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Part 1[edit]

  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Rantaro's Belongings to shoot Rantaro was masterminding.
  • Use Korekiyo's Account to shoot never went to the library.
  • Choose "cospox."
  • In the Mass Panic Debate, use Maki's Account to shoot Rantaro's.
  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Sliding Door to shoot with that sliding door.
  • In the Spot Selection, select the projector screen.
  • Use Moving Bookcase to shoot no obstacles.
  • Select the Hidden Door Photos.
  • Use Card Reader Dust to shoot hidden door.
  • In the Rebuttal Showdown, use Front Entrance Photos to slash rejoin everyone.
  • Select the Stacked Books.

Part 2[edit]

Find the final Hidden Monokuma of the chapter in the Hangman's Gambit.
  • Choose "the security sensor going off."
  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Hidden Door Photos to shoot the moving bookcase.
  • Turn Receiver on Shuichi into a lie and use it to shoot also had the receiver.
  • In the Debate Scrum, use the following order:
    • Intervals
    • Alibi
    • Together
    • Receiver
    • Lie
  • Choose "the camera flash."
  • Choose "to lure the mastermind closer."
  • Select Kaede Akamatsu.
  • Use Lookout Classroom to shoot we know that it was in the library.
  • In the Hangman's Gambit, use the flashlight to find Hidden Monokuma #5 and spell "VENT."
  • Use Stacked Books to shoot it started rollin'.
  • Choose "Miu Iruma."
  • Choose "when she was leaving the classroom."
  • Use Promotional Video BGM to shoot the library shoulda been quiet.
  • Choose "backpack."
  • At the end of the Argument Armament, organize the words to form the phrase "KILL THE MASTER MIND."


Closing Argument