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Chateau DuClaire[edit | edit source]

Jock drops you and Nicolette in front of Chateau Duclaire. There are two ways in the building—either the locked front door, or the boarded up back door. Within the house, you will need to find Beth's secret computer room, which has the contact information for Morgan Everett—you can head to the compute room directly as long as you can break open doors or other obstacles. The building is vacant, aside from a few small animals.

The first step is to reach Beth's bedroom on the second floor. It can be reached through the dumb waiter in the kitchen, or by collecting a key behind a vase on the second floor. Beth's room contains the key to the wine cellar, as well as the username and password required for the secret computer room.

Enter the wine celler by using the key, or by blasting the door. Look for a wall candleabra and pull it to open a door to the bunker. The computer room is boarded up. You can either use explosives, the dragon tooth sword, or by climbing a ramp to a grate, and smashing the window leading to the computer room. Once you are in the room, use the computer or hack the authentication system, and transmit the distress signal.

Morgan Everret will then contact you, asking you to retrieve the information from the MJ12 computer network. Nicolette will give you the key to the crypt.

When you head outside and to the maze behind the building, there are two MJ12 troopers waiting to attack. Go through the sewers from behind the maze.

Cathedral[edit | edit source]

After climbing out of the sewer, you will encounter a locked gate. The key is located within the nearby building, but it may be picked or blasted instead.

Head to the cathedral at the end of the tunnel.

The fastest route to the gold and computer is through the door to the left of the main entrance. This door leads to a staircase; take the right-hand exit and head down the stairs. Alternate routes into the cathedral include the main entrances, the doors at the base of the other spiral staircases, and the roof. To reach the roof, there is a trellis on the right-hand side of the building

If you have Speed Enhancement at level 4, you can jump across the roof for another path to the computer room. However, this will require lockpicks or explosives to open the door.

The cathedral contains two doors with a keypad. The vault uses the code "1942", and the computer room "0022".

Gunther Herman awaits you in the computer room. If you spoke with Jamie Reyes in Paris, you can optionally use a killphrase to instantly destroy Gunther. Otherwise, you will have to kill or evade him; his favorite weapon is the flame thrower, but he will use the assault rifle at longer range.

Hack into the computer, or use any available login. When you access the MJ12 systems, Morgan will receive the data he needs, and directs you to the metro station.

Morgan Everett[edit | edit source]

There are only two things of note in the Metro. The first is a mechanic that sells expensive equipment. You can optionally find a book on the floor above him, and turn him into authorities; however, he will refuse to do business with you if you do so.

The train tracks are past the door to the right. After speaking with Toby Atwane, you will be brought to the home of Morgan Everett.

After speaking with Morgan Everett, he will ask you to head to Vandenberg in order to help manufacture a cure.

There are a few other items of note in Everett's home. You can find Lucius DeBeers in an area behind the mirror in the bathroom. Morpheus can be found in a locked door behind Alex Jacobson. If you miss a mechanic with an incorrect accent, a surprise event will appear in Area 51.

Skill points[edit | edit source]

Points Action
100 Reaching Beth's bedroom
150 Entering the wine cellar
150 Finding the bunker
250 Finding the computer room
Points Action
250 Entering the vault
150 Exploration - look at the area above the computer room
150 Reaching the train tracks
150 Speaking with Toby Atanwe
Points Action
500 Speaking With Morgan Everett
50 Reaching the helicopter
100 Finding Lucius DeBeers
100 Find Morpheus
50 Entering the aquarium