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The Greek civilization greatly influenced western civilization, being the birthplace of philosophers, inventors and warriors. Greece is led by Alexander the Great, who conquered many nations and turning Greece into one of the largest empires in history. Greece has the tools to win peacefully and through war. With its Unique Ability it is one of the best civilizations for a diplomatic victory, while their Unique Units give them good early-game power.

AI Traits[edit]


Unique Components[edit]

Unique Ability[edit]

  • Hellenic League - City-State influence degrades at half speed and recovers at double rate.

Unique Units[edit]

Companion Cavalry[edit]

  • Cost: 70 Production / 140 Faith
  • Type: Mounted (Melee)
  • Combat Strength: 14
  • Movement Points: 5
  • Can move after attacking, no defensive terrain bonuses, 33% combat penalty when attacking cities.
  • Prerequisites: Horseback Riding technology, 1 Horse
  • Obsolete with: Chivalry technology
  • Upgrades into: Knight
  • Replaces Horseman
  • +2 Combat Strength, +1 Movement Points, increased rate of creating Great Generals.


  • Cost: 56 Production / 112 Faith
  • Type: Melee
  • Combat Strength: 13
  • Movement Points: 2
  • 50% combat bonus against mounted units
  • Prerequisites: Bronze Working technology
  • Obsolete with: Civil Service technology
  • Upgrades to: Pikeman
  • Replaces Spearman
  • +2 Combat Strength


Victory Conditions[edit]

Greece is best suited for a Diplomatic Victory because of it's ability. Although you could really go for any victory since city state bonuses are so good.

Social Policies[edit]

Depending on your play style you can choose Tradition(If you like to have a tall empire), Liberty(If you like a wide empire), or Honor(If you like to play militaristic). Patronage is essential for Greece because of their ability. The rest of the polices should fit your play style, Piety for cultural, Commerce for economy and naval, rationalism for science, freedom for small empires, order for large empires, and autocracy for warmongering.

Religious Beliefs[edit]

Your pantheon can be whatever suits you play-style. Papal Primacy for you founder belief mixed with Aesthetics makes your resting point with all city-states at 35 Influence. Follower Beliefs can be whatever suits your style. Religious Unity is great for an Enhancer Belief.


The only wonder that is really essential for Greece is the U.N.

Using Greece[edit]