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Ring introductions[edit]

  • "The man from the dark side, the Undertaker."
  • "The phenom of the WWF."
  • "You can feel the chill in the air as the Undertaker enters the ring."
  • "No one can escape the reach of the Reaper."
  • "The Undertaker is one of the most feared wrestlers in the WWF today."
  • "That tombstone will seal your doom."
  • "You know, there is actually a serious debate as to whether the Undertaker is alive or dead."


  • Regular Outfit: Black w/ black pads and gloves.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Black w/ purple pads and gloves.


  • Taunt Pose 1: Kneels and raises his hand up.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Throat slitting motion.
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "You cannot kill what is already dead."
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "I'll drop you on your head."


  • "My creatures of the night will feast upon the flesh of your rotting corpse."
  • "Welcome to the Dark Side."
  • "Rest… in… peace…"
  • "The end is near."

Signature moves[edit]

Opponent standing
Move Input Note
Front Face DDT
(Standing) L,L,TU
Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
(Standing) L,D,TU
Choke Slam
(Standing) D,D,P
*Choke Hold
(Standing) D,P
(Standing) L,D,K
Gut Wrench Power Bomb
(Standing) L,R,P
Neck Breaker
(Standing) L,D,P
Side Belly to Belly Suplex
(Standing) L,R,TU
Short Arm Clothesline
(Standing) L,U,TU
Single Arm DDT
(Standing) L,U,K
Snap Mare
(Standing) L,U,P
Throat Toss
(Standing) D,U,TU
Vertical Suplex
(Standing) L,R,K
+@Tombstone Piledriver
(Standing) D,D,D,P+TU
Back Breaker
(Tie Up) K
Atomic Drop
(Tie Up) P
Sidewalk Slam
(Tie Up) TU
Northern Lights Suplex
(Tie Up) L,K
(Tie Up) L,P
Gut Wrench Power Bomb
(Tie Up) L,TU
Vertical Suplex
(Tie Up) L,D,K
Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
(Tie Up) L,U,P
Choke Slam
(Tie Up) L,R,TU
+@Tombstone Piledriver
(Tie Up) U,D,TU
Neck Breaker
(Behind) P/K/TU
Reverse DDT
(Behind) L,L,K/P or U,U,P
Side Slam
(Behind) L,L,U,TU
(Running) P/K
Spinning Neck Breaker
(Running) TU
Boot to Face
(Vs.Run) K
(Vs.Run) P
(Vs.Run) TU
(Vs.Run) L,TU
Opponent on ground
Move Input Note
Elbow Drop
(Standing) P
(Standing) K
Leg Drop
(Standing) D,P
Knee Drop
(Standing) D,K
Leg Drop
(Running) K
Fist Drop
(Running) P
Falling Headbutt
(Running) TU
Opponent on ground, Holds
Move Input Note
Elbow Drop to Leg
(Feet) L,L,K
*Half Crab
(Feet) L,R,K
(Feet) U,D,K
**Elbow Drop into Leg Lock
(Feet) L,R,L,K
*Arm Wrench
(Head) L,L,P
*Squeeze Head
(Head) L,R,P
(Head) U,D,P
Opponent stunned in corner
Move Input Note
Boot Choke
(Front) K/TU
Climb and Pummel
(Front) P
Overhead Press
(Front) L,L,K
Top Rope Belly to Belly Suplex
(Front) L,L,P
Top Rope Double Underhook Suplex
(Front) L,L,TU
Top Rope Superplex
(Front) U,U,D,K
(Running) P/K/TU
Opponent on turnbuckle
Move Input Note
Choke Slam
(Standing) U,U,TU
Player on turnbuckle
Move Input Note
Fist Drop
(Opp. on Ground) P/K/TU
Double Foot Stomp
(Opp. on Ground) K+BL
(Opp. on Ground) P+TU
Driving Elbow
(Opp. on Ground) L,R,K+TU
(Opp. Standing) P/K/TU
Axe Handle Smash
(Opp. Standing) K+BL
(Opp. Standing) P+TU
Forearm Smash
(Opp. Standing) L,R,K+TU