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Vandenberg Submarine Base[edit]

The Vandenberg Submarine Base consists of a command center, and three modules.

You are inserted next to the command center, with a few soldiers and military robots patrolling the ground. In addition, there are snipers patrolling the outside of the modules out in the water.

If you want to enter the base from here, you will need to reach the storage shed (either by picking the lock, or somehow jumping onto the roof and entering by a hatch. Collect the key in the shed to open the door on the central base pillar.

You can speak with one of the scientists to get an image of the Ocean Lab and also a username and password.

You can enter module one by swimming, and climbing up the ladder. An MJ12 trooper will try raising the alarm as soon as you enter from the water. Module 2 can be reached by the outdoor catwalk.

When you reach the sub bay, you will need to open the sub bay door before exiting. You will need to access the nearby security terminal; a character and datacube can both provide the login "tech", password "sharkman".

Ocean Lab[edit]

Enemies in the main ocean lab include malfunctioning turrets (which will attack as soon as you enter their range) and transgenics. The inner lab may also have robotic spiders.

Go to the top floor, and open the door on the left. To get past the turret, hack the terminal to disable the turret. Head through the left door, and destroy the turret in the side path. Collect the key to continue, or search the rooms. The locked door contains two lockpicks and two multitools, as well as ammo, while the greasel lab allows access to the next area. You may also open the submarine bay doors, and swim to an access hatch to the left.

In the floor below, one door is locked. You can find the code 5690 by searching the flooded rooms.

Inner lab[edit]

When you reach the inner lab, you should disable the security system to avoid the mini spiderbots. When you do, you will only encounter one spiderbot and two turrets at the most.

Once you retrieve the schematic, you can head to the exit.

However Walton Simons will intercept you just outside the crew module. He is much stronger than other enemies, and will also use a plasma cannon against you. While you can defeat him in straight combat, you can also evade him or plant explosives on the digging machine on your way into the lab.

When you return to the sub bay, you will have to open the doors again. Exit and head to the roof of the command module.

Missile base[edit]

A sniper is on the tower to your left.

At the southwest corner of the base is a guard house. It contains three MJ12 troops, as well as the front door key. A two-digit keypad locks access to a LAW. Once you have the key, you can proceed to the main base by the front entrance, or use the catwalks from the guard house.

The main base has two security bots on patrol.

There are two paths into the silo. The first is through the locked door (which can be blasted open), and the second is through a small vent in the building to the left.

When you are at the silo doors, use the code 8456 to open them. If you encounter a door where the code doesn't work, search for a different one that leads to Launch Command. Reach the top floor. MiBs will be in the control room guiding the launch. You will need to abort the launch, and use the security terminal to create a new launch towards Area 51. If you can't hack the terminal, you can obtain the login information from the bathroom.

Bob Page will make a last minute attempt to foil your plans. Howard Strong will try destroying the missile, and you need to kill him to ensure the rocket launches. Head towards the now-opened silo doors. WHen you reach the long corridor, the alarm will activate, and enemies will try attacking from the end of the corridor. The safest method is to open the hatch below, and slide down into the lower silo. Call the elevator, and move to floor two or three to get a clear shot on Howard, and take him out.

To exit, head to floor 6 on the elevator, and press the button next to the exit hatch.

Skill points[edit]

Points Action
149 Entering storage shed
50 Entering water tank in Base command center
400 Getting through the locked door in the greasel lab
400 Entering lower ocean lab
500 Accessing UC Schematics
500 Reaching Gary Savage and obtaining upgrage canister. Repeatable if your inventory is full.
300 Opening the first silo door
350 Redirecting missile launch