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  • Enter from Wrong, north of Lock Lake.
  • Get the Green and Blue stones.
  • Get the Key Part from the Altar of Truth.
  • Leave from Deceit and use a Gate spell.

The magic balls in both these dungeons raise intelligence (DEX); the balls in Wrong also raise dexterity (INT).

Suggested party (upgrade companions with lowest intelligence):

  • Wand wielder: Jaana has lower intelligence than Mariah.
  • M. cloth or ring: to optimize armors, Iolo (m. cloth) goes with Jaana (ring), Shamino with Mariah.
  • Magic axe wielder: Julius has lower intelligence than Dupre.
  • Zero magic: Katrina's intelligence affects the effectiveness of her sheep flute.

Dungeons Wrong and Deceit[edit]

L. Map of the floor Walkthrough
W1 U4 NES d5 Wrong L1.png Use a gem to find the secret passage and the stairs down.
W2 U4 NES d5 Wrong L2.png
U4 NES d5 Wrong L2rooms.png
Both fountains are poisonous. In order to take the north ladder down, there is a secret trigger under the south-east magic poison field.
W3 U4 NES d5 Wrong L3.png Coming from the west stair, the party will be in a featureless area that continues to the next floor.
From the north stair they will be in a half-floor with a magic orb and two further stairs down; the first ladder on your way leads to a corridor with 7 chests.
W4 U4 NES d5 Wrong L4.png
U4 NES d5 Wrong L4rooms.png
The ladder down is surrounded by walls and two rooms.
W5 U4 NES d5 Wrong L5.png Use a gem for orientation. Take four steps in any direction, then four steps perpendicularly, and descend.
W6 U4 NES d5 Wrong L6.png
U4 NES d5 Wrong L6rooms.png
Use a gem to see the four secret passages. The eastmost ladder leads to a corridor with 7 chests. The fountain is poisonous, and the magic ball raises Dexterity and Intelligentce at the cost of 400 health points (one magic ball was omitted from the remake).
Continue through the westmost ladder down.
W7 U4 NES d5 Wrong L7.png
U4 NES d5 Wrong L7rooms.png
On this floor, the last Magic Ball can be found, at the end of a long corridor. The fountain cures poison.
The easily accessible stairs down lead to the Altar Room of Love (but you sill have to find the Stone of this dungeon). In order to access the main part of level 8, there is an invisible trigger in the south-east tile in the room.
W8 U4 NES d5 Wrong L8.png U4 NES d5 Wrong L8rooms.png
In order to reach the altar of the Green Stone, the trigger in the room is under the fire field in the north-west corner. Answer virtuously: there is a small bug that makes the keeper give the wrong reply to your answer, although the effect is correct.

Dost thou seek to uphold Justice along the course of thy travels?
No? Then I shall grant you the Green Stone of Justice. Open the box!
Yes? I cannot grant you the stone. Leave this place!
A U4 AMI d0 Altar1.png From dungeon Wrong, you access the Altar Room of Truth from the west. You still need the Blue Stone of Honesty to use the altar. Leave the room to the north and enter dungeon Deceit.
D8 U4 NES d2 Deceit L8.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L8rooms.png
Both stairs upwards lead to the same area.
D7 U4 NES d2 Deceit L7.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L7rooms.png
Past the ladder to the south is the altar with the Blue Stone of Honesty. Answer "yes" to the question: there is another translation error.
After you retrieve the stone, walk back to the Altar Room of Love and obtain the first part of the key. Use the following stones on the altar of Truth: Blue-Honesty, Green-Justice, Purple-Honor and White-Spirituality.

Dost thou ever lie, to thyself or to others?
No? Thou must continue to seek maastery of this virtue.
Yes? Then thou dost know Truth. Open now the box, and take up the Blue Stone of Honesty!

D6-b U4 NES d2 Deceit L6.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L6room2.png
Coming from below, you are in the larger, eastern portion of the floor.
The first Magic Ball of this dungeon! It raises intelligence and deals 200 damage. Give it to any Companion with low intelligence, except Geoffrey.
The other stairs down lead to a single-tile pit.
D5-b U4 NES d2 Deceit L5.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L5rooms.png
Coming from below, you are in the smaller, north-eastern portion of the floor.
D6-a U4 NES d2 Deceit L6.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L6room1.png
Coming from below, you are in the smaller, south-western portion of the floor.
The three chests in the north of the room are unreachable.
D5-a U4 NES d2 Deceit L5.png Coming from below, you are in the larger portion of the floor.
The fountain on this floor is poisonous. The second Magic Orb is in a secret passage, together with the stairs up.
D4 U4 NES d2 Deceit L4.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L4rooms.png
This floor is optional, and can be quickly skipped. The north room has three chests. The south room has four chests protected by fire fields: a "Life" spell can be more convenient than several "Heal" ones, if anyone (except for the Stranger) dies in the crossing.
D3 U4 NES d2 Deceit L3.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L3rooms.png
The third magic orbs is on this floor (the fourth one was omitted). The downwards stairs to the west lead to a corridor with fifteen chests.
D2 U4 NES d2 Deceit L2.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L2rooms.png
Coming from level 3, there are two rooms in a row.
D1 U4 NES d2 Deceit L1.png
U4 NES d2 Deceit L1rooms.png
The fountain cures poison.