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Owen Hart, "The Black Hart".

Ring introductions[edit | edit source]

  • "Owen is lightning-like quick."
  • "He has speed and power - a dangerous combination."
  • "Pound for pound, Owen is considered one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the WWF."
  • "He can do it all - he can take you out from any direction."
  • "He is so quick, he can change the tide of a match with one move."
  • "You have got to be careful - Owen can beat you in so many ways."

Outfits[edit | edit source]

  • Regular Outfit: Black singlet.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Navy blue singlet.

Taunts[edit | edit source]

  • Taunt Pose 1: Points at opponent.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Raises arms and looks around at the crowd.
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "Wooooooo!"
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "Here's the part where I hit my move, are you ready?"

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "That's it, no more Mr. Nice Guy!"

Signature moves[edit | edit source]

Opponent standing:
(Standing) *Abdominal Sretch - L,D,P
(Standing) Arm Drag - U,U,P
(Standing) Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex - L,L,TU
(Standing) Double Underhook Suplex - D,D,TU
(Standing) Flying Head Scissors - L,L,K
(Standing) Drop Toe Hold - D,D,K
(Standing) Hurricanrana - L,R,U,K
(Standing) Gut Wrench Power Bomb - L,R,P
(Standing) Japenese Arm Drag - D,D,P
(Standing) Fisherman's Suplex - U,U,TU
(Standing) Side Belly to Belly Suplex - L,U,P
(Standing) +Small Package - L,U,TU
(Standing) Snap Mare - L,D,K
(Tie Up) Arm Drag - K
(Tie Up) Neck Breaker - P
(Tie Up) Side Belly to Belly Suplex - TU
(Tie Up) Gut Wrench Power Bomb - L,K
(Tie Up) Samoan Drop - L,P
(Tie Up) Vertical Suplex - L,TU
(Tie Up) Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex - L,U,K
(Tie Up) Piledriver - U,D,P
(Tie Up) Double Underhook Suplex - U,D,TU
(Behind) *Cross Face Chicken Wing - P/K/TU
(Behind) Atomic Drop - L,L,K
(Behind) Belly to Back Suplex - L,L,P
(Behind) +Victory Roll - L,L,TU
(Behind) German Suplex - L,L,U,TU
(Running) Spinning Heel Kick - K
(Running) Clothesline - P
(Running) Flying Forearm - TU
(Running) Hurricanrana - K+BL
(Vs. Run) Dropkick - K
(Vs. Run) Back Body Drop - P
(Vs. Run) Belly to Belly Suplex - TU
(Vs. Run) Hurricanrana - U,K

Opponent on ground:
(Standing) Stomp - K
(Standing) Falling Headbutt - D,K
(Standing) Elbow Drop - P
(Standing) Splash - D,P
(Running) Knee Drop - K
(Running) Fist Drop - P
(Running) Headbutt - TU

Opponent on ground, Holds:
(Feet) *Surfboard - L,L,K
(Feet) *Leg Grapevine - L,R,K
(Feet) Wishbone Leg Splitter - U,D,K
(Feet) **Reverse Indian Deathlock - L,R,U,K
(Feet) **Inverted STF - U,L,U,K
(Feet) **@Sharpshooter - L,L,U,K+BL
(Head) *Arm Wrench - L,L,P
(Head) *Rear Chin Lock - L,R,P
(Head) *Leg Lock Chokehold - U,D,P

Opponent stunned in corner:
(Front) Kick to ribs- K
(Front) Turnbuckle Punches - P
(Front) Splash - TU
(Front) Flying Head Scissors - L,L,K
(Front) Monkey Flip - L,L,P
(Front) Swinging DDT - L,L,TU
(Front) Hurricanrana - L,R,U,K
(Front) Superplex - U,L,D,P
(Running) Avalanche - P/K/TU

Player on turnbuckle:
(Opp. on Ground) Kamikaze Headbutt - P/K/TU
(Opp. on Ground) Somersault Senton Splash - K+BL
(Opp. on Ground) Splash - P+TU
(Opp. on Ground) Shooting Star Press - U,U,K+TU
(Opp. on Ground) +Moonsault - BL (while climbing)
(Opp. Standing) Forearm Smash -  P/K/TU
(Opp. Standing) Hurricanrana - K+BL
(Opp. Standing) Torpedo Dropkick - P+TU
(Opp. Standing) Wheel Kick - L,L,K+TU
(Opp. Standing) +Sunset Flip - P+K+TU