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The crowd and a wrestler's Charisma attribute play a huge part in this game. As you perform combinations of strikes and high damage moves, you will begin to work the crowd into a frenzy. The higher your Charisma, the faster they will build up into a Chant. You can always tell a chant because they repeat it over and over and your name will begin to flash. At this point, several things happen. First, all moves you execute will have a +1 damage bonus (see above) in addition to any other bonuses. Second, your Stun meter and Hold meter will empty out about 3 times faster than normal & your Pain meter will fill up about 2/3 slower. Finally, you cannot be pinned. The crowd will die down after 5-15 seconds, but a high Charisma can get them going again very quickly. Some things which get the crowd's attention:

  • Several moves in quick succession
  • A few punches and kicks followed by a power move
  • High-risk turnbuckle moves, especially when the Opponent is not Stunned

However, you have to be careful. If you repeatedly punch and kick while the Opponent is blocking, or attempt the same move over and over, your legion of fans will turn on you in a heartbeat and chant for the Opponent instead! This is extra-true when fighting the computer on Hard mode.