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Control Action
PC Mouse.png Moves cursor on screen. Circle Naija to make her spin.
PC Mouse Left Click.png Naija swims to the cursor. Double-click to dash.
PC Mouse Right Click.png Normal Form: Brings up song circle.
Energy Form: Shoots energy projectile.
Beast Form: Use consumed enemy's weapon.
Nature Form: Shoots seeds that create flowers on walls. Charge shot for cactus.
Sun Form: Lights area when charged.
Fish Form: Shoots bubble that trap small enemies.
Dual Form: Li attacks, Naija attacks after Li kills three enemies.
W A S D Movement
Q Map
R Spin
X Return to Normal Form.
Space Dash
Ctrl Special
9 Shield spell
0 Bind spell
1 to 8 Forms hotkeys. See Forms for details.
Alt + Enter Switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.
Ctrl + G Release mouse cursor so that you can switch to a different application (works only in windowed mode and might be specific to Linux version only).