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Ring introductions[edit]

  • "There's never been as bizarre an individual as the Golden One."
  • "You'd better be aware of the big picture when you're in there with Goldust."
  • "This young man can play head games with the best of them."
  • "The bizarre one - Goldust!"
  • "You gotta keep your mind on the match when you're wrestling Goldust."
  • "Don't let looks fool you, he can punch your lights out at the drop of a hat."
  • "This match may be another Shattered Dreams production by Goldust."


  • Regular Outfit: Gold and black bodysuit/facepaint.
  • Alternate Outfit (L2 button): Green bodysuit w/ lingerie, yellow and red facepaint.
  • Alternate Outfit (R1 button): "MarilynDust" Marilyn Manson outfit.
  • Alternate Outfit (R2 button): "DustyDust" Black w/ yellow polka-dots.


  • Taunt Pose 1: "Come get some" gesture.
  • Taunt Pose 2: Blows kisses to the crowd.
  • Taunt Phrase 1: "You know, you really SUCK!"
  • Taunt Phrase 2: "Don't mess with me, punk."


  • "Ducky ducky, quack quack, whaddaya think of that?"
  • "Damn, it gets brutal in here!"
  • "When I'm good, I'm good, but when I'm bad, I'm *really* bad."

Signature moves[edit]

Opponent standing
Move Input Note
*Abdominal Stretch
(Standing) L,R,TU
Body Slam
(Standing) L,D,TU
(Standing) L,D,K
Gut Wrench Power Bomb
(Standing) L,R,P
(Standing) D,D,K
Japanese Arm Drag
(Standing) D,D,P
(Standing) U,D,K
Neck Breaker
(Standing) L,D,P
Samoan Drop
(Standing) L,U,P
Single Arm DDT
(Standing) L,U,K
(Standing) U,D,P
Snap Mare
(Standing) L,U,TU
Vertical Suplex
(Standing) U,D,TU
(Tie Up) K
Atomic Drop
(Tie Up) P
Inverted Atomic Drop
(Tie Up) TU
(Tie Up) L,K
Vertical Suplex
(Tie Up) L,P
Samoan Drop
(Tie Up) L,TU
(Tie Up) L,D,K
Running Bulldog
(Tie Up) L,U,P
(Tie Up) U,D,TU
*Abdominal Stretch
(Behind) P/K/TU
Atomic Drop
(Behind) L,L,P or K
Reverse DDT
(Behind) L,R,D,TU
@Curtain Call
(Behind) L,D,D,TU+BL
(Running) K
(Running) P
Drop to Knees and Uppercut
(Running) TU
(Vs. Run) K
(Vs. Run) P
(Vs. Run) TU
Back Body Drop
(Vs. Run) U,P
Opponent on ground
Move Input Note
Leg Drop
(Standing) K (at side)
(Standing) K
Double Foot Stomp
(Standing) D,K
Fist Drop
(Standing) P
Knee drop
(Running) K
Fist drop
(Running) P
Butt Drop
(Running) TU
Opponent on ground, Holds
Move Input Note
Elbow Drop to Leg
(Feet) - L,L,K
*Knee to Inside Leg
(Feet) L,R,K
*Spinning Toe Hold
(Feet) U,D,K
Headbutt to Groin
(Feet) L,U,R,K
*Arm Wrench
(Head) L,L,P
*Rear Chin Lock
(Head) L,R,P
**Stump Puller
(Head) U,D,P
Opponent stunned in corner
Move Input Note
(Front) K
Chest Chop
(Front) P
Repeated Elbows
(Front) TU
(Front) L,L,P/K
Top Rope Superplex
(Front) L,L,TU
(Running) P/K/TU
Player on turnbuckle
Move Input Note
Knee Drop
(Opp. on Ground) P/K/TU
Butt Drop
(Opp. on Ground) K+BL
Fist Drop
(Opp. on Ground) P+TU
Somersault Senton Splash
(Opp. on Ground) U,U,P+K
Bionic Elbow
(Opp. Standing) P/K/TU
Forearm Smash
(Opp. Standing) K+BL
Flying Butt Bump
(Opp. Standing) P+TU
Shoulder Tackle
(Opp. Standing) L,U,TU+BL