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There are a total of 19 wrestlers in the game, 3 of these have to be unlocked.

Note about unlockable and created wrestlers[edit]

Rattlesnake, Sue, and Trainer all use the generic ring introductions. Sue and Trainer use generic quotes, while Rattlesnake uses Austin's dialogue. Female created wrestlers get the same intros as the males. Created wrestlers who use a real wrestler's moves get that wrestler's Taunt poses but *not* the phrases; creations that use a 'created wrestler' move list use all the info below. All created wrestlers use the ring introductions below, regardless of move list, gender, etc.

Created Wrestler[edit]

Taunt Pose 1: "Come get some" gesture (Created wrestler move lists only)
Taunt Phrase 1: "I'll floss my teeth with your guts!"
Taunt Phrase 2: "I'm gonna mold you like putty."
Male with 40 attribute points:
Taunt Phrase 1: "I'm going to get medieval on your buttocks!"
Taunt Phrase 2: "This will be messy!"
Female: (includes Sue)
Taunt Phrase 1: "Is that all you got?"
Taunt Phrase 2: "You wrestle like a girl!"

Ring introductions (Male and female):
"Player 1 is climbing the ladder here in the WWF."
"Player 1 is one tough competitor."
"He's ready and willing to oblige when it comes to a fight."
"Player 1 is every woman's dream and every man's nightmare."
"He's been through so many tough battles here in the WWF."
"He's really made his mark in the WWF."
"Love him or hate him, he has all the tools to make it all the way in this 
"Player 1 might look a little weird, but he gets the job done."
"He won't rest until he's wearing the gold around his waist."

(Male, includes Trainer)
"Pack your bags, hoohoohah!"
(Female, includes Sue)
"Now someone's *really* gonna get their ass whipped!"
"You go, girl!"
"You suck!"
"You're gonna take this like a man!