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Each health egg increases your maximum health, eventually allowing you to fill the entire circle. To open them, you must sing the color of the egg.

Where to find them[edit]

  • The first one is hidden under the first rock you can move with the Bind spell in the song cave.
  • In the area between Open Waters and the Kelp Forest on the west side (the map that has a large number of cuttlefish spawns.) In the middle-ish area is a thin fish route connected to a sunken ship. At the end is a green health egg.
  • In the Kelp Forest area before the boss. Use Nature form and open the flowers in the lower-right part of the area to reveal pearls, move a pearl up -right through a passage to the stand. Energize it and follow through the passage to get to the egg
  • In the belly of the whale.
  • The last egg is in the second Frozen Veil area. Make your way to the northeast corner and use beast form or beast form + hot soup to reach two outcropping crystals. Then jump the rest of the way to the northeast cavern entrance. Follow the series of floating water-balls all the way to the top where you’ll fight a giant crab. This boss can be tricky, but essentially you’ll want to bind one of his bombs, switch to nature form (hotkey 4), then plant a large tree underneath him so he drops, then unbind the bomb and get the hell away from him. Do this three or four times until he’s defeated. Alternatively, as you can find healing tadpoles in the same area, you might fetch those and then repeat the aforementioned procedure without worrying about the unbinding and keeping a safe distance part.