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Order ranking
  1. Kick
  2. Punch
  3. Tieup
  4. 1 direction + Kick
  5. 1 direction + Punch
  6. 1 direction + Tieup
  7. 2 directions + Kick
  8. 2 directions + Punch
  9. 2 directions + Tieup

WWF Warzone is a very strategic wrestling game, using a 'paper-rock-scissors' method of move priority found in most modern fighting games. Each character has his own unique combination of moves chosen from a common pool, along with a several signature moves and his (or her) own trademark finishing move. The commands to execute these moves are 1, 2, or 3 taps of the directional pad followed by a button, a la Virtua Fighter and Tekken, or combinations of two buttons pressed simultaneously. Each wrestler has his own set of commands, so two wrestlers who have the same move might not necessarily perform that move the same way or at the same priority. Warzone uses three attack buttons (Punch, Kick, and Tieup) and a Block button, plus four movement-related buttons (Dodge Left, Dodge Right, Run, and Climb). Each basic combination of single attack button, one direction + button, and two directions + button is ranked from 1 to 9.

As stated in the back of the manual, whenever two wrestlers are in a Tieup, whoever performs the lowest ranked move will win.

Tieup advantages[edit]

As you punch and slam your opponent, your wrestler's name will change color from white through three shades of blue. Each shade represents a "Tieup Advantage":

  • Light Blue: 1–3
  • Blue: 4–6
  • Dark Blue: 7+

When executing a move from the Tieup, you subtract your current advantage number from the rank number of your move (basically allowing you to perform higher damage moves and still win the Tieup, as long as you're in control of the match).

To avoid the problem of players always trying the low damage moves:

  • 6 & 9 beat 1: Grappling moves using any directional pad taps plus the Tieup button always beat a basic Kick move
  • 5 & 8 beat 2: D-Pad + Punch moves beat a basic Tieup move
  • 4 & 7 beat 3: D-Pad + Kick moves beat a basic Punch move.