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After everyone leaves, speak to Kaito. Examine the weapon shelf, black case, and firearms on the wall. Then leave and begin hunting down the locations for the next set of mysterious items.

Unlocking new areas[edit]

Magic Key[edit]

Use the Magic Key on the pixelated door in the third floor hallway.

Near Maki's lab is the first new area that can be unlocked, blocked by a large, pixelated door. Use the Magic Key on this door and proceed up to the fourth floor hallway. Speak to Tsumugi and Gonta, then walk down the hallway to encounter a split in the path. Go left first to find three different rooms. Enter the first room, labeled Empty Room - Left, and speak to Tsumugi and Gonta inside. Examine the lit candles and the trio will comment on their necessity. Examine the floor to conclude the investigation here; Gonta and Tsumugi note that the other two rooms down the hall are exactly the same as this one, but Shuichi can go investigate them on his own anyway. In the center and right rooms, examine the lit candles and the floor, just as was done in the first room. Down the other end of the hall is the Ultimate Anthropologist Lab.

Inside the Ultimate Anthropologist Lab, speak to Korekiyo. Examine the exhibit cases to his right and to his left. Kokichi enters upon examining the case holding the sword, and can also be spoken to. Examine the bookshelf to the right of the room and the dog statue to the left to continue to the next room. Continue down the hall to find the Ultimate Artist Lab (the hanging scroll in an opening in the hall can also be examined, though it's blank). Inside the Ultimate Artist Lab, speak to Angie and Kokichi. Examine the lump of wax and the back door. This is all that there is to examine in this new area, so head back down to the third floor and continue to the next area.

Ninja Scroll and Golden Hammer[edit]

Use the Ninja Scroll on the ninja statue near the Shrine of Judgment in the Courtyard.

Exit the school building and Shuichi will comment on the maintenance in the Courtyard. Walk to the other end of the Courtyard, where the Shrine of Judgment is located. Speak to Tenko and Himiko, then use the Ninja Scroll on the ninja statue nearby. Enter the Ultimate Aikido Master Lab after it miraculously rises up out of the ground. Inside, speak to Tenko and Himiko. Examine the balance pole, suspended scaffold, mat, and giant wooden doll. Exit and go to the Ultimate Inventor Lab for a scene. Re-enter the school building afterward to find the location for the last item.

Return to the fourth floor of the school building for a short scene. Go down the left end of the hall and interact with Monokuma in front of the empty rooms. Shuichi will use the last item, the Golden Hammer, himself. Proceed down the new path and enter the Computer Room. Examine the computer and the treasure chest. Go to the Dining Hall to discuss the new findings with the others and use the Flashback Light. After some Free Time opportunities, Shuichi will end up back in his dorm. Go to the Courtyard to train with Kaito.


Bonus Scene
DRV3 present Gun of Man's Passion.png
Use the MonoMono Machine in the school store to obtain the Gun of Man's Passion. This will unlock a bonus scene upon speaking to Himiko after going to the Gym for the Monokubs' announcement (the event occurs before Free Time). This can also be accessed later via Chapter Select.
The first Hidden Monokuma can be found in front of the Shrine of Judgment.

The next morning, head to the Gym, as instructed by the Monokubs. After the scene, speak to the other students. Free Time follows another scene, after which Shuichi will end up back in his dorm. Open the door for another scene. The next morning, go to the Dining Hall. After the discussion, speak to the remaining students. What follows is more Free Time. Use this opportunity to collect the Hidden Monokumas scattered around this chapter. Start by going to the end of the Courtyard; Hidden Monokuma #1 stands on the steps of the Shrine of Judgment.

The second Hidden Monokuma can be found in front of the hotel in the Nightspot.
The third Hidden Monokuma can be found in the Boiler Room.
The fourth Hidden Monokuma can be found in the Ultimate Pianist Lab.

From the first Hidden Monokuma, go to the Nightspot, also in the Courtyard. Right in front of the Love Suite, in the grass to the right, is Hidden Monokuma #2, walking in circles. The next Hidden Monokuma can also be found in the Courtyard, in the Boiler Room accessed via the path that circles behind the school. Hidden Monokuma #3 sits in the center of the room, to the left of the open manhole. The final Hidden Monokuma that can be collected here is on the second floor of the school building. Enter the Ultimate Pianist Lab to find Hidden Monokuma #4 dancing in front of the piano. Bond with two students to conclude the final Free Time of the chapter.

That night, exit Shuichi's room and interact with Kaito's door. Outside, speak to Tenko. Enter the school building and speak to Kokichi in the entrance hall. Go to the fourth floor and attempt to open the front door of the Ultimate Artist Lab. Once inside, examine the wax dolls and speak to Angie.

The next morning, open the door. Leave the room after the conversation and return to the fourth floor. Himiko will be standing guard outside the Ultimate Art Lab. Speak to her for a scene, and the group of students present will come upon a deadly discovery.