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MJ12 was prepared for you, and trapped the helicopter in the hangar. You will need to work your way to flight deck 1 and disable the weapons lock.

The key to Flight Deck 1 is located in the living quarters of the MJ12 troops. There are a few options to deal with them:

  • Release poison gas into the lower levels. You can obtain the code from the munitions bay (unlocked by Flight Deck 2) and enter the code in the maintenance area.
  • Slip in from behind using a ventilation shaft.

If you don't have enough lockpicks, you can back the locker open with weapons. The nano key required to open Flight deck 1 is in one of the lockers in the upper area.

When the weapons lock is disabled, return to the main hangar. Two security bots will be deployed, and they can be neutralized by scramble or EMP grenades (although scramble grenades will cause the repair bot to be attacked.)

Hong Kong[edit]

You are now in Hong Kong. As mentioned by Jock, you need to speak with Tracer Tong in the Luminous Path compound. To reach him, you need to obtain the Dragon Tooth sword from Maggie Chow and bring it to the Lucky Money. To learn how to do this, you will need to speak with others.

When you first speak with Gordon Quick at the compound to the right of the police station, he will mention that Maggie Chow has stolen the sword from the Red Arrow and blamed the Luminous Path.

When you reach Tonnachi Road and visit Maggie, she will mention that she was intimate with Paul Denton, and that she was trying to prevent the Luminous Path from trying to side with MJ12. She will also give the keycode for the Police Station vault, 83472.

Once you head to the police station, you will find evidence that Maggie Chow is trying to suvbert the Red Arrow with links indicating that she may be behind the death of the predcessor of the Red Arrow. You may return to her apartment from either the roof, the penthouse elevator, or by the seventh floor. While most of the routes are protected by alarm traps, you can use a paper lantern in her apartment and a multitool to open the door to the room containing the sword.

Once you have the sword, head to the Lucky Money and speak with Max Chen. During the conversation, MJ12 Commandos will attack the club. You can find Thermoptic Camo among one of their bodies, although attacking any of the commandos will risk hostility from Chinese military police.

Speak with Gordon Quick to activate the keypad and allow you to enter the code 1997. This code is not valid before completing the objectives.


Enter the code number 06288 to enter the Versalife complex. As was mentioned in the briefing to enter Versalife, you can meet with the shift supervisor to obtain the password at the cost of a few thousand credits. You can also speak with a worker to get the password (after you assassinate the supervisor), or hack a terminal to retrieve the elevator password.

Head down the elevator on the third floor to proceed. In all cases, the elevator password is 6512.

On entering the lobby of the underground labs, you will be greeted by a supervisor that informs you about the status of your pass if you cause trouble, it will be cancelled at any time, particularly when the alarm is set off. To reach Level 1, you will need to open the hidden stairs underneath the hand; either crack the keypad to the right, or head down the back left corridor and enter the elevator to the room overlooking the lobby.

Just beyond the stairs is your main objective—the computer in the center of the room contains the schematics for the Dragon Tooth Sword. When you are ready to set off the alarm, head up the elevator in the central column and upload the schematics.

You can also visit the first floor labs which are further down the corridor. From there, you can find a few augmentation canisters. The coe for the chamber is 6878, but hacking the computer will disable the hazards within the room and open the door for you.

When you are finished with Versalife, head to the temple in the market place. The security guards will be hostile as you exit, and will attack with their pistols. In addition, the supervisor will also attack as well.

Code for magnetic testing chamber is 6878.

Versalife - Universal Constructor[edit]

When you return to Tracer Tong, you will be briefed about Versalife. There is a second laboratory level that could be the source of the virus. He gives you the code to that area, 55655, and asks you to return to Versalife.

While you can take the front entrance, this is not recommended as MJ12 commandos and large spider bots are deployed in the area. A much easier path is through the Canal Road to the left of the Triad base.

Regardless of which path, you will need to enter Level 2. From the elevator, look for a floor panel that can be lifted (or head directly down the corridor, past the troop and the robot.) If you entered by the canal, head to just underneath the floor panels. Use the code 768 (as found from the Canal Road entrance) to open another path to the exit; if you take this route, you will also have to hack the computer upstairs.

Blue lasers will block access to the floor below; tripping them triggers the alarm and awakens the nearby robots. The comuter at the end of the hall contains the virus schematics required by Tong, and can also open access to the Universal Constructor.

The Universal constructor room has four containers containg three augmentations and one upgrade, and can be taken using multitools or the codes (01, 02, 03 or 04).

At the bottom will be the keypad to shut down the Universal Constructor, as well as Maggie Chan (if she is still alive). You can learn the code earlier, but Daedelus will give the code 525. Once it is destroyed, you can enter the floor below for a quick exit to the Canals.

Exiting Hong Kong[edit]

Return to Tracer Tong in the triad base. After the discussion, you will learn more details about the Illuminati, and that you will need to contact Stanton Dowd. Your contact will be Harley Filben, the same NSF informant that gave information to UNATCO.

If you told Jamie Reyes to come with you to Hong Kong, you can also find him in the infirmary. He will give you an augmentation upgrade canister.

Once you are ready to head to New York, speak with Jock in the triad courtyard.

Skill points[edit]

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Amount Task
75 Entering Flight bay 1
50 Flooding the lower level with poison gas
175 Reaching the elevator
Hong Kong
30 Entering the engine room on the Sampan in the canals
50 Exploration bonus - Old China Hand refrigerator ventilation tunnels toward collapsed tunnel
50 Entering Maggie Chow's MJ12 room via paper lantern
100 Entering Lucky Money
200 Entering the Luminous Path
200 Speaking with Tracer Tong
150 Entering the temple after getting sword specifications from versalife.
150 Character interaction bonus, awarded on approach to the elevator.
120 Reaching the elevator (code 6512)
50 Entering the hidden staircase to level 1.
50 Exploration bonus - entering security office
Versalife Level 2
50 Exploration bonus - Canal road
100 Exiting the facility.