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Unatco briefing[edit]

The third chapter starts when you return to Unatco. Alex sends an initial message that your portion of the mission was a success, which was the only bright side. If you talk to the guards, you discover that Liberty Island has been closed off and is a crime scene. As you head inside Unatco, two bodyguards force a dialogue informing you that you are not to question any of the NSF prisoners in the cell block. Once this conversation is over, head to Manderley's office.

Be sure to collect the following items and info as desired:

Outside UNATCO Headquarters[edit]

  • 1 Multitool in the trapdoor to the south of the satcom van.
Satcom Van

The entry code to the satcom van, 0451, is unchanged from the Liberty Island mission.

  • 2 Flares on the table
  • A description of the “Matsu-Gravas R-118 Repair Bot” for your notes from a DataCube on the the same table
  • A bioenergy recharge from a repair bot, presumably there to repair the sparking surveillance security computer terminal (the login from the previous mission is valid, but all cameras views are of static).

Level 1[edit]

  • A lockpick on a bookshelf in Corporal Collin's office on the west end of the hallway.
  • Tranquilizer darts in the vacant office on the east end of the hallway.

Level 2[edit]

  • ~750 credits from the ATM in the employee kitchen (via hacking).
  • 10mm ammo in the locked second-floor closet.
  • A weapon recoil modification in a locked case in the second floor conference room
  • An image of Bob Page on the cover of Millenium Magazine from a DataCube on a table in the employee break room.
  • An e-mail from your brother at the computer in your office encouraging you to break into Manderley's and Navarre's computers
Manderley's Office
  • Up to 1200 credits as an op bonus for the previous mission from Manderley in his office.
  • Manderley's Office Key on the bookshelf
  • A duplicate of the previously collected UNATCO Closet Key for the first floor closets on the small desk (this key was also on Manderley's secretary's desk the first time you were at UNATCO HQ.)

Level 3[edit]

Anna Navarre's Office
  • Darts in a supply crate
  • A bioelectric cell on the bookshelf
  • Binoculars on the table without a computer monitor.
  • Talk to Sam Carter in the armory after talking to Manderley to complete a secondary objective (or before, preventing the secondary objective from being added) and obtain
    • 2 Multitools
    • A weapon accuracy modification
    • A 7.62mm ammo clip if you tried to avoid a body count in Castle Clinton
Medical Bay
  • Health restoration and implant installation from a medical bot.
  • 2 medikits in medical closet.
Alex Jacobson's Office (Computer Lab)
  • A bioelectric cell in the closet (You may have discovered the code, 2001, if you managed to guess Alex Jacobson's password during your first visit to UNATCO.)
  • A multitool on Alex Jacobson's desk
  • A lockpick and 100 credits on a credit chit in the computer room floor crawlspace.

Upon entering Manderley's office, a government official is in the office in discussion with Manderley. You can either listen in by the door or cut the meeting short by moving away from the local area. After the meeting, he will head downstairs to interrogate the prisoners. You can follow him if you wish, but you may listen to the interrogation any time before you board the helicopter. He interrogates and then shoots the captive NSF members for not cooperating.

After speaking with Manderley, you can head to NYC via helicopter. The government official's bodyguards scold you if you chose to listen in to the interrogation or praise you for your “respect for his interrogation”. Regardless, you learn the official's name is Simons. If you listened to the interrogation, an NSF member recognized him as Walton Simons.

Battery Park[edit]

As you start the level on Battery Park, go to the subway entrance. If you rescued the bum at Hell's Kitchen's basketball court:

Enter the western shack, where two bums are talking. After their conversation, talk to the male bum, Curly, and he'll give you the phone booth code. Proceed downstairs.

If not:

Go downstairs and either pay Harley Filben for the phone booth code (6653), use multitools to crack the keypad (50% strength), or pick a lock of a crate (10% lock, 50% blast) to see a password written down in a book.

Step up to the phone booth on the western side of the station. Enter the code and stay inside the booth until it stops moving. Continue through the underground tunnel, and climb up the ladder.

Abandoned station[edit]

Your objective is to find the code to the mole people's hideout. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Talk to the bum (Charlie Fann) at the northeast corner of the station. He'll ask you to fix the water supply, so continue north to the rubble and open the door facing east. (If you lack explosives, see Available LAMs). Use a rocket or LAM to clear your path, and proceed through the hallway. In the next room, jump over the steaming pipes to receive minor leg damage instead of sacrificing a lockpick. On the north wall, turn the two wheels on the pipes and return to the bum for the code.
  2. Go upstairs and head east, past the turnstiles. Pick the lock on the map (20%) for three flares and a datacube.

Available LAMs[edit]

  1. Enter the men's bathroom on the western side of the station and speak to the junkie. If you have zyme, then you can trade a vial for his LAM. If not, then you can mug the drug dealer for two vials at the southeast corner of the station.
  2. Go upstairs and head west to make a deal with El Rey. Take out the drug dealer at the southeast corner of the station if you haven't already, and return to El Rey for a free LAM. In the vicinity you'll find a gas grenade in the booth and buckshot in a combat crate. Southeast of that room, there is an ATM machine and a multitool above a telephone.

Mole people hideout[edit]

Enter the women's washroom on the western side of the station, and locate the keypad underneath the second sink from the left. Key in the code, proceed through the secret door to the southwest, and descend the ladder on the left. Go south while avoiding the NSF guards (the bums are friendly), and crouch along the median if necessary. (You will find bum behind a hole in the wall on the right, but talking to him is dangerous if patrols are conscious). Once you find a ramp on the right, take it and sneak to the southeast corner while being wary of the stationary guard at the northwest, as well as the patrol. In the corner, displace the smaller cardboard box against the western wall to reveal a protruding brick near the floor. Use it, and talk to the Terrorist Leader behind the secret door.

All of the NSF henchmen in the vicinity will become your ally, except for those who were attacking you prior to your conversation with the leader. Scavenge the room for supplies, and be sure to pick up the Molepeople bathroom key on the table. A crate outside of the room contains a lockpick. East of the median you passed earlier, there is a crate with thermoptic camo. Proceed north, turn left, continue along the path, up the ramp, and touch the western wall. Crouch underneath the rubble to the north and disable the LAM so that you can safely grab the medkit, bioelectric cell, EMP grenade, and four flares. Back on the main path, you'll find two washrooms. The women's contains a crate with a multitool, and the men's leads to the sewers of the airfield.

Helicopter base[edit]

Just before reaching the water, you'll find an EMP grenade in the northern pipe. There are two paths to the next area: the left has lasers hooked up to a turret, and the right has heat hazards. In order to avoid taking damage or using a multitool, stack two of the nearby metal crates in such a way that you can jump on the lower one, then the upper one, and finally over the lasers, while being careful not to push or throw a crate onto the lasers (you may ignore center of gravity because the game physics are flawed).

Skill points[edit]

Battery Park
Amount Task
175 Obtaining the code for the Mole People hideout from Curly or Filben.
Brooklyn Station
Amount Task
100 Giving a vial of zyme to the druggy in the Men's washroom.
100 Fixing the water supply
100 Obtaining the LAM from the Rooks by assassinating the dealer
25 Obtain the combination for the women's bathroom.
100 Entering the tunnel in the women's bathroom.
Mole People hideout
Amount Task
25 Receiving information about the commander's key and secret passage.
100 Reaching the commander
100 Talking to the commander
38 Finding a secret alcove in the rubble containing a lam, medikit and bioelectric cell (right of the second men's washrooms)
100 Entering the second men's washroom.
Helicopter base
Amount Task
50 Entering the computer room past the two sentry bots.
50 Entering a storeroom behind a bookshelf (opened by a pinball machine)
100 Reaching the Airfield, either through the elevator or bay.
Airfield and Hangar
Amount Task
25 In the building before the hangar, find a secret room.
50 Entering the hangar.
100 Finding the ambrosia on the 747.
175 Speaking with Lebedev.

Killing agent Anna Navare within the 747, then speaking with Lebedev.