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Quest for the white stone[edit]

Gather information[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)/Dungeon Hythloth#Gather information

The location of the white stone is the most complex to learn about. Mitre of Skara Brae says it is missing from Dungeon Hythloth, and starts a dialogue thread: talk to the barkeep in Trinsic, then to Sloven of Cove, then to Isaac in Skara Brae. Result: you need to fly to reach its location atop the Serpent's Spine Mountains. In Buccaneer's Den, Sniflet says that a lighter-than-air-device is near the entrance of Dungeon Hythloth, but J.J. Scirlock reveals that the same dungeon can be accessed from a secret entrance in Castle Britannia. Damsel of Paws confirms the same information.

Dungeon Hythloth[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)/Dungeon Hythloth#Dungeon Hythloth
  • Goals: get the lighter-than-air device and the White stone.

Before entering the Dungeon Hythloth, make sure you have plenty of the following spells:

  • Light (cheaper than torches)
  • Cure (for the chests with poison traps)
  • Dispell (to get past various energy fields)
  • Resurrect (to recover companions that touch the four Magic Orbs)
  • Wind (to drive the Lighter-Than-Air device)

Check the Magic page for details on the reagents and the Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Britannia Yellow Pages directory for the most convenient apothecaries.

Also purchase ten/twenty magic gems (you can use the "View" spell, but it is better to save nightshade and mandrake for other spells).

The maps of the floors are from the Amiga port, the screenshots of the rooms are from the Master System port.

L. Map of the floor Walkthrough
1a U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L1.png From the entrance in castle Britannia, the Companions are in the cross-shaped portion. Ignore the magic fields and descend the stairs down to the eighth floor.
8 U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L8.png U4 SMS d1 Hythloth L8rooms.png
The Companions arrive from the stairs at the crossroad. This floor gives access to all three altar rooms, but they can be used only after four or more Stones have been collected.

At the western dead-end of the five rooms there is the absolute majority of all the chests in this dungeon. In order to access the eastern room (and the last few chests), one Companion must step on the tile highlighted in black in the "entrance" room.

7 U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L7.png This floor repeats endlessly in all four directions. Nevertheless, a "View" spell allows to find the next ladder up very easily.
6 U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L6.png
U4 SMS d1 Hythloth L6rooms.png
There are two bugs in many versions[1] of the game.

If you are playing a bugged version, the only way to progress is to exit the first room (after looting it, of course) and cast a "Y-up" spell. If you think that this bug ruins the game, consider that in the previous title there was a dungeon with six floors that could only be reached by teleport, on purpose.

If you are playing a straight port of Ultima 4, the trigger to open the secret passage is activated by stepping on the south-east chest.

5 U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L5.png
U4 SMS d1 Hythloth L5rooms.png
Depending on the port you are playing, the Companions will start this floor in a different location.

If you are playing a bugged port and followed this walkthrough, they will start on the red mark on the map. For the sake of 100% completion, they can go south, cross the three rooms and descend the stairs; by following the corridor on the 6th floor, they will reach the western room, that is bugged, too. Move away from the walled corner, step through the wall and get back in the same corridor where they came from.

If you are playing a straight port, the Companions will start from the south-east stairs. Cross the three rooms, skip the first ladder (it is a single-tile dead-end), and climb up the second one: a short corridor (not shown) brings the barty back on the 5th floor, in its other half. All the other ladders lead to single-tile dead-ends.

Let two weak Companions (excluding Geoffrey and Katrina) touch the two Magic Orbs: all attributes will be upgraded by 5, but they will suffer 800 damages. Let Mariah or Jaana cast "Resurrect" and just a couple of "Heal": soon you will reach a healing fountain.

Get back to the main portion of the floor, and climb the north-east ladder to erach the main portion of the next level.

4 U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L4.png
U4 SMS d1 Hythloth L4room1.png
U4 SMS d1 Hythloth L4room2.png
This floor is a long winding corridor that repeats endlessly to the north and south (plus the four minor areas that can be accessed from below). Just travel from one ladder to the next in any direction.
3 U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L3.png
U4 SMS d1 Hythloth L3rooms.png
The Companions start from the south-west ladder. Let one of them touch the Magic Orb, then resurrect him/her and heal just a little bit. Proceed to the healing fountain to the north-east.

The chests in the northern room are trapped: as soon as a character will reach them, two magic fire fields will appear along the passage. Suck up the damage and travel to the healing fountain.

The two ascending ladders lead to the same area of the next floor.

2 U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L2.png A rather featureless floor. Access it from the north-west, leave to the south-east.
1b U4 AMI d1 Hythloth L1.png Back on the 1st floor, but in a separate area. The fourth Magic Orb is here (touch, resurrect, heal), as well as the empty altar where the White Stone used to be. Visit it for the sake of 100% completion, but you have "Dispel" three poison fields (six in the Master System port). Leave the dungeon from the stairs.
  1. Ports with bugged 6th floor: MS-DOS, Atari ST, Amiga.
    Ports with straight 6th floor: Master System, NES remake, fan-made DOS upgrade.
    Ports to be checked: Apple II, Atari 8-bit, C64, Japan-exclusive ports.

The lighter-than-air device[edit]

See also: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (NES)/Dungeon Hythloth#The lighter-than-air device
Map of Britannia centered on the White Stone location. Note that the shortest route there from Dungeon Hythloth is flying to the south-east.

Near the exit of Dungeon Hythloth lies the lighter-than-air device. Get on it, and it will move according to the direction of the wind. It is therefore necessary to cast "Wind Change" spells to go in the direction you want. Actually, the exit of Dungeon Hythloth is quite faraway from the mainland in any direction, therefore you should just keep flying in the same direction.

Once you manage to get near the Serpent's Spine mountains (between Britain and Yew), locate the position of the White Stone shrine, align the balloon with it, then land on the hills near the mountains. Why? Because the wind is quite tricky; you should make sure you are aligned with the Stone, then cast the "Wind" spell in the required direction, then jump onto the balloon. When you are above the shrine, just Search it to grab the White Stone.

You saw how hard it is to fly with the balloon. Better leave it and rely on your feet from now on.