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Deus Ex is full of interesting characters: many live or die determined by your actions, and every one of them have an interesting story to tell. Some may help while others block your path; it is your choice on how to interact with these characters.

JC Denton[edit]

JC Denton

JC Denton is the main character of the game, and is controlled by you. He is an agent of UNATCO (United Nations Anti-Terrorism COalition) and joined shortly after graduating from a Swiss school. JC is the clone of his older brother Paul Denton, and was the result of an embryo used in a Nano-Augmentation Program. Him and his brother have a positive relationship and communicate easily. JC has just finished training, and has several augmentations placed in him. He has bright blue eyes from the augmentations, and must wear sunglasses to obscure them. He is eager to prove what he can do in this world.

Paul Denton[edit]

Paul Denton

Paul Denton is the older brother of JC Denton. He is heavily augmented, just like JC. Paul works for UNATCO, and is a highly respected agent. Paul was the first agent to be successfully augmented in the Nano-Augmentation Program. Sadly, Paul and JC's parents died in a car accident. For reasons unknown, Paul was removed from a covert mission in Hong Kong, and has returned to UNATCO headquarters.

Bob Page[edit]

Bob Page

Bob Page is a billionaire who is the founder of Page Industries. Page is a respected person among the world, and is caring, generous, and unflinching in his donation of millions of credits to the poor. Page Industries was also responsible for finding the Grey Death vaccine, Ambrosia, which has saved thousands of lives. Clearly, Page is a man working for the people.

Walton Simons[edit]

Walton Simons

Walton Simons is the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Simons is very mysterious, and likes to work behind-the-scenes. He is the third successful Nano-Augmented human (after Paul and JC), and considered a dangerous man. He claims the augmentations are for increased ability for FEMA disaster relief.

Gunther Hermann[edit]

Gunther Hermann

Gunther Hermann is a top agent of UNATCO. Standing at 6'8 with a heavy German accent, Gunther is a heavily modified human using several mechanical augmentations. Gunther is obsessed with weapons and augmentations, and it is stated that Hermann has killed almost 1000 people. While his augmentations grant him powers beyond normal men, Hermann is constantly getting a tune-up. Hermann seems paranoid, but an overall excellent agent to work with.

Anna Navarre[edit]

Anna Navarre

Anna Navarre is another top agent of UNATCO. Like Hermann, she is a heavily modified human with mechanical augmentations. She stands at 5'10 and has a Russian accent, although she is really Israeli. Navarre primarily uses stealth in her missions, and is very bloodthirsty, believing that every NSF terrorist should be dead. She is very suspicious of other augmented humans, but has a more open mind than Hermann. She will work with them, but only if they get the job done in the bloodiest way possible.

Tracer Tong[edit]

Tracer Tong

Tracer Tong is Paul's friend and contact in Hong Kong. Tracer Tong serves the Luminous Path Triads in Hong Kong. Not much is known about the man, as he remains underground and is very shady. Tong is in charge of a small laboratory that aids the Luminous Path Triads.

Sam Carter[edit]

Sam Carter

A living legend, ex-General Sam Carter holds the position of quartermaster and arms supplier for UNATCO. He is well known for his service in the Merced Operations. His family was murdered by the NSF, and ever since that incident Carter doesn't like to talk about it. Carter has a large understanding of tactics, and prefers JC to use stealth over force.



Jock is the UNATCO helicopter pilot for JC's missions. Jock is a very mysterious man, and has theories about what's wrong with the world, although most just seem like crazy conspiracy theories. Jock flies a black helicopter, which is used for covert missions.

Alex Jacobson[edit]

Alex Jacobson

Alex is the man in charge of UNATCO's IT solutions. He sees and hears everything JC does through JC's augmentation system. Alex provides the player with helpful information regarding certain missions. Not too much is known about Jacobson's past however.

Jaime Reyes[edit]

Jaime Reyes

Dr. Jaime Reyes is in charge of UNATCO's medical bay, and provides JC with several augmentation upgrades and canisters. Reyes is of Spanish descent, and is highly respected at the UNATCO headquarters. Like Jacobson, not too much is known about him, although he is very helpful and caring for everyone at UNATCO.

Joseph Manderley[edit]

Joseph Manderly

Joseph Manderley is the director of UNATCO, and is in charge of all the operations that go on in UNATCO. Manderley is a caring person who gets the job done, especially if it involves anything with the NSF. Although he doesn't talk about his past, Manderley only focuses on stopping the NSF terrorists.