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Open waters is a central hub of Aquaria, leading to various other places. Despite having one main path, it is more than possible to force yourself down a route you shouldn't yet take, simply because the currents are not strong enough to repel you.

When you first enter the region, your only feasible option to proceed east towards Mithalas. As you obtain new forms, you will be able to proceed to more places:

  • With the beast form, you can swim against the current and proceed to The Veil, located directly up from Mythalas.
  • With the beast form, you can properly swim towards The Kelp Forest, although the currents aren't strong enough to force you out.
  • The beast form permits access to the racing track in the southern part of the Open Waters.
  • Once you have the Sun form and make contact with Li, you can proceed down to The Abyss.

Within this area, you can also reach an ancient turtle within the fast current near Mithalas.