  • Neigh!

Side quests[edit]


Location Original NES remake
The Lycaeum Palamar (M), a wise old sage
  • HEALTH? My bones ache but my mind is sharp!
  • JOB? I am an old wizard, but have much to show!
  • SHOW? Here in my telescope!
  • TELESCOPE? Search there by the end, thou shalt find a knob. Dost thou see where?
    • NO? Look!!!
    • YES? Set the dial and thou shalt see!
Druid (in the Lycaeum):
  • Look into our telescope, and see thy path before thee!

Mystic arms[edit]

The Mystic arms (& the NES dragon scale)
Location Original NES remake
Castle Britannia Seesha (F), an injured fighter
  • HEALTH? I have a grievous wound.
  • WOUND? Deep.
  • JOB? I fight for my country.
  • COUNTRY? Britannia. Fight ye for Britannia?
    • NO? Hmm.
    • YES? Then seek out the smith named Zircon in Minoc for he made the mystic arms, only they will save thee in the Abyss!
Injured person (in Minoc):
  • I can neither walk nor work, kind friend. Please.... a single coin,[27]
    • NO? A good day to you, still. (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Ah, my thanks. Zircon awaits the bearer of the scale! (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
The Lycaeum Scatu (M), a tall mage wearing strange armour.
  • ARMOUR? I wear mystic armour. Art thou a partial avatar?
    • NO? Alas.
    • YES? When thou art 8 parts avatar, seek Zircon in Minoc and ask of Mystics!
  • HEALTH? Well!
  • JOB? I advise.
  • ADVISE? Thou would be well advised to visit the Seer often!
Druid (in the Lycaeum):
  • The Sword of Paradise lies atop the magical altar above. Only a master of the Eight Virtues may claim it!
Minoc Zircon (M), a seasoned blacksmith.
  • HEALTH? Quite well.
  • JOB? I forge weapons.
  • WEAPONS? I make the very best! Seek thee a weapon?
    • NO? Hmmm.
    • YES? Ask at the counter!
  • MYSTICS? Ah, yes, the mystic weapons, and armour, my greatest work! Those I gave unto Sir Simon and Lady Tessa.
Tinker (in Minoc):
  • I am Zircon, a very busy smith! A very, very busy smith!
  • At last! The scale of Exodus is recovered! For thee I shall fashion the Axe of Legend, for I have witnessed thy coming in my dreams!
  • Thou canst not hasten the creation of art. Be patient, worthy Seeker.
  • Take the Axe of Legend and wield it well, my friend.
  • I hope the Axe of Legend serves thee well. Nay, I know it will.
Paws Lady Tessa (F), a wise lady.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I am the keeper.
  • KEEPER? I cannot say.
  • MYSTICS? Mystics can be found by an eight parts avatar! Hast thou attained enlightenment in all eight virtues?
    • NO? Alas.
    • YES? The mystic weapons lie in the training room of Serpent castle!
Woman in pink (in Vesper):
  • I'm told the scale of a legendary snake is in the mountain!
Paws Sir Simon (M), a wise lord.
  • HEALTH? I am fine.
  • JOB? I am the keeper.
  • KEEPER? Of what I cannot say!
  • MYSTICS? Mystics can be found by an eight parts avatar! Hast thou attained enlightenment in all eight virtues?
    • NO? Alas.
    • YES? The mystic armour lies in the center of the oak grove!
Fighter (in Paws):
  • Hail, strong warrior! Dost thou fight for Britannia?
    • NO? Then depart from my sight! (lose Valor)
    • YES? The mightiest arms lie in the castles of Truth and Love. (gain Valor)
Buccaneer's Den Green Beard (M), a tall pirate with a green beard!
  • HEALTH? Jolly good mate!
  • JOB? I'm buying armour for my crew!
  • ARMOR? I hope to get some magical plate! Know where to >buy< mystic armour?
    • NO? Wish I did!
    • YES? Where?
  • NOWHERE? Oh, I see.
  • (SMS) ARMOR? I hope to get some magical plate! Is it true that Mystic Armour is not sold anywhere?
    • NO? Where is it sold?
    • YES? Too bad!

Magic orbs[edit]

Location Original NES remake
Britain Thevel (M), a seasoned fighter.
  • HEALTH? Fairly well.
  • JOB? I search for the mystery of the magic orbs.
  • MAGIC? Magic orbs.
  • ORBS? A one-handed beggar knows their secrets! Hast thou seen him?
  • (AMI) BEGGAR? Yes, a beggar. Hast thou seen him?
    • NO? Find him in Serpent castle for he knows of orbs!
    • YES? Only he knows the orb's gift!
Serpent's Hold Roderick (M), a destitute, stinking beggar.
  • JOB? I cannot work.
  • HEALTH? I've lost a hand!
  • HAND? It was eaten by a zorn. Wilt thou give me gold?
    • NO? Stingy!
    • YES? Thou art kind.
  • ORBS? An orb of blue light will raise thy strength, dexterity or intelligence, but at a cost!
Beggar (in Serpent's Hold):
  • Please, kind traveller! I have not eaten in days! Spare a coin for me?
    • NO? Cursed be me, cursed be thee... (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Thank ye! I may yet live! (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)

More spells[edit]

Location Original NES remake
Moonglow Shazom (M), a dying young wizard.
  • HEALTH? I will soon die.
  • DIE? Pass on.
  • JOB? I am apprentice to the great wizard Nigel!
  • NIGEL? I will soon need to use the spell he calls 'recall'. Hast thou met Nigel?
    • NO? He lives at the Lycaeum.
    • YES? Seek him out for he will teach thee.
The Lycaeum Nigel, at thy service (M), a noble wizard.
  • HEALTH? Good enough.
  • JOB? I teach magical spells.
  • SPELLS? I have a specialty! Dost thou know what it is?
    • NO? Sorry.
    • YES? What do I call the spell?
  • RECALL? RESURRECT? Yes, Resurrection! It takes ash, ginseng, garlic, silk, bloodmoss, and mandrake!
White mage (in the Lycaeum):
  • I am Nigel, master of all wizards! My magic is strong enough to raise the dead! Life, thou knowest, is given only unto the highest of wizards.[28] And it requires garlic, moss, fungus, and... hmph, well... and.. And Marina of Empath Abbey will tell thee its final ingredient! I'm quite busy right now, no time for chitchat!

Gate travel
Location Original NES remake
Paws Jingles (M), a young mage!
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • JOB? I seek the wisdom of magic.
  • MAGIC? My master knows the gate travel spell!
  • MASTER? My master is Mentorian. Dost thou know him?
    • NO? He lives in a hidden village in Lock Lake reachable only by ship, ask of the gate spell!
    • YES? Good.
Man in white (in Paws):
  • I wish I could make the Reflect spell... but the sulfurous ash, ginseng, garlic, and fungus cost too much for a mage of my meager means.
Cove Mentorian (M), a tall wizard.
  • HEALTH? Well indeed.
  • JOB? I study the magical arts.
  • ARTS? There is truth in magic! Dost thou disagree?
    • NO? Good.
    • YES? Well then, begone!
  • GATE? Since thou dost bear the ankh I shall tell thee. A gate spell requires ash, pearl, and mandrake root!
White mage (in Cove):
  • Ah, seeker, we meet at last. I am Mentallion, Master of the Gates! Know now that sulfur ash, black pearl, and Manroot are necessary for the Gate spell.

Optimized recipes
Location Original NES remake
Vesper Flatbush (M), a slender youth.
  • HEALTH? I am very powerful!
  • JOB? I am an apprentice mage!
  • MAGE? I am the Calumny's favorite!
  • CALUMNY? He lives in Yew! Hast thou been to Yew?
    • NO? Calumny knows the quickness spell! Seek him out!
    • YES? Calumny knows the quickness spell!
Black mage (in Vesper):
  • If I promise thee a strong magic, will thou swear to use it justly?
    • NO? Thy magic shalt cause a disaster for some, fool. (lose Justice and Humility)
    • YES? Pearl and Fungus make the magic Destroy! (gain Justice and Humility)
Moonglow Cosima (F), an elderly woman
  • HEALTH? Tired, so tired.
  • JOB? I am an alchemist.
  • ALCHEMIST? I know how best to mix reagents! Dost thou know how to best mix spells?
    • NO? The secret's in the reagents!
    • YES? Good!
  • REAGENTS? A sleep spell actually requires but one part spider silk! (SMS) A sleep spell requires ginseng and spider silk!
White mage (in Moonglow):
  • Hast thou been to Spells Unlimited?
    • NO? It's a fine place!
    • YES? The magic of Sleep is made of Ginseng and Silkweb!
Buccaneer's Den Seanna (F), a slinky mage.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I am a sorceress. My dear friend, may I help you?
    • NO? Ah.
    • YES? How about with thy magic?
  • MAGIC? How about the sleep spell... sleep... sleep...
  • SLEEP? A sleep spell requires but one part silk! sleep... sleep... sleep...
  • (SMS) SLEEP? A sleep spell requires silk and ginseng! sleep... sleep... sleep...
Buccaneer's Den Starlight (M), a mage dressed all in black.
  • HEALTH? Dark indeed.
  • JOB? I use black magic!
  • MAGIC? I cast powerful magic missile spells. Dost thou?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Thou should try my mix of reagents!
  • MIX? Try one black pearl and one part sulfurous ash!
  • (SMS) MAGIC? I cast powerful missile magic spells. Dost thou?
    • NO? Thou should try my mix of reagents!
    • YES? Good!
  • (SMS) MIX? Iceball requires black pearl and mandrake root!
Black mage (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • Few know that this magic shop sells Manroot! The password is 'SELECT'!
Skara Brae Carlyle (M), a wise mage.
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • JOB? I write magic. Dost thou believe in magic?
    • NO? I see.
    • YES? Magic missiles need but one part ash! (SMS) Iceball needs pearl and mandrake root!
  • MAGIC? One lives by believing in something.
  • BELIEVE? Great discoveries are made by those whose feelings run ahead of their thinking.
Ranger (in Skara Brae):
  • Welcome to Skara Brae, city of spirituality. Near our gates appears the door of the moons!

Rare reagents[edit]

Nightshade fungus
Location Original NES remake
Skara Brae Presto (M), a very small wizard.
  • HEALTH? Superior!
  • JOB? I cast great big spells!
  • SPELLS? I can cast jinx, kill, and view! Dost thou know what these spells have in common?
    • NO? Guess!
    • YES? What?
  • NIGHTSHADE? Yes, ask the barkeep at 'The Axe-n-Ale' in Vesper about nightshade.
Fighter (in Vesper):
  • I hear[29] the barkeep in Trinsic knows of Fungus. He takes a liking to good tippers!
Vesper Arron
  • Welcome to 'Axe & Grog'. What'll it be, food or ale?
  • FOOD? Our specialty is Green Granukit, which costs 2GP. How many plates would you like?
  • ALE? Here's a mug of our best. That'll be 2 GP.
  • 99G TIP, NIGHTSHADE? Of nightshade I know this: seek out Virgil or thou shalt miss! Try in Trinsic!
Pub in Trinsic:
  • Welcome to the pub. Do you want a drink?
    • NO? Bye!
    • YES? That will be 2 GP.
    • 100G TIP? Oh, that! Brazil of Moonglow can show thee. Tell him I sent thee!
Trinsic Virgil (M), a mystic wizard.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I create magical fields.
  • FIELDS? Poison is my favorite. Is it thine?
    • NO? Well, I don't care!
    • YES? Bravo!
  • NIGHTSHADE? Nightshade may be found only near lat-J'F" long-C'O" only on the darkest of nights!
White mage (in Moonglow):
  • I'm Basil, and I've got a secret!
  • And wouldn't you like to know?
  • Oh, all right! Ye forced it from me! Search 149,46 on the night of the twin new moons!

Mandrake root
Location Original NES remake
Trinsic Swindrik (M), a tall wizard.
  • HEALTH? Fully healed.
  • JOB? I cast spells.
  • SPELLS? Spells of great power. Dost thou cast spells of great power?
    • NO? Dost thou know their main ingredient?
    • YES? What is the most powerful reagent?
  • MANDRAKE? Ask at the Folley tavern of mandrake.
Druid (locked door in the Lycaeum):
  • I've seen a dissertation on Manroot in a book by Calumny of Yew. Sadly, the page on which its location appeared had been torn.
Paws Greg & Rob
  • Welcome to Folley Tavern. What'll it be, food or ale?
  • FOOD? Our specialty is Folley Filet, which costs 2 GP. How many plates would you like?
  • ALE? Here's a mug of our best. That'll be 2 GP.
  • 99G TIP, MANDRAKE? The last person I knew that had any mandrake was an old alchemist named Calumny.
Pub in Paws:
  • Welcome to the pub. Do you want a drink?
    • NO? Bye!
    • YES? That will be 2 GP.
    • 100G TIP? Bye.
Yew Calumny (M), a solemn druid.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I make spells.
  • SPELLS? I invented quickness! Can thou cast it?
    • NO? Adept.
    • YES? It requires but one bloodmoss! (SMS) It required ash, ginseng, and bloodmoss!
  • MANDRAKE? Mandrake root is found only in the Fens of the Dead and in the Bloody Plains where the ground is always damp.
Druid (in Yew):
  • I am Calumny of Yew, most lettered of scholars!
    • I am compiling the definitive book on magic. 69105 pages, and not finished yet!
    • Manroot, eh? Let me consult my Book... Ah. Near Minoc, at latitude 54, longitude 182, there is a swamp of poison. Search there on the darkest of nights!

Mondain's skull[edit]

Mondain's skull
Location Original NES remake
Britain Sebastian (M), an injured person.
  • HEALTH? Not so well.
  • JOB? I know a terrible secret!
  • SECRET? Mondain's influence has not left the world!
  • MONDAIN? An artifact remains! I heard at Buccaneer's Den! Wilt thou find and destroy it?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? Then ask at the pub there of the skull!
Injured person (in Skara Brae):
  • Ungh... oooh... ohhh... oww.... The pirates'pub...[30] Mondain...ohhh...
Castle Britannia A reaper (O), a reaper
  • HEALTH? Not so good, no one to eat in here!
  • JOB? I kill adventurers!
  • KILL? There is a thing which can kill many!
  • THING? Knowledge of it is found at Buccaneer's Den! Will you seek this thing?
    • NO? Then thou must be stupid.
    • YES? It brings great power!
Reaper (in Castle Britannia):
  • Heh, heh! When the Skull of Mondain is used in towne, it feels GOOD. Dost thou also enjoy the destruction of pitiful innocents?
    • NO? Thou art a wimp! (gain Justice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Heh, heh! Another friend of evil! (lose Justice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility)
Paws Wilmoore (M), a very big guard.
  • HEALTH? Excellent.
  • JOB? I am the chief guard in the village of Paws!
  • GUARD? Paws is a great village and we keep it safe! Dost thou mean to cause trouble?
    • NO? Good.
    • YES? Then thou had best leave!
  • TROUBLE? Pirates come from an isle to the east!
Woman in blue (in Paws):
  • Welcome to Paws, stranger!
Buccaneer's Den Ragnar (M), a solemn ranger
  • HEALTH? O.K.
  • JOB? I travel.
  • TRAVEL? The lands of Britannia. Art thou here looking for information?
    • NO? Then buzz off.
    • YES? On what?
  • (SMS) THING? It is the skull of Mondain the wizard!
  • SKULL? Be warned that if thou dost ever use the skull, except to destroy it, all thy virtues will be lost!
Pirate (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • Mondain's Skull, ye say? Ye don't want it! East of Serpent's Hold, in the midsts of three volcanoes. Ye don't want it. Now go away!
Buccaneer's Den The Captain says:
  • Welcome to Captain Black Tavern. What will it be, food or ale?
  • FOOD? Our specialty is Meat Pie, which costs 4 GP. How many plates would you like?
  • ALE? Here's a mug of our best. That'll be 2 GP.
  • 99GP TIP, SKULL? If you must know of that evilest of all things... Find the beggar Jude. He is very poor!
Pub in Buccaneer's Den:
  • Welcome to the Pirate's Pub. Do you want a drink?
    • NO? Bye!
    • YES? That will be 2 GP.
    • 100 GP TIP? Thou shalt find Cove if thou dost survive the whirlpool!
Minoc Jude (M), a ragged soul.
  • HEALTH? Ailing.
  • JOB? To redeem myself!
  • REDEEM? I will not speak of my sin!
  • SKULL? I used it! If I help thee wilt thou swear to only use it at the mouth of the abyss to destroy it?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? It can be found at lat-P'F" long-M'F" on the darkest night!
Tinker (in Minoc):
  • Ah, to wield the Skull of Mondain! To level a city, to slay all within! Such power I can scarcely hope to claim!
Vesper Servile (M), a meek shepherd.
  • HEALTH? Well for now.
  • JOB? I can help thee!
  • HELP? I know of the skull of Mondain the Wizard! Hast thou heard of it?
    • YES?/NO? It is an evil artifact!
  • SKULL? To use it for any reason is a sign of great evil, and no virtue!
Shepherd (in Vesper):
  • Strange is the music of the silver horn... even[31] devils must flee it!

Flavor text[edit]

Location Original NES remake
Castle Britannia Jester Twin (M), a dancing jester
  • HEALTH? Perfectly hoppy!
  • JOB? To entertain.
  • JESTER? A jester needs a good bard!
  • BARD? Our bard is very good. Dost thou like the music?
    • NO? A shame, we do!
    • YES? Then you should go to Britain for there lives the best!
Jester (in Castle Britannia):
  • Ho, ho, ho!
Castle Britannia Le Chef (M), a person with a white hat.
  • HEALTH? Well.. All but my finger, which I cut!
  • JOB? I am the chef.
  • FOOD? Food, glorious food, to cook is my life!
  • COOK? Cooking is a practiced art. Do you eat?
    • NO? Then thou must be a spiritualist!
    • YES? Then thou should try my soup!
Man in blue (in Castle Britannia):
  • A moongate's destination is determined by the eastern[32] moon. The western[33] moon's phase marks its spot!
Britain A child (?), a small child
  • HEALTH? Very happy.
  • JOB? Singing
  • SING? The song goes Ho eyo he hum!
  • HO EYO HE HUM? It means Love to one and all! Do you like the song?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Then help us spread the word!
Britain Shalimar (M), a tired shepherd
  • HEALTH? Good.
  • JOB? I watch over the children.
  • CHILDREN? It takes a good deal of compassion to deal with children!
  • COMPASSION? Compassion strengthens the soul as knowledge tempers the mind! Have any kids?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Thou dost know what I mean!
Moonglow Tracie (F), a starving journalist
  • HEALTH? I feel fine... if I could just quit smoking!
  • SMOKING? Cough...cough... Do you smoke?
    • NO? Don't start!
    • YES? I can tell by the smell!
  • JOB? I am a writer.
  • WRITER? It's low paid, but glamorous!
Moonglow Dekker (M), a bouncy jester
  • HEALTH? Very good.
  • JOB? I earn an honest living, jesting!
  • HONEST? Honest labor bears a lovely face!
  • JESTING? I love a good jest. Dost thou?
    • NO? Thou art probably a sourpuss!
    • YES? We ought to exchange jokes sometime!
Jhelom Lady Donna (F), a 1.60m pregnant woman.
  • PREGNANT? It is no fun to be pregnant. Why, art thou the father?
    • NO? Thank god!
    • YES? Wait until I tell my husband!
  • HEALTH? Fine, all but the lump in my stomach.
  • JOB? I watch over my sheep.
  • SHEEP? I cannot stand sheep!
Jhelom Luke (M), a ranger with a far away look.
  • HEALTH? Quite well.
  • JOB? I seek the inner light!
  • LIGHT? I come from Skara Brae and am on my way to Yew. Hast thou been to Skara Brae?
    • NO? It is a spiritual city!
    • YES? A fine city!
  • YEW? It is a city based in the virtue of justice!
Yew A ranger (F), a sleek ranger.
  • HEALTH? O.K.
  • JOB? I search for a home.
  • HOME? On the range!
  • RANGE? Where the deer and the antelope play. Ever heard of such a place?
    • NO? Ah, what'ya have to ruin it for!
    • YES? Seldom is heard a discouraging word!
Woman (in Yew):
  • Ash of sulfur, Silkweb, moss of blood, and Manroot,[34] Drains most life from every creature! 'ts the Squish spell, don't ye know.[35]
Yew Short Round (M), a small child
  • HEALTH? I am fine.
  • JOB? I work for Jones.
  • JONES? I think Indi's on a quest!
  • QUEST? I'm not so sure, but it should be fun! Art thou having fun?
    • NO? I am so sorry we all wish you would!
    • YES? Write to Lord British and tell him!!!

(SMS only) Henry Jones (M), an old man.

  • HEALTH? I am old.
  • JOB? I am questing for the Holy Grail with my son.
  • SON? Junior often helps me.
  • HOLY GRAIL? I have been searching it for a long time! Art thou questing for something?
    • NO? Alas!
    • YES? I hope thee finish thy quest.
Boy (in Yew):
  • I am Ramus. I think I had something to say to thee but..[36] I don't remember!
  • Ah, yes! The Rune of Justice! The prisoner in[37] Vorpal is the one ye want!
Minoc Linda Sue (F), a small muddy girl.
  • JOB? I'm an undernourished beggar girl.
  • HEALTH? I am hungry.
  • HUNGRY? I have not eaten in days. Could thou spare a nibble of food?
    • NO? Oh, I see.
    • YES? I would greatly appreciate that.
  • FOOD? Oh, thou art a kind soul!
Beggar (in Minoc):
  • Alms, alms for the poor. Will thou help?
    • NO? I would be sooooo grateful... (lose Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? Have a nice day! (gain Compassion, Spirituality, Humility)
Minoc Alex (M), a teenage boy.
  • HEALTH? Fine, thanks.
  • JOB? I give out flowers. Here you are!
  • FLOW? The way I figure it, if thou art kind to others they will have reason to be kind in return!
  • KIND? Yes, give all that thou can unto the needy! Wilt thou give?
    • NO? Alas.
    • YES? Good.
Trinsic Publius (M), a sleepy fighter
  • HEALTH? Tired.
  • JOB? I drink a toast to honor!
  • HONOR? What is left when honor is lost?
  • NOTHING? Right, take honor from me and my life is done! Dost thou strive to live an honorable life?
    • NO? No honor, no meaning!
    • YES? Honor gives greatness.
Woman in pink (in Trinsic):
  • Moongates tend to spring up near the Eight Cities of Virtue. Ours is beyond the river to the south!
Skara Brae Emerson (M), an injured man.
  • HEALTH? I am grievously wounded.
  • WOUNDED? Nothing can bring thee peace but the triumph of principles! Art thou good in spirit?
    • NO? An evil path!
    • YES? A good path.
  • JOB? I seek the spiritual path.
  • SPIRITUAL? Spiritual is stronger than any material force.
Magincia ruins Skullface (O), a jabbering skeleton.
  • HEALTH? Most superb.
  • JOB? I am a nobleman of great birth.
  • NOBLEMAN? Me and my brother are the last two of the great Meridid family. Thou hast heard of us of course, yes?
    • NO? You must not be from near these parts!
    • YES? I thought so.
Magincia ruins Boozer (O), a dumpy ghost.
  • HEALTH? Hic...
  • JOB? I was once a powerful merchant!
  • MERCHANT? My wealth was boundless, I held great power!
  • POWER? A proud soul surely knows not its worth! Dost thou see?
    • NO? The world goes on without me.
    • YES? The world goes on without me.
Magincia ruins Bulbous (O), a fat skeleton.
  • HEALTH? Could not be better.
  • JOB? I run this shop.
  • SHOP? Why, the food shop of course. Can I interest thee in some rations?
    • NO? I sell only the very best.
    • YES? Hmmm, our stock seems to have spoiled....
  • SPOILED? Well, we are expecting more any day!
Skeleton (in Magincia ruins):
  • Used ta do a fair business here, 'til the mold started growin' on the food...
Empath Abbey Lady Marcy (F), a charming lady
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I rule with my Lord.
  • RULE? This province.
  • PROVINCE? Our people believe in love as a way of life and live it to the fullest! Dost thou seek love?
    • NO? Then thou shalt not find it!
    • YES? Then may thou find it!
Lady (in Empath Abbey):
  • I am Lady Marcy, chatelaine[38] of Empath Abbey. My Lord Robert can tell the more!
The Lycaeum Beth Frasier (F), a charming lady
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? I rule with my Lord.
  • RULE? This province.
  • PROVINCE? Our people believe in truth as a way of life and live it to the fullest! Dost thou seek truth?
    • NO? Then thou shalt not find it!
    • YES? Then may thou find it!
Lady (in the Lycaeum):
  • Truth is one of the Three Principles. Dost thou know how many virtues contain Truth?
    • NO? Four they are: Honesty, Justice, Honor and Spirituality.
    • YES? It is well.
Paws Sven (M), a tall burly man.
  • HEALTH? Fine, thanks.
  • JOB? I am a lumberjack, ya.
  • LUMBERJACK? With my axe, I can chop'm down quick, ya.
  • AXE? It is a big axe, ya. Art ya a lumberjack?
    • NO? Build up those arms, ya!
    • YES? Good for you, ya.
Paws Sal (F), a very large woman.
  • HEALTH? Stronger every day!
  • JOB? I am the barmaid, I serve the ale (SMS: grog)!
  • ALE? (SMS: grog?) We have the finest brew in Britannia!
  • BREW? We serve only Folley on tap! Dost thou favor Folley?
    • NO? Too bad, it's the best!
    • YES? A great mug if I may say so!
Paws Pix (F), a small girl.
  • HEALTH? Good, thanks. And thee?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? Good.
  • JOB? What's a job?
Paws Asemly (M), a short jester.
  • HEALTH? Jolly good.
  • JOB? I am here to serve thee.
  • SERVE? Well, I can dance and sing! Does that interest thee?
    • NO? Well then, I guess I'm no help at all then.
    • YES? Good!
  • DANCE? And sing, tra la la...
Paws Little Jon (M), a singing bard.
  • HEALTH? Quite well indeed!
  • JOB? I sing of Britannia.
  • BRITANNIA? Britannia is a land so fair, to other lands I would not dare! I hear that thou art from another world?
    • NO? Just a rumor.
    • YES? What is it called?
  • EARTH? I hope someday thou may return!
Vesper Shazbot (F), a funny jester.
  • FUNNY? I dare thee to ask me about Nate the snake!
  • NATE? Well, it's a long story and we haven't the time.
  • JOB? Thou thinks I'm funny! Don't thou?
    • NO? Ah, too bad, I thought I was.
    • YES? Well good, I try to be!
  • HEALTH? I've a slight tickle!
Shepherd (in Vesper):
  • Hello...
Vesper Balthasar (M), a sturdy peasant.
  • HEALTH? I am pooped.
  • JOB? I am a serf.
  • SERF? Serfs work hard for little pay!
  • WORK? I work the fields for my master! Dost thou have a master?
    • NO? Thou art lucky indeed!
    • YES? I hope he or she is a kind one!
Vesper Traveling Dan (M), a short rotund man with a hat and vest.
  • HEALTH? I am fine, thank thee.
  • JOB? Traveling dan, the tinker man.
  • TRAVELING? I know the world is round!
  • TINKER? I am here to repair goods at the guild shop. Been to the guild shop?
    • NO? Best prices!
    • YES? Great selection!
Buccaneer's Den Sailor (M), a scruffy sailor
  • HEALTH? Salty.
  • JOB? I am a sailor!
  • SAILOR? Oh, a sailor's life is the life for me,
  • LIFE? As I sail across the bounding sea! The rest?
    • NO? Oh.
    • YES? And never ever ever do I worry 'bout the weather, for the weather never ever did a thing for me!
Buccaneer's Den Slysam (M), a nimble thief.
  • THIEF? Yea, and clever too.
  • CLEVER? Thou dost ask too many questions! Art thou a thief?
    • NO? Just as I thought
    • YES? Oh, I'd better watch out!
  • HEALTH? As good as I need be!
  • JOB? What's it to thee?
Buccaneer's Den Boris (?), an ugly orc!
  • HEALTH? Good'n smelly.
  • JOB? I smuggle black market items.
  • ITEM? Magic keys, magic gems, that sort of thing. Dost thou need such an item?
    • NO? Ah well, maybe next time.
    • YES? I just gave the guild shop a new supply!
Buccaneer's Den Brigant (?), a big fat troll.
  • HEALTH? Shove it! Did thou hear me?
    • NO? I said shove it!
    • YES? Then do it!
  • IT? Thy face!
  • JOB? Aw, buzz off!
  • A? A
Buccaneer's Den Ignap (M), a towering wizard.
  • HEALTH? Adequate.
  • JOB? I must warn thee!
  • WARN? To step into those woods will seal thy doom!
  • DOOM? In there lies the dark side, enter not! Shalt thou go on?
    • NO? Wise decision!
    • YES? Evil shall consume thee!
White mage (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • Earn the Sword of paradise! Search the Altar of the Spirit...
Buccaneer's Den Marsor (M), a plump merchant
  • HEALTH? Great!
  • JOB? I sell wine!
  • WINE? I have some good vintages.
  • VINTAGES? I own my own vineyards, they are on an isle northeast of here! Dost thou like wine?
    • NO? Don't know what thou art missing!
    • YES? Ah, then join me in a glass!
Man in blue (in Buccaneer's Den):
  • Hic!
Buccaneer's Den Dancek (M), a jolly old soul.
  • HEALTH? Jolly good, thanks.
  • JOB? I am a tinker by trade.
  • TINKER? I create projectile machinery.
  • MACHINERY? Primarily ship cannons! Dost thou own a ship?
    • NO? Thou really should get one!
    • YES? Good odds I built the cannons!
Cove Paul McCartney (M), a strangely familiar bard.
  • HEALTH? I am well.
  • JOB? I play of love. Wilt thou listen?
    • NO? Too bad.
    • YES? About love.
  • LOVE? I light a candle to our love, in love our problems disappear.
  • PROBLEMS? But all in all we soon discover that one and one is all we long to hear!
Cove Linda McCartney (F), a singer.
  • HEALTH? Fine.
  • JOB? I sing of the children.
  • CHILDREN? All round the world, little children being born to the world.
  • WORLD? Got to give them all we can 'til the quest is won, then will the work be done! Wilt thou help?
    • NO? Hmm.
    • YES? Teach them songs of joy!

Location Original NES remake
Trinsic Rigmore (M), a strong paladin.
  • HEALTH? Extra good.
  • JOB? I am the welcomer.
  • WELCOMER? Yes, welcome to Trinsic, city of honor!
  • HONOR? Wisdom on the virtue of honor is found throughout this towne. Dost thou seek this wisdom?
    • NO? This is the wrong place!
    • YES? Enter and find thy path.
Paladin (in Trinsic):
  • Welcome to Trinsic, city of Honor!
Empath Abbey Chinup (M), a small but stately child.
  • HEALTH? Very well, thank you!
  • JOB? I welcome thee unto the Abbey! Art thou here in search of love?
    • NO? Perhaps then the oak grove.
    • YES? Perhaps then the oak grove!
  • GROVE? A grove of oak.
  • OAK? There four profession types seek truth!
Vesper Twin Gates (M), a tall mage.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? We welcome thee to Vesper.
  • WELCOME? Welcome, unto Vesper!
  • VESPER? Yes, Vesper is a fair village. Hast thou come a long way?
    • YES?/NO? We are honored by the visit of one on the quest!
Black mage (in Vesper):
  • Welcome to Vesper, the village at the end of the world!
Serpent's Hold Michelle (F), a beautiful paladin!
  • JOB? I welcome thee unto Serpent Castle!
  • HEALTH? Very well. Art thou well?
    • NO? Then thou should visit our healer!
    • YES? Very good, perhaps thou seeks Sentri.
  • HEALER? Take the east passage.
  • SENTRI? He is the lord here, take the west passage.
Guard (in Serpent's Hold):
  • Welcome to Serpent's Hold, castle of Courage!
Cove Frontis (M), a small druid.
  • HEALTH? I am well. Art thou well?
    • NO? Visit our healers, I am sure they can help thee!
    • YES? Very good.
  • JOB? Welcome to Cove, the hidden city of wisdom.
  • WISDOM? Herein is found much wisdom and peace.
  • PEACE? Find peace in our shrine.
Druid (in Cove):
  • Welcome to Cove, sanctum of knowledge!

Location Original NES remake
Castle Britannia A guard (M), a burly guard
  • HEALTH? Couldn't be better!
  • JOB? I guard the castle and all within.
  • GUARD? I guard the castle!
  • CASTLE? The castle is fair and strong! Do you seek Lord British?
    • NO? He will aid you if you are in need!
    • YES? He is on the upper level in the throne room.
Guard (in Castle Britannia):
  • Welcome to Castle Britannia, home of Lord British!

Guard in hostel:

  • Welcome to the Castle Britannia hostel! Travelers from all across the realm often gather here to await the arrival of their companions.
Castle Britannia A guard (M), a guard
  • HEALTH? Excellent
  • JOB? A guard
  • GUARD? We guard the castle and its treasures.
  • TREASURE? That is not your business. Do you mean to steal?
    • NO? Then please leave at once!
    • YES? I believe you will find that an unfruitful venture.
Beardless mage (in Castle Britannia):
  • Disturb me not, for I seek to eliminate odd-order intermodulation distortion in linear power stages!
Britain A guard (M), a guard
  • HEALTH? Good.
  • JOB? I guard the bridge.
  • GUARD? Yep.
  • BRIDGE? Across the bridge our people dance and sing! Would thou like to join them?
    • NO? Then you have no business across the bridge.
    • YES? Remember, an open heart is the first step on the path to wisdom! (SMS) Ask Iolo about it.
Jhelom A guard (M), a stern guard.
  • HEALTH? Well.
  • JOB? We guard the gates and these passages!
  • GATE? The gates of Jhelom.
  • PASSAGES? These passages are restricted.
Guard (in Jhelom):
  • Welcome to Jhelom, the warrior's homestead! Valor is always welcome here!
Trinsic A guard (M), a big guard.
  • HEALTH? Excellent.
  • JOB? We guard the gate.
  • GATE? Into and out of Trinsic.
  • GUARD? It is an honorable job! Dost thou strive to bring honor upon the peers?
    • NO? Dolt.
    • YES? Dupre, the leader of our towne, joins many honorable quests!
Trinsic A guard (F), a strong guard.
  • STRONG? Guard
  • HEALTH? Guarded.
  • JOB? To guard.
  • GUARD? Guarding.
The Lycaeum A guard (M), a sleepy guard
  • HEALTH? Very sleepy.
  • JOB? Guard the gate, guard the baron, guard the baroness, watch the towers....
  • GUARD? I have been here for hours!
  • HOURS? Yes, many hours! See why I am tired?
    • NO? Bum!
    • YES? It is hard work and long hours in the baronial guard!
The Lycaeum Catriona (F), a strong guard.
  • HEALTH? Very good.
  • JOB? To watch the treasures.
  • TREASURE? The treasures are of great value!
  • VALUE? Yes, much gold. Dost thou intend to steal?
    • NO? Good, you had me worried!
    • YES? I shan't stop thee.
Paladin (in the Lycaeum):
  • I hail from Trinsic, city of Honor. Its principles are Truth and Courage!
Serpent's Hold The gate guard (M), a very big guard.
  • HEALTH? Very strong!
  • JOB? Guard the gates, of course.
  • GATE? These are the gates to Serpent castle.
  • GUARD? Guard, watch, protect. Art thou here to find courage?
    • NO? Then perhaps to become a guard!
    • YES? Then thou art at the right place.
Ranger (in Serpent's Hold):
  • Dost thou seek always to find new wellsprings of Courage within thee?
    • NO? Thou probably hast none to find. (lose Valor, Spirituality, Humility)
    • YES? This is what we need in these times! (gain Valor, Spirituality, Humility)
Serpent's Hold A baronial Guard (F), a stern guard.
  • HEALTH? Most good.
  • JOB? I guard our lord.
  • LORD? Sentri rules this castle. Dost thou wish an audience with Sentri?
    • NO? Then do not disturb him.
    • YES? Granted, enter.
  • CASTLE? This castle is built on courage.
Vesper gate Guard (?), a hulk.
  • HEALTH? Ug, me tough!
  • JOB? Ug, me tough!
  • TOUGH? Ug, me tough!
  • UG? Me tough! Ug, thee tough?
    • NO? Ug, me tough!
    • YES? Ug, thee tough!
Buccaneer's Den Roofus (M), a mean looking guard.
  • HEALTH? What's it to ya, scumpuppy?
  • JOB? We guard the bridge slime!
  • BRIDGE? This bridge, ya stupid jerk! Art thou a wise @##!?
    • NO? Then just buzz off!
    • YES? Thou had best ditch it, then!
Buccaneer's Den Rankbreath (M), a tall, muscular, impressive guard.
  • HEALTH? Very hungry!
  • HUNGRY? Yes, I am very hungry! Art thou here to feed me?
    • NO? Then thou had better run!!!
    • YES? I am grateful.
  • JOB? I am a guard.
  • GUARD? I guard the city!


There are several recurring inconsistencies in the English localization of the NES remake of Ultima IV. The use of punctuation is extremely approximative. In particular, ellipsis are very often written with four dots instead of the correct three. Capitalization of important topics is inconsistent: the same key word is sometimes capitalized, sometimes all in small letters (this applies to principles, virtues, runes, stones, etcetera).

  1. There should be a space after the comma.
  2. There should be no space before the question mark.
  3. The full stop should have been a comma, and the next word all in small capitals.
  4. The full stop should have been a comma, and the next word all in small capitals.
  5. There should be a punctuation mark here, most appropriately a comma, and the word "and" should be all in small letters.
  6. The full stop should have been a comma, and the next word all in small letters.
  7. There should be a comma here.
  8. 8.0 8.1 "The H.M.S." stands for "the His Majesty's Ship": they are equivalent, therefore if the second one is wrong, the first one is wrong too. This error probably originates from "the U.S.S." = "the United States Ship", that is actually correct.
  9. An ellipsis should have three dots only. The word that starts a new sentence after an ellipsis should be capitalized.
  10. This hyphenation is a placeholder for a colon or an ellipsis.
  11. The space after the comma is missing.
  12. For non-American readers: what is called "second floor" in the United States, is called "first floor" in the rest of the world.
  13. The druid says "above", but the staircase leads downstairs.
  14. There should be a full stop here.
  15. This word should be plural.
  16. This comma should be removed.
  17. This comma should be omitted.
  18. Typo: it should be "through".
  19. The full stop should be a question mark.
  20. This hyphenation is a placeholder for a "..." ellipsis.
  21. This is a placeholder for a ":" colon.
  22. The exclamation mark should have been a comma, and the subsequent "And" should be all in small letters.
  23. The full stop should have been a comma, and the next word all in small letters.
  24. The subject is missing from the sentence. It was probably supposed to be "I heard of..."
  25. "That" should be "which".
  26. A comma should be between these two words.
  27. This comma should be an "..." ellipsis.
  28. The full stop should have been a comma, and the next word all in small letters.
  29. Typo: it should be "heard".
  30. There should be a space between "pirates'" and "pub", as well as after the next ellipsis.
  31. The word that starts a new sentence after an ellipsis should be capitalized.
  32. The east moon is on the right-hand side, because Britannia is in the southern hemisphere of its world (like Australia).
  33. The west moon is on the left-hand side, because Britannia is in the southern hemisphere of its world (like Australia).
  34. This comma should be a ":" colon, and the next word should not be capitalized.
  35. This "." period should be a "?" question mark, because the sentence is a question.
  36. The third dot is missing from this ellipsis.
  37. This preposition should have been omitted: "The prisoner Vorpal is..."
  38. Chatelaine is French for "female castellan".