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Ring introductions[edit]

  • "Look at the size of Ahmed Johnson!"
  • "He's put together like brick wall."
  • "Ahmed Johnson stands alone in the WWF, and he stands tall."
  • "He is awesome, just awesome."


  • Regular Outfit: Red tights and boots.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Black tights and boots.


  • Taunt Pose 1: Crosses arms over chest and looks to the crowd.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Points at opponent.
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "You're...going...down!"
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "Bring it on, fool."


  • "Get ready for a beatin'!"
  • "Boy, you don't understand - you can't hurt me fool!"

Signature moves[edit]

Opponent standing:
(Standing) Bearhug - U,D,P
(Standing) Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex - L,R,TU
(Standing) Body Slam - L,D,P
(Standing) Gut Wrench Power Bomb - L,R,P
(Standing) Hiptoss - U,U,K
(Standing) Kneebreaker - L,U,K
(Standing) Short Arm Clothesline - U,U,P
(Standing) Sidewalk Slam - L,D,K
(Standing) Snap Mare - L,D,TU
(Standing) Spinebuster - U,D,K
(Standing) Choke Slam - L,L,U,P
(Standing) **Torture Rack - L,U,TU
(Standing) Vertical Suplex - U,D,TU
(Standing) @Pearl River Plunge - L,R,U,K+BL
(Tie Up) Backbreaker - K
(Tie Up) Atomic Drop - P
(Tie Up) Gut Wrench Power Bomb - TU
(Tie Up) Samoan Drop - L,K
(Tie Up) Bulldog - L,P
(Tie Up) Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex - L,TU
(Tie Up) Side Slam - L,U,K
(Tie Up) Brainbuster - L,R,P
(Tie Up) Power Bomb - L,D,TU
(Behind) Russian Leg Sweep - P/K/TU
(Behind) Pump Handle Slam - L,L,K
(Behind) Side Slam - L,L,P
(Behind) Belly Back Suplex - L,U,R,TU
(Running) Clothesline - TU
(Running) Flying Shoulder Tackle - K
(Running) *Tackle to Punches - P
(Vs. Run) Sidewalk Slam - K
(Vs. Run) Back Body Drop - P
(Vs. Run) Powerslam - TU
(Vs. Run) Spinebuster - U,TU

Opponent on ground:
(Standing) Splash - D,P
(Standing) Axe Handle Smash - P
(Standing) Knee Drop - D,K
(Standing) Stomp - K
(Running) Leg drop - K
(Running) Fist Drop - P/TU

Opponent on ground, Holds:
(Feet) *Knee to Inside Leg - L,L,K
(Feet) *Leg Grapevine - L,R,K
(Feet) Wishbone Leg Splitter - U,D,K
(Feet) **Leg Lock - L,R,L,K
(Head) *Arm Wrench - L,L,P
(Head) *Squeeze Head - L,R,P
(Head) *Rear Chin Lock - U,D,P
(Head) **Painkiller - L,U,D,P

Opponent stunned in corner:
(Front) Boot Choke - K
(Front) Chest Chop - P
(Front) Charging Shoulder - TU
(Front) Overhead Press - L,L,P/K/TU
(Running) Clothesline - P/K/TU

Player on turnbuckle:
(Opp. on Ground) Fist Drop - P/K/TU
(Opp. on Ground) Double Foot Stomp - K+BL
(Opp. on Ground) Driving Elbow - P+TU
(Opp. on Ground) Kamikaze Headbutt - L,R,P+K
(Opp. Standing) Bionic Elbow - P/K/TU
(Opp. Standing) Clothesline - P+TU
(Opp. Standing) Forearm Smash - K+BL
(Opp. Standing) Shoulder Tackle - L,U,BL,TU