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Use the Levistone on this object outside Miu's lab.

Another chapter, another set of mysterious items that can be used to unlock new areas. Start by leaving the school building and walking to the end of the Courtyard, until Shuichi reaches the path to the Ultimate Inventor Lab. Along this path, right before reaching the lab, is an object with a red border sticking out of the ground. Use the Levistone on it to gain access to the Ultimate Robot Lab. Speak to Miu and Keebo inside, then feel free to leave, as there is nothing to examine here (outside of the monitor located in every room).

Use the Octobrush on the hanging scroll at the back of this area.

Return to the school building and go to the second floor. Along the right side of the second floor hallway, in the open space blocked off by banisters, is Hidden Monokuma #1; he can be found jumping on the banister. From there, continue to the third floor, and then the fourth floor. Walk to the opening in the hallway between the Ultimate Anthropologist Lab and the Ultimate Artist Lab. At the back of this opening is a hanging scroll, where the Octobrush can be used. This opens the path to the fifth floor.

In the fifth floor hallway, the Ultimate Cosplayer Lab and the Ultimate Detective Lab can be accessed. In the former, speak to Tsumugi. In the latter, speak to Maki and examine the chemicals shelf and bookshelf. Following the investigation is a scene in the Dining Hall and following that is Free Time. Exit Shuichi's dorm to find Hidden Monokuma #2, dancing around on the stairs leading up to the dorms on the upper level.

Before choosing a student to bond with, consider hunting down the remaining two Hidden Monokumas that can be found in this segment of the chapter. For Hidden Monokuma #3, go to the other end of the Courtyard and enter the Ultimate Aikido Master Lab. Turn the camera down and to the left upon entering to find the dancing bear, just out of view. For Hidden Monokuma #4, go to the basement and look by the stairs to find it laying on a stack of unused desks and chairs. After Free Time, Shuichi will be back in his dorm room.

The other world[edit]

Bonus Scenes
DRV3 present Pure-White Practice Sword.png
DRV3 present Dark Belt.png
Use the MonoMono Machine in the school store to obtain the Pure-White Practice Sword and the Dark Belt. The former will unlock a bonus scene upon speaking to Kaito after viewing the strange morning announcement that causes Shuichi to comment on its length. The latter will unlock a bonus scene upon speaking to Himiko the morning after training. Both scenes precede different Free Time opportunities. They can also be accessed later via Chapter Select.

At nighttime, exit to the Courtyard for a scene. The next morning, go to the Dining Hall for another scene. Pick up any Hidden Monokumas that haven't been picked up yet during the next Free Time opportunity and bond with two more students. That night, exit to the Courtyard for a scene. The next morning, go to the Dining Hall. After more Free Time, Shuichi will get a visitor to his dorm room. Open the door, then go to the Computer Room as instructed. After the scene, speak to Miu to advance the story.

Objects that can be examined in the virtual world show a notice when approached.

In the virtual world, speak to Miu again to advance the story. Follow Miu into the next room and examine the maps on the wall. When given the opportunity, speak to the remaining students and explore the new area. Through the door to the left of the stairs is the bathroom, where the cabinet can be examined. To the left of the bathroom is a clock that can be examined. Go up the stairs to find the roof. Examine the binoculars and take a look around with them, particularly focusing on the corner of the map. Through the other door on the rooftop is a storage area, where a set of empty shelves can be examined. After the other students leave, follow them off the rooftop and use the exit across from the bottom of the stairs to leave the mansion.

Shuichi can examine some sparkling branches behind the mansion for some Monocoins. However, the area of interest is near the top-right of the map, along the path that leads away from the mansion. Examine the partial bridge here to trigger a discussion, then follow the river downstream to find the signboard. Return to the group with it and proceed to the next screen after a scene. Continue to follow the path to enter the chapel. Exit after a scene, and enter the mansion after another scene. Follow Tsumugi through the double doors and then enter the kitchen as instructed to begin investigating.

Though Shuichi comes up short in his kitchen investigation, he and Tsumugi hear an alarming sound. Exit the mansion and follow the path toward the river to meet up with the others. After the scene, re-enter the mansion and follow Maki into the next room, where Shuichi can use the phone to log out. What awaits in the real world is a new investigation.