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South Docks[edit]

The start of the level

You'll begin on the south pier of Liberty Island, equipped only with a Pistol, Riot Prod, and Medkit. Alex Jacobson messages you through your infolink and tells you that your brother, Paul Denton, is on his way to meet you on the pier. Move forward and you'll see a figure in a trenchcoat heading towards your direction: this is Paul, and a conversation will trigger as soon as he's near you.

Choose a weapon which suits you

Paul tells you that the NSF terrorist group has taken over the statue and has taken Gunther Hermann, one of UNATCO's top agents, hostage. Paul offers you to choose one additional weapon to make your life a bit easier: a sniper rifle, a GEP gun, or a mini-crossbow. It's up to you on what you want to choose, and each weapon suits very different tactics, but remember that NSF mercenaries carry mini-crossbows and one of the terrorists near the front entrance has a sniper rifle. Once you're armed, Paul informs you that your primary objective is to locate and interrogate the NSF commander - who is probably at the makeshift command center at the top of the statue - and the conversation ends. Now look for a crowbar among a stack of crates on the right-hand side of the pier and pick it up. Use it to smash the two nearby wooden crates, in which you'll find a pair of binoculars and a lockpick.

Go down the staircase on the left into the water to find a broken sharkcage. Inside the sharkcage are two other wooden crates, so smash them both to find a multitool and a bioelectric cell; now climb back out. You can talk to Corporal Collins, who gives you more information on Gunther, and you can talk to Paul two more times to uncover additional information. Keep heading down the dock to find some more wooden crates in the corner: destroy all of them in order to find 10mm Ammo, a Prod Charger, and some Darts. You can also pick up a Baton that's sitting on top of the wooden railing to the left.

Afterwards, proceed up the ramp and take a look around. Alex will transmit to you a map of the island, so take a look at this to plan your approach. Two guards patrol this area, so either neutralize them yourself or, if you want to save ammunition, get their attention and get them to chase you down onto the docks and the friendly Security Bot drop them with its miniguns. These two guards will carry 10mm Ammo and a Combat Knife, which is standard for most of the NSF enemies.

Once both guards are down, take the small metal crate and place it next to the large stack of crates left of the path: jump on top and smash the wooden crate to find a Gas Grenade. Below you, you'll notice a small storage area that houses a medbot, but the door requires a lockpick, so don't bother opening it unless you've taken a lot of damage and need to get patched up. Keep going down the main path - there are two guards ahead, you can either kill them now or sneak past them to deal with them later - whatever the case turn left towards UNATCO HQ.


At the entrance you'll find Tech Sergeant Kaplan, who triggers a conversation with you. You'll have to make a choice halfway through. Your choice will have a small effect: if you choose the first one, he'll give you the code (0451) to the shed next to the helipad, but he won't give you the code if you select the second option. Afterwards, he'll offer you some hardware: a Scope for 700 credits, some 10mm Ammo for 200 credits, or some Tranquilizer Darts for 60 credits.

When you're done talking to Kaplan, approach the green shed next to the helipad to find a Crowbar and a wooden crate which contains a Multitool. There's also a wooden crate that has a Lockpick inside that's behind the shed (you have to go through the small alleyway to the right). Punch in the code 0451 to open the door to find a Medkit on top of the machines and Tranquilizer Darts on the table. Underneath the table is a datacube which contains the information for the security terminal on the wall (the login is SATCOM and the password is UNATCO_001). Use the security terminal and use the information (or hack it) in order to unlock the nearby access door.

Don't miss the blue datacube.

Go back outside and into the access door to find a wooden crate which contains an EMP Grenade. Exit the UNATCO HQ and head back to the main path; from here, there's many different ways to get into the statue.

If you haven't already, eliminate the two guards patrolling the area. Take note: The nearest guard carries a Mini-Crossbow equipped with tranquilizer darts. This weapon's sedative effect doesn't effect your movement or coordination but does damage you and takes a short while to wear off after the initial injury. After he's down, you can search his body for the crossbow. Now take care of the other guard who's not too far away; he carries the standard loadout: some 10mm Ammo and a Knife.

On top of the nearby container, you'll notice a datacube, a Prod Charger, and a Pepper Spray Cartridge. Read the datacube to find out that the login is NSF001 and the password smashthestate. From here, you can head in two directions: Straight ahead, to the front entrance of the statue complex, or right, to circle around it.

If you go through the front way, continue to the "Going in Through the Front" section. If you want to go in the back way, proceed to the "The Back Way" section. While not required, you can also visit the "north docks".

Going In Through The Front[edit]

Going in the front way, though straightforward, has its hazards. A wheeled Security Bot patrols the area immediately in front of the statue, and there are also three or four terrorists nearby, one of which is especially dangerous as he is armed with a sniper rifle. If you took the GEP Gun at the beginning, use it to destroy the bot from a distance (Hold the crosshair over the target until the weapon beeps continuously, signalling that it is locked on, then fire). Preferably, engage the bot when it is patrolling on the south side of its route to minimize the chance that the nearby terrorists will hear the explosion. Once the bot is taken care of, either neutralize the remaining terrorists or simply avoid them. Head for the front doors. They're locked and the camera will set off the alarm if you stand in front of it, so stay out of its line of sight and move up to the security computer to the left of the doors. Log into it with the login and password you found in the datacube NSF001/smashthestate and turn off the camera and unlock the doors. Smash the crate nearby for a Lockpick and enter the lobby.

Proceed to Inside The Statue

The Back Way[edit]

From the container with the datacube and pepper gun, take a right and follow the dark, wide alley to the southeast, as you near a pile of crates, beware of a patrolling guard. Try throwing the small metal crate to distract him and then going around the other way to catch him off guard. Once he's taken care of, break open the wooden crate for a multitool. Keep going eastwards, staying close to the statue wall, you'll come across two terrorists talking about Gunther, rush out of the shadows at them and spray them with the pepper spray, then knock them out. Veer to the left to stay in the shadows and keep moving. Ahead to the east are two terrorists under a streetlight. A third is patrolling near them, and a fourth is patrolling near some kind of storage facility to the north. You can avoid the first three - they're too far away to cause you any problems - and simply concentrate on neutralizing the fourth one to get him out of your way. Once that's done, sneak down into the storage facility. There is one terrorist in here. You can dispatch him any way you like, but running down the ramp when he's at the other end, taking cover behind the crates to the left, and attacking him with a melee weapon when he comes close is an effective and quiet strategy. Ignore the Hazmat suit, climb the ladder on the crates and turn your light augmentation on to find a multitool, and continue around the corner.

Follow Alex's advice and don't cross through the arcs. The Hazmat suit near the entrance will provide some protection, but there's a better alternative, press the button on the forklift and quickly get on the fork, from here you can jump onto the power box and safely avoid the arcs. Collect the goodies in the crates (these include two weapon modifications) then use the metal crate to get back onto the powerbox, climb across it and back to safety.

Leaving the storage facility, head northwest towards the north dock. Don't worry about the bot, it's friendly (a fact which you may wish to exploit) but will only patrol this immediate vicinity. Go down the ramp to the north dock. Watch out for the two guards. The one dressed in black stands in one place on the right side of the crates, while the other patrols in a circular pattern. This editor suggests two tactics to deal with them:

  1. Get their attention so they'll follow you, lead up the ramp and around the corner, and introduce them to the friendly neighbourhood security bot.
  2. Use the metal crates to (quietly) climb up onto the crates on the dock, then 'get the drop' on them from above.

Once they're taken care of, break the wooden crates open to find some rockets and some 30.06 ammo. Continue down the dock and turn right, at the end on the left is another crate, break it open to find a medkit.

Filben will react very negatively if you break your promise not to kill the commander; don't expect as much information from him.

Now go and talk to your contact, Harley Filben. Depending on which option you choose Filben may or may not give you the key, but it really doesn't matter as it's better to go in the back way, and even if you do intend to go in through the front doors, you can unlock them with the security computer. Talk to Filben's female companion and she'll offer to sell you ammunition (Some 30.06 Ammo for 300 credits, 10mm ammo for 175, and Darts for 50.

Now it's time to go for a dive. Go to the north edge of the dock and look down into the water. On the seabed you can see a sunken barge. You will need to crouch to get under the barrier to reach it. The hatch is locked; you can pick the lock (coming back up for air as needed), or use the explosive barrel near Filben's hut (push it into the water then hide behind something and shoot at it). Once you have it open, break open the three crates inside for a sawed-off shotgun and two weapon mods (if you have difficulty seeing the crates, activate the light augmentation with  F12 ). If you start to run out of breath you can return to the surface and come back again for what you missed.

Climb back onto the dock and make your way back to the storage facility and the huge piles of crates and containers nearby. Climb the containers, using the ladders and small metal crates, and climb over the wall onto the outside of the statue complex. There are two guards patrolling to the south, you can engage them if you like but it's easier to avoid them. From here, go west until you run into another guard, dispatch him, but watch out, there are two around the corner. You may want to lure them around the corner and then shoot the box of TNT as they pass it, but this is difficult to do reliably unless you invested most of your skills in pistol marksmanship. Once they're out of the way follow the two ramps up to the tower. Watch out, three of the four passages here are booby-trapped with gas grenades. Move in quickly and right click on them to defuse them before they go off - just like in training. Once that's done quietly move into the center and listen as the two thugs nearby talk about "the shipment". Dispatch them (This editor recommends a combination of pepper spray and the riot prod) and go down two flights of stairs to rescue Gunther.

Continue to Inside The Statue

Inside The Statue[edit]

Two guards patrol the lobby. One on the north balcony on the second floor, who patrols east to west, and one on the ground floor who patrols counter-clockwise around the torch monument in the center. If you want to maintain the element of surprise and avoid setting off the alarm, you'll have to take out the guards quietly, one at a time, starting with the one on the second floor.

(If you entered the lobby through the front doors)
When the ground floor guard has patrolled past the front doors and isn't looking, run for the staircase on the left to reach the second floor. Round the corner at the top of the stairs and wait in the doorway for the guard to walk past.
(If you entered the lobby from the upper floors)
Use a multitool to disable the camera in the corner and crack open the crate to find a lockpick. Wait at the top of the stairs, out of sight, and keep an eye on the two guards. Careful, the one on the balcony will spot you if you move when he's watching. When the balcony guard is facing away to the west and the other guard isn't looking, run halfway down the stairs and vault over the railing to the left, into the shadows. From here you can make a run for the stairs, but you might have to wait until the lobby guard has gone around again or he might see you. Once up the stairs, follow the walkway to the other side and run to the doorway when the balcony guard is facing away from you, wait in the doorway for the guard to walk past.

Now ready your Riot Prod and follow him in a crouch when he passes, making sure to stay out of his peripheral vision. When he stops he'll turn his back to you to look out across the lobby, knock him out and hide him in the shadows.

On the second floor in the southwestern corner, you'll find a PS20 (a one-shot plasma pistol) lying on the ground beside a wooden crate, which contains a medkit. Collect these items and sneak down the staircase. Wait until the ground floor guard patrols around to you again and pounce with the prod, the baton, or whatever takes your fancy. Once he spots you he won't fight back but will immediately run for the alarm button on the other side of the lobby, so however you choose to attack him, make sure you can neutralize him before he reaches it.

Now that the area is clear, move over to the lit doorway on the north side of the lobby and take a look around. On the desk is a lockpick and a LAM. The LAM will be especially useful. The doorway is blocked by laser traps, which will set off the alarm if you walk through them. You can disable the laser traps by applying a multitool to the electronics panel, but don't bother, there's another way around. Look to the right and turn on your light augmentation, there's a vent on the wall, open the hatch and crawl in through it. This will lead to a locked room connected to the area beyond the laser trap. When the vent opens up, keep going into the next one to find another closed off room with the door blocked off by crates. Read the datacube on the desk to discover some hapless civilian's bank account details (Account no: 230023 PIN: 4558). You can use these to extract some credits from the ATM in the lobby later.

Hold on to your gat!
Keep in mind that during your conversation with Gunther, you'll need to give him a weapon to maintain his favor (usually the pistol, you don't have a choice in the matter). If you've already applied some weapon modifications to your pistol and don't want to lose it, drop it before speaking to Gunther and you'll give him something else, like the knife. If you drop all of your weapons before talking to Gunther, JC will say something like "I'd like to help but I'm not very well armed myself" and you won't lose anything.

Now return through the vent into the room at the mid-point. Pick up the multitool and (if you need any health) the soy food, then pick the lock to the door. The guards patrol through the room outside, so be careful and listen for their footsteps. Don't miss the LAM under the desk in this room. Eliminate the guards as steathily as possible as they patrol the corridors until there's only one left, the one sitting on the chair in the room with the camera. Disable the camera with a multitool so it won't alert him, then sneak up behind him and neutralize him. Read the newspaper, take the accuracy weapon mod, and log in to the security computer (with the same login and password as before, NSF001/smashthestate) to unlock the door. Go in to speak to Agent Hermann.

Once he takes off search the rooms for any supplies you missed. Find a bottle of wine in the cell and a packet of soy food on the counter to replenish a little health without wasting a medkit, if needed. As Gunther leaves he often closes the door in your face, which could be a problem if you used the computer only to open the door, and not to unlock it as well. If that's the case, have no fear, use the loose brick just to the left of the door to open it again.

Secondary objective completed! You get a skill point bonus, congratulatory message from Alex, and (later) a bigger op bonus for rescuing Gunther.

Assault Rifle
Want an assault rifle? Shoot or knock out the trooper coming up to pick up the commander. However, expect to be questioned later.

Now that's over and done with, head upstairs towards the command post. Eliminate or avoid any opposition and confront the terrorist leader, Leo Gold. When given a choice during the conversation, choose the second option or he'll take offense and attack you, forcing you to kill him, a state of affairs which leads to some disdain from your boss and should be avoided. When the conversation is over a friendly trooper will show up claiming they've secured the area. Mission complete! Talk to Leo again to hear some more of what he has to say, and when you're done, pick up the augmentation canister on the crates beside him and leave.

Unatco HQ[edit]

Go back to UNATCO HQ, chatting to the troopers on the way, and talk to Paul. He will praise or scold your handling of the situation depending on your actions. Continue through the front doors, talk to Private Lloyd (He was in your class at the academy!) and enter the building.

Within the HQ, you are given the introduction to your base. You can use the retinal scanner go through the door and explore the base. You will need to see Manderly on level two; his office has a personal secretary.

After an introduction to your superior officer, he will recommend you check with the armory and doctor on level three. The doctor will give a brief description on how the augmentations work, and checks if you found one. He will also recommend that you check with the bots if you took any damage. There is a passage to level 4, a secure area.

The quartermaster located on level three will give you a Stealth pistol. This weapon is silenced, and thus won't alert enemies if the weapon is fired (however, they will still be alerted if a nearby soldier is killed or if you are visible.) You also have a choice of a lockpick, multitool or additional ammo.

Take your time to visit the other places within the floor. Alex Jacobson is located in the computer room in the north-east section of the base. There is also a hidden floor panel within that room as well, as well as passwords for Gunther Hermann. While there is no explicit note showing Alex's password, it is guessable based on the nearby poster, where a guest speaker is named Calvo. In his email box is a list of passwords for every person at Unatco.

In the secretary's office, you can get manderly's password on a datacube; it will be added to your database. You can also get the closet key on the desk as well; this allows you to open some locked doors.

There are also some datacubes scattered around giving the combination to the communication shed outside of the Unatco base: 0451.

Enter your office for information about Unatco, as well as to check your email. It is also next to a break room, where you can do banking from the nearby ATMs.

Once you return to Manderly's office, you will be briefed on the next mission. You will need to head to New York and take down the generator of a NSF warehouse. You will receive an op bonus of 1000 (or 800 if you killed the NSF commander), and an additional 250 credits for rescuing Agent Herman. You will also receive other reprimands, including the one caused by entering the woman's bathroom.

Return to the surface, collect any remaining secrets, and head to the boat.

Skill points[edit]

Liberty Island
Amount Task
150 Talk to Harley Filben
250 Explore a small storage area behind the statue, by crossing the generator.
50 Enter the sunken ship on the north dock
150 Progress bonus, nearing the top of the statue
750 Reaching the top.
25 Entering communication shed
50 Entering ground hatch at the shed
115 Entering UNATCO HQ
UNATCO Headquarters
250 Entering Mr. Manderly's office.
50 Speaking with the quartermaster
50 Entering the medical area
50 Entering your office