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Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack.

Ring introductions[edit]

  • "I think that Mankind may have left some of his sanity back in the boiler room."
  • "A most deranged individual, indeed."
  • "Mankind is one frightening individual."
  • "Mrs. Foley's baby boy."
  • "Mankind's Mandible Claw is one the most feared objects of pain in the WWF."
  • "The most deranged individual in the history of the WWF."
  • "Mankind is one deranged wrestler."
  • "I think he may enjoy hurting himself more than his opponent."
  • "He definitely walks a very thin line between sanity and insanity."
Dude Love
  • "Dude Love is made of twisted steel and sex appeal"
  • "Dude is hoping to groove his way to victory."
  • "Don't let the Dude's appearance fool you, cause he *can* take you out."
  • "This is the only guy that can carpool solo."
  • "Oh yeah, it's the Dudester - Dude Love, breaking hearts and taking names."
Cactus Jack
  • "Cactus Jack is making a surprise appearance tonight."
  • "You won't see any tassels on this man."
  • "The king of the deathmatch, Cactus Jack."
  • "Nothing fancy about this man, just pure toughness."
  • "This man will take you to the *extreme* for sure."
  • "Mrs. Foley's baby boy has returned."


  • Regular Outfit: Brown tights and jacket.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Black tights and jacket.
Dude Love
  • Regular Outfit: Light blue pants, tye-dye shirt & bandanna.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Navy pants, green tye-dye shirt & bandanna.
Cactus Jack
  • Regular Outfit: Black pants and t-shirt.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Brown checkered pants, black t-shirt.


  • Taunt Pose 1: Crouches and stares at the lights.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Points at opponent.
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "Have a nice day!"
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "My grandmother hits harder than you."
Dude Love
  • Taunt Pose 1: Points at opponent.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Dances the Charleston.
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "The Dudester's in the house, baby!"
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "It's time for the Dude to get busy on you."
Cactus Jack
  • Taunt Pose 1: Points at opponent.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Bang-bang!
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "Cactus Jack, on the attack."
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "I'll sacrifice my bones to break yours."


  • "It wasn't Beauty that killed the Beast - it was my Mandible Claw!"
  • "Has anyone seen my mind? I think I've lost it."
  • "Get my fingers out of your mouth!"
  • "I'd love to put you out of your own misery, but I'm having so much FUN!"
Dude Love
  • "You're killing me, man!"
  • "Oh man, that hurt!"
  • "Lighten up, daddy!"
Cactus Jack
  • "Oh-ho-ho, I think that was your liver!"
  • "Ow, that looked like it hurt!"
  • "I'll bet that leaves a mark."
  • "Wheee!Wheee!Wheee!"

Signature moves[edit]

Opponent standing:
(Standing) Body Slam - L,U,TU
(Standing) Clothesline - U,U,P
(Standing) **Cobra Clutch - U,U,TU
(Standing) DDT - L,D,K
(Standing) Front Backbreaker - L,R,TU
(Standing) Gut Wrench Power Bomb - L,R,P
(Standing) Hiptoss - U,D,K
(Standing) Kneebreaker - L,D,TU
(Standing) Leg Drag - U,U,K
(Standing) Neck Breaker - L,D,P
(Standing) Samoan Drop - L,U,P
(Standing) Side Belly to Belly Suplex - U,D,TU
(Standing) Single Arm DDT - L,U,K
(Standing) **@Mandible Claw (Mankind only) - L,R,U,TU+BL
(Standing) @Double Arm DDT (Dude Love/Cactus Jack only) - L,R,U,TU+BL
(Tie Up) Hiptoss - K
(Tie Up) DDT - P
(Tie Up) Side Belly to Belly Suplex - TU
(Tie Up) Samoan Drop - L,K
(Tie Up) Inverted Atomic Drop - L,P
(Tie Up) Vertical Suplex - L,TU
(Tie Up) Brainbuster - L,R,K
(Tie Up) Power Bomb - L,D,P
(Tie Up) Pile Driver - L,U,TU
(Tie Up) **@Mandible Claw  - L,R,TU
(Behind) *Nerve Hold - P/K/TU
(Behind) *Cross Face Chicken Wing - L,L,K
(Behind) Reverse DDT - L,L,P
(Behind) Side Slam - L,L,U,TU
(Running) Clothesline - P
(Running) Spinning Neck Breaker - K
(Running) *Tackle to Punches - TU
(Vs. Run) Drop Toe Hold - K
(Vs. Run) Back Body Drop - P
(Vs. Run) Arm Drag - TU
(Vs. Run) Powerslam - U,TU

Opponent on ground:
(Standing) Leg Drop - K (at side)
(Standing) Stomp - K
(Standing) Elbow Drop - P
(Standing) Knee Drop - D,K
(Running) Knee Drop - K
(Running) Fist Drop - P
(Running) Headbutt - TU

Opponent on ground, Holds:
(Feet) Elbow Drop to Leg - L,L,K
(Feet) *Leg Grapevine - L,R,K
(Feet) Headbutt to Groin - U,D,K
(Feet) **Reverse Indian Deathlock - L,R,U,K
(Head) *Arm Wrench - L,L,P
(Head) *Knee to Back - L,R,P
(Head) **Painkiller - U,D,P
(Head) **@Mandible Claw - L,R,U,TU+BL

Opponent stunned in corner:
(Front) Kick to Ribs - K
(Front) Forearm Smash - P
(Front) Charging Shoulder - TU
(Front) Swinging DDT - L,L,K
(Front) Tree of Woe - L,L,P
(Front) Top Rope Superplex - L,L,TU
(Running) Clothesline - P/K/TU

Player on turnbuckle:
(Opp. on Ground) Elbow Drop - P/K/TU
(Opp. on Ground) Splash - P+TU/K+BL
(Opp. on Ground) Somersault Senton Splash - U,U,P+K
(Opp. Standing) Axe Handle Smash - P/K/TU
(Opp. Standing) Bionic Elbow - K+BL
(Opp. Standing) Clothesline - P+TU
Player on Apron, Opponent on floor
Move Input Note
Driving Elbow
(Opp. on Ground) K+BL