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The following is a list of recipes and effects. You can search the table to find a missing recipe, or look through the effects to find a specific recipe for what you need.


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No significant effect[edit]


This table lists all the recipes in Aquaria. The 'Order' column indicates where the recipe appears on the in-game list. You can sort by that column to easily find any recipe you might be missing.

Image Name Order Type Recipe
Aquaria HotSoup.png Hot Soup
+1 Speed for 30 Seconds
2 Soup Any Oil + Any Meat
Aquaria VeggieSoup.png Veggie Soup
Speed + 1 for 30 seconds
Regeneration x 1
20 Soup Hot Soup + Any Bulb
Aquaria VeggieSoup.png Veggie Soup
Speed + 1 for 30 seconds
Regeneration x 1
21 Soup Hot Soup + Plant Leaf
Aquaria HeartySoup.png Hearty Soup
+1 Speed for 30 Seconds
+1 Defense for 15 seconds
22 Soup Hot Soup + Any Meat
Aquaria shark-fin-soup.png Shark Fin Soup
+1 bite power for 15 seconds
23 Soup Hearty Soup + Shark Fin
Aquaria rainbow-soup.png Rainbow Soup
"Trippy." Expands your mind with beautiful colors for a while!
24 Soup Any Soup + Rainbow Mushroom
Aquaria SpicySoup.png Spicy Soup
Beast form gains projectile attack
25 Soup Hot Soup + Spicy Meat
Aquaria TurtleSoup.png Turtle Soup
+3 Defense for 15 seconds. Basically like Shield Wall.
45 Soup Hearty Soup + Turtle Meat
Aquaria MagicSoup.png Magic Soup
Heal +2
Speed +1 for 30 seconds
27 Soup Hearty Soup + Healing Poultice
Aquaria RoyalSoup.png Royal Soup
Speed +2 for 30 seconds
26 Soup Hearty Soup + Veggie Cake
Aquaria DivineSoup.png Divine Soup
+2 Speed for 30 seconds
Heal +5
19 Soup Royal Soup + Magic Soup
Aquaria poison-soup.png Poison Soup
Gives poison status
49 Soup Rotten Meat + Any Soup
Aquaria ColdSoup.png Cold Soup
(no effects)
3 Soup Hot Soup + Icechunk
Aquaria long-life-soup.png Long Life Soup
Heal +1
Regeneration x1
29 Soup Hot Soup + Small Tentacle + Any Mushroom
Aquaria HotBorscht.png Hot Borscht
Heal +3
Speed +1 for 30 seconds
44 Soup Hot Soup + Red Berry + Red Bulb
Aquaria cold-borscht.png Cold Borscht
Heal +3
Defense +1 for 15 seconds
43 Soup Cold Soup + Red Berry + Red Bulb
Aquaria SeaCake.png Sea Cake
Heal +1
4 Cake Any Oil + Any Egg
Aquaria crab-cake.png Crab Cake
+2 Defense for 15 seconds
9 Cake Sea Cake + Crab Meat
Aquaria tough-cake.png Tough Cake
+2 Defense for 15 seconds
Heal +2
18 Cake Sea Cake + Rubbery Meat
Aquaria VeggieCake.png Veggie Cake
Regeneration x1
11 Cake Sea Cake + Plant Leaf
Aquaria tasty-cake.png Tasty Cake
Heal +2
10 Cake Sea Cake + Small Eyes
Aquaria special-cake.png Special Cake
Regeneration x2
17 Cake Veggie Cake + Red Berry
Aquaria legendary-cake.png Legendary Cake
Invincible for 10 seconds
16 Cake Tasty Cake + Arcane Poultice + Rukh Egg
Aquaria rotten-cake.png Rotten Cake
Heal -2
48 Cake Sea Cake + Rotten Meat
Aquaria swamp-cake.png Swamp Cake
Fish Form Poisonous for 30 seconds
8 Cake Rotten Cake + Healing Poultice
Aquaria HandRoll.png Hand Roll
Heal +1
30 Roll Plant Leaf + Any Meat
Aquaria tasty-roll.png Tasty Roll
Heal +2
31 Roll Hand Roll + Fish Oil
Aquaria spider-roll.png Spider Roll
Web Ability for 8 seconds
32 Roll Hand Roll + Spider Egg
Aquaria leadership-roll.png Leadership Roll
Pet Power Up for 30 seconds
37 Roll Hand Roll + Swordfish Steak + Small Eye
Aquaria volcano-roll.png Volcano Roll
Energy Shot +2 for 45 seconds
38 Roll Spicy Roll + Red Bulb + Spicy Soup
Aquaria SpicyRoll.png Spicy Roll
+1 Energy Shot for 45 seconds
39 Roll Plant Leaf + Fish Oil + Spicy Meat
Aquaria Perogi.png Perogi
+1 Energy Shot for 45 seconds
+1 Defense for 15 seconds
36 Perogi Hand Roll + Any Oil + Any Egg
Aquaria plump-perogi.png Plump Perogi
+2 Energy Shot for 45 seconds
+2 Defense for 15 seconds
35 Perogi Perogi + Any Mushroom
Aquaria zuunas-perogi.png Zuuna's Perogi
+3 Energy Shot for 45 seconds
Poisoned status
34 Perogi Poison Soup + Any Perogi
Aquaria ice-cream.png Ice Cream
Tasty! (no effect)
15 Ice Cream Jelly Oil + Any Egg + Icechunk
Aquaria veggie-ice-cream.png Veggie Ice Cream
Regeneration x1
13 Ice Cream Plant Leaf + Any Icecream
Aquaria berry-ice-cream.png Berry Ice Cream
Li Will Eat
14 Ice Cream Red Berry + Any Icecream
Aquaria dumbo-ice-cream.png Dumbo Ice Cream
Sun Ability Up for 60 seconds
12 Ice Cream Small Eye + Glowing Egg + Any Icecream
Aquaria LeafPoultice.png Leaf Poultice
Heal +1
6 Poultice Plant Leaf + Plant Leaf
Aquaria HealingPoultice.png Healing Poultice
Heal +2
7 Poultice Leaf Poultice + Jelly Oil
Aquaria ArcanePoultice.png Arcane Poultice
Full Health
28 Poultice Leaf Poultice + Eel Oil + Special Bulb
Aquaria SightPoultice.png Sight Poultice
Heal +2
Blindness Cured
40 Poultice Healing Poultice + Small Eye
Aquaria leeching-poultice.png Leeching Poultice
Heal +2
Poison Cured
41 Poultice Healing Poultice + Glowing Egg
Aquaria sealoaf.png Sea Loaf
Heal +0.1
0 Loaf Any combination that isn't another recipe
Aquaria ButterySeaLoaf.png Buttery Sea Loaf
Heal +1
5 Loaf Sea Loaf + Any Oil
Aquaria vedhas-sea-crisp.png Vedha Sea Crisp
+2 Defense for 15 seconds
1 Loaf Buttery Sea Loaf + Plant Leaf + Small Bone
Aquaria vedhas-cure-all.png Vedha's Cure-All
Heal +2
All Status Cured
42 Loaf Buttery Sea Loaf + Healing Poultice + Small Bone
Aquaria loaf-of-life.png Loaf of Life
Full health
Regeneration x3
+3 Defense for 15 seconds
All status cured
46 Loaf Buttery Sea Loaf + Legendary Cake + Divine Soup
Aquaria poison-loaf.png Poison Loaf
Heal -2
33 Loaf Poison Soup + Anything
Aquaria poison-loaf.png Poison Loaf
Heal -2
47 Loaf Rotten Meat + Anything
Aquaria poison-loaf.png Poison Loaf
Heal -2
50 Loaf Poison Loaf + Poison Loaf

Graphical Overview[edit]

The following five-page graphical overview shows the complete tree for each of the above recipes, grouped by effect. It is useful for quickly looking up what base ingredients and how many cooking slots are needed for cooking a certain recipe from scratch, and for comparing the "cost-benefit ratio" of different recipes in terms of their ingredients and effects.