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Entering Paris[edit]

A broken down elevator shaft; you can climb down, but will take damage.

Jock drops you at the top of a building near the catacombs, and directs you to reach the street below. You will have to either take the elevator down (either using multitools, or lockpicking to get the code 4003) or by taking dangerous jumps down the elevator shaft.

You can speak with a lone woman to get a combination for the door (0001) and quest to kill four gresels, and return for both skill points and information. However, the radioactive room is dangerous and the return trips require sufficient environmental resistance, since there is only one hazmat suit in the room near the door.

The sewers have four grezels, which can be killed or evaded.

Building 14[edit]

When you reach the street, you will need to find a way into the catacombs. You can kill the guard for the key, or use lockpicks to enter.

You may also explore the metro station to purchase some extra explosives. While expensive, you can get a discount if you kill the two MJ12 troops near the mall entrance. You can either defeat the security bot as well, or take a small vent on the other side of the arms dealer. He will sell either rockets, LAMs or a recoil suppression mod.

Building 14 is empty, but contains a few items of interest. If you can get in the basement, you will find a LAW.


In the catacombs, you will need to meet with Chad. You should receive an image containing a map of the catacombs, showing where to go.

When you approach the bunker, Tong will mention that there is recent construction. Look for a brick underneath a lockpick, and push it to open the secret door. Enter and speak with Chad to get a key to the blast door.

Head to bunker 03, following the route shown on the map. Defeat any enemies present, and collect the sewer key from the table near the Woman in Black. Next, recsue the hostages who are in the circular area after ensuring they have a safe route back.

You can return to Chad for skill points and some information, although you are free to continue to Paris by exiting by the sewer.


Paris is under martial law; while the police are generally friendly, MJ12 troops and robots will attack on sight.

Your main objective is a club within paris. While there is a 300 credit cover charge, there are other ways to enter the building; you can steal the key from the doorman through the vent behind him, or enter by the back entrance. Reach the second floor within the club and speak with the woman there to arrange a meeting with Nicolette and Jock behind the club.

Within Paris, there are other tasks to do.

  • In the Southwest corner of the city, there is a hostel. You can speak with a drug dealer in the back, and he'll ask you to break into a bakery to collect Zyme. He will buy the Zyme for 50 credits each.
  • You can enter a café within Paris. If you asked Jamie Reyes to be a spy, he'll give you the kill phrase for Gunther.
  • You can also break into a few buildings, but this attracts the attention of the police.
  • If the military bots are too dangerous for you, there is an MJ12 guard post. The login can be found from the patrons in the café.

Enter the helicopter to head to the château.

Skill points[edit]

Points Action
50 Speaking with lady for the door combination
50 Reaching the repair bot past the contaminated area.
200 Killing the four greasels and returning to the woman.
50 Reaching the sewer exit
250 Entering the catacombs
150 Reaching Silohette
250 Speaking with Chad
150 Going through the blast door
50 Reaching the bunker
500 After rescuing the two hostages, return to Chad.
50 + 50 Reaching the sewers
100 Entering the club
50 Getting Zyme from the bakery
300 Heading to the Paris Chateau