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If you select the 'High Scores' option from the main menu, you will see a ranking screen for each created wrestler and regular wrestler saved game on your memory card. The wrestlers are shown from left to right, highest score to lowest. The scoring system is as follows:

  1. W/L vs. CPU: +10 pts per win/-10 pts. per loss
  2. W/L vs. Human: +2 pts. per win/-2 pts. per loss
  3. Longest Win Streak: +10 pts. per win (this counts human & CPU)
  4. Fastest Win: 600, -3 pts. per second (vs. CPU in Challenge Mode only)
    the computer awards a bonus of 600 points for a theoretical "0-second" victory, and subtracts 3 points per second taken above that.
  5. Blowout Victories: +5 pts. per win
    A blowout is scored by winning the match with a pinfall or submission and having a life meter that is still some shade of green.
  6. Biggest Hit: +5 pts. per point of damage
    This is for the most damaging move you've executed, including bonuses for adrenaline, stun, top-rope, etc.
  7. Belts: +100 pts. each
    This does not count losing a belt in Challenge mode and then winning it back, but it does count belts won in 2-player Vs. matches. *see Note*

Note: If you wrestle in a 2-player Vs. match and win a belt from another player while using a wrestler who has already won a belt in the Challenge Mode, re-entering the Challenge and defending your title will return your wrestler to only having 2 belts in the High Score. However, the wrestler you defeated will not get his belt(s) back, it simply vanishes into Limbo along with the points for having the belt. This appears to be a glitch in the save feature.