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Tutorial, difficulty and skill set: In all Danganronpa games, you get the tutorial to help you get the hang of how this game works. The difficulty affects how hard is it to finish the trial with minimum errors. And skill set, along with the levels, determines what you would use to keep the game from being too hard to deal with. As a rarity, there will be a few times when characters change over their roles during the trial. But it only happens here and near the end.

Part 1[edit]

  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Rantaro's Belongings to shoot Rantaro was masterminding.
  • Use Korekiyo's Account to shoot never went to the library.
  • Choose "cospox."
  • In the Mass Panic Debate, use Maki's Account to shoot Rantaro's.
  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Sliding Door to shoot with that sliding door.
  • In the Spot Selection, select the projector screen.
  • Use Moving Bookcase to shoot no obstacles.
  • Select the Hidden Door Photos.
  • Use Card Reader Dust to shoot hidden door.
  • In the Rebuttal Showdown, use Front Entrance Photos to slash rejoin everyone.
  • Select the Stacked Books.

Part 2[edit]

Find the final Hidden Monokuma of the chapter in the Hangman's Gambit.
  • Choose "the security sensor going off."
  • In the Nonstop Debate, use Hidden Door Photos to shoot the moving bookcase.
  • Turn Receiver on Shuichi into a lie and use it to shoot also had the receiver.
  • In the Debate Scrum, use the following order:
    • Intervals
    • Alibi
    • Together
    • Receiver
    • Lie
  • Choose "the camera flash."
  • Choose "to lure the mastermind closer."
  • Select Kaede Akamatsu.
  • Use Lookout Classroom to shoot we know that it was in the library.
  • In the Hangman's Gambit, use the flashlight to find Hidden Monokuma #5 and spell "VENT."
  • Use Stacked Books to shoot it started rollin'.
  • Choose "Miu Iruma."
  • Choose "when she was leaving the classroom."
  • Use Promotional Video BGM to shoot the library shoulda been quiet.
  • Choose "backpack."
  • At the end of the Argument Armament, organize the words to form the phrase "KILL THE MASTER MIND."


Closing Argument