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Guild shop items[edit]

The shop of the Thieves' Guild

There is only one guild shop that is easily available. It is in the village of Vesper, south-east from Minoc (the town where the tinker starts). All these items are consumable, except for the sextant. None of them can be sold back.

Item Use Price
Torch Lights dark dungeons. 10 GP (5 for 50 GP)
Gem Allows to see a map of the area or of the dungeon level. 12 GP (5 for 60 GP)
Magic Key Opens any one locked door. 10 GP (6 for 60 GP)
Sextant Allows to determine your coordinates in Britannia. Quest item

Quest items[edit]

Item Use Location
Silver Horn Repels all the enemies near the Shrine of Humility Search an islet south of Skara Braee and Spiritwood.
NES port: search the Isle of Fire, north of New Magincia.
Magic wheel of the ship "Cape" Doubles the endurance of any ship
(not available in the NES port).
Search underwater the bay of Cape of Heroes, south of Trinsic.
Bell of Courage Necessary to access the Great Stygian Abyss Search a shallow north of Serpent's Hold.
Book of Truth Necessary to access the Great Stygian Abyss Search the library of the Lycaeum.
Candle of Love Necessary to access the Great Stygian Abyss Temple of Virtue in the village of Cove.
Truth Key,
Love Key,
Courage Key
Necessary to unlock the Codex room
at the bottom of the Great Stygian Abyss
Located in the three rooms beneath the seven dungeons.

Optional items[edit]

Item Use Location
Mondain's skull The Shrine of Humility warns against using it: if used, all your Virtues are reset to zero. Search underwater between three volcanoes east of Serpent's Hold.
Sheep flute (NES only) Allows Katrina the Shepherd to cast "Sleep" any number of times. (NES only) Chest in a basement in New Magincia.
Dragon scale (NES only) Allows to obtain the strongest melee weapon, exclusive to Geoffrey the Fighter. (NES only) In the shrine of the White Stone on the Serpent Spine mountains (hot-air balloon required).